Last update: 2011-07-10

Episode Black Thunder

2011-07-10 Length: 58m 29s

Adam gives Jess some birthday gifts before talking about how she's probably going to be murdered in her sleep since she's all alone in her house. Jess reveals why this could actually happen to her since she had a real life stalker in high school. Then things get all sexy as Jess reveals a little too much information about her girlfriend's vibrator and what they like to do with good ol' "Black Thunder." If that doesn't get us listeners then I don't know what will! Recorded on July 9, 2011. …

Episode "It's Been Real"

2011-07-04 Length: 55m 32s

Adam and Jess return to talk about Jess's excitement over seeing her lord and savior Taylor Swift live in concert. Then they talk about Jess's birthday, Fourth of July celebrations and blowing shit up 'Merica style. Recorded on June 30, 2011. …

Episode Orangutan Hang

2011-06-11 Length: 53m 41s

Adam and Jess are joined by Jackie this week while the Bruins play some sort of ice game. Learn all about pooping in the woods with Jess and all about how she met her girlfriend, Jackie, for the first time. This episode also has some of the "lost episode" from a few weeks ago tacked on the end. Adam, Jess, and Jackie talk about tattoos and checking out guys at Wal-Mart. Recorded on June 10 and May 29, 2011. …

Episode Blood

2011-06-06 Length: 54m 43s

Nick makes his triumphant return as he joins Adam and Jess in conversations about workplace injuries, hospital visits, and Sega Genesis. Oh, and Ben makes a slightly less triumphant return near the end. Recorded on June 5, 2011. …

Episode Driving Miss Jessica

2011-05-21 Length: 58m 28s

Jess still doesn't having a working car so Adam somehow became her chauffeur. She is very bossy and threatening. Listen as they talk about the upcoming Rapture, Jess's horrible food service stories, and Adam's theories on the sole purpose of pets and grandparents, all while driving to visit Jess's lovely girlfriend. Recorded on May 20, 2011. …

Episode Car Misadventures

2011-05-14 Length: 1h 4m 58s

Adam and Jess get fancy and record an episode through the magic of skype! Adam tells the thrilling conclusion to his car misadventures and Jess tells her on tale of automotive woe. Then it's on to movie talk when Jess comes across a lengthy survey. Recorded on May 11, 2011. …

Episode Freak Legs

2011-05-07 Length: 56m 47s

Adam and Jess sit outside and talk about Jess's freak legs, her gaydar, and her new lady friend. Then Jess assumes Adam actually cares enough about cars to have a dream car that isn't something driven by a superhero. But wait! There's more! After ending the episode Adam calls Jess back to help him with his car troubles. More podcasting goodness was recorded on the drive to Wal-Mart. There is also a video of the shenanigans that ensued at Wal-Mart and it can be found at Recorded on May 6, 2011. …

Episode Brown Handed Girl

2011-05-02 Length: 58m 44s

It's a double feature this week on Audioshow! First up Adam and Jess sit on a comfy couch and talk about their chicken pox experiences, Jess's complete disregard of her science teacher's safety tips, and summer camp leeches! Then Adam and Mark go to a pizza place where Adam tells Mark what it's like kissing Jess. Recorded on May 2, 2011. …

Episode Just a Noodle

2011-04-24 Length: 1h 6m 13s

Adam and Jess are joined by special guest Rachel this week. We talk about some girl on girl action but all of the sexiness is taken away by the sounds of Jess chewing macaroni & cheese and slurping chocolate milk. Then the conversation moves on to craigslist sex ads, Jess's love of horses and crazy former roommates. Recorded on April 23, 2010. …

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Audioshow with Adam & Jess (A Project 667 Production)