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Official Anchorman 2 Trailer

Well! That escalated quickly! From the sports intro trailers we finally get a story trailer for Anchorman 2. You finally see a love interest, and a competing anchor, and a woman Brick can love. Enough Said! Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting until the new year on this one.…

AWPA 34 – 06/15/13

2013-06-15 :: AWPA Network Length: 3s
It’s the big E3 show! We’re sitting down and discussing all the latest from the biggest electronics expo in the world. It’s 3+ hours of Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Indie Developers. Join Miguel, Alex, Andy, and Jose in this action-packed episode of A Wild Podcast Appears. Subscribe Today: Audio | iTunes | Stitcher | Google | Blubrry Download the Audio Show File Follow @AWildPodcast on Twitter AWPA [...]…

AWPA Special – 2013 E3 Day 1 Recap

2013-06-12 :: AWPA Network Length: 16s
The AWPA Network is at E3 and we’ve got a recap from Day 1 when we visited the South Hall. Coeverage includes PES 2014, FIFA 2014, DuckTales Remastered, Disney Infinity, Final Fantasy 13, Watch Dogs, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Phoenix Wright, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and more. Check out this minisode recap of Day 1 at [...]…

AWPA 33 – 06/07/13

2013-06-07 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s our Pre-E3 show and there is a lot of speculation as to what were gonna see next week. Before we get to that we have a big announcement with our new partner called Geek I/O, a podcast dedicated to technology which will replace The Cloud segment on our show very soon. Remember that Miguel, [...]…

AWPA 32 – 05/31/13

2013-05-31 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s another big show on A Wild Podcast Appears. We begin with a huge announcement that was made on the website earlier this week, our exclusive partnership with “Retro Collective“, a retro gaming collections podcast. Listen to the show to learn more. After we unrustle the jimmies and Jose rants about the new Antarctica attraction [...]…

Sony Making Remote Play Mandatory For PS4 To Vita Play

Remote play is a concept Sony introduced over the last year or so. The concept of being in the middle of a game in MLB: The Show and being able to carry that over to your Vita during your train ride to work was amazing and it worked really well. The problem was that no [...]…

AWPA 31 – 05/24/13

2013-05-24 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s all about Xbox One… again in the Pipeline. Nintendo throws us hints that a “big bang” is coming right before E3. We’ll finally get to see the PS4 on June 10th at E3. EA will be announcing it’s next-gen Need for Speed, Rivals, and more details on the Disney-Star Wars partnership. In the technology [...]…

AWPA Special – Xbox One Coverage

2013-05-21 :: AWPA Network Length: 58s
It’s AWPA Special Edition, all about the Xbox One. Join Miguel, Jose, PJ, Pam, Andy, and special guest CJ from Geek I/O as we talk all about the announcement todays about the next-gen Xbox One. Subscribe Today: Audio | iTunes | Stitcher | Google | Blubrry Download the Audio Show File Follow @AWildPodcast on Twitter AWPA Network – [...]…

AWPA 30 – 05/18/13

2013-05-18 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s A Wild Podcast Appears Episode 30 and we’ve got a full show. Nintendo Direct happened and we have a lot new game release dates and information, EA is opening a “Star Wars-oriented” studio under DICE, EA ceases the Online Passes , and Microsoft is finally getting rid of Xbox Points. Google I/O happened this [...]…

AWPA 29 – 05/10/13

2013-05-10 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
We start out this week by introducing our newest website columnist, PJ Stanton. We then jump into The Pipeline to discuss The Sims 4 announcement which will provide an offline-experience. EA & Disney join forces to develop the future of Star Wars games. We’re finally getting another Kingdom Hearts game…. actually it’s just a remake. [...]…

AWPA 28 – 05/03/13

2013-05-03 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On this weeks show, we have a jam packed show all focusing around the main event of the big round-table discussion on Iron Man 3. But before that, we jump in The Pipeline to talk about the Microsoft IllumiRoom, the Watch Dogs trailer and release date, the announcement of Dust 514 based no the EVE [...]…

AWPA 27 – 04/26/13

2013-04-26 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s time for AWPA 27! On this weeks episode we jump into The Pipeline to discuss the recent announcement for the reveal date of the next-gen Xbox, Oculus VR is back again but this time you can actually excercise while playing video games, Nintendo comes out and say that they will not be hosting an E3 panel, [...]…

AWPA 26 – 04/19/13

2013-04-19 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On AWPA 26 we have a large cast of Miguel, Jose, Alex, Arturo, Pam, and Andy. After the usual jimmies being unrustled we jump straight into the Pipeline which is filled with a ton of Nintendo news from Nintendo Direct. Miguel talks to us about the announcement of FIFA 14 and what that means for the franchise. Another [...]…

AWPA 25 – 04/12/13

2013-04-12 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On AWPA25 we welcome back Andy and the usual cast of Miguel, Jose, Pam, Arturo, and Alex. After some of the usual unrustling of the jimmies we jump straight into The Pipeline and discuss what the chaos that broke out on Twitter over the potential “Always-On” next-gen Xbox. Square Enix isn’t doing to well and [...]…

AWPA 24 – 04/05/13

2013-04-05 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s AWPA’s 1st birthday and we are celebrating in style with musical flashbacks to our first ever episode and the return of the ENHANCED show (so you can skip through chapters). This is quite the show, filled with more then you can probably handle! First a disclaimer, WARNING: THE PIPELINE IS FILLED WITH SPOILERS OF [...]…

AWPA 23 – 03/29/13

2013-03-29 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Are you 23? Well AWPA is this week. It’s the usual crowd with special guest, Pam (@SupaPamPam) who is here to give us a great review on Lego City Undercover for the Wii-U. Capcom announces that is is remastering, DuckTales. More Metal Gear Solid games. SkullGirls engine makes over $800K+ and Mane6 gets its for [...]…

AWPA 22 – 03/22/13

2013-03-22 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
It’s a packed show this week! We jump to the Pipeline with not a moment to spare as we discuss the new announcement of Dungeon Defenders 2 and a review of Gears of War: Judgement. A new title is coming to the Playstation Network, Capcom Vs. SNK 2001. Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead crossover [...]…

AWPA 21 – 03/15/13

2013-03-15 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
In keeping with the theme of newcomers on AWPA, this week we welcome “Fahad” to the show. With the usual grow back this week we discuss God of War: Ascension and a not so postive review. Blizzard delivers with its latest expansion on StarCraft II. Another Assassin’s Creed game is announced. Are Collector’s Edition games [...]…

AWPA 20 – 03/8/13

2013-03-08 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Today’s show features a new team member, Hernando, who is excited to join the AWPA cast! Miguel shares his insight after live-streaming Tomb Raider as well as discuss ACIV: Black Flag with our favorite Assassin Arturo in The Pipeline, talk about The Pirate Bay “moving” to North Korea and the rumors surrounding Apple’s iWatch in [...]…

AWPA 19 – 02/27/13

2013-02-27 :: AWPA Network Length: 2s
Join Miguel, Alex, and Jose in the latest episode of AWPA. In this weeks Pipeline we try something new called “Rapid Fire” and discuss the latest stores involving Lego City Undercover, THQ, BioShock on the PS Vita, and more. Plus we go in depth on the new Sony PlayStation 4 (or lack of). We discuss [...]…

Episode 19 on Twitchtv

Hey guys so episode 19 was tons of fun and if you missed it you can always go back to our show page and still listen. check it out here! Also, stay tuned for a special mini episode about our reaction to Wednesday’s Sony event.  …

AWPA 18 – 01/27/13

2013-01-27 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
First, some groundskeeping. Episodes at this point forward will be deemed Explicit. Where we haven’t changed too much from format we definitely curse more and our censor got tired(I.E: Me, Miggle, I’m tired!) Also, we heard a couple of times now about the background music being too distracting to the overall conversation so we’re torn [...]…

AWPA 17 – 01/12/13

2013-01-12 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
As Bidoof so elegantly puts out there we’re almost legal! Huzzah! We cover a wave of new systems and VR devices in The Pipeline, cover CES 2013 in The Cloud and cover Dr.Who in The Reel! Also a special edition of pre show lola as well!…

AWPA 16 – 11/30/12

2012-11-30 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
A wild Liesch appears and wreaks havoc with Jose’s flow. Will you hear the secret conversation in the background? Meanwhile, Alex, Arturo and Miguel give their take on the Wii Mini, Robotic Burger Machines, FTL Drives and The Hobbit. A more random set of storyline doesn’t exist together on one episode!…

AWPA 15 – 11/16/12

2012-11-16 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Alex, Jose, Miguel, and newcomer Arturo tackle Halo 4 goodies news.  Release date for Starcraft? (Since recording we found out it’s officially March…like it was officially June this year…and Fall 2012…and you can see where that’s going.) The gang also cover’s a pair of intriguing Kickstarter projects from both the vidya game world and tech [...]…

AWPA 14 – 10/28/12

2012-10-27 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Alex and Mig Co-op this episode with tales of unrustling and yonder. Discussed in this episode are Nintendo’s financial slide as well as Xbox 360′s newest contract options. Also, in The Cloud we talk about the new Surface and iPad Mini. Finally, in the Reel the focus is on what’s coming out the remainder of [...]…

AWPA 13 – 10/18/12

2012-10-17 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Hello? Hey it’s you guys! We were just here trying to unrustle our political jimmies and it just got crazy. Why the hell does Prometheus keep coming up? and why doesn’t Bidoof not interrupt to get the last word in? OH WAIT HE DOES!   Our thirteenth episode and it’s in October…and there’s just nothing [...]…

AWPA 12 – 09/19/12

2012-09-19 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On Episode 12 of AWPA we have Miguel, Jose, Alex, and special guest Ed as we jump into The Pipeline to discuss this week in Video Games. Topics of interest are the new Steam TV, Nintendo’s Wii U, Little Masters on iOS, Guild Wars 2 coming to Mac OS X, and a new Kickstarter project [...]…

AWPA 11 – 08/29/12

2012-08-29 :: AWPA Network Length: 3s
On this special edition of A Wild Podcast Appears we recap and take you back to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL. We take a listen to the new Star Wars 1313 panel, an all new video game by LucasArts. We learn a few secrets about Star Wars Detours, an all new TV show [...]…

AWPA Special – Star Wars Celebration VI

2012-08-23 :: AWPA Network Length: 58s
In this special edition of A Wild Podcast Appears, we come to you live from Star Wars Celebration 6 in Orlando, Florida. Earlier today we had the chance to check out the new LucasArts Star Wars 1313 panel in which we learned new details on the game and got a chance to see a live [...]…

AWPA 10 – 08/23/12

2012-08-22 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
The Original crew congregates to discuss everything important about Gamescom in the Pipeline. We also cover the highly touted Nexus 7 tablet in ‘The Cloud’ and the crazy All this and some special news regarding Star Wars at the end!…

AWPA 9 – 08/02/12

2012-08-02 :: AWPA Network Length: 2s
On this episode join Jose, Miguel, and Jahmaal as we jump into “The Pipeline” and discuss the latest in video games such as new color schemes for the DSi, SoCom not being dead, Shag-a-Game(?), and Miguel covers for Alex in “Imports”. We then have an exclusive interview with Brian Sommer, VoiceOver for many video games [...]…

AWPA 8 – 08/01/12

2012-08-01 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
As our amorphous blob of a show continues to mutate fast like Zerg hatchling, we first give props to Alex and Liesch for editing their first episodes! Redesigns seem to be key this episode as we talk about the shuttering of Project Sora that is famously known for Super Smash Bros. A redesign for the PS3 [...]…

AWPA 7 Part 2 – 07/06/12

2012-07-06 :: AWPA Network Length: 42s
Miguel, Alex, Liesch, Jose, newcomer Steven and Bears! Bears everywhere! Persona, Brave, the weird comment Brick from Anchorman says, Bear Grylls… Remember he got fired for not drinking his own pee? Yeah…cool story bro. Also, Bear-ied somewhere underneath all the fur we talk about several team ups for Smash Bros, Persona and Project X Zone. [...]…

AWPA 7 Part 1 – 07/05/12

2012-07-05 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Miguel, Alex, Liesch, Jose, newcomer Steven and Bears! Bears everywhere! Persona, Brave, the weird comment Brick from Anchorman says, Bear Grylls… Remember he got fired for not drinking his own pee? Yeah…cool story bro. Also, Bear-ied somewhere underneath all the fur we talk about several team ups for Smash Bros, Persona and Project X Zone. [...]…

AWPA 5 – 06/12/12

2012-06-12 :: AWPA Network Length: 56s
Welcome to part I of a double-feature release! Miguel, Jose, Jahmaal, Bidoo…I mean Alex and Mike take part in both. Episode 5: Day Before Towel Day is up first with some venting about diabetics, region coding, Florida drivers, and patent infringements! Ah-Ha! We find out who’s directing a Shadow of the Colossus, talk about Too Human Vs. [...]…

AWPA 6 – 06/12/12

2012-06-12 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
Welcome to part II of a double-feature release! Miguel, Jose, Jahmaal, Bidoo…I mean Alex and Mike take part in both. Episode 6: It’s all E3. We talk about Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo and what they announced at E3 Expo.…

AWPA 4 – 05/15/12

2012-05-15 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On the show this week join Miguel, Alex, Jose, Kris and Mike as we discuss the latest in video games including Epic Games 20th Anniversary, Asura’s Wrath DLC, Mincraft breaking sales of being profitable in a day, and an Xbox 360 with a contract(?). Plus we check out the latest in technology with Internet Explorer [...]…

AWPA 3 – 04/24/12

2012-04-24 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On the show this week join Miguel, Alex, Jahmaal, and Mike as we introduce a new segment called “Unrustle your Jimmies with Miguel”, in video games we discuss 22 Cans, The World Ends with you sequel, Trials Evolutions breaking records, Halo 4, Devil May Cry 5 and jumping into tech we talk about a few [...]…

AWPA 2 – 04/10/12

2012-04-10 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On the show this week join Miguel, Jose, Alex, Jahmaal, and Mike as we discuss Take-Two, Zipper Interactive, SEGA, Kingdom Hearts, we also jump into a new segment all about technology discussing the new Nokia Lumia Windows phone, Google Eye “prototype glasses”, Facebook going public, the “quietest” room in the world, and more. We then [...]…

AWPA 1 – 03/27/12

2012-03-27 :: AWPA Network Length: 1s
On this weeks show, join Miguel, Jose, Alex, and Mike as we discuss the idea behind this show and what we plan to accomplish with it. We jump in to our very first “News, Reviews, and Discussions” and talk about Epic Mickey 2, Mass Effect 3, Myst 3D, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Diablo 3, Willem [...]…

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