Last update: 2013-06-18

Episode Four: A Brew to a Kill

2013-06-18 Length: 45s

Welcome back!  In this episode we tackle some important news, get beerducated in another installment of Know Your Beer, Steph tries to exact her trivia revenge on Dan via Wayne's Beer Busters Brain Bending Brew Trivia, and we drink.

Episode Three: Read Beertween the Lines

2013-06-07 Length: 39s

After a short (and painful) hiatus, we're back!  In this episode we announce that Wayne has officially joined us, discuss some news stories, Dan reviews Red Hook Brewery outside Seattle, we play a new trivia game concocted by Wayne, and we drink!  Sit back, relax, crack open a bottle and enjoy!

Episode Two: Don't Beer the Reaper

2013-05-15 Length: 34s

We're back for more!  Today we feature two new segments - Know Your Beer and Brewery Reviews.  We also feature a few craft beers in cans.

Episode One: The Beerginning

2013-05-06 Length: 24s

Welcome to the first installment of Beer Busters!  Today we sample a family homebrew, as well as some beers from Victory Brewing Company.

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