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Armored Tank Assault Promo Video

Armored Tank Assault Promo Video.…

New NFL Handicapping Using Sports Astrology

Updated 11/21 For those of you who followed my picks last year, I was able to pick 71% of games correctly using “sports astrology”. It’s a process that looks at any given game and breaks down the victor by what’s happening in the 1st and 7th house. From there, you look at who is controlling [...]…

Just added

Just added. A few select Photos that I have done in the past ten years.…

Astrologically Speaking — An Update on Picking Sporting Events Using Astrology

2011-12-22 :: Paul Ashlin
Last week, Paul picked 70% correct using his and John Frawley’s method. Doing some more tweaking, Paul returns to try and out do the 70%.   Listen Here: Astrologically Speaking — Week 16 in The NFL…

Astrologically Speaking — Predicting Sporting Events

2011-12-15 :: Paul Ashlin
Paul Ashlin looks at astrology and predicting sporting events by following John Frawley’s book on the subject. Using John formual, Paul forecasts the upcoming 15th week in the NFL. His picks for week 15 are below. Listen to the Show here: Astrologically Speaking — Predicting Sporting Events The Picks in the NFL for Week 15 Jacksonville [...]…

Astrologically Speaking

Hi Friends, Astrologically Speaking is on pause until the 13th of December as we are doing research for upcoming podcast. Happy Holidays to all!  …

Astrologically Speaking — Meg Whitman & HP

2011-11-22 :: Paul Ashlin
Paul Ashlin looks at the connection between the CEO’s Natal Chart and the company’s fortune; in this case Meg Whitman and HP. Listen Here: Astrologically Speaking — Meg Whitman & HP…

Astrologically Speaking — Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

2011-11-17 :: Paul Ashlin
Paul Ashlin examine the birth chart’s of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Can their charts give any insight into what made these men the juggernauts of technology?   Listen here:Astrologically Speaking — Bill Gates and Steve Jobs…

Astrologically Speaking — Uranus

2011-11-07 :: Paul Ashlin
Paul Ashlin looks at the most unpredictable planet in our solar system Uranus. With its unpredictability, Uranus brings the demand for change. Sprinkle in randomness, and you have the most dynamic planet in our solar system. Listen here: Astrologically Speaking — Uranus…

Astrologically Speaking — Pluto

2011-10-31 :: Paul Ashlin
Paul Ashlin takes a peek at Pluto. It’s undergone a reclassification lately, but whether you call in a rock, asteroid, or planet, it has a very big effect on our world. Listen here: Astrologically Speaking — Pluto…

A Great Way to View Orbits in The Milky Way


Astrologically Speaking — Looking for an Astrologer

2011-10-26 :: Paul Ashlin
 This this show, Paul Ashlin examine things to look for when picking out an astrologer. Does your astrologer only tell you good news, or bad news? Do they seem to be focused on one planet or spot in chart too much? Listen Here to gain some insight : Looking for an Astrologer…

Astrologically Speaking — The Ascendant

2011-10-24 :: Paul Ashlin
This the 12 show and Paul Ashlin take time to reflect on the last month. He also covers the place in the natal chart called the Ascendant and how it colors one’s personality. Listen Here: The Ascendant    …

Astrologically Speaking: The Interview with Rex Estell

This is the 11th show. In Numerology, 11 is a master number, so it’s fitting Paul Ashlin talks with master astrologer Rex Estell about his journey with astrology. The conversation covers many topics from his awakening in the sixties, when the Beatle…

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