Last update: 2007-08-24

Shock horror probe - Santa's arrived already

2007-08-24 Length: 59s
Rauken Glen Garden Centre - the grotto is jingling and a full size Santa has just arrived - is this the first one in Scotland 2007! …

Comedy genius Michael McIntyre talks turkey, edinburgh and ashes

2007-08-20 Length: 6m 44s
Grabbed comedian Michael McIntyre - star of Have I got News for You, Royal Variety Peformance, 8 out of 10 cats for an insight into the mind of a man who should hand out waterproof pants before watching his show - a genius. …

Beware a high voiced marsupial coming your way!

2007-08-10 Length: 1m 23s
Friends Scott & Kate leave a rather quaint souvenir from Australia as a momento of them! Sounds like a lot of balls to me. …

Horror story dress down

2007-08-03 Length: 1m 5s
Grave news reported live from the shops of Edinburgh. Gird your loins and ditch your grey bras - the party's over …

Hello Boys!

2007-07-13 Length: 2m 55s
Miss X - locked in a room with 200 sexy men! …

Hud onto your hats - there' a shortage of ukulele's in the world!

2007-07-06 Length: 52s
Help is at hand - as the maestro demonstrates why. …

Wet, ill and exhausted ? It must be rock festival time!

2007-06-29 Length: 2m 29s
The Cure, Gary Glitter & Silk should these women be let out in public? …

What a Night!

2007-06-22 Length: 1m 56s
The Proclaimers play a 45 minutes set at The Help a Child Appeal 20th Anniversary which makes over £60,000 ! …

What really goes on behind the scenes

2007-06-15 Length: 3m 13s
Alison goes behind the scenes with Scotsport presenter Grant Stott - they talk football, pants and find out what really goes on between records! …

Cricket for dummies

2007-06-02 Length: 2m 1s
Ins and outs and ins and outs and ins and outs... I'll never sleep again!! …

The Wee Restaraunt

2007-05-23 Length: 4m 56s
Lip smackingly great food in a wee - in fact THE Wee Restaurant - poor Craig the chef/proprietor gets mobbed in the kitchen when we feel the urge to tell him we love him and his wonderful grub! …

Gossiping with Dynamite when a great story about Princess Beatrice and MacFly comes up!

2007-05-21 Length: 2m 25s
You couldn't make it up....staying with the Royal Theme Dave and I are off to meet the Queen more details next week - if we're not taken to the Tower! …

Life is just a bucket of lager!

2007-05-11 Length: 1m 44s
Exercise makes you cocky ! It's official as friend Anne crosses the finish line and thinks she's Forrest Gump! …

Get your Kate Moss hotpants off and act your age!

2007-05-04 Length: 5m 21s
Fashionistas of Edinburgh unite at Sam Thomas fashion show - here's what to wear this Spring in Scotland! …

Liver Intactus??? I don't think so...

2007-04-27 Length: 4m 56s
I've eaten more sausage and garlic, and gargled more wine, than I can shake a shakey stick at... John King has a lot to answer for!! …

Big ones, small ones, fat ones...

2007-04-20 Length: 4m 43s
knobbley ones, black ones... even ones with nuts! So many sausages and not a sausage chopper to be bought anywhere! …

Dehli Delight

2007-04-13 Length: 4m 43s
Lost French Sausage means Dynamite's Dehli Delight will tickle your fancy …

Staying cool in front of the Royal Family clearly isn't an option

2007-04-05 Length: 2m 48s
Alison loses her cool when faced with HRH Princess Royal - despite thinking she's cool ! …

Part 1 Grown man in uncontrollable laughter! & Part 2 Madonna appears at Dynamites birthday!

2007-04-02 Length: 4m 52s
Hysterics when under pressure - it's a classic - grown man in uncontrollable laughter shock! PLUS Enunciation under the affluence of incohol is not quite as clear as pal Anne thinks! …

Di's Catering Stories

2007-03-23 Length: 3m 21s
No matter how much you tip... NEVER... pat this waitresses bum, your Cheese and Ham pie may have an 'extra' flavour! …

Dynamite and Daves Disasterous Adventures

2007-03-16 Length: 2m 28s
Dave jammed in a Viet Cong Tunnel and Dynamite 'the Flying Ninja' in Brazil... thought the idea was to relax on holiday? …

McFly guys are more fly than we thought

2007-03-12 Length: 1m 53s
Sexy group McFly chased round London by several Scottish middle aged- women - God help them. …

Alison calls in the Dr. and gets whipped into shape.

2007-03-02 Length: 3m 13s
The lapsed domestic goddess meets a Dr. who could change her life. …

Sexy Frenchman almost loses trousers

2007-03-02 Length: 4m 43s
En route to a big meeting a casual comment causes airport mayhem …

Buttocks flapping - the jogging has commenced

2007-02-02 Length: 1m 55s
Jog Scotland get their hands on me and I finally take the plunge! …

Shiny Men!

2007-01-26 Length: 1m 18s
Invasion of the buffed, polished and the opposite sex? …

Why do people Jog? WHY!

2007-01-12 Length: 1m 38s
A 30 second jog, chafed thighs, an oxygen tent and a passport - another successful fitness campaign - NOT! …

Christmas Chaos

2007-01-05 Length: 1m 59s
Topless in the bar, Christmas Carols... how was yours? …

Dynamite Di and Postman Pat

2006-12-15 Length: 3m 0s
Postman Pat, Panto, Dianne a bit of romance and a robotic cat.... all in one podcast! …

Christmas Time, Mistletoe & wine, wine wine wine............gulp!

2006-12-08 Length: 2m 54s
Best hangver cure - don't drink! Aye that'll be shining bright.... …

Girl on Girl Action!

2006-12-01 Length: 7m 45s
Sex and shopping with the girls.....well what else would you expect? …

Santa is a Scotsman!!

2006-11-24 Length: 4m 23s
Eats too many pies and not enough excercise! Of course he's one of us! : ) …

Jane Fonda is making a comeback!

2006-11-17 Length: 3m 38s
Ok, maybe a rib won't be removed but the calf hugging wobbley bum needs some attention! …

Gnashing of Teeth

2006-11-10 Length: 2m 45s
Dave has a rather unfortunate accident, American tan is not a good look for your teeth. …

In the loo with Ken Dodd!

2006-11-03 Length: 1m 18s
Short and sweet - the podcast not Ken! …

SEX ,SEX and more SEX!

2006-10-27 Length: 2m 32s
The F plan diet - the girls are at it again! …

Watching Football?

2006-10-21 Length: 2m 53s
Hibs v 'Hea Setanta'? Confusingly it's not a European team.. But Setanta are the big footbally type people... How was I meant to know? ANYWAY... Onto flasks of mince... …

15 years of marital bliss...well, with the odd bit of argy bargy

2006-10-14 Length: 6m 9s
Stranded at the Park thinking, "Why haven't men got GPS strapped to their thighs? Why are Range Rovers like lounges on wheels?" Another week and another drama! …

Hot news from NYC about Paris Hilton, Elijah Wood and PMT

2006-10-06 Length: 3m 49s
What a combo! It's amazing what bumping into an old friend can reveal! …

A night out with Elaine C Smith, Andy Grey and Dyanmite Di

2006-09-29 Length: 4m 20s
Ending up in a bar? Another hectic week and, naturally, fun was had along the way! …

Another week of the 'middleaged woman' having another drama... as usual

2006-09-22 Length: 6m 54s
A 'quiet' night in Aberdeen, the Silver City, was the plan... well it WAS the plan... wasn't it? …

Alison goes on the wagon after the Edinburgh Festival

2006-09-20 Length: 6m 33s
OK, when you have Lynn talking about Madonna in Amsterdam and Dynamite Diane and her '12 hour Wine Tasting session' I guess you have to have a wee glass... …

My VERY first Podcast

2006-09-06 Length: 2m 10s
'Fun and frivolity of life as a middleaged woman' is the topic of my show and really this is just a brief taster of what is to come! …

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