Last update: 2013-06-27

AZ86: Groping at concerts, crushing your genitals while crossing your legs, and underground hip hop

2013-06-27 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Guess what!!! Adam is on it again! TWO IN A ROW! Now he will be gone for 3 months. On this episode we discuss a school counselor having sex with a student, dads at swimming pools, and a cop that wont stop people from groping at a concert. Murray has problems with underground hip hop and we all have problems with dudes crossing their legs and getting their genitals crushed. TELL A FRIEND AND LEAVE A REVIEW ON#ITUNES. Hit us up on #twitter#podcast #podcasting#comedy

AZ85: Iron Man robs a bank, Wes tributes James Gandolfini, E-cigarettes, and Mark Cuban pays outlandish bill

2013-06-24 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This week we celebrate the return of Adam, while wearing a tank top, and discussing how his wife loves the Ipad more than him.  This episode features discussions on Iron Man robbing a bank, people who hint to you its their birthday, and Wes has a tribute to James Gandolfini.  We also touch on things like Adams love for E-Cigs, Mark Cuban paying an astronomical bill, and the fact that Catholics never waste semen.  Tell your friends! Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and most of all leave a review on Itunes! 

AZ84: Harassing kids with a chainsaw, Putin steals a Super Bowl ring, and gambling on wrestling

2013-06-22 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

We discuss old people texting, Vladimir Putin stealing a Super Bowl ring, and why does mob mentality happen.  We also touch on subjects such as using wraps to lose weight, gambling on wrestling and harassing kids with a chainsaw.  American Zero #Podcast available on #Itunes, #Stitcher and everywhere else.  Like us on #Facebook, follow us on #Twitter and leave a review on Itunes!

AZ83: Chad Johnson goes to jail, mauled by a bear, two faced cat and Fathers Day issues

2013-06-18 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Fathers Day, Chad Johnson going to jail, and sports fans hating on things for no good reason.  We also discuss a guy who gets mauled by a bear and other dumb people interacting with animals.  We also touch on a two faced cat and fighting for your right as an American to wear a jersey in a bar.  Dont forget to leave a review

AZ82: Choosing jail over xbox, shirts vs skins, a dog with half a face, and June Movies

2013-06-16 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Featuring discussions on shirts vs skins, dogs missing half their face, and a guy who chose jail over his xbox.  We also discuss Murray being a different kid, Wes shares ballpark stories and he also gets angry over voicemails.  This episode also features our most anticipated movies of June as well. 

AZ81: Douchebags, pencils stuck in your head, Entertainment Weekly spoils everything and getting fired over a shirt

2013-06-11 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

 Wes gets real angry with Entertainment Weekly, a porn star goes to jail for transmitting an STD, and guy has a 4 inch pencil in his head but does not remember how it got there.  We also touch on getting fired over the wrong shirt, spoilers, and douchebags! TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FACEBOOK STITCHER ITUNES!

AZ80: Kanye is dope, renting handicapped people, solo mile high club, and weird neighbors

2013-06-05 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

We go old school with only Wes and Murray on this episode!  This episode features discussions on joining the mile high club by your self, going to jail for stealing ribs and jump kicking fans.  We also touch on renting handicapped people for Disney World, Murrays Hills Have Eyes neighbors, and people wanting to eat Wes.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS. STITCHER FACEBOOK ITUNES TWITTER AND MORE!

AZ79: Getting stabbed over American Idol, strip searching students, and scumbag lawyer commercials

2013-05-30 :: (American Zero) Length: 55s

This episode features discussions on strip searching students for a stolen cell phone, stabbing someone over the American Idol finals, and fleeing the scene of an accident because you have to go number two.  We also discuss dumb reasons for kickstarters, a guy who payed over two hundred thousand for a love spell, and Darrel hates scumbag lawyers.  Wes and Darrel also form a band this episode and entertain us with their stylish singing.  Tell one, tell all The American Zero Podcast available on Itunes, Sticher, and just about anywhere.  SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A REVIEW TODAY! HIT US UP ON TWITTER!!!!!

AZ78: Over celebrating our kids, arrested over Pop Tarts, four pound hair balls, and crazy garage sale people

2013-05-28 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

The American Zero Podcast has finally returned from the chaos that was the last few weeks of our live (mostly Murray so blame him)!!  This episode features our four pound hairballs, a kid getting arrested for stealing his moms pop tarts, and a women getting arrested for wearing a thong.  We also discuss how ridiculous we have become by celebrating every single thing kids do, how redneck comedy sucks, and Darrels dad has a run in with a crazy garage sale shopper over a quarter! Tell everyone you know to get their butts to Itunes, Stitcher or where ever the hell you get our podcast and SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A REVIEW AND FOLLOW on Facebook and Twitter!

AZ77: Women can pee standing up, Seeing eye cats, trapped in a Mcdonalds highchair, and Taco Bell gets sued

2013-05-17 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Women can pee standing up, Seeing eye cats, Taco bell gets sued over the Doritos Locos Taco, and a guy gets trapped in a high chair at Mcdonalds. We also touch on Murrays broken Ipad, women can now pee standing up, and Wes has issues with Sunday drivers. 

AZ76: Tattoos on your face, eating sparkles on meth, rude customer service and grean beans with frogs

2013-05-09 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features discussions on clothing worn by coaches, rude gas station attendants, and would you rather give up oral sex or cheese for life.  We also discuss tattoos on your face, frogs in green beans, and a guy claiming to eat sparkles while on meth. 

AZ75: Sports on drugs, Westboro picketing(again), moring radio sucks and bad terrorist videos

2013-05-08 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features playing sports on on drugs, buying land on the moon, and westboro picketing the slayer funeral.  We also touch on various subjects such as morning radio Djs sucking, inappropriate children books, and terrible terrorist videos.  Tell your friends and subscribe today! Available on Itunes, Stitcher and just about anywhere podcast are available!

AZ74: Redneck cancer, living with the dead, kitten sex, sagging pants ban and May movies

2013-04-30 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features discussions on people living with dead bodies, calling the police over kitten sex, and redneck trucks causing redneck cancer.  People getting serious about wrestling, doing things fervently, and banning the sagging of pants.  We also discuss our most anticipated movies for May as well.  So listen up have fun and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! American Zero Podcast available on Itunes, Stitcher, Blubrry, and more!

AZ73: Elephant dung beer, Michael Jordan poisoned, when is Cinco De Mayo, and your genitals sense danger

2013-04-24 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features discussions on elephant dung beer, Michael Jordan getting poisoned, and your penis being aware of danger.  We also touch on our favorite issues such as Facebook and old people.  Wes and Murray admit how far their friendship truly goes, we learn their is no such thing as a famous well known bowler and Darrel learns Cinco De Mayo is not in July. This episode also features our five favorite movie endings as well. So listen up have fun and TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Subscribe today on Itunes or wherever you listen!  Hit us up on twitter @americanzeropod or drop us a line here on Facebook

AZ72: Kid Rock calls out Timberlake, using an AK for chicken, racist to your own race and six year old drivers

2013-04-23 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Kid rock calls the Jay Z, Timberlake Tour highway robbery, a 6 year old drives to get chinese food, and a Korean lady gets called a racial slur on her receipt. We also discuss people being racist to their own race, getting your chicken with an AK-47, why does death carry a sickle, and Wes does or doesn't get held back in school.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS available on Itunes Stitcher Facebook and just about anywhere else.

AZ71: Eel Porn, trading Mcdonalds for sexual favors, sawing off your arms, and mailing goatheads

2013-04-17 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Eel porn, trading Mcdonalds for sex, and receiving goat heads in the mail.  We also discuss throwing your baby on a bus, snorting condoms, and how were all becoming way to sensitive about everything.  American Zero Podcast available on Itunes, Stitcher, Blubrry, and just about anywhere podcast are found. Tell your friends and subscribe today!

AZ70: Rutgers overblown, porn on a plane, semen drinks, and jumping on bombs

2013-04-09 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

On this episode we discuss porn on a plane, getting arrested for walking drunk, and getting fired from you mascot job.  Adam thinks Rutgers is overblown, Murray spends too much on Redbull, and jumping on bombs.  We also touch on subjects such as semen flavored drinks, dogs getting loose, and so much more.  American Zero Podcast available on Itunes, Stitcher, Facebook, Blubrry and your mom!

AZ69: Pitbull owner gives dog a tattoo, bacon flavored condoms, and video game urinals

2013-04-05 :: (American Zero) Length: 55s

A pitbull owner gives his dog a tattoo, bacon flavored condoms, and a home getting raided by mistake.  We also touch on new movies, charging fees to browse a store, and Wes has issues with sports fans. 

AZ68: X-Pac rips himself a new hole, cardboard police, buying a python when your drunk, and name that rapper

2013-04-01 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Episode 68 features our returning gameshow Name that Rapper, discussions on getting high at a police impound, and buying a python when your drunk.  We also discuss pro wrestler X-Pac tearing himself a new b-hole, india using cardboard police, and a kid almost losing his eye on a pancake.  American Zero Podcast- - Subscribe today!

AZ67: Kim Jong Il goes to college, sue over Cosby sweaters, and Adams son gets "yolked"

2013-03-28 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Crappy white girl rappers, pranking telemarketers,Famous people from certain college's and most embarrassing. Adams son gets "yolked" and wants to kick his @ss.  We complain about everything in our lives all the time and Darell has secrets he's paid to keep. All this and more. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

AZ66: Painting your home with gay pride, getting groped on a plane, bigfoot facts and snakes on fire

2013-03-26 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

On this episode we discuss painting your house gay pride colors,people believing everything on twitter and a women getting groped on a plane.  We also discuss a snake causing a house to catch on fire, supposed bigfoot facts, and bigfoot having OCD.  We have issues with old people parking, plus size clothes being sold out, and Darrel tells us about his roller coaster of death ride.  If your looking for This American Life stop and listen to us instead. You'll thank us tomorrow!

AZ65: Lil Wayne Seizures, Rent while your drunk, movie cliches, and eating used condoms

2013-03-21 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Welcome to the American Zero Podcast.  This episode features a Bruce Willis tribute, Lil Wayne having seizures, and movie cliches. We also dive into a man using skin from his arm to build an artificial penis, a guy shooting off his wedding ring and a child eating a used condom at Mcdonalds.  We also dive into guy problems such as zippers down and other bathroom issues.

AZ64: Magic Splattering AIDS, Raw Dogging with Chris Hansen, getting old and not wise

2013-03-20 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Come join the fun as we discuss Magic Johnson getting his aids all over, unprotected sex with Chris Hansen, plus getting old and not wise.  We also discuss Bigfoot conspiracies, angels in the clouds, and bathroom poetry.  The American Zero Podcast here for your listening pleasure!  Check out our Facebook page!

AZ63: Knives on planes, fried hamsters, overboard on tattoos, and lethal lady parts

2013-03-15 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Welcome to episode 63 of the American Zero Podcast.  Per usual we are all over the map on this episode.  Terrible tips, knives on planes, fried up hamsters, and using sperm to show your love.  We also touch on NBA players with ridiculous tattoos, dudes getting emotional at movies and lethal lady parts.  Subscribe today!

AZ62: David Lee Roth on cocaine, Japanese perversion, ghost marriage, and we hate PETA

2013-03-12 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Episode 62 of the American Zero podcast here for your listening pleasure. We discuss the Banana lady of Japan and her amazingly talented private parts, the permanent high of David Lee Roth, and grave robbing for after life marriage.  We also discuss our irritation with PETA, getting eaten by a lion during sex, HBO autopsy and so much more!

AZ61: Searching for Sugar man, drug dealer pocket dials police, ignoring the Phelps family, and a stolen porn collection

2013-03-07 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features discussions on Searching for Sugar man, a women calling 911 at least 59 times, and ignoring the Phelps family.  We also discuss a drug dealer pocket dialing the police, stolen porn collection, and a bike seat going up a boys butt.  

AZ60: Fresh Prince school lockdown, Russian gangsters, dumb car jackers, and sink holes

2013-03-03 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features discussions on dumb car jackers, crazy boxing intros, and a super fat cat.  We also get into robberies gone wrong, the Fresh Prince causing a shooting scare, and killer sink holes.  Russian gangsters, Die Hard at Dairy Queen, and so much more.

AZ59: Harlem Shake, Snopocalypse, bullets in your oven, heroin butt, and pit bull sex in vegas

2013-03-01 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

American Zero Episode 59 is here for your weekly braingasm!  We touch on such topics as the oldest runner ever, keeping bullets in your oven, and a woman getting drunk and calling 911 for cigarettes.  Murray discusses his issues with the harlem shake and tells his story of when he went to the Breaking Dawn Premiere. Wes brings up the the fact that you never see anyone you want to see while your shopping at Walmart and we have so much more.  Tongues getting bit off, pit bull sex in vegas and a guy carrying heroin in his butt.  Tell your friends and subscribe today!

AZ58: Hallucinating music, online trolls, handshakes, meth, and a chubby checker

2013-02-23 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Semen attacks, music hallucinations and meth!  Thats just a small portion of this episode. We also discuss Murrays crazy dreams, Darrels knowledge of meth and world of warcraft players.  We explain the rules for a proper handshake, discuss a chubby checker app, and the Mutombo Geico commerical.  We have our friend Torrez Parker on this episode to play Marry, F**k, Kill and so much more.

AZ57: Bathroom graffiti, semen attacks, tampon commercials, Lil Kim plastic surgery, and beef jerky is expensive

2013-02-16 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features discussions ranging from semen attacks in england to murray hating tampon commercials.  We also touch on Lil Kims face getting strange with plastic surgery, Kevin Smith always wearing the same shirt and Wes gets mad about beef jerky prices.  Rat hoarders, strange Phil Collins lyrics and getting hurt with fireworks.

AZ56: Naked home invasions, gay dogs, 3d movies suck, poisonous lady parts, and a brand new game show

2013-02-07 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

Poisonous vaginas, masturbating singers, masturbating home invaders, and gay dogs.  We also discuss people being dumb with guns, 3d movies sucking, and a guy trying to make a baby with a horse.  Wes discusses his fondness for his latino neighbors and their dog that gets lost in his yard. This episode features a brand new game show created by Darrel so get ready for horrible impersonations and movie trivia.  Tell your friends and subscribe to the American Zero Podcast.

AZ55: Manti T'eo, wedgies in public, phone scams, wheel chair doping and gun control

2013-01-25 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

This week we touch on everything.  Wanna hear about Lance Armstrong doping?  Well too bad for you cause were talking about wheel chair sports doping.  We also discuss Manti T'eo, phone scams, dogs driving over their owner and gun control laws.  Wes has problems with cold sore commercials and Darrel gets mad about people reacting to his facebook post.  We also discuss a guy who bit off his girlfriends thumb, a guy giving wedgies to random people, and vibrators made of gold.  We play a game of marry,F, Kill and Adam discusses how he would like to have his manhood dipped in gold.

AZ54: Gay dinosaurs, Golden Globes, and getting strangled by dreadlocks

2013-01-18 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Oh yes its podcast time!  Darrel has issues with homosexual dinosaur theories, we discuss a person strangled by dreadlocks, and give some opinions on the Golden Globes.  Chocolate baby heads, illegal animal activities and Wes tells us about his adventure at the courthouse. 

AZ53: Terrorism at Disney World, sportsmanship sucks, fake braces and drunk Facebook post

2013-01-10 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

Fake braces, grenades found at Disney world and a drunk driver posting on Facebook.  We discuss sportsmanship and Taco Bell commercials that suck, Direct TV customer service problems.  Murray is terrible with his money, paying bills late and stealing someones meat.

AZ52: Jesus gets drunk and arrogant, sexually assaulted by a dolphin and we review 2012

2013-01-03 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

Whales out of tune, dolphin rape and Anti-Aquaman.  Thats just the first five minutes.  We go over the year in news, movies, music and more.  Overcompensating on Facebook, embarrassing moments, and pooping in public.  Murray is confused about what beans grow on, Wes wants the old west to come back and Jesus gets arrogant while he's drunk.  Its the first podcast of the year so come in and get ready for a killer 2013!

AZ51: The apocalypse, apartment fights, nipples, and naked samurai Darrel

2012-12-20 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Its time for the end, so come join in on the fun as we celebrate the apocalypse.  Wes beats a guy up at his old apartment, Murray smokes up an entire street with his car, and Darrel is now known as the rapper 2 seats.  Darrel defends his house naked with a samurai sword, Murray terminator scans women and at some point we discuss our celebration of our nipples.  We also talk about things we would gladly have come to and end in the apocalypse.  

AZ50: Wild sexual adventures,Katt Williams is crazy and we get wasted in celebration of episode 50

2012-12-13 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

50 episodes deep!  Come join in the celebration as we party up for our 50th episode.  We discuss it all, wild sexual adventures, friends getting caught during alone time and we play a drinking game as we record the cast.  We discuss white power milk, Katt Williams going crazy, and Bob Marley mellow energy drinks.  We also do our top 5 things we wish we could have from movies.  Listen up and enjoy the fun!  

AZ49: AA meetings, zombie actors, and getting caned

2012-12-06 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

AA meetings, killing mice, and movie money all featured on this episode.  We discuss everything from getting caned in public to Wes not wanting a women with Murrays shoe size. Shaving cream scented like bacon, dead actors playing zombies in a movie, and Wes has problems with being himself on the show because Murrays children are in the next room.  

AZ48: Drunk stories, strippers for teens, and a local vigilante

2012-11-29 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

This episode features drunk stories, fake dentist and a man who planned to eat women for Thanksgiving.  We also discuss the death of Larry Hagman, a mother who bought strippers for her young son, and a local vigilante.  We also touch on people going to buffets, people who use specific terms to sound smart, and parking smart cars.

AZ47: Giving kids dumb names, a foot fetish, and our top five favorite songs

2012-11-14 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

Join on us on our journey to the funny!  We discuss people voting, giving your kids dumb names, and a lady buying a fake Ipad.  We also discuss an extreme foot fetish, court room shows, and Darrels awesome shirt.  We also here a wonderful story of Adam doing everything he can to peep on the neighbors having sex.  This episode also features our top favorite songs in preperation for our new music podcast The Soundoff. So listen up and have fun!

AZ46: Watching football naked, elephant poo coffee, and road construction

2012-11-09 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Does Wes watch football naked? Wes tells his story of being asked if hes naked, Adam hates construction workers and we touch on the topic of stealing pictures when your working for a photo lab.  We also discuss killing animals, making coffee from poo, and we play a new game show called name that band.

AZ45: Happy Halloween, Justin Bieber gets sued, girlfriend pillows, and deer crossing signs

2012-10-31 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

This episode we discuss sad girlfriend pillows, funerals for people who aren't dead, and Darrel gets mad at Taco bell.  We also touch on Justin Bieber getting sued, deer crossings, and movies that help you burn calories. In honor of halloween this episode also features our top five movies that either scared or creeped us out and our favorite death scenes.

AZ44: Breast feeding your dog, mullets and a review of the Jean Claude Van Damme film Hard Target

2012-10-25 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Episode 44 features special guest comedian Josh Shore.  This episode we discuss mullets, breast feeding your dog, and we review the Jean Claude Van Damme film Hard Target.    Doctors must remove a 9 inch dildo lodged in a mans intestine, people have sex in the middle of a restaurant and Josh spits beer all over the equipment.

AZ43: Murdering Squirrels, smoking your self paranoid and hatred for fake gangsters

2012-10-18 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

On this episode we discuss Adams animal murdering aunt, Murrays paranoia of aliens and wes hates gangster wanna be dudes from topeka.  We also discuss how crappy detroit has become, how ridiculous Iran is and walmart employees protesting.  This episode also features a brand new blockbuster movie pitch in our Adam goes to Hollywood segment.

AZ42: Internet porn problems, rich kids suck, and mexicans chillin outside

2012-10-04 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Internet porn causing problems, cyclist suck, and shootin up jack in the box.  We also discuss Arnold Schwarzeneggers tell all book, mexicans always chillin outside, and Darrel hates douche bag high school kids.  We also venture into Seth Macfarlane hosting the oscars, chicks daiting douche bags, and Murrays ex wife hits a guy on a bike.

AZ41: Donkey love, prison dating, and the death penalty

2012-09-27 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode is a DRUNK CAST!  Join us as we discuss donkey shows for horses, the death penalty, and Wes convinces his heart that Mcdonalds is ok.  Murray hates on Spangles, Darrel hates on shopping carts in the parking lot, and Wes doesnt understand people dating prison inmates.  We also touch on Cabin in the Woods, TED, and Murrays fridge smells terrible.

AZ40: Zombie issues, Americas Got Talent, problems with Taco Bell, and Silver Bullet

2012-09-20 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

AZ39: A crazy threesome, public displays of affection, and how not to order at a drive thru

2012-09-13 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

On this episode we discuss crazy threesomes, periods in the wrong place, and we have a quick update on our pit bull conversation.  We also discuss a local comedy show attended by Wes and Adam.  Murray gets ambushed for allegedly ditching the comedy show, Adam accidentally impersonates Fred Sandford, and Wes hates public displays of affection.

AZ38: Old people drive like GTA, drive by closelines, and redbox issues

2012-09-08 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

We discuss old people drivin on the sidewalk, bad penis pills, and movie rip offs at redbox.  We also discuss people who take forever at the register, Murray has tons of stress from internet problems.  We also do terrible russian impressions, old people drivin like GTA and Darrel wishes his kid has tourrette syndrome.

AZ37: Action movie game show, facekinis, asian people aging, and making classmates cry

2012-09-05 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Making fun of classmates, expensive shoes, and the action movie game show are just some of the things featured on this episode.  We also discuss a man having a plastic fork stuck in his stomach, facekinis, and Murrays crappy Manson shirts. We interrupt Darrel as always and we get super drunk!

AZ36: Honey Boo Boo, tattoos where the sun don't shine, perverts, and the rules of a pimp

2012-08-30 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Anus tattoos, extreme perverts, pitbull owners suck, and the rules of a pimp are just a few of the many subjects we discuss on this show.  We dive into things such as Wes getting stupid forwarded text messages, date rape in sixteen candles, and robot names.  We also discuss our bad eyes and how the older you get the more you notice spicy food comes in hot and exits just as hot.

AZ35: Adam hates the word swag, Toys R Us thieves, and month old spaghetti!

2012-08-23 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

You name it, we got it.  We are all over the map on this episode.  Everything from inappropriate horse touching to fire crackers blowing up between the cheeks.  Adam has anger issues with people who use the word swag, Murray hates spoilers on sissy cars, and Wes hates our new signal lights.  We also discuss people stealing from Toys R Us in every state, month old spaghetti, and we interrupt Darrel as often as possible. As always listen up and have fun

AZ34: Jesus therapy, fingering fun in Walmart, and old people driving

2012-08-17 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode we discuss people having sexual adventures in public, more Chic-Fil-A, and the fact that we will all need serious therapy sessions with Jesus after we die.  We also discuss how we think people are using the celebrity look a like app on facebook multiple times in order to get the celebrity they want.  Darrel brings up his anger of old people, Wes discusses his grandmothers death defying drive home, and Murray hates older women not dressing their age.

AZ33: Chick-fil-A rage, Olympic pole dancing, male roller derby sucks and our new game show Name That Rapper

2012-08-09 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Chick-fil-A, Olympic pole dancers, and pizza robbery.  We also discuss inappropriate behavior with sheep, and Murray hates on guys who do roller derby.  We interrupt Darrell repeatedly and Adam takes issue with colleges recruiting 8th graders.  We also introduce our game show segment Name That Rapper!!!

AZ32: Kristen Stewart cheats, 80's toys, and anti-balding medication will turn you female

2012-08-09 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Kristen Stewart cheats, a man loses his manhood, and a man lights his head on fire at a bar.  We also discuss a man who claims his anti-balding medication turned him female, 80's toys, and the Olympic opening.  Wes gets mad at Walmart shoppers, pop ups, and maintenance men.  Murray watches twilight and tells stories of almost fighting his girlfriend.  So listen up and have fun!

AZ31: The Dark Knight Rises, bongs made from cats, and Walmart greeters suck

2012-08-02 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

A man goes crazy on his girlfriend over a broken bong,  Walmart greeters suck, and Darrel hates the bachelorette.  We also discuss how Mcdonalds is bad for you, bongs made with cats, and how people are suing Sketcher shoes cause their lazy. We also have a discussion on the awesomeness that is The Dark Knight Rises.  We welcome on special guest Mike Murray.

AZ30: Pole dancing on the streets, Wes gets drunk on a plane and hipsters suck

2012-07-26 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Pole dancing in the streets, a man gets impaled on a fence and Wes hates food on Facebook.  We do our top five sitcoms, Adam pitches a new movie and we discuss Murrays hatred for hipsters. Darrel has problems with guys wearing beanies, Wes gets drunk on a plane  and so much more.  As always listen and have fun!!!!

AZ29: Creatures of Walmart, Bieber gets sued and Daniel Tosh goes over the line

2012-07-19 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

We discuss Swamp People vs Deadliest Catch, crazy people at Walmart and Adam hates food stamp abusers.   We also discuss talking urinal pucks, crazy people eating poop and Justin Bieber getting sued.  Murray discusses his ear blowing up at Kid Rock, an update from our favorite facebook friend and Wes discusses his "love" of the the guys selling cell phone cases at the mall.  Daniel Tosh pushing the limits, people obsessed with World of Warcraft and so much more discussed on this episode.  So listen up and have fun!

AZ28: Top five movies, big girls need love too and Wes hates Golden Corral

2012-07-13 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode feature our top five favorite movies, going to the doctor and big girls need love too.  We also touch on subjects such as Darrels hatred for mainstream rap and Wes having a problem with the Golden Corral.  

AZ27: Death by seatbelt, Las Vegas bums, and gay people coming out

2012-07-09 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Gay people coming out, death by seat belts and a guy gets his dead stuck under a garage door for nine hours.  We also discuss people driving with dogs in their lap, mechanic lingo and our adventures in Las Vegas.  This episode feature special guest (and huge fan) Darrel Smart. So listen up and have fun.

AZ26: Prometheus, dirty strippers, a dog with insane muscles and insane people on Facebook

2012-06-30 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

People airing out their dirty Laundry on Facebook, going to the movies alone and George Bush in Game of Thrones.  We also discuss  dirty strippers, Don Rickles and people leaning all the way back while driving. 

We did not do crappy movies on this episode but Bucharoo Bonzai will be reviewed in a later episode.  Be sure to watch Piranhaconda! It will be featured in a future episode.

AZ25: Manny Pacquiao angers Wes, Crappy Movie Dads, Las Vegas Strip Clubs, and Deer Get Drunk

2012-06-14 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

In honor of fathers day we each give our top five crappiest movie dads and Wes shows us the worst lottery ticket ever.  A women pops a mans testicles, deer get drunk and meth gets made at Walmart. We have issues with overly obsessed softball players,  Manny Pacquiao, and easily offended gang members.  The origins of Corkscrew are are revealed on this episode and Wes gives his favorite names for strip clubs in Las Vegas.  So as always listen up and enjoy the fun!

We did not do crappy movies on this episode but Buckaroo Bonzai will be reviewed in a later episode.  Be sure to watch Piranhaconda! It will be featured in a future episode.

AZ24: Gay Green Lantern, drugs are bad, and a brother gets stabbed by his sister.

2012-06-07 :: (American Zero) Length: 2s

Green Lantern is gay and Bath salts are bad. This episode we get real in depth on the subject of a gay comic book character, drugs, and so much more.   We touch on various subjects such as MC Hammer making crappy videos and a brother getting stabbed by his own sister.  This episode also features the official initiation of Adam as a member of the American Zero team.  So as always listen up and enjoy the fun!

AZ23: Darth Vader robs a bank, Social Cam and LL Cool J Suck, naked maids, bar fights plus more

2012-05-31 :: (American Zero) Length: 42s

Darth Vader robs a bank and one man just couldn't wait to get his food at Mcdonalds.  We are all over the map in this episode. We discuss how we find it to be nearly impossible to smother someone with a pillow and how Andre champagne looks like a big bottle of brute aftershave.  We also discuss our problems with Facebook once again and hatred of LL Cool J.  Naked maids, bar fights and crazy people on the street are just some of the other topics we cover in this episode.  So listen up and enjoy the fun!

 Also for the fans of our crappy movie segment don't forget to watch Maniac Cop. It will be discussed on our next show. 

AZ22: Will Smith pimp slaps a reporter, Arbys serves up finger sandwiches and we review The Devil Inside

2012-05-25 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Will Smith and the slap heard around the world, Arbys serves finger sandwiches literally and so much more.  Wes takes issue with Paula Deen and Murray attempts to have issues with the urban cowboy look. We also bring back Wes Goes to Hollywood and this week Adam joins in with his own amazing movie pitch.  Our DVD pick this week is The Devil Inside and we review the 1986 horror film The Gate in our Crappy Movies segment.  Also, Murray gets way too drunk and laughs at everything. We apologize in advance.  We're clearly having a good time here, so come on and join in on the fun.

AZ21: Terrible movie rip offs, Iphone not the best, and crappy movies featuring Videodrome

2012-05-17 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

We bring back Wes goes to Hollywood and start a new segment on our show where Murray picks crappy movies for everyone to watch.  This week we watch James Woods in the 1983 David Cronenberg film Videodrome.  We also discuss NBC Thursday night comedy, the iphone not being the best, and bad movie rip offs.   Thanks for listening and as always, have fun!

AZ20: John Travolta sexual harassment, summer movie prieviews and our favorite worst movie moms

2012-05-12 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Why we hate nuts on your bumper, police killing dogs and our favorite worst movie moms.  We aslo do a summer movie preview for the month of may and discuss have a countdown for our trip to Vegas.  As per usual we get way off topic and venture into the depths of our sickened minds.  Come along for the ride!

AZ19: Jesus does drugs, death by testicles and movies ideas starring Nicolas Cage

2012-05-03 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Jesus does drugs and arm wrestles, movie ideas and racism that really isn't racism.  Come join the fun as we get totally sidetracked from the topics at hand and dicuss who knows what!

AZ18: Stoner movies, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and more!

2012-04-26 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

In honor of 4/20 we discuss some of the best stoner movie moments.  We also discuss Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Betty Whites Off Their Rocker and the dumbest terrorist ever.  So listen up and have fun.

AZ17: Top five movie bands, lactating prowlers and crappy musicals

2012-04-17 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Top five movie bands, lactating prowlers and crime sprees are all discussed on this episode.  We also touch on our perception of the fifties being based off crappy musicals and how Eddie and the Cruisers suck. So as always listen up and enjoy the fun!

AZ16: Celebrity fetishes and guilty pleasure movies

2012-04-11 :: (American Zero)

Celebrity fetishes, herpes on the coral reef and we discuss our guilty pleasure movies all on this episode.  We also discuss picking up the phone if god is calling and the perverted things we would like to do with celebrities. Where else can you listen to three guys discuss god, herpes and perverted fantasies? Absolutely no where, that's where.  So listen up and have a good time.

AZ15: Batman insurance, The River season finale and movie reviews

2012-03-28 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Snooki and the Situation leaving Jersey Shore, drunk dogs and Batman insurance all discussed on this episode.  We also discuss the last two episodes of the river, Jack and Jill, and the Sitter.  So listen up and enjoy!

AZ14: Rush Limbaugh, gang bangin and dudes wearing leather

2012-03-16 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

Lottery winners on food stamps, Rush Limbaugh and gang bangin all discussed here on this episode.  We also discuss The River, motorcycle dudes that wear leather and so much more! 

AZ13: Getting drunk part B! 6 insane movie sequels

2012-03-14 :: (American Zero) Length: 54s

Lets get drunk some more!!!!! We finish off episode 13 with our discussion on 6 insane movie sequels that almost ruined classic movies.  Oh yeah and we're really really drunk at this point in the show!

AZ13: Getting drunk part A! Racism, cooked rats and a review of Big Money Rustlas

2012-03-10 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

LETS GET DRUNK.  As we get extremely wasted we discuss cooking cats, racism in our home town and Big Money Rustlas.  We also touch on The Office and The River.  This is a two part episode with this being part A.  We will have episode 13 B out as soon as possible.

AZ12: Racist Ice Cream, why Juggalos suck and leap year

2012-03-05 :: (American Zero) Length: 52s

We discuss ICP, Juggalos, and racist ice cream.  The episode also features discussions on leap year, bad blood effects and as always Swamp People.

AZ11: Jeremy Lin, Swamp people and The River

2012-02-23 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

The River, Swamp People and Jeremy Lin all discussed on this episode of the American Zero Podcast.  This episode also features discussions on My Strange Addiction and various current events.  Come join us as we spring into podcast puberty!

AZ10: Swamp People returns, porn theives and PETA

2012-02-15 :: (American Zero) Length: 51s

BOOM SON!!!!! EPISODE 10!!!   This episode we dicsuss the return of Swamp People, porn theivery and Doomsday Preppers.  We also touch various subjects such as why PETA sucks and why driving with an obvious license plate is just dumb.

AZ09: Harry Potter gets drunk and a review of 50/50

2012-02-08 :: (American Zero) Length: 38s

Drunk Harry Potter, 50/50 and Murray is a creep all on this episode plus so much more.

AZ08: Nicki Minaj, IGN top 25 action movies and movie reviews

2012-02-01 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

This episode features The Descendants, The Thing and our take on the IGN top 25 action movie list. We also discuss Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj and welcome back guest co-host Adam Glenn.

AZ07: Blue Ivy Carter, Moneyball and Bucky Larson

2012-01-24 :: (American Zero) Length: 53s

Moneyball, Bucky Larson and Blue Ivy carter are just a few of the things you'll find on this episode.  We also discuss Finding Bigfoot and the Mayan calendar and so much more.  Come join the fun!

AZ06: Green Lantern and the best of 2011

2012-01-14 :: (American Zero) Length: 55s

We discuss Green Lantern, the best of 2011 and so much more.  All with special guest Adam Glenn.

AZ05: Top five Christmas Movies, The Dark Knight Rises and Expendables

2011-12-25 :: (American Zero) Length: 40s

On this Episode we discuss our top five christmas movies, the Dark Knight Rises trailer and the Expendables 2 trailer.

AZ04: Most anticipate movies and the future sucks

2011-12-25 :: (American Zero) Length: 55s

This episode Murray and Wes discuss their most anticipated movies of 2012, ghosts, and why the future sucks.

AZ03: Top five creepiest actors and more

2011-12-17 :: (American Zero) Length: 55s

Top Five Creepiest actors

AZ01: Movies, current events and weird stories

2011-12-10 :: (American Zero) Length: 1s

   First of what is to become many episodes of the American Zero Podcast.  Come join the fun!

AZ02: Celebrity death and Nick Nolte looking rough

2011-12-10 :: (American Zero) Length: 56s

Wes and Murray discuss celebrity death, movies that shouldn't be made and how Nick Nolte went from sexiest man alive to roughest looking man alive.

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