Last update: 2015-04-03

Episode 13: Clive Swanepoel on Deploying and Scaling Alpha Applications

2015-04-03 Length: 47s
Clive Swanepoel is the owner of, the largest webhost of Alpha Anywhere applications. We talk with Clive about the typical needs of Alpha developers and how his service simplifies the task of deploying their apps.…

Episode 12: Brian Katz, Enterprise Mobility with Sanofi

2015-03-09 Length: 1s
Brian Katz has been on the leading edge of enterprise mobility since it's been available, and in this interview with Dan Bricklin he shares his experience and wisdom.…

Episode 11: Dan Bricklin's Tablet Vision

2015-03-05 Length: 59s
Dan Bricklin shares his vision for the future of tablet sized computing devices as a replacement for paper forms held by a clipboard.…

Episode 10: Behind the scenes of the iPhone and iPad creation with Nitin Ganatra

2015-02-24 Length: 2s
Dan Bricklin continues his series of podcasts on the history of software with this in-depth interview of Nitin Ganatra, former iOS Apps Director at Apple and current Executive Director at Jawbone. Nitin worked at Apple for over twenty years, during which he worked on the original Mac OS, and the early development of the iPhone and iPad.…

Episode 9: Access to Alpha with Arthur Fuller

Arthur Fuller has been developing database applications for over 30 years. The last few years have been spent converting his MS Access apps to Alpha Anywhere. We discuss his reasons for making this change.…

Episode 8: Adam Bosworth, the Ultimate Product Manager

Adam Bosworth explains how he built many of the key productivity tools of the last 30 years.…

Episode 7: Access to Alpha with Peter Caspari

Adam Green interviews Peter Caspari, a developer of business applications in New South Wales who has made the transition from MS Access to Alpha Anywhere.…

Episode 6: Ben Bajarin on the Future of Tablets in the Enterprise

Tech industry analyst, Ben Bajarin, discusses the results of his research on the future of tablets with Dan Bricklin.…

Episode 5: Access to Alpha with Scott Binger

Scott Binger has been developing apps with MS Access for 15 years. In this podcast he discusses why he is moving all his clients to Alpha Anywhere.…

Episode 4: Dan Bricklin Rejects Adam Green's Original Demo Plan

This episode continues the discussion from episode 2 on a new demo for Alpha Anywhere that makes people go "Wow". Dan Bricklin reports on his attempts to build this demo, and makes a strong case against Adam Green's original plan.…

Episode 3: Access to Alpha with David Kates

Adam Green interviews David Kates, an independent developer working in Toronto, on his transition from MS Access to Alpha Anywhere.…

Episode 2: How To Wow Clients With Your Demos

Adam Green joins Dan Bricklin and Selwyn Rabins in a discussion of the best practices of building demo apps, and how this podcast series will make the development process at Alpha Software more transparent.…

Episode 1: Adam Green and the Standard Demo

Dan Bricklin interviews Adam Green on his software background, and his goal to help Alpha create a standard series of demo apps.…

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