Last update: 2011-11-25

AutoSuccess 211 - Mark Tewart

2011-11-25 Length: 14m 27s

AutoSuccess 210 - Jesse Biter

2011-11-18 Length: 11m 55s

AutoSuccess 209 - Joe Castle

2011-11-11 Length: 15m 10s

AutoSuccess 208 - Marsh Buice

2011-11-03 Length: 15m 49s

AutoSuccess 207 - Bruce Thompson

2011-10-28 Length: 11m 52s

AutoSuccess 206 - Leadership Advice

2011-10-21 Length: 14m 18s

AutoSuccess 205 - Tom Kain

2011-10-14 Length: 7m 44s

AutoSuccess 204 - Todd Smith

2011-10-10 Length: 19m 42s

AutoSuccess 204 - Todd Smith

Todd Smith of ActivEngage returns to share his tips on setting up Facebook for your dealership to build community.…

AutoSuccess 203 - Kirk Manzo

2011-09-30 Length: 18m 11s

AutoSuccess 202 - Glenn Pasch

2011-09-23 Length: 14m 7s

AutoSuccess 201 - James Stayton

2011-09-16 Length: 12m 23s

AutoSuccess 200 - Susan Givens

2011-09-09 Length: 7m 6s

AutoSuccess 199 - Tony Provost

2011-09-02 Length: 10m 16s

AutoSuccess 198 - Dave Dunn

2011-08-26 Length: 15m 3s

AutoSuccess 197 - Mark Tewart

2011-08-19 Length: 23m 52s

AutoSuccess 196 - Leadership Materials

2011-08-12 Length: 14m 45s

AutoSuccess 195 - Marsh Buice

2011-08-05 Length: 17m 54s

AutoSuccess 194 - Chad Polk

2011-07-29 Length: 14m 25s

AutoSuccess 193 - Richard Libin

2011-07-21 Length: 14m 18s

AutoSuccess 192 - Jessica Ruth

2011-07-15 Length: 9m 3s

AutoSuccess 191 - Mike DeCecco

2011-07-08 Length: 17m 17s

AutoSuccess 190 - Matt Lamoureux

2011-07-01 Length: 8m 5s

AutoSuccess 189 - Kirk Manzo

2011-06-24 Length: 20m 32s

AutoSuccess 188 - Marsh Buice

2011-06-17 Length: 15m 37s

AutoSuccess 187 - Howard Leavitt

2011-06-10 Length: 8m 14s

AutoSuccess 186 - Troy Spring

2011-06-03 Length: 13m 53s

AutoSuccess 185 - Leadership and Creativity (Part 2)

2011-05-27 Length: 16m 25s

AutoSuccess 184 - Leadership and Creativity

2011-05-20 Length: 13m 28s

AutoSuccess 183 - Todd Smith

2011-05-13 Length: 16m 37s

AutoSuccess 182 - Glenn Pasch

2011-05-06 Length: 9m 38s

AutoSuccess 181 - Mark Springer

2011-04-28 Length: 24m 32s

AutoSuccess 180 - Shelley McBride

2011-04-22 Length: 13m 0s

AutoSuccess 179 - Ron McElroy

2011-04-15 Length: 7m 13s

AutoSuccess 178 - Mark De Lucia

2011-04-08 Length: 16m 32s

AutoSuccess 177 - Mark Sadosky

2011-04-01 Length: 11m 27s

AutoSuccess 176 - Dale Pollak

2011-03-25 Length: 14m 27s

AutoSuccess 175 - Matt Lamoureux

2011-03-18 Length: 15m 2s

AutoSuccess 174 - Lon Leneve

2011-03-11 Length: 13m 23s

AutoSuccess 173 - Matt Baker

2011-03-04 Length: 10m 1s

AutoSuccess 172 - Rhonda Savage

2011-02-25 Length: 17m 25s

AutoSuccess 171 - Mark Tewart

2011-02-17 Length: 15m 5s

AutoSuccess 170 - Leadership Ethics

2011-02-11 Length: 11m 43s

AutoSuccess 169 - Jody DeVere

2011-02-04 Length: 19m 59s

AutoSuccess 168 - Greg Coleman

2011-01-28 Length: 8m 15s

AutoSuccess 167 - Merla Turner

2011-01-21 Length: 16m 3s

AutoSuccess 166 - Robert Berndt

2011-01-14 Length: 15m 42s

AutoSuccess 165 - Tom Johnson

2011-01-07 Length: 10m 37s

AutoSuccess 164 - Happy Christmas


AutoSuccess 163 - Jock Schowalter

2010-12-17 Length: 12m 4s

AutoSuccess 162 - Dave Dunn

2010-12-10 Length: 15m 45s

AutoSuccess 161 - Doug Vermeeren

2010-12-03 Length: 26m 50s

AutoSuccess 160 - Leadership Challenges

2010-11-24 Length: 19m 27s

AutoSuccess 159 - Fran Taylor

2010-11-18 Length: 10m 59s

AutoSuccess 158 - Patricia Fripp

2010-11-12 Length: 24m 20s

AutoSuccess 157 - Chip Wiley

2010-11-05 Length: 12m 48s

AutoSuccess 156 - Walt Zeglinski

2010-10-29 Length: 20m 29s

AutoSuccess 155 - Joe Trujillo

2010-10-21 Length: 7m 53s

AutoSuccess 154 - Richard Winch

2010-10-14 Length: 9m 19s

AutoSuccess 153 - Craig Fitzgerald

2010-10-08 Length: 20m 29s

AutoSuccess 152 - Howard Leavitt

2010-09-30 Length: 6m 20s

AutoSuccess 151 - Jesse Biter

2010-09-24 Length: 14m 2s

AutoSuccess 150 - Traits of a Leader

2010-09-17 Length: 15m 47s

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For episode 150, we’ve asked some…

AutoSuccess 149 - Larry Langford

2010-09-10 Length: 10m 40s

AutoSuccess 148 - Mke DeCecco

2010-09-03 Length: 16m 14s’s Mike DeCecco talks about digital marketing initiatives – why “cool” doesn’t equal “traffic” and how to build your social network.…

AutoSuccess 147 - Mark Queen

2010-08-26 Length: 10m 9s
eLeads’ Mark Queen tells us what to look for in a CRM system for your dealership both now and in the future.…

AutoSuccess 146 - Beth Stults

2010-08-20 Length: 6m 28s
Autobase’s Beth Stults shows us how to use your dealership’s CRM system as one of your most valuable marketing tools.…

AutoSuccess 145 - Ken Potter

2010-08-13 Length: 13m 1s
Welcome to the virtual showroom! Ken Potter of CarsDirect talks about how dealers can improve their online car sales.…

AutoSuccess 144 - David Kauzlaric

2010-08-06 Length: 13m 11s
David Kauzlaric of DealerFire speaks with us about non-traditional methods of advertising available to dealers, and how to use them effectively for a leg-up on your competition.…

AutoSuccess 143 - Shelley McBride

2010-07-30 Length: 16m 47s
Shelley McBride of RadioVision talks on the advertising options open to dealerships, and how to make the most of their advertising budget.…

AutoSuccess 142 - Chuck Patton

2010-07-23 Length: 14m 2s
Chuck Patton of Traffic Builders returns to finish our discussion on making a mid-year evaluation of your service department's marketing strategy.…

AutoSuccess 141 - Chuck Patton

2010-07-16 Length: 14m 26s
Time for your half-year checkup! Chuck Patton of Traffic Builders discusses making a mid-year evaluation of your automotive service marketing strategy.…

AutoSuccess 140 - Shawn Kloppman

2010-07-09 Length: 7m 50s
Rosner Toyota Scion GM Shawn Kloppman discusses the marketing uses of direct mail from the dealership’s perspective.…

AutoSuccess 139 - Stephen Cravens

2010-07-02 Length: 12m 14s
Stephen Cravens of Century Interactive talks about the place of call tracking in your dealership's marketing and training plans.…

AutoSuccess 138 - Mark Tewart

2010-06-25 Length: 21m 39s
Mark Tewart returns to discuss “The Death of the Traditional Dealership,” and how to evolve to survive and thrive in a new marketplace.…

AutoSuccess 137 - Jeff Hayes

2010-06-18 Length: 15m 17s
Jeff Hayes, CEO of Dealer Creative, talks about the elements that make an effective TV or radio ad, and common mistakes dealers make.…

AutoSuccess 136 - Kim Orr

2010-06-11 Length: 7m 56s
Since the vast majority of car buyers hit the Internet before setting foot in a dealership, maintaining your online reputation is critical. Kim Orr of eXteresAuto tells how dealers can take control of their online image.…

AutoSuccess 135 - Motivated Leadership

2010-06-04 Length: 11m 6s
How can leaders best maintain the motivation they need to lead their team to success? We asked some of our past guest to share their insights.…

AutoSuccess 134 - Tim Danker

2010-05-28 Length: 12m 51s
In the Internet age, is direct marketing still relevant? Tim Danker of Ideal Direct Ad Group says yes, more than ever.…

AutoSuccess 133 - Bill Phillips

2010-05-21 Length: 7m 51s
Bill Phillips of Automotive Internet Management speaks on the growing and changing role of e-commerce in your dealership.…

AutoSuccess 132 - Jim Radogna

2010-05-14 Length: 15m 38s
Jim Radogna of Dealer Compliance Consultants talks about some of the less-obvious benefits of educating your staff on legal compliance.…

AutoSuccess 131 - Mike Myers and Chris Saraceno

2010-05-07 Length: 16m 40s
Mike Myers and Chris Saraceno of Dealer Elite discuss the place of social media and what it can do to improve business for dealers.…

AutoSuccess 130 - Kirk Manzo

2010-04-30 Length: 17m 33s
Kirk Manzo of The Manzo Group discusses the resurgence of leasing and how it can benefit the dealership's bottom line.…

AutoSuccess 129 - Steve Brazill

2010-04-23 Length: 10m 53s
Northwood University's Steve Brazill speaks on protecting and managing your reputation in the digital age.…

AutoSuccess 128 - Bud Abraham

2010-04-16 Length: 18m 43s
Is the devil in detailing? Detail Plus’ Bud Abraham shows how to run your detailing department efficiently and profitably.…

AutoSuccess 127 - Joe Abraham

2010-04-09 Length: 10m 33s
How can you become known as an authority in your market? Joe Abraham of the En Corpus Group shows us some simple but effective ways dealers can stand out from the crowd.…

AutoSuccess 126 - Tim James

2010-04-02 Length: 17m 8s
HomeNet's Tim James discusses effective Internet marketing, and why your dealership needs an Internet Marketing Manager, instead of an Internet Sales Manager.…

AutoSuccess 125 - Leadership Lessons

2010-03-26 Length: 17m 25s
For our 125th episode, guests from past episodes return to share effective leadership lessons they’ve gained from bosses, employees, books and life.…

AutoSuccess 124 - Brad Simmons

2010-03-19 Length: 9m 7s
ClearMechanic's Brad Simmons discusses how to improve communication and build trust between your service department and your customers.…

AutoSuccess 123 - Brian Barlow

2010-03-12 Length: 11m 36s
Pineapple Advertising’s Brian Barlow discusses how to create ads to make your dealership stand out from the crowd; don’t be afraid to be bold.…

AutoSuccess 122 - Jeff Hager

2010-03-05 Length: 12m 32s
Dr. Jeff Hager of Video Verification Security discusses both the obvious and unexpected benefits video security can have for your dealership.…

AutoSuccess 121 - Lee Glynn

2010-02-26 Length: 14m 51s
The Wolfington Group's Lee Glynn talks on taking a leadership role in your dealership and motivating your staff for long-term careers.…

AutoSuccess 120 - Chuck Patton

2010-02-19 Length: 24m 31s
TrafficBuilder’s Chuck Patton talks about adapting to the challenges of the modern automotive marketplace.…

AutoSuccess 119 - Dave Dunn

2010-02-13 Length: 15m 23s
Dave Dunn, founder of Masters Educational Services, speaks to us on what a properly operated bodyshop and collision repair facility can do for your dealership’s bottom line.…

AutoSuccess 118 - Mark Proctor

2010-02-05 Length: 9m 21s
Mark Proctor of Preferred Dealer Services talks about getting back to the basics of sales — fundamental areas to concentrate on, the characteristics of a great salesperson and how to fight common distractions.…

AutoSuccess 117 - Steve Law

2010-01-28 Length: 12m 34s
Steve Law of Dubuque Data Services discusses different types of dealer management systems (DMS) and which type would be best for your dealership.…

AutoSuccess 116 - Justin Duff

2010-01-22 Length: 18m 3s
Justin Duff, VP of Sales for Dealer HD, talks to us about maximizing your dealership’s Web presence, with tools including Web sites, social media and video.…

AutoSuccess 115 - Jock Schowalter

2010-01-15 Length: 19m 6s
WideStorm's Jock Schowalter describes online negotiation for your dealership: what it is, how it can raise your sales and how to avoid potential pitfalls.…

AutoSuccess 114 - Bill Leek

2010-01-08 Length: 14m 47s
Bill Leek of AutoBase discusses how to increase referrals for your dealership, the best practices for mining your customer database and how best to follow up every lead.…

AutoSuccess 113 - Difficult Situations

2009-12-31 Length: 13m 7s
We end the year by revisiting with some of our guests to ask them to describe a difficult time in their professional lives and how they managed to overcome it. We talk with JD Rucker, Kirk Manzo, Mike DeCecco, Al Babbington and Todd Smith.…

AutoSuccess 112 - Fran Taylor

2009-12-18 Length: 19m 54s
Fran Taylor of Taylor Techniques speaks with us about the importance of training and prospecting, both for the success of individual salespeople and the bottom line of the dealership.…

AutoSuccess 111 - Todd Smith

2009-12-11 Length: 14m 47s
Responding to leads is vital to a dealership's bottom line. ActivEngage's Todd Smith shares how live chat functionality on your Web site can give your prospective customers a reason to give you their business.…

AutoSuccess 110 - Eric Selby

2009-12-03 Length: 8m 20s
While we might not have arrived at the cashless society yet, more people than ever are using credit and debt cars in business transactions. Northeast Vehicle Group's Eric Selby and Jeff Holthouse speak with us about streamlining your dealership's payment …

AutoSuccess 109 - JD Rucker

2009-11-30 Length: 24m 8s
TK Carsite's JD Rucker returns to discuss dealerships and social media — how to use it with other advertising, who at the dealership should be responsible and walking the fine line between communication and spamming.…

AutoSuccess 108 - JD Rucker

2009-11-26 Length: 13m 49s
We hear a lot about social media, but just what is it? We speak with TK Carsites' JD Rucker to find out what it is, and how it can humanize your dealership.…

AutoSuccess 107 - Mike DeCecco

2009-11-20 Length: 13m 25s's Mike DeCecco returns to discuss the benefits of pay-per-click advertising, how to align you advertising with your real-time inventory, and how to make a search for a used non-franchised car pop up in your dealership's results.…

AutoSuccess 106 - Bill Gaudreau

2009-11-13 Length: 10m 47s
After more than two decades as a leader in the auto manufacturing field, IMN's Bill Gaudreau shares his viewpoint on the changes he's seen, and how successful dealerships will set themselves apart during the economic recovery.…

AutoSuccess 105 - Al Babbington

2009-11-06 Length: 11m 23s
OneCommand's Al Babbington discusses consumer trends in the rebounding auto market, and how your dealership can take advantage of the changing sales landscape.…

AutoSuccess 104 - Brian Menzies

2009-10-30 Length: 17m 22s
Brian Menzies, founder and CEO of 1-800-Charity Cars, describes how his organization gets donated cars to those who need them the most, and how dealerships can help, and benefit from, the organization.…

AutoSuccess 103 - Kirk Manzo

2009-10-23 Length: 17m 50s
What separates the high-performance salesperson from the rest? Kirk Manzo of The Manzo Group describes the traits and attitude of those at the top of their field, and the importance of being able to put the failures AND successes of the past behind you.…

AutoSuccess 102 - Jason Lancaster

2009-10-16 Length: 13m 22s
Jason Lancaster of Spork Marketing discusses what dealers should keep in mind when designing or redesigning their Web site, how linking is like voting, and off-line activities to consider to build your on-line presence.…

AutoSuccess 101 - Matt Watson

2009-10-09 Length: 16m 18s
Managing leads efficiently is difficult enough, but when you have multiple CRMs, it can become impossible. Matt Watson, CTO of VinSolutions, talks with us about Internet Lead Management and what to look for in current and future systems.…

AutoSuccess 100 - Lessons Learned

2009-10-01 Length: 12m 29s
For our 100th episode, we’ve gone back and asked some of our guests the question "What’s the best lesson you’ve learned in your professional life?" The answers were honest, sometimes surprising and, most of all, potentially life-changing if taken to heart…

AutoSuccess 099 - Mike Pearce

2009-09-25 Length: 14m 15s
The Buy-Here, Pay-Here (BHPH) model of business for dealerships offers financial reward, but requires skills that have to be developed. Mike Pearce of JD Byrider talks with us about the ins and outs of this method of sales.…

AutoSuccess 098 - Peter Martin

2009-09-18 Length: 18m 20s
E-mail marketing is a development tool that dealers can’t afford to ignore. Peter Martin of Cactus Sky Communications shares his secrets for building a customer base, increasing click-thru rates, using Web analytics and good call to action methods.…

AutoSuccess 097 - Tim James

2009-09-11 Length: 15m 7s
HomeNet’s Tim James returns to talk about marketing vehicles with online videos, including common mistakes he sees dealers make and where he sees the technology going in the future.…

AutoSuccess 096 - Tim James

2009-09-03 Length: 12m 10s
HomeNet’s Tim James talks about the history of online video, characteristics of strong videos and some of the less obvious benefits of having them on your dealership’s Web site.…

AutoSuccess 095 - Ken Potter

2009-08-28 Length: 8m 23s
Ken Potter of CarsDirect speaks with us about maintaining momentum generated from the "Cash for Clunkers" program, the potential of eBay in car sales, and how dealers can maximize online marketing.…

AutoSuccess 093 - Eric Hoopman

2009-08-14 Length: 17m 4s
Eric Hoopman, owner of DealerFire, talks about what questions dealers should ask for when looking to create or revamp their Web site, and how to stand out from the crowd.…

AutoSuccess 092 - Mark Tewart

2009-08-07 Length: 13m 5s
Author and sales consultant Mark Tewart returns to talk about loyalty programs — what they are, what they can do and why the work for dealerships looking to bolster repeat business.…

AutoSuccess 091 - Mike DeCecco

2009-07-31 Length: 16m 48s’s Mike DeCecco returns to talk about digital marketing initiatives – why “cool” doesn’t equal “traffic,” how to build your social networks and make your site more inviting to Google.…

AutoSuccess 090 - Harry Wolfington

2009-07-24 Length: 7m 56s
Harry Wolfington, president of The Wolfington Group, returns to discuss current marketing trends in the industry – what’s working, how to stand out from the crowd and where it’s all going.…

AutoSuccess 089 - Lee Moody

2009-07-17 Length: 9m 41s
Service bays are the financial bright spot for many dealerships today. Lee Moody, VP of dealership services for Colors on Parade describes how those departments can offer more services for customers without adding staff or infrastructure.…

AutoSuccess 088 - Paulette Singer

2009-07-10 Length: 10m 24s
Paulette Singer, BDC manager for the Michigan-based Richmond Chrysler Dodge Jeep shares with us her recipe for making an effective and successful BDC experience, both for the dealership’s sales department and for the customer.…

AutoSuccess 087 - Sean Wolfington

2009-07-06 Length: 15m 14s
We're back with Sean Wolfington to conclude our talk on the Cash for Clunkers bill and what it can mean for both consumers and dealers.…

AutoSuccess 086 - Sean Wolfington

2009-06-26 Length: 12m 15s
Sean Wolfington, co-founder of Tier10 Marketing, talks to us about the recently passed “Cash for Clunkers” bill, and what it will mean to both consumers and dealers, and the impact it can have on the economy and the environment.…

AutoSuccess 085 - Joe Healy

2009-06-19 Length: 12m 48s
Joe Healy, Internet Director for Houston-based Lone Star Chevrolet, discusses how his dealership jumped 45 spots in the Ward’s Dealer Business annual eDealer Top 100 list.…

AutoSuccess 084 - Terry Isaac

2009-06-12 Length: 12m 17s
We’re discussing the recruitment of top sales professionals with Terry Isaac, sales trainer for the Kentucky-based Neil Huffman Auto Group. What to look for, what can be taught and what’s inborn, and how to compete with other dealers for the best candidat…

AutoSuccess 083 - Jill Dowty

2009-06-05 Length: 8m 30s
We’re speaking with Jill Dowty, senior account executive and team trainer for Protective Life Corporation. Jill talks about the value of a well-trained, talented F&I professional to the dealership, dealing with compliance issues and advice for adapting se…

AutoSuccess 082 - Brian Epro

2009-05-29 Length: 9m 15s
Brian Epro from iMakeNews Inc. returns to discuss the do’s and don’ts of e-mail communication with customers — including some of the most common mistakes, how to keep people from opting out and managing your reputation with ISPs.…

AutoSuccess 081 - Kevin Cunningham

2009-05-22 Length: 14m 47s
Kevin Cunningham of NCM Associates returns to discuss what he’s heard in 20 groups – the advice experienced dealers have for those in their first down market, what successful dealers are doing that struggling dealers aren’t, and the meaning of thrivival.…

AutoSuccess 080 - Sean Stapleton

2009-05-15 Length: 15m 31s
Sean Stapleton of Visible Customer returns to discuss how to retain customers, one of the most critical goals for dealerships. Sean talks on the importance of segmenting customers, how to walk the fine line of too much and not enough communications with c…

AutoSuccess 079 - Motivation and Leadership

2009-05-08 Length: 13m 52s
For this episode, we look back at some of the best advice on the topic of motivation and how leaders can affect their team’s outlook. Michael York, John Brentlinger, Mark Tewart, Paul Cummings and Marc Smith all weigh in with advice on how to get your tea…

AutoSuccess 078 - Matt Baker

2009-04-30 Length: 21m 4s
Matt Baker, Vice president of sales for G and A Marketing, returns to give tips on what to look for when picking a staffed event sales team, including how to avoid picking a team likely to make mistakes at the expense of your dealership.…

AutoSuccess 077 - Tony Avila

2009-04-24 Length: 8m 4s
Tony Avila, CEO of Innovative Aftermarket Group, discusses how new GPS technology can alert dealership service centers when customers should be contacted for mileage milestone services, and the selling point of theft prevention.…

AutoSuccess 076 - Michael Thomas

2009-04-17 Length: 19m 12s
Michael Thomas, president of Prime Eagle, discusses why he believes dealer-funded programs are the way of the future, why they require a whole different mentality and how dealers can protect themselves with processes and technology.…

AutoSuccess 075 - Kirk Manzo

2009-04-10 Length: 21m 41s
Kirk Manzo, president of The Manzo Group, talks about maintaining profitability at your dealership, why this is a great time to upgrade your team, how to move forward and not just survive, and how to get ready for the automotive industry’s coming spring.…

AutoSuccess 074 - Alex Bravy

2009-04-03 Length: 15m 21s
Alex Bravy, co-founder of Web2Carz, talks about bringing leads into your showroom, the most successful best practices he’s seen in the industry, and how to spot red flags when looking for lead generation companies.…

AutoSuccess 073 - Marc Smith

2009-03-27 Length: 12m 1s
Management coach Marc Smith speaks to us about the fine art of motivating employees and running an organization. He explains the marks of a great manager, when it’s too late to be proactive, and the definition of the “Velcro rear end.”…

AutoSuccess 072 - Tim Deese

2009-03-20 Length: 11m 18s
We’re talking used cars with Tim Deese, chairman of Progressive Basics. We learn what used car managers and stockbrokers have in common, why average day in stock is so important, and the message your used car inventory sends to consumers.…

AutoSuccess 071 - David Book

2009-03-13 Length: 8m 57s
David Book, co-founder of MyGoalTracking, gives us his thoughts on what makes an effective CRM, why buying software doesn’t solve customer relation issues, and why he believes huge investments in CRM technology are unjustified.…

AutoSuccess 070 - Dale Pollak

2009-03-06 Length: 14m 33s
Finding the right mix of used vehicles is crucial to a dealership’s bottom line. We welcome back Dale Pollak, founder of vAuto, and learn critical stocking strategies, how to derive the value of a used vehicle, and why you should liberate yourself from yo…

AutoSuccess 069 - Matt Lamoureux

2009-02-27 Length: 11m 22s
Third party review sites: your best friend or worst enemy?’s Matt Lamoureux discusses how to leverage good online reviews, overcome negative reviews, and how to use your online reputation to beat your competitors to the punch.…

autosuccess 068 - Tim James and Richard Abronson

2009-02-20 Length: 20m 47s
With cell phones getting more advanced every day, it makes sense to put your inventory in the hands of your customers at their convenience. HomeNet's Tim James and Gumiyo's Richard Abronson examine the benefits of mobile marketing.…

AutoSuccess 067 - John Dobrick

2009-02-13 Length: 17m 37s
John Dobrick, president of, talks about the value of proper training to a dealership, the importance of a proper presentation and why drastic change isn’t necessary for drastic improvement.…

AutoSuccess 066 - Howard Leavitt

2009-02-06 Length: 11m 41s
Howard Leavitt, founder of AutoRaptor, discusses the importance of finding the right CRM for your dealership, and how to make it more effective than matchbook covers, scraps of paper or other past methods of keeping track of leads.…

AutoSuccess 065 - Brian Epro

2009-01-30 Length: 10m 53s
Maintaining ongoing lines of communication with customers is vital in today’s automotive market. Brian Epro, director of the automotive services group at iMakeNews Inc. shares his experience on what works, what doesn’t how to build on your relationships w…

AutoSuccess 064 - Al Lentsh

2009-01-23 Length: 10m 53s
We’re talking Rent to Own and Lease to Own with Al Lentsh, president of Northland Auto Enterprises, including the advantages for both dealers and customers, and the benefits of removing the threat of repossession.…

AutoSuccess 063 - Mike DeCecco

2009-01-16 Length: 10m 6s
Mike DeCecco of talks about integrating your online presence, measuring the effectiveness of your advertising and why flashy Web sites aren’t necessarily the way to go.…

AutoSuccess 062 - Susan Glandon

2009-01-09 Length: 8m 45s
Susan Glandon, national sales and marketing director for the Bird Dog Club, discusses the value of referrals, both for the dealership and for consumers.…

AutoSuccess 061 - Richard Vanderport

2009-01-02 Length: 20m 1s
Richard Vanderport, CEO of LenderToLender, discusses the challenges and the opportuninties of offering vehicle financing within your dealership, including selling to customers with subprime credit and the necessary capitalization.…

AutoSuccess 060 - Harry Wolfington

2008-12-26 Length: 8m 30s
Harry Wolfington, president of The Wolfington Group, speaks on how a properly-prepared for special sales event can re-energize a dealership, the dangers of paralysis by over analysis, and how dealers can keep going in tough times.…

AutoSuccess 059 - Sean Stapleton

2008-12-19 Length: 21m 2s
Sean Stapleton, executive vice president of sales for Visible Customer, talks about the importance of marketing and retaining customers for life.…

AutoSuccess 058 - Dale Pollak

2008-12-12 Length: 16m 43s
vAuto Founder returns to discuss maintaining proper inventory on your dealership's lot, selling in a radically extreme buyers' market, and the difference between owning vehicles the right way and the wrong way.…

AutoSuccess 056 - George Cresto

2008-12-05 Length: 6m 32s
Many dealers are realizing how RFID technology can streamline their inventory operations. George Cresto, founder and president of talks about this technology, and where it's headed.…

AutoSuccess 056 - Jody DeVere

2008-11-28 Length: 13m 52s founder Jody DeVere talks about the power women wield when the family decides to buy a vehicle, and what steps female salespeople can take when setting their sites on the General Managers office.…

AutoSuccess 055 - Denise Richardson

2008-11-21 Length: 23m 32s
Author and consumer advocate Denise Richardson examines the Red Flag Rules that will affect Dealerships on May 1, 2009. What can, and should, dealers do to protect themselves and their customers from identity theft?…

AutoSuccess 054 - Barry Lubin

2008-11-14 Length: 13m 12s
Barry Lubin, president of Automotive Incentives and Marketing, talks on what cruise incentives can do for your dealership.…

AutoSuccess 053 - Drake Baerresen

2008-11-07 Length: 15m 35s
Drake Baerresen, vice president of sales and Marketing for TurnKey Events, offers some case studies on the use of direct mail and special sales events, including the steps a dealer must make to ensure an successful sale.…

AutoSuccess 052 - Fran Taylor

2008-10-31 Length: 22m 4s
Fran Taylor, president and CEO of Taylor Techniques, tells us about the power of prospecting, finding success in sales, and why you should be picky about where you get your advice.…

AutoSuccess 051 - Karen Killon

2008-10-24 Length: 10m 43s
Karen Dillon, president of Time Highway, talks about online service scheduling and how customers setting their own appointments online can benefit them and the dealership.…

AutoSuccess 050 - Paul D. Cummings

2008-10-17 Length: 22m 12s
We speak with trainer Paul D. Cummings, President and CEO of Paul D. Cummings World Wide Enterprises, about leading a Level 10 way of life, the value of training leaders, and knowing the dreams of your team members.…

AutoSuccess 049 - John Ford

2008-10-10 Length: 7m 1s
To combat identity theft, the federal government is enacting Red Flag rules for dealerships on Nov. 1. John Ford of Dealerspan talks about how dealers can comply with these rules and the consequences they face if they do not.…

AutoSuccess 048 - Stewart Gluck

2008-09-26 Length: 7m 15s
Stewart Gluck, director of sales at Hi-Tech Marketing Solutions, talks about using direct mail effectively, and some of the most innovative examples he’s witnessed.…

AutoSuccess 047 - Kevin Cunningham

2008-09-19 Length: 18m 13s
Kevin Cunningham of NCM Associates discusses 20 groups - why this time in the industry illustrates the need for them, and how they can help dealerships slaughter sacred cows.…

AutoSuccess 046 - Chuck Patton

2008-09-12 Length: 25m 24s
Chuck Patton, president and CEO of Traffic Builders, talks about increasing your service department, what’s missing in the relationship between customers and dealerships and the two questions to build your dealership around.…

AutoSuccess 045 - Matt Baker

2008-09-05 Length: 17m 11s
Matt Baker, vice president of sales for G&A Marketing, discusses how to have a successful staffed event, why cutting corners is a bad idea and how to head off animosity between the company and your staff.…

AutoSuccess 044 - Jim Rucker

2008-08-29 Length: 15m 54s
Jim Rucker of TK Carsites, returns to finish our discussion of dealer Web sites, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and where he sees the future of dealer sites going in the coming decade.…

AutoSuccess 043 - Jim Rucker

2008-08-22 Length: 18m 14s
Jim Rucker, Vice President of Search Marketing at TK Carsites, discusses what makes an effective dealership Web site, how dealers can express their vision, and how not to irritate their viewers.…

AutoSuccess 042 - Steve Walker

2008-08-15 Length: 19m 48s
Steve Walker, president of Walker Dealer Services, discusses how services such as onsite vehicle washing can help a dealer's customer retention, while still being both ecological and economical.…

AutoSuccess 041 - Jeff Clark, Part 2

2008-08-08 Length: 21m 0s
Jeff Clark returns to discuss the value of keeping Web sites simple (and the risk of making the online customer dizzy), as well as the value of finding alternate streams of income and making your site a point of transaction.…

AutoSuccess 040 - Jeff Clark, Part 1

2008-08-01 Length: 14m 2s
Jeff Clark, vice president of Skoots, discusses how to stand out from the online crowd, what causes clients to leave your site, and how to bring them into your showroom.…

AutoSuccess 039 - Mark Tewart, Part 2

2008-07-25 Length: 17m 53s
Mark Tewart returns to discuss the power of social networking, the one-word secret of preparing to sell, and the psychology and cost of fear.…

AutoSuccess 038 - Mark Tewart, Part 1

2008-07-18 Length: 19m 4s
Author and marketing and sales consultant Mark Tewart discusses how to make record profits in a “down” economy, how to create your own news and insulate your brain.…

AutoSuccess 037 - Frank Furgiuele

2008-07-11 Length: 14m 7s
Frank Furgiuele, vice president of marketing at SOS Marketing, discusses the great secret of direct mail, and how hard lessons learned 18 years ago can benefit dealerships today.…

AutoSuccess 036 - Mike Hoffey

2008-07-03 Length: 19m 36s
Mike Hoffey, the Vice President of Marketing at Protective Life Corporation, discusses what service contracts and GAP insurance can do for the consumer and for the dealership.…

AutoSuccess 035 - Dan Ankney

2008-06-27 Length: 15m 10s
Dan Ankney, president of Automotive Careers, discusses using placement firms to fill out your dealership’s management positions, and the importance of not only finding the right person for the job, but finding the right job for the person.…

AutoSuccess 034 - John Brentlinger

2008-06-20 Length: 23m 40s
Sales and management trainer John Brentlinger talks about motivating your sales force, taking care of your best sales people, why you can’t motivate high achievers and how to run a jerk-free dealership.…

AutoSuccess 033 - Cathy Nuccio

2008-06-13 Length: 11m 52s
Cathy Nuccio, general manager of, discusses Business Development Centers — How BDC and sale departments can best work together, how BDC has changed and where she sees it going.…

AutoSuccess 032 - Dale Pollak

2008-06-06 Length: 20m 46s
Dale Pollak, chairman and founder of vAuto, and author of "Velocity" discusses how the used car business has fundamentally changed, the inefficient market versus the efficient market, and why the one-price selling environment's time may have come.…

AutoSuccess 031 - Joe Cala

2008-05-30 Length: 12m 40s
Joe Cala returns to discuss how to prepare for the sale, prepare for the unexpected and prepare for what you want to accomplish.…

AutoSuccess 030 - Colby Sambrotto

2008-05-23 Length: 15m 12s
Colby Sambrotto, CEO of, talks about buying and selling a dealership — how to determine what it’s worth, steps to take to get a business ready to sell and what to look for when buying.…

AutoSuccess 029 - Mark Dubis

2008-05-16 Length: 18m 41s
In Part 2, Mark Dubis, director of The Dubis Group and co-founder of, talks about the benefits of social networking for dealers, how to turn a bad review into a positive and how to become a part of the Internet conversation.…

AutoSuccess 028 - Mark Dubis

2008-05-08 Length: 14m 47s
In Part 1, Mark Dubis, director of The Dubis Group and co-founder of, discusses the opportunities the Internet provides dealers, and why he’s optimistic about the future of car sales.…

AutoSuccess 027 - Joe Cala

2008-05-02 Length: 23m 32s
Internet/Fleet Sales Manager and ordained minister Joe Cala talks about attitude — how attitude affects your closing ratio, and why maintaining your attitude is like taking a shower.…

AutoSuccess 026 - Lindsey Toscano

2008-04-25 Length: 17m 41s
Lindsay Toscano, Business Development Director for Nelson Mazda, shares how she took a start-up Internet Department into an award-winning profit center for her dealership.…

AutoSuccess 025 - Chris Schueller

2008-04-11 Length: 15m 54s
Chris Schueller, the director of sales and marketing for Advanced Truck Accessories, talks about the power of making your on-lot inventory stand out from the competition.…

autoSuccess 024 - Chris Bedard

2008-04-02 Length: 25m 23s
Chris Bedard of AutoBase discusses leveraging your customer database to drive traffic into your dealership's sales and service departments.…

AutoSuccess 023 - D.J. Harrington, Part 2

2008-03-27 Length: 30m 36s
In the second half of our conversation on leadership with seminar leader and speaker D.J. Harrington, we discuss the value of knowing the difference between a rut and a grave, why leaders are readers, what’s in the garden of success, and then some.…

AutoSuccess 022 - D.J. Harrington, Part 1

2008-03-20 Length: 27m 47s
Seminar leader and trainer D.J. Harrington discusses leadership: Why leaders should drink, swear, steal and lie, and the power of "Green Eggs and Ham."…

AutoSuccess 021 - Michael York

2008-03-14 Length: 21m 34s
Speaker and author Michael York talks about the U.S. economy, the myth of time management, personal vs. business profits and why attitude matters (or why Mickey Mouse never seems “down?).…

SellingSuccess 020 - Jimmy Tigue

2008-02-29 Length: 22m 6s
Jimmy Tigue, President of, discusses the field of third-party and Internet lead generation, how they can grow a dealership and the importance of staying on top of the results.…

SellingSuccess 019 - Michael Nealy

2008-02-22 Length: 16m 31s
Michael Nealy, president of Big Ideas Direct, discusses the value of one-to-one marketing, and how the personal touch can increase sales and your bottom line.…

SellingSuccess 018 - Matt O'Brien

2008-02-15 Length: 11m 37s
Matt O'Brien, director of sales for the InterActive Financial Marketing Group, describes the advantages special finance lead generation, and the difference between standard and special finance marketing.…

SellingSuccess 017 - Tim James

2008-02-08 Length: 33m 12s
Tim James, director of sales at HomeNet, speaks on the disconnect between Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing, and the trends dealerships need to be aware of for future growth and success.…

SellingSuccess 016 - Paul N. Long

2008-01-18 Length: 15m 51s
Keeping customers is much more cost efficient than finding new ones. Paul N. Long, president of the re:member group, discusses how loyalty marketing can maximize marketing dollars and build customers for life.…

SellingSuccess 015 - Daymond Decker

2008-01-11 Length: 23m 48s
With 80% of customers going online, it makes sense to change your marketing strategy. Daymond Decker, product marketing manager at ADP Digital Marketing, offers information on how to market yourself, and how to keep the pulse of the market.…

SellingSuccess 014 - John Max Miller

2008-01-04 Length: 19m 47s
Getting the right message to the customer using the right medium is vital in automobile sales. John Max Miller, founder and general manager of AutoRevenue, discusses how to best use multi-channel marketing, and what dealership should consider before embar…

SellingSuccess 013 - Pat Luck (End of Year Message)

2007-12-28 Length: 1m 28s
Patrick Luck, publisher of SellingSuccess magazines, shares some plans for the new year, and thanks our listeners for a great past year.…

SellingSuccess 012 - Linda Williams

2007-12-21 Length: 23m 26s
Mortgage trainer Linda Williams spotlights the need of lending professionals to be properly trained and to keep up with changing times if they want to regain the trust of investors and consumers.…

SellingSuccess 011 - Jody DeVere

2007-12-14 Length: 24m 49s
The majority of car deals today are decided on by women. Jody DeVere, founder of, examines how sales people can effectively target their presentations towards females.…

SellingSuccess 010 - Denise Richardson

2007-12-04 Length: 30m 49s
Consumer advocate Denise Richardson highlights the threat of identity theft, how businesses can be held accountable, and what they can do to prevent it from occurring.…

SellingSuccess 009 - Tom Hopkins

2007-11-16 Length: 28m 1s
World-renowned master sales trainer Tom Hopkins offers advice for closing the sale, how professionals can pull out of a sales slump, the value of serving rather than selling and why you should do what you fear most.…

SellingSuccess 008 - Paul Webb

2007-11-09 Length: 32m 23s
Paul Webb, of Paul Webb Interactive Virtual Training Systems, discusses how to use the correct form of communication for individual clients, and the value of not being afraid of making mistakes.…

SellingSuccess 007 - Patti Wood II

2007-11-01 Length: 24m 33s
World-renowned communication expert Patti Wood returns to tell how to use non-verbal communication to make your point and make the sale.…

SellingSuccess 006 - Ralph Roberts

2007-10-26 Length: 21m 16s
Legendary salesman and author Ralph Roberts talks about making the "full-court press" in sales, and the differences between clients and customers, and selling and "order taking"…

SellingSuccess 005 - Steve Adams

2007-10-19 Length: 39m 57s
Top-performing loan officer Steve Adams talks about the "mortgage meltdown," the difference between "good" and "great," and the importance of doing what you love.…

SellingSuccess 001 - Michael York(1)

2007-10-16 Length: 22m 33s
Speaker and author Michael York shares the difference between motivation and commitment, and the importance of "becoming."…

SellingSuccess 004 - Mark Tewart

2007-10-12 Length: 28m 5s
Nationally-known sales consultant Mark Tewart talks about the importance of salespeople to market themselves and become the CEO of their own sales career.…

SellingSuccess 003 - Patti Wood

2007-10-04 Length: 21m 17s
Communication expert Patti Wood shares tips on speaking effectively in front of an audience.…

SellingSuccess 002 - Debbie Allen

2007-09-28 Length: 23m 59s
Author and speaker Debbie Allen discusses the importance of setting goals, and how they can take you places you never dreamed of.…

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