Last update: 2005-10-30

Resting Spot of The First Episode

2005-10-30 ::
Okey dokey folks!

Here's the web address of the first episode:
A.D.P. Episode 1

We'll also be putting a copy of the episodes on our site asap!

Stay tuned for more updates!…

Another Damn Podcast

Hi and welcome everyone! This is the official Blog for the A.D.P. Podcast!

What is ADP Podcast you might ask? Good question!

ADP Podcast stands for Another Damn Podcast. It was inspired by the
Dragons Landing podcast.
(You can check them out by the way at

Our podcast attempts to provide some humor and hopefully some
interesting topics on role playing games for people to talk about.

We've got a website, you can find it at
we've got forums, and more. :)

We've got quite a bit more to say about all this, but I'm a bit crunched for time at the moment.
So check it out if you like, and let us know what ya think!…

About this podcast:

A.D.P. Podcast

A.D.P. Podcast