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Hasit Shah on Designing Digital News Platforms for India's Smartphones

2015-06-30 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
In this episode of the Asia Digital Life Podcast, Patrick Sharbaugh speaks with Hasit Shah, a former producer for BBC News and now a fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. At Harvard, Shah has received a grant from the Knight Foundation's Prototype Fund to use the principles of human-centered design in developing an innovative new mobile news platform for India that takes its inspiration from comic books. He's also been researching the impact of the rapidly rising numbers of internet users in India -- driven by increasingly inexpensive smartphones -- on digital news platforms and business models.…

Singapore's booming subculture of Instagram influencers

2015-05-27 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
Lifestyle blogging is big business in Singapore, where hundreds of online influencers in the city state are reshaping brand marketing and carving out an entirely new professional niche for social-media savvy youth. Top influencers can earn hundreds of thousands through corporate sponsorships and brand endorsements. And all it takes is an Instagram account and a fetish for selfies. Patrick Sharbaugh talks with digital anthropologist Crystal Abidin about the booming online influence industry in Singapore and the curious subculture of selfie-slinging microcelebrities it's spawned there.…

Just How Many Twitter Accounts Does a Japanese Person Need?

2015-05-14 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
The Japanese are among the heaviest users of Twitter in the world. It's not uncommon for a Japanese user to have as many as a dozen different Twitter accounts, and to maintain a different identity on each. Unlike other East Asian nations, Japan embraces and celebrates online anonymity. In this week’s Asia Digital Life podcast, I try to unravel Japan’s singular stance toward online identity with Atsuyoshi Ishizumi, a Senior Research Executive at Japanese market research firm Flamingo Tokyo.…

Crystal Abidin Unpacks the Visual Tropes of the #OccupyCentral Protest on Instagram

2014-10-17 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
While pro-democracy protests continue to grip the streets of Hong Kong, the struggle has also been playing out on social media there. Australia-based researcher Crystal Abidin followed the #OccupyCentral hashtag on Instagram for three days at the start of the protests and discovered some fascinating themes that provide unique insight into the protest and those participating in it.…

China Digital Times' Anne Henochowicz on Chinese Netizens' Cat-and-Mouse Game with Censors

2014-08-30 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
Since 2003 China Digital Times has been tracking Internet culture in China and aggregating content that has been censored or blocked in Chinese cyberspace. In this podcast, I talk with CDT translations editor Anne Henochowicz about Chinese netizens' use of homonyms, memes, and satire to tweak censors and why a brand of instant noodles there has become a proxy for talking about political corruption.…

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Jillian York Talks Internet Freedom in Asia

2014-07-27 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
For the fifth Asian Digital Life podcast, Patrick Sharbaugh sits down with Jillian York, the EFF's Director for International Freedom of Expression, for a conversation that ranges across Vietnam's new strategy for targeting the Facebook pages of dissidents, the challenge of what constitutes online hate speech in newly open Myanmar, and how Asian nations are appropriating the U.S. and U.K.'s strategy of using "cybercrime" laws to quash other kinds of online expression.…

An Outsized Role for Social Media in the Indonesian Election

2014-07-19 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
Social media and digital platforms played a massive role in Indonesia's historic presidential election earlier this month. Patrick Sharbaugh talks to Asian Internet scholar Merlyna Lim (@merlyna) about how Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and innovative open-sourced platforms for crowdsourcing election monitoring and the vote count made this election unique.…

Paradoxes in a New Report on Vietnam's Internet Landscape

2014-07-08 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
ADLP Host Patrick Sharbaugh talks with Adam Lynn of Internet freedom project the Open Technology Fund about the OTF's new report on Vietnam, where 38 million Internet users play cat-and-mouse with a government that seeks - not always effectively - to restrict what they can access or express online. With Facebook blocked in Vietnam, yet still accessed by 77% of the connected population, circumvention tools are more popular there than anywhere else in the world.…

What's Behind the Epidemic of Digital 'Addiction' in Asia?

2014-07-01 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
ADLP's Patrick Sharbaugh talks to researcher Gabriele de Seta of Hong Kong Polytechnic University about what's behind the recent uptick in media reports of "addiction" to the Internet, smartphones and gaming across Asia -- and is addiction even the right word?…

The surprising impact of social media in China on changing attitudes toward animal welfare

2014-06-22 :: Patrick Sharbaugh
In southern China, an annual dog-eating festival takes a lower profile under mounting pressure from both activists and authorities. Similar changes can be seen in public and official attitudes toward ivory, shark finning, bear bile, and much more. In Asia Digital Life's first podcast, I talk with China expert Eric Olander about how the Internet and social media are ceating a new space in China for wildlife and environmental movements that's having a surprising impact there.…

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