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Ageless, the Voipathon

2010-03-18 :: Length: 1s - connect with people all over the world on March 26th for 24 hours running, the Voipathon, be there! …

A Gifted Dress Designer

2008-06-01 :: Length: 2s
I hope to talk with Susan, who has successfully built a business online with her sewing skills. …

You'll Always Be Growing

2008-05-28 :: Length: 28s
What ever happened to Big Wally? …

Sunday, Sunday

2008-03-23 :: Length: 1s
Just a lazy but unfortunately a pretty chilly day here. A chance to get caught up. …

e Growing

2008-03-04 :: Length: 5s

Insomniacs Unite! #3

2008-01-26 :: Length: 1s

Insomniacs Unite! #2

2008-01-24 :: Length: 52s

Insomniacs Unite!

2008-01-22 :: Length: 32s
If you're up at this hour you're welcome to talk about any and every thing you'd like. …

Right Now!

2008-01-17 :: Length: 22s
An hour to talk. If I had insomnia, it'd be now. …

Been busy? I have.

2007-12-28 :: Length: 15s
Again, the internet comes through with so many nooks and crannies to explore there aren't enough hours of the day. Can't sleep? Join me to talk about this! PS, no minimum age to get in :) …

Long Tail? A One-on-one 2 continent musical session

2007-12-28 :: Length: 20s
TS host Ben Wilson cathches the show, disctracts me and I play a little guitar, badly. …

Guest: Mark from Exascape

2007-11-27 :: Length: 22s
Community is an important thing, but why limit yourself to local or regional friendships when you have the whole world at your fingertips? Mark from is our guest this week. …

Join the Ageless Community Site

2007-11-21 :: Length: 2s if you want to share the secrets of aging on the Internet. It can be done! …

Talking to the TechnoGranny

2007-11-12 :: Length: 39s
I had a great chat with Joanne, an original personality with a lot to contribute to Talkshoe and her many blogs and social networks. …


2007-11-07 :: Length: 6s
Service providers should worry about customer service! EBay is the devil, Wengo has my goat today. …

My New Tail

2007-11-02 :: Length: 5s
Tail of the Whale, about Ning social network premiered on November 1st, 2007. …

Ageless! (Age Less) plays out

2007-10-15 :: Length: 23s
Rehearsing for the next gig, Friday. …

I was hacked! Identity Theft Victims

2007-10-08 :: Length: 24s
An old email account of mine was used to turn my unused Ebay account into a seller account and then bilk people out of their money, in my name! Please listen and call in with your experiences. …

Wanna chat? Go to a convention!

2007-10-03 :: Length: 8s
Find an area of interest to you and finagle a free ticket. All kinds of people will talk to you about what they do! …

FREE Online University courses

2007-10-01 :: Length: 36s
Talk about expanding your horizons, this is excellent. World class universities like Yale and Stanford offer courses and podcasts on every subject under the sun. iTunes is free from …

Ageless in my bachelor pad

2007-09-24 :: Length: 2s
I'm down in Bordeaux waiting for a furniture delivery thinking how it isn't good to be too set in your ways. …

Let's Talk: About how you grow after 55

2007-09-14 :: Length: 5s
Be sure to get in touch and share your tips and stories about remaining active, especially your mind. …

Stormy Weather

2007-07-30 :: Length: 11s
Have you dreamed of retiring in Florida? Think again! First, read Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen or better yet listen to it on …

Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy

2007-07-27 :: Length: 3s
I love this book! I especially love the audio reading of it by Stephen Fry, originally done for the BBC. Check out for more about this. …

It's been ages!

2007-07-26 :: Length: 4s
What have I been up to? A lot! …

Spam Fighting

2007-07-03 :: Length: 16s
Nothing wastes more time and money than spam on the Internet! …

What's it all about, Alfie?

2007-06-26 ::
The meaning of life, hear it here first. …

WineLoversPage promo

2007-06-25 :: Length: 1s
Home wine making edition is next Saturday with Dave Nelson and a few other adept wine makers. Join us! …

EPISODE48 - Ageless! (aka the Dulo Show)

2007-06-25 :: Length: 23s

Video simulcast test

2007-06-22 :: Length: 16s
Testing a simulcast …

Update Earth

2007-06-17 :: Length: 14s
Everything new on the planet. …

Let's see what we can come up with!

2007-06-12 :: Length: 1s
Doing some testing and ready to check things out. Please use the stairs while the elevator is being upgraded :) …

O.D. on the Net!

2007-06-11 :: Length: 14s
OverDose or On Demand? You figure it out. …

More on being an animal!

2007-06-07 :: Length: 13s
Wake and and smell the...; well, whatever the available air brings you. Animals are hyper aware of their environment and as a result they live in the moment. Take it all in, from the greasy fries to the night blooming jasmine. …


2007-06-05 :: Length: 27s
How to combine now and future and balance them? …

It's Monday :(

2007-06-04 :: Length: 4s is still going strong

2007-06-02 :: Length: 3s
Put back some of the the positive energy you get from the Internet and help people throughout the world to improve their lives. …

The Woman in White

2007-05-31 :: Length: 10s
No, not a nurse, a controlled substance in powdered form that is very bad for you. …

Out of body, out of mind

2007-05-29 :: Length: 17s
Near death, trips outside the body, controlling your dreams …

Girls, Please Girls!

2007-05-28 :: Length: 3s
Wherein a band is like a partnership and it has to play every night. The women involved have sometimes made this very hard to accomplish by making out with randmon people in the audience or worse... …

Don't Blink (unless you can handle it)

2007-05-24 :: Length: 34s
Blink actually must have thrown me off the Talkshoe platform so the guests went wild. …

La France Profonde

2007-05-23 :: Length: 57s
Authors Don and Petie Kladstrup join in from the far reaches of Normandy. Rezad all about it at …

Life Sucks, Then You Die, Part 2

2007-05-22 :: Length: 55s
Cynthia, Scottlo and Ralph weigh in on death and the Sopranos …

Life Sucks, Then You Die - Part 1

2007-05-20 :: Length: 29s
Not morbid talk at all, death is the most natural thing in the world, after birth. No one gets out of here alive. With Dulo, Cynthia, Scottlo …

The Lone Ranger, Put your wedding on TV

2007-05-20 :: Length: 52s
What happened the year I was born? We go thru memory lane with Ralph who tames Gizmo while we're at it. The Lone Ranger got his mask back. …

How are they treating you?

2007-05-19 :: Length: 30s
Just got an email from Apple. A big surprise. …

We can do it! Talk about it.

2007-05-18 :: Length: 42s
Common ground, what's it about? …

What makes you run?

2007-05-17 :: Length: 1s
scottlo the voice of Tokyo Calling is with us. Several other people join in as well. …

Why am I Ageless?

2007-05-15 :: Length: 2s
Or am I just a kid? …

What are you listening to?

2007-05-15 :: Length: 17s
I've been listening to TWIT and other podcasts and several books. Read with your eyes wide shut. …

Audio Books - great for nightime or travel

2007-05-14 :: Length: 1s
Long flight? You need to keep those eyes closed for comfort. Listen to podcasts, audio books and recorded radio on an mp3 player. …

What else is on?

2007-05-13 :: Length: 1s

Vintage and old wine with Francois Audouze

2007-05-12 :: Length: 57s
Recording of the live talkcast with randulo, Jenise, Robin, John, Dave, Cynthia and F. Audouze whose Wine Dinners are legendary. …

I like my new MacBook, why time goes faster as you get older

2007-05-12 :: Length: 1s
In the middle of the night, all kinds of cosmic verities are discovered and (painlessley) dissected. …

I've been active! here are a few details

2007-05-05 :: Length: 15s
Talk about anything if anyone is up. In the meantime, I'll just tell you what's up …

Novel concept: Listening while I work

2007-04-24 :: Length: 42s
While waiting for the guests that never came, I played a few of my own compositions. Probably an acquired taste, but hey, they're free, right? And worth every penny! …

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

2007-04-12 :: Length: 15s
Damn! …

On the shoulders of giants!

2007-04-11 :: Length: 21s
That's how the Internet was built …

About selling your experience and knowledge online

2007-04-03 :: Length: 22s
We explore which ends up being a disappointment. Still, this is the wave of the future and I recommend you follow it! …

More about fun over 50

2007-04-02 :: Length: 46s
This is the first generation to "grow old" on the web. …

Travel and entertainment

2007-04-01 :: Length: 19s
The iPod or any mp3 player. Maybe even a video iPod? …

Privacy - do you have anything to hide?

2007-03-28 :: Length: 23s
Of course you do! We all have plenty of information that needs protecting. We'll be talking about this and other issues that concern us all. Age only means you have more and more stuff to file, protect, shred, whatever. …

Programs you should have

2007-03-27 :: Length: 29s
Thunderbird, Firefox, gnupg and a few plugins …

How old is old on the Internet?

2007-03-25 :: Length: 4s
Why you really need to be here in the first place. …

Email and Entertainment

2007-03-23 :: Length: 33s
Mixed bag of utility, humanitarianism and fun, regardless of your age. …

How Google and other Internet tools make life easier

2007-03-22 :: Length: 32s
How can Google help you today? …

How to keep up with the online world?

2007-03-08 :: Length: 32s
The world changes at a faster rate than it did when you were a "young adult". Exploring Talkshoe,,, the adorable Cali Lewis, the probably less adorable Leo Laporte. Finding Bizbuzz and other neat stuff. …

More senile rantings... not

2007-03-02 :: Length: 20s
AARP how it started, and how to decode such sites. Yahoo pipes for seniors. Kind of. Bush visit brings high winds to Louisville today. …

KIVA.ORG: Help folks help themselves

2007-02-24 :: Length: 56s
All of us here are so rich compared to most of the third world. We can help people pull themselves out of the mire of poverty by contributing to loans through legitimate microcredit organizations. See for more info or go to …

Tribalism is dead. Long live community!

2007-02-22 :: Length: 48s
Tribalism in the geographic sense has been mostly defeated by low cost travel and especially now with the Internet. InterAct with more kinds of people and get out of the "seniors ghetto". Also, plenty of great info and ideas on but less on htp:// which looks a little calm. …

Learn a new language, learn to play guitar, become polically active

2007-02-16 :: Length: 50s
More ways to stimulate the aging mind, bring more interest and passion into your existence and just keep that old brain ticking away. Learn a new language (free on the net) or learn to play a new instrument (free on the net). Get more balanced information on current events and politics, be informed, don't drink the traditional media's Kool-Aid! …

Self Publish or Die!

2007-02-15 :: Length: 48s
There are hundreds of ways for you to publish your talent, your skills, your knowledge, your experience. You can do this for money, for the good of the community or both. …

More Karma, Wiki, link farms,

2007-02-15 :: Length: 32s
Karma is better than money. Watch the wikis, wheck out a domain name wiki. Knowledge management, build a wiki or join one. No other generation in the history of our planet has had these tools available, take advantage of them! …

Amazon Associates, forums and karma

2007-02-14 :: Length: 12s
A couple thing you can set up for fun, stimulation and enough to buy a few free books at least. It's NOT about money, it's about karma, helping others and getting help in return. …

Debunking the Internet: it's not about money

2007-02-14 :: Length: 7s
It isn't about dehumanization, it isn't about making or losing money, it's about people. "This is who we are" …

Who are we? We're the active Internet generation adults!

2007-02-13 :: Length: 7s
This show is about what you want to do now that you have more time, more life and work experience. EVen if you are not retiring, you may be able to work less and enjoy the chance to live like no other aging generation has in the history of the world. Join us here to talk about it and find your way in the maze of technology and online communities. …

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