Last update: 2011-11-06

Mark (Program #10)

2011-11-06 Length: 26m 0s
Mark (Program #1) – The Slave-Savior’s Auxiliary Acts for the Gospel Service (1) & (2) The gospel of Mark is not a book concerning the great doctrines of the Christian faith.  Much more it is a book of many cases that illustrate the [...]…

Exodus (Program #89)

2011-08-14 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #89) – The Ark of the Testimony (6) Christ, through His blood solves our problem with God.  The Bible calls this propitiation, a big word.  It may sound daunting, but it’s a most wonderful word when we get into all that i[...]…

Lord’s Return – Conclusion of the New Testament

2011-08-13 Length: 6m 10s
We thank the Lord for His Word and His faithfulness. We have now concluded the life study of both the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Bible. It has been three years since we first started the broadcast on this web site. It is our earnest [...]…

1 John (Program #29)

2011-07-31 Length: 26m 0s
1 John (Program #29) – Experiencing and Enjoying the All-Inclusive Spirit A human being can be compared to a transistor radio which most of you are listening to right now. Every radio has a receiving apparatus that enables it to tune in and re[...]…

Exodus (Program #75)

2011-07-31 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #75) – The Angel of Jehovah for His People (3) Prior to taking possession of the promised good land, God’s people were commanded to fully and absolutely drive out the pagan tribes from that land. Failure to do so will res[...]…

1 John (Program #21)

2011-07-24 Length: 26m 1s
1 John (Program #21) – The Teaching of the Divine Anointing (2) At the very heart of the Christian faith is the truth concerning the nature and essence of God Himself. The Bible very clearly reveals that our God is Triune. It’s from this[...]…

Exodus (Program #68)

2011-07-24 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #68) – The First Ordinance of the Law Concerning Man’s Relationship With Others In all of human history, slavery can easily be identified generally as an evil and even an unholy thing.  Yet when God gave His laws and ordi[...]…

1 John (Program #14)

2011-07-17 Length: 26m 0s
1 John (Program #14) – Conditions of the Divine Fellowship (7) Do you have a sign that you are in God? And that you know God experientially in your daily life? Well the aged apostle John talked about such a sign in his first epistle and that[...]…

Exodus (Program #61)

2011-07-17 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #61) – The Negative Aspect of the Giving of the Law and Its Function (1) God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all. Yet the law that He gave to His people in Exodus chapter 20 sometimes may seem to bring us darkness.[...]…

1 John (Program #7)

2011-07-10 Length: 26m 0s
1 John (Program #7) – Conditions of the Divine Fellowship (2) As believers in Christ, our relationship with God is unbreakable but our fellowship with Him can be broken. Our relationship as children of God is unconditional and has been settle [...]…

Exodus (Program #54)

2011-07-10 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #54) - Keeping the Law of God by Loving Him and His Word and Becoming One with Him (1) We’re all familiar with the vows that are an important part of every wedding. Taken out of the context of the wedding, however, these vows c[...]…

Exodus (Program #46)

2011-07-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #46) – The Defeat of Amalek To be sure, the Old Testament book of Exodus gives us a complete picture of God’s full salvation, from the Passover, a full type of our redemption in Christ to the feeding of God’s people with the heavenly manna and satisfying them from the flowing water from [...]…

Exodus (Program #44)

2011-06-30 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #44) – Drinking the Water of Life (2) Not all divine secrets in the Bible are revealed in a clear and evident way.  Sometimes God reveals His secrets in a hidden way.  The Bible contains many such hidden secrets that require the Lord’s shining to see clearly.  For example, the Bible commands man [...]…

Exodus (Program #43)

2011-06-29 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #43) – Drinking the Water of Life (1) Sometimes the most obvious things in life are the easiest to overlook.  This is often also the case with the Bible.  Have you ever noticed it begins with man’s food and water and it ends the same way in Revelation.  Revelation 22, the last chapter [...]…

Exodus (Program #41)

2011-06-27 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #41) – The Living Water Out of the Smitten Rock (2) As Christians, from time to time we pass through stages of spiritual dryness.  We just can’t seen to find the flowing and satisfying water that previously has wonderfully quench our inner thirst.  Actually God will lead His people to such a dry [...]…

Exodus (Program #40)

2011-06-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #40) – The Living Water Out of the Smitten Rock (1) When the children of Israel were in bondage, they cried out and Jehovah God heard their cry and rescued them.  When they were hungry, He heard their cry and sent them manna, bread from heaven.  Exodus 17 shows us the story of [...]…

Exodus (Program #37)

2011-06-23 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #37) -The Heavenly Diet—Manna (3) The food that man eats is the focus of the Bible from the first pages of Genesis to the final pages of Revelation.  Man’s eating represents what he takes into his being.  Manna, the heavenly bread given by the Lord for His people in Exodus is one of [...]…

Exodus (Program #35)

2011-06-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #35) -The Heavenly Diet—Manna (1) Listen to these brief words from Exodus chapter 16, “in the morning there was a layer of dew around the camp.  And when the layer of dew lifted, there upon the surface of the wilderness were fine round flakes, fine as the frost on the earth.  And when [...]…

Exodus (Program #32)

2011-06-18 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #32) – The Experience of Manna In Exodus the Lord performed miracle after miracle in rescuing His people Israel.  Once through the Red Sea, He continue to bless them with rich experiences such as quenching their deepest thirst.  Yet despise His merciful treatment, they murmur bitterly at the first sign of difficulty.  How [...]…

Exodus (Program #30)

2011-06-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #30) – Israel’s Experience at Marah Exodus is surely a book of great stories.  How many Sunday school lessons have come from these wonderful stories?  We do love these stories.  But a deeper and far richer appreciation awaits the ones willing to go beyond the surface and into these pictures for what they [...]…

Exodus (Program #28)

2011-06-14 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #28) – Pharaoh’s Last Struggle God’s complete salvation includes redemption, escape from the world and baptism.  These 3 elements are all vividly portrayed in the book of Exodus.  As we see ourselves again and again through the depiction of this wonderful book.  Pharaoh, representing God’s enemy plays a key role in God’s bringing [...]…

Exodus (Program #27)

2011-06-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #27) – Israel’s Exodus from Egypt (2) In the exodus of God’s people, the Lord appeared to them in a marvelous way to lead them in the path that He had chosen.  Exodus chapter 13:21-22 said “And Jehovah went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them on the [...]…

Exodus (Program #24)

2011-06-10 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #24) – The Passover (2) The record of the Passover given in Exodus is very detailed.  No where else in Scriptures do we find such a detailed account of Christ’s redemption.  For His redemption is the clear message of the Passover.  The reason for all the detail is that God wants us to [...]…

Exodus (Program #22)

2011-06-08 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #22) – God’s Demand and Pharaoh’s Resistance (6) A favorite topic of most believers is God’s love.  A second favorite could easily be God’s mercy.  But how about God’s sovereignty?  How often do we appreciate and praise Him for His sovereignty?  Actually, His mercy and His sovereignty very much go together.  For without [...]…

Exodus (Program #18)

2011-06-04 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #18) – God’s Demand and Pharaoh’s Resistance (4) God’s desire is that His people will build Him a dwelling place on the earth. This was His intention for the children of Israel even as they were held in bondage under Pharaoh in the book of Exodus and it’s His intention for us today. [...]…

Exodus (Program #17)

2011-06-03 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #17) – God’s Demand and Pharaoh’s Resistance (3) The book of Exodus reveals God’s desire to rescue His people from everything other than Himself.  After the Exodus from Egypt, God’s people saw a heavenly vision by which they came to know God Himself and to know the kind of living that’s in accordance [...]…

Exodus (Program #16)

2011-06-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #16) – God’s Demand and Pharaoh’s Resistance (2) The book of Exodus is a book of pictures, not a book of philosophy.  The pictures in the first part of Exodus present a portrait of life in the world under Satan’s usurpation.  God said to Pharaoh, “let My people go, that they may hold [...]…

Exodus (Program #14)

2011-05-31 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #14) – Jehovah’s Name and His Covenant In Exodus, the Lord sent Moses to Pharaoh to demand that Pharaoh release God’s people from slavery.  But rather than yield to God’s demand, Pharaoh rebuffed, even humiliated Moses, a man of God.  A predictable discouragement followed and Moses complained openly to the Lord.  But the [...]…

Exodus (Program #9)

2011-05-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #9) – The Male Help and the Female Help to the Called One God’s people were in a desperate condition and their cries reached the ears of God, who fully desired to save them.  But He first needed to complete the preparation of His called one Moses before moving for the accomplishment of [...]…

Exodus (Program #7)

2011-05-24 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #7) – The Corporate Thornbush One of the classical Bible stories of all time is the stories of Moses and the burning bush.  But within the details of this great story if were given the proper key; marvelous light and genuine divine revelation is available for any child of God with an open [...]…

Exodus (Program #6)

2011-05-23 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #6) – God’s Calling of the Prepared One (2) At the age of 40 when he was just in his prime, God called Moses.  But God did not employ him in that calling for another 40 years.  By now Moses is an old man, drained of both his strength of body as well [...]…

Genesis (Program #133)

2011-05-17 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #133) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (7) This is our next to the last program from Genesis and soon we will be going on to the book of Romans and we certainly look forward to that. …this particular exposition of the book of Genesis is really a spiritual classic.  We [...]…

Genesis (Program #132)

2011-05-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #132) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (6) Today we have another program dealing with the way that Joseph elected to reveal himself to his 11 brothers.  As Witness Lee begins today he once again is going to mention that with Joseph we do have these two lines: the line of [...]…

Genesis (Program #130)

2011-05-14 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #130) – Joseph’s Dealing with His Brothers Once again our life study is dealing with Joseph at the end of Genesis, a message from chapter 42 awaits us. We have a message today that really is a continuation of our last program.  The story of Joseph and how we have been so marvelously [...]…

Genesis (Program #129)

2011-05-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #129) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (4) Once again today our life study covers the matter of Joseph and his reigning in the final stage of his life.  This is the first part of a two part message today, where Joseph in the final stage of his experience fully typifies [...]…

Genesis (Program #127)

2011-05-11 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #127) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (3) Our life study of Genesis today will give us a full and complete picture of Christ.  As we once again examine the life of Joseph.   How is it that we’ve seen Christ in so many of the Old Testament saints in this life [...]…

Genesis (Program #126)

2011-05-10 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #126) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (2) We are viewing once again, Joseph as a full and complete type of our Savior Christ.  How is it that we have seen Christ in so many of the Old Testament saints in this life study of Genesis?…

Genesis (Program #124)

2011-05-08 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #124) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (1) Today we come back to Joseph again in the aspect of his maturity in Christ.  Joseph is a very special character in the Bible, a full type of Christ.  But one that must be seen together with his father Jacob to fully appreciate [...]…

Genesis (Program #121)

2011-05-05 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #121) – The Spiritual Significance of Joseph and Benjamin (3) If you had previously thought that God’s plan was just to take us to heaven, you would most definitely want to stay with us for another marvelous life study of Genesis with Witness Lee.   God’s plan is much higher than that as we [...]…

Genesis (Program #119)

2011-05-03 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #119) – The Spiritual Significance of Joseph and Benjamin (1) Today we are going to look at Joseph, a fruitful bough and Benjamin a ravenous wolf from the final passages of Genesis.  We are in Genesis chapter 49 today.  This is one of those chapters that is all-inclusive……

Genesis (Program #118)

2011-05-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #118) – The Manifestation of Maturity (6) We come again today to the blessings that Jacob gave to his 12 sons near the end of Genesis.  Today we have the final two, Joseph and Benjamin.  Witness Lee will again point out that these two really complete one another.  What does this mean?…

Mark (Program #31)

2010-12-21 Length: 26m 0s
Mark (Program #31) – The Preparation of the Slave-Savior for His Redemptive Service (4)&(5) In the Old Testament the selection and preparation of the passover lamb was of great importance. Exodus tells us that after selecting the top lamb [...]…

Mark (Program #24)

2010-12-14 Length: 26m 0s
Mark (Program #24) – The Move of the Slave-Savior’s Gospel Service (12) The Lord Jesus said in Mark chapter 9 verses 42 through 45, “And whoever stumbles one of these little ones who believe into Me, it is better for him if a great[...]…

Mark (Program #23)

2010-12-13 Length: 26m 0s
Mark (Program #23) - The Move of the Slave-Savior's Gospel Service (11) In Mark chapter 8 the Lord Jesus taught His disciples that they need to ...…

Mark (Program #2)

2010-11-22 Length: 26m 0s
Mark (Program #2) - A Word of Introduction (2) Many people wonder why the Bible gives us four historical accounts of the life and ministry in ...…

Mark (Program #1)

2010-11-21 Length: 26m 0s
Mark (Program #1) - A Word of Introduction (1) It's very interesting to pay attention to how each of the four gospels begin.  Matthew, a gospel ...…

Philemon (Program # 2)

2010-11-20 Length: 26m 0s
Philemon (Program # 2) - A Brother Recommended for the Acceptance of the New Man A picture is worth a thousand words. Today we have a ...…

Ephesians (Program #75)

2010-09-22 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #75)-Various Aspects of the Church Through out the ages, many commentaries had touch the book of Ephesians. It’s an Epistle unlike any other in the Bible for it takes the heavens as its’ view point to unveil the Church, God’s eternal purpose. Many agreed that this book is the highest revelation in the [...]…

Ephesians (Program #74)

2010-09-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #74) -The Spirit and the Church One of the major changes that takes place in the life of a Christian is in their mind.  As unbelievers we were as Paul described in Ephesians 4, darkened in our understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance which was in us and [...]…

Ephesians (Program #69)

2010-09-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #69) -Experiencing the Riches of Christ Ephesians Chapter 3 is a remarkable Chapter in all of Scripture. For it tells us that the immeasurable, unsearchable and unlimited Christ has now become so close, so intimate and so personal to us that He is actually making His home in our hearts. This Chapter also [...]…

Ephesians (Program #68)

2010-09-15 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #68) -The Church—the Expression of Christ Through out Church history many items have been used by God to help His people to become close to Him and experience Him. The gifts of the Spirit, miraculous power, great teachings from the Bible with deep and profound doctrines are just few of the things that [...]…

Ephesians (Program #66)

2010-09-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #66) – Christ in God’s Economy, Taking Christ as our Person Many books in the New Testament speak of the mysteries of God. First of all, Colossians tells us that God is a mystery but that Christ is the mystery of God. But then Christ also is a mystery. And so Ephesians tells [...]…

Ephesians (Program #65)

2010-09-12 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #65) – God’s Economy—To Work Christ into Us Once we are saved and had believed into Christ receiving Him as our redeemer and savior, what is God most interested in seeing in our lives?  Good Christian conduct? Christians virtues, such as kindness, patience, love and generosity? Well, what about seeing us been gifted [...]…

Ephesians (Program #62)

2010-09-09 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #62) – Three Items That Damage the Church The real value of history is, as a teacher, where as the saying goes “those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.”  So, what does history teach us about the Church?  Well, we seen very vividly that the Church as it presented [...]…

Ephesians (Program #57)

2010-09-04 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #57) – The Whole Armor of God (2) Four verses in Ephesians Chapter 6 mentioned 6 items that are associated with spiritual warfare. Beginning at verse 14, it says “Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth (#1) and having put on the breastplate of righteousness (#2)  And having shod your feet with [...]…

Ephesians (Program #56)

2010-09-03 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #56) – The Whole Armor of God (1) The book of Ephesians unveils the Church as the center of God’s purpose and eternal plan. It also shows us the Church in several aspects that progress from the Body of Christ to a full grown man fully matured in life, in the expression of [...]…

Ephesians (Program #55)

2010-09-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #55) – Warfare to Deal with the Spiritual Enemy (2) Spiritual warfare something that every genuine believer encounters if they have had any experience in the Christians life. It seems like almost immediately after we received the Lord Jesus Christ as our salvation, we soon encounter the very real fact that God has [...]…

Ephesians (Program #53)

2010-08-31 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #53) – A Summary of Exhortation in Chapter 5 Ephesians is the most profound book in the Bible portraying the Church as the Body of Christ, as the New Man, as the Bride and eventually a corporate warrior. No other book brings us such depth of understanding, to this very central item in [...]…

Ephesians (Program #48)

2010-08-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #48) – A Mysterious Type of Christ and the Church It’s well known among Christians that Ephesians Chapter 5 offers many meaningful and helpful words for married couple embarking on life journey together.  It reads in verse 31 & 32, “For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and shall [...]…

Ephesians (Program #43)

2010-08-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #43) – A Living that Does not Grieve the Holy Spirit of God The Gospel of John promises that the Holy Spirit would come and would abide in us forever, never to leave and all genuine believers should live with and in this assurance. But though He never leaves us, it is possible [...]…

Ephesians (Program #42)

2010-08-20 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #42) – Learning Christ as the Truth is in Jesus Chapter 4 of the book of Ephesians begins with a strong exaltation by the apostle Paul regarding our walk. “I beseech you therefore, I, the prisoner in the Lord, to walk worthily of the calling with which you were called.” In the verses [...]…

Ephesians (Program #41)

2010-08-19 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #41) – The Growth of the Members for the Building Up of the Body There is a well known verse in Ephesians Chapter 4 that has troubled Bible translators for years. The King James Version and most modern Version, such as the NIV, the New American Standard, says something like in verse 15 [...]…

Ephesians (Program #40)

2010-08-18 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #40) – Babyishness and the Winds of Teaching In Ephesians Chapter 4, the apostle Paul speaks of three things that we are to arrive at.  First, is that we, the believers in Christ arrive at the oneness of the faith. Then number two, we arrive at the full knowledge of the Son of [...]…

Ephesians (Program #36)

2010-08-14 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #36) – The Base of Our Oneness In Chapter 4 of Ephesians there is a strong word by the apostle Paul regarding the oneness of the Body of Christ and how we as Christians need to keep this oneness diligently.  Verse 3 “Being diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit in the [...]…

Ephesians (Program #35)

2010-08-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #35) – Keeping the Oneness of the Spirit The book of Ephesians is all about the Church as the Body of Christ. With this as its’ topic, it’s no surprise then that the oneness of the believers become an important aspect of this book.  Yet the apostle Paul mentioned nothing about been willing [...]…

Ephesians (Program #33)

2010-08-11 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #33) – To be Filled unto All the Fullness of God The church means a variety things to different people.  Its’ lowest perception is that of a building on the corner. Higher yet is there is the gathering of the people of God.  Then to more enlightened students of the Bible is the [...]…

Ephesians (Program #32)

2010-08-10 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #32) – To Apprehend the Dimensions of Christ and to Know the Love of Christ Here is an interesting question for you. What are the dimensions of Christ?  Well, you say, I don’t know, the Bible does not tell us how big or small He was. We don’t know if He was tall [...]…

Ephesians (Program #30)

2010-08-08 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #30) – The Church for God’s Wisdom According to God’s Purpose Ephesians reveals more clearly than any other writing in the New Testament, that the Church is the eternal purpose of God. In fact it goes so far as to say that God’s multifarious wisdom is made known to the universe through the [...]…

Ephesians (Program #28)

2010-08-06 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #28) – The Revelation of the Mystery Many places in scripture talk about how the believers should walk. For example we were told to walk by the Spirit and to walk according to love and to walk by faith, just to name a few.  But in Ephesians, where the view and revelation is [...]…

Ephesians (Program #25)

2010-08-03 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #25) – Both Reconciled to God in One Body and Fellow Citizens of the Household of God Imagine that you are a lonely visitor in a foreign country and meet a fellow citizen of your own country, the American, Great Britain or Canada.  You immediately sense a kind of kinship. But how is [...]…

Ephesians (Program #22)

2010-07-31 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #22) – The Breaking Down of the Middle Wall of Partition The Bible in Romans tells us very clearly that Christ’s death on the cross resolved any conflict that exists between us and God. Roman 5 :1 “Therefore having been justified out of faith, we have peace toward God through our Lord Jesus [...]…

Ephesians (Program #20)

2010-07-29 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #20) – Saved by Grace to be the Masterpiece of God (2) Genesis chapter 1 tells us that God created all things, the heavens, the earth, the universe, man and all the living creatures. And how even a simple gaze at  creation often fills us with awes as we consider His creation.  But [...]…

Ephesians (Program #16)

2010-07-25 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #16) – The Surpassing Greatness of God’s Power—Christ to be Head Over All Things to the Church The apostle Paul prayed in Ephesians chapter 1 that the believers would be brought into a condition where they can see and enter into God’s eternal purpose. His prayer primarily touches three great matters: hope, glory [...]…

Ephesians (Program #15)

2010-07-24 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #15) – The Hope of God’s Calling and the Riches of the Glory of God’s Inheritance in the Saints Hope can be a tremendous thing. If a person has hope, then their ability to withstand hardship and suffering is immeasurably enhanced. And as Christians, we above all people should live a life that [...]…

Ephesians (Program #14)

2010-07-23 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #14) – A Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation and the Eyes of Our Heart Ephesians is a book filled with marvelous spiritual facts, it reveals the mystery of the will of God. Yet to many people even Christians, Ephesians is a closed book; though they read it and understand the words, they do [...]…

Ephesians (Program #13)

2010-07-22 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #13) – The Pledge of Our Inheritance In ancient times when one purchased a piece of land, upon payment of an initial deposit, the seller would then give the buyer a bit of the ground as a pledge or guarantee that the property was in fact the very same parcel agreed upon. The [...]…

Ephesians (Program #12)

2010-07-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #12) – Sealed with the Holy Spirit Of the three in the Godhead, the Holy Spirit is the most mysterious and the least known. Yet the Bible tells us that the Spirit functions in many definite ways. For example, it is the Spirit that broods over us before we’re saved; it’s the Spirit [...]…

Ephesians (Program #10)

2010-07-19 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #10) – To Head Up All Things in Christ (2) The notion or idea of an eternal struggle in the universe is certainly not new or novel.  Most societies, even most religion makes reference to the struggle of good versus evil that is larger than our world.  But what the Bible actually reveals [...]…

Ephesians (Program #8)

2010-07-17 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #8) – The Mystery of God’s Will Ephesians opens with some of the highest speaking in the entire Bible. Our selection, our predestination and our redemption are all mentioned but not as isolated items rather as indispensable steps in the accomplishment of God’s plan which is the great mystery of the universe through [...]…

Ephesians (Program #7)

2010-07-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #7) – The Mystery of God’s Will In the first chapters of Romans, the apostle Paul begins by establishing man’s pitiful and sinful condition; almost as though, he is proving to all mankind the need for redemption. Ephesians, however, another letter written by the apostle Paul, also speaks of redemption in the first [...]…

Ephesians (Program #6)

2010-07-15 :: Bible Study Radio
Ephesians (Program #6) – Redemption in the Son If we take three simple words from the New Testament like ‘praise, glory and grace’, we may feel quite comfortable that we understand what they mean. But the apostle Paul in Ephesians 1 links them together in one verse, verse 6 “To the praise of the glory [...]…

Colossians (Program #7)

2010-03-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Colossians (Program #7) – Christ-The Firstborn Of All Creation The Bible says in Colossians chapter 1 that “all things have been created in Christ, through Christ, and unto Christ”. This must mean that Christ is the very Creator. Yet He is also called the firstborn of all creation. Now here is the mystery, is He [...]…

Colossians (Program #5)

2010-03-24 :: Bible Study Radio
Colossians (Program #5) – Christ-The Preeminent and All-Inclusive One, The Centrality and Universality Of God God has often dealt with man through the promises that he has made to man. And these promises begin as early as Genesis chapter 3. But not until Genesis 12 did a promise of God include blessing or enjoyment for [...]…

Colossians (Program #4)

2010-03-23 :: Bible Study Radio
Colossians (Program #4) – Delivered out of the Authority of Darkness And Transferred Into The Kingdom Of the Son Of His Love The Lord Jesus declared in John chapter 8, “I am the light of the world, he who follows me shall by no means walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” [...]…

Colossians (Program #2)

2010-03-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Colossians (Program #2) – Introduction Today’s life study is from the book of Colossians. The book revealing that Christ is everything to us, being profound and all-inclusive and is unveiled to us to a fuller extent  than any other book in the Bible.  We must not allow anything to replace Christ or to be a [...]…

Colossians (Program #1)

2010-03-20 :: Bible Study Radio
Colossians (Program #1) – The Background And Position of the Book Witness Lee opened the life study of Colossians this way, “In the book of Colossians, Christ is unveiled to a fuller extend than in any other book in the Bible.”  That’s quite an introduction; the fullest unveiling of Christ is in this book.  We [...]…

Galatians (Program #43)

2010-03-17 :: Bible Study Radio
Galatians (Program #42) – Walk by the Spirit in the Enjoyment of Christ in our Spirit To many people, the main item of the book of Romans is justification by faith and the main item in Galatians is to be free from the bondage of the law. Although both of these truths are present in [...]…

Galatians (Program #42)

2010-03-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Galatians (Program #42) – Walking by the Spirit According to to the Elementary Rule to Live Galatians 3:26 identifies us as the very sons of God through faith in Christ. That means that we have become members of God’s household or His folks we could say. We could also say this is tremendous. But by [...]…

Exodus (Program #175)

2009-10-25 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #175) – The Erection of the Tabernacle – The Cloud, the Relationship Between Cloud and Glory, Comparison between Genesis and Exodus In 1983, Witness Lee conclude his life study of Exodus.  It spanned nearly 4 years.  It i[...]…

Exodus (Program #133)

2009-09-13 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #133) – The Sanctification of Aaron and His Sons to be the Priests (4) God’s Food, Anointing and Peace Offering and Blood The gospel of John 1:29 contains a well-know phrase to most Christians, “behold, the Lamb of [...]…

Exodus (Program #112)

2009-08-23 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #112) – The Court of the Tabernacle (3) The door or entrance to a building usually says a lot about that building.  For example, the entrance to a state capital or even the White House will give us an impression of the nature o[...]…

Exodus (Program #105)

2009-08-16 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #105) – The Altar of Burnt Offering (2) Of all the items associated with the tabernacle in the Old Testament, the altar is the most easily identified with its New Testament counterpart, where the altar is a clear type of the cr[...]…

Exodus (Program #96)

2009-08-07 Length: 26m 0s
Exodus (Program #96) – The First Layer of the Covering (2) All of God’s saved ones have surely seen the Christ of the Gospels, the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself up for us that we might be saved.   This in itself surely is marv[...]…

Philippians (Program #57)

2009-07-22 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #57) – A Life Full of Forbearance But Without Anxiety (5) In Ephesians chapter 1:3 and 2:6 the apostle Paul says that we have been blessed and have been seated with Christ in the heavenlies. Well it might say that in the Bible what does it say in your experience?  Day by day [...]…

Philippians (Program #55)

2009-07-20 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #55) – A Life Full of Forbearance But Without Anxiety (2) What word would you use to describe a life that expresses Christ?  Would you say loving, submissive, may be patient, humble or kind?  All of these words do describe aspects of Christ’s living. But none individually are adequate. It’s significant that the [...]…

Philippians (Program #52)

2009-07-17 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #52) – Pursue Toward the Goal for the Prize of the High Calling In Philippians 3 Paul says “I pursue toward the goal for the prize to which God in Christ Jesus has called me upward.”  Paul’s spiritual pursue was focused on a particular goal and with the expectation of a specific prize. [...]…

Philippians (Program #50)

2009-07-15 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #50) -To Obtain Christ By Experiencing the Power of His Resurrection The four books which make up the heart of the divine revelation: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians are an inexhaustible mine. The more we dig into this mine, the more we realize that its’ riches are inexhaustable. In one verse Philippians 3:10 [...]…

Philippians (Program #48)

2009-07-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #48) -The Sacrifice of Your Faith What is faith?  Is it just to believe?  Why do some have it and some do not? Does the Bible gives us any direction of how to obtain more faith?   Well the question concerning faith are virtually endless. Of course the Bible does have much to [...]…

Philippians (Program #47)

2009-07-12 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #47) – The Divine and Rich Provision for Our Constant Salvation A commonly heard phrase in society today is supply and demand.  Many situations in the world fall into this category. Well, there is also this aspect to our Christian life.  It is very important for us to enjoy constantly the Lord’s supply [...]…

Philippians (Program #44)

2009-07-09 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #44) -The Word of God Being the Embodiment of the Living God The Bible reveals God’s doing, His deed and His activities included among these are His creation of the universe and all things in it. But also many spiritual accomplishments such as incarnation, crucifixion and ascension are part of His doing.  But [...]…

Philippians (Program #42)

2009-07-07 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #42) -Doing Everything in the Name of the Lord by Being Saturated with His Riches What did the apostle mean when he said “I am able to do all things in Him Who empowers me” in Philippians 4:13.  Wouldn’t you like to know the secret? Despite what it says in the Bible, we [...]…

Philippians (Program #38)

2009-07-03 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #38) -The Riches of Christ Realized in the Bountiful Supply of the Spirit Philippians 1:21 says “For to me to live is Christ.”  What does the apostle mean when he says “for me to live is Christ”?  And how do we actually live Christ? The subject today is “to live Christ”.   We [...]…

Philippians (Program #37)

2009-07-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #37) -The Rich Word, the Bountiful Supply, and Unceasing Prayer for Living Christ “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to God.”  Colossians 3:16.  We have another life study today [...]…

Philippians (Program #36)

2009-07-01 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #36) -The Riches of the Bountiful Supply of the Spirit Embodied in the Word The religious world always seeks to do a big outward work but God wants to do an inward work, to come into man to be his life and everything. And He does this through the bountiful supply of the [...]…

Philippians (Program #34)

2009-06-29 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #34) – To Live Christ by the Spirit If you were asked what’s the goal of the Christian life, how would you respond? How would most people respond?  A likely answer might be the goal of the Christian life is to go to heaven. This might be the most frequent answer to this [...]…

Philippians (Program #29)

2009-06-24 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #29) -The Apostle’s Secret of Sufficiency in Christ In Philippians 4:12 the apostle Paul said he had learned the secret more specifically he said in all things I have learned the secret both to be filled and to hunger, both to abound and to lack. This secret from Paul’s own experience is the [...]…

Philippians (Program #27)

2009-06-22 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #27) – Excellent Characteristics of the Christian Life (1) Enjoying Christ or been an enjoyer of Christ these are not terms we commonly used. But we will see today in the life study of Philippians that enjoying Christ issues in a life full of forbearance and without anxiety. Philippians 4:5-6 ” Let your [...]…

Philippians (Program #26)

2009-06-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #26) – Thinking the Same Thing and Rejoicing in the Lord “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say rejoice.” This wonderful short refrain is loved nearly by all believers.  We might use it to comfort  suffering friends or we may declare it or even sing it aloud to help ourselves and [...]…

Philippians (Program #24)

2009-06-19 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #24) – Having the Same Mind and Walking by the Same Rule What is your goal in life?  Time management seminars are constantly telling people to prioritized their time according to their goals. But what is God’s goal for us?  Does our goal in life match God’s goal?  Today’s life study of the [...]…

Philippians (Program #21)

2009-06-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #21) – Seeking to Know Christ, the Power of His Resurrection, and the Fellowship of His Sufferings Philippians 3:8-11 for those who love the Lord Jesus and the Word of God this has to be the cherished portion of the Word.  “But moreover I also count all things to be loss on account [...]…

Philippians (Program #19)

2009-06-14 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #19) – The Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ The apostle Paul was one who was very knowledgeable about the law of the Old Testament. He had years of first hand experience with the law and what it was to live under the law. Yet he also became fully acquainted with Christ. The [...]…

Philippians (Program #17)

2009-06-12 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #17) – The Three Positive Aspects of the Believers vs the Three Negative Aspects of the Religious Judaizers “Bewares of the dogs.” No, we are not talking about the warning sign on your neighbour’s gate.  We are talking about the apostle Paul’s warning at the beginning of Philippians chapter 3. Paul was warning [...]…

Philippians (Program #16)

2009-06-11 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #16) – Being Like-Soul and Risking Our Soul What causes divisions among Christians today?  Virtually every division in the Body of Christ comes from Christians who truly love the Lord and desire to do something for Him.  In this life study of Philippians program today we want to examine the source of division.  [...]…

Philippians (Program #15)

2009-06-10 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #15) – The Apostle’s Concern for the Believers “Ministering to the House or to God”  Watchman Nee gave a message with this title once.  Hope our listeners can stay to grasp the depth that are contained in this thought. Are we too busy taking care of the Church, God’s house, that we’re not [...]…

Philippians (Program #13)

2009-06-08 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #13) – Holding Forth Christ In Philippians 2:14 the apostle Paul says “do all things without murmurings and reasonings.”  This is a very small verse that many of us pass over or may be even take for granted. In today’s life study from the book of Philippians,  we are going to focus how [...]…

Philippians (Program #12)

2009-06-07 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #12) – Working Out Our Salvation “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  This is the apostle Paul’s word to us in Philippians 2:12. It seems to be nearly a contradiction to the verses in Ephesians chapter 2 which tells us that salvation is the gift of God and not of [...]…

Philippians (Program #10)

2009-06-05 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #10) – Taking Christ as Our Pattern The apostle Paul said for us to be an imitators of Christ in Philippians 2: 5-9 gives us a pattern to imitate. But how so we, fallen human beings, imitate the pattern of such an excellent Christ? In the matter of taking Christ as our pattern, [...]…

Philippians (Program #7)

2009-06-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #7) – The Best Choice of Paul When things are going well in our life and God seems to be answering all of our prayers for our practical living, how easy it is to rejoice in the Lord even to boast to other of how marvelous it is to be saved and to [...]…

Philippians (Program #6a)

2009-05-31 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #6a) – Magnifying Christ by Living Him (1) Philippians is a book that shows the reality of experiencing Christ. The apostle Paul presents himself as the living witness as the one who experience Christ in the depth of his being regardless of his outward circumstances or sufferings. Paul had learned the key not [...]…

Philippians (Program #5)

2009-05-30 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #5) – The Bountiful Supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ The bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ is a crucial expression and it would be our focus on today’s life study of the the Bible from Philippians. We want to discuss this bountiful supply which is Paul found out can [...]…

Philippians (Program #1)

2009-05-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Philippians (Program #1) – The Background and Subject of the Book Living Christ and magnifying Christ in whatever circumstance is the message of the book of Philippians. Marvelous book, what a precious book is the book of Philippians. Today is a happy day, because Philippians is a very special book for this ministry because it [...]…

Exodus (Program #4)

2009-05-07 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #4) – The Life Useful to God We all know that Moses was a great man used mightily by God for the accomplishment of His purpose.  Have you ever noticed though that God did not use him until he was well beyond the peak of his natural strength and ability.  In the New [...]…

Exodus (Program #1)

2009-05-04 :: Bible Study Radio
Exodus (Program #1) – An Introductory Word The divine revelation in the Scriptures is progressive unfolding and developing book by book and chapter by chapter.  The 66 books of the Bible were written over a period of 1600 years.  During this long period, God did not speak once for all at one specific time rather [...]…

Leviticus (Program #21)

2009-04-14 Length: 26m 0s
Leviticus (Program #21) – The Law of the Sin, Trespass, Peace Offerings It’s not difficult for us to consider as law, the Ten Commandments given through Moses. However, we might find it hard to regard the law as something that concerns our enj[...]…

Leviticus (Program #14)

2009-04-07 Length: 26m 0s
Leviticus (Program #14) – The Peace Offering Christ as the Peace Between God and God’s People In His wisdom and understanding God has elected to reveal Himself in His plan.  Not by way of miraculous appearances from the heavens or by sup[...]…

Leviticus (Program #7)

2009-03-31 Length: 26m 0s
Leviticus (Program #7) – The Burnt Offering Christ for God’s Satisfaction (5) The types in Leviticus have just been marvelous concerning Christ as the reality of the offerings.  We will see more of Christ as the reality of the burnt offe[...]…

Leviticus (Program #6)

2009-03-30 Length: 26m 0s
Leviticus (Program #6) – The Burnt Offering Christ for God’s Satisfaction (4) The book of Leviticus is comprised of two main sections.  The first 10 chapters cover the offerings and the priesthood.  Chapter 11 through 27 cover the holy l[...]…

Genesis (Program #114)

2009-02-15 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #114) – The Spiritual Significance of the Blessing Prophesied concerning Judah, Zebulun, and Issachar (1) Our life study today brings us to chapter 49 of Genesis and the lion of the tribe of Judah.  We have spent quite some time on the matter of various blessings that Jacob has delivered to his 12 [...]…

Genesis (Program #113)

2009-02-14 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #113) – The Manifestation of Maturity (4) If we want to enter into God’s heart concerning the rich and complete experience of Christ for His Body, we need to open to see the significance of Jacob’s prophesying over his twelve sons.  These speakings are about us and Christ today.…

Genesis (Program #112)

2009-02-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #112) – The Manifestation of Maturity (3) We want to look into the Jacob’s wonderful prophecy in Genesis chapter 49.  In our last broadcast concerns this matter of the maturity as seen in the latter part of Jacob’s life.  There was a marvelous point in that program that I think bears repeating……

Genesis (Program #107)

2009-02-08 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #107) – The Process of Maturity (2) Today we are going to examine Jacob again and really see two matters concerning him; transformation and maturity.  Of course, we are looking at Old Testament pictures to illustrate these items.  Where are these things found in the New Testament?…

Genesis (Program #106)

2009-02-07 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #106) – The Process of Maturity (1) Today we come to Genesis 37 and this is a very rich portion of God’s Word.  I think many will be surprised.  Because many people I presume begin to read the Bible in Genesis 1 and may be give up before they get to this rich [...]…

Genesis (Program #104)

2009-02-05 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #104) – Being Transformed (10) We’ve been with Jacob at Bethel for quite some time.  But today Jacob leaves Bethel and has two very profound experiences, the death of his beloved Rachel and the birth of his beloved son Benjamin.   This message today deals with Jacob’s natural choice.  What do we mean by [...]…

Genesis (Program #103)

2009-02-04 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #103) – Being Transformed (9) Several programs ago, we touched briefly the matter of the drink offering that Jacob poured out in chapter 35.  Today we come back to spend entire program on this deep and very touching point.…

Genesis (Program #100)

2009-02-01 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #100) – The Builder of the Pillars—The Skillful Hiram (2) As we look at the second of a two-part message dealing with Hiram, the builder of the pillars in 1 King.  This is really a life study of Genesis but we are taking a short detour through 1 King to really explore this [...]…

Genesis (Program #95)

2009-01-27 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #95) – Being Transformed (4) Our life study of Genesis today brings us once again to chapter 35.   Chapter 35 means that we are going to remain today at Bethel, the House of God.  During the message today, Witness Lee again will use the term “church life”.  We’ve had it in the past, [...]…

Genesis (Program #94)

2009-01-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #94) – Being Transformed (3) In chapter 35 we make another stop at Bethel and Jacob and the House of God.  We stressed many time the Genesis is a book of seeds and today’s life study focuses on a major seed.…

Genesis (Program #93)

2009-01-25 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #93) – Being Transformed (2) Jacob returns to the place of his dream in chapter 28.  It must significant that after so many dealings and events in Jacob’s life that God would bring him back to the place that Jacob had identified as the House of God.…

Genesis (Program #91)

2009-01-23 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #91) – A Bird’s-Eye View of God’s Building in the Scriptures We have a very interesting life study today, in a sense it is inserted into our life study of Genesis because it deals with much more than just Genesis.  It’s really going to be an overview of the entire divine revelation.   Why [...]…

Genesis (Program #86)

2009-01-18 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #86) – Being Dealt With (7) We will be again on Jacob’s dream on Genesis 28 to see the intrinsic significance of the dream that the Lord give him in this chapter.  We have already touched this, but because of its significance of the first appearing in the Bible of the House of [...]…

Genesis (Program #81)

2009-01-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #81) – Being Dealt With (2) We are at a point of a turn in Jacob’s life.  We have reached quite a crucial point in tracing Jacob in his experiences.  The portion of Scriptures that’s before us in this broadcast is Genesis 28 verses 10 through 22, which is the account of Jacob [...]…

Genesis (Program #80)

2009-01-12 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #80) – Being Dealt With (1) We are going on today on Jacob’s full and very interesting life.   And I’d like draw attention again to the fact that the Bible affords nearly one half of the entire book of Genesis detailing Jacob’s dealings with God. We pointed out in another occasion that [...]…

Genesis (Program #79)

2009-01-11 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #79) – Being Chosen (2) Today we are going to hear about the corporate aspect of God’s calling. It is quite interesting to see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all put together are showing us one corporate man.  With Abraham you see a person who lives a life of faith.  With Isaac you see [...]…

Genesis (Program #78)

2009-01-10 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #78) – Being Chosen (1) We have been looking at Abraham and Isaac and now we are going to spend quite some time as the Bible does dealing with Jacob. One way to describe Jacob’s history recorded in Genesis is a long journey with much experience under the Lord’s hand.  A journey in [...]…

Genesis (Program #74)

2009-01-06 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #74) – Having No Maturity in Life Today’s life study is going to focus on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, somewhat collectively, including many of their failures and weakness.…

Genesis (Program #73)

2009-01-05 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #73) – The Marriage of Isaac – A Type of Christ Marrying the Church Our life study today brings us to a very pleasant portion.  We are going to examine the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah.  There is much symbolism behind it as we are going to see in this life study.…

Genesis (Program #71)

2009-01-03 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #71) – The Death and Burial of Sarah In today’s message, Witness Lee is going to cover the matter of Sarah’s death, Abraham’s wife in much detail with all of its spiritual significance.  To understand the message today, we are going to get into a lot of symbolism, many of the locations in [...]…

Genesis (Program #70)

2009-01-02 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #70) – The Offering of Isaac (3) Today we have the second message from chapter 22 of Genesis, and an absolutely marvelous picture of the offering of Isaac by Abraham.  Last time we saw that there was so much significance to this type.   We want to review some of the divine implications of [...]…

Genesis (Program #68)

2008-12-31 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #68) – The Offering of Isaac (1) Today especially, we have a very enjoyable life study – the story of Abraham and his offering of Isaac from Genesis chapter 22.…

Genesis (Program #66)

2008-12-29 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #66) – The Hidden Weakness and a Shameful Intercession Today we are going to follow Abraham again but this time in a journey that’s headed in the wrong direction. He had such glorious experiences and spiritual attainments in the previous two chapters 18 and 19, and now he really stumbles.…

Genesis (Program #63)

2008-12-26 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #63) – A Glorious Intercession Today we have another marvelous life study concerning our dear friend now Abraham.  We got to know him quite well in these recent studies.   Today the topic is intercession.  What is intercession?  How important is it to the accomplishment of God’s purpose?…

Genesis (Program #60)

2008-12-23 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #60) – The Unveiling of the Divine Title and the Changing of Human Names for the Fulfilling of God’s Purpose As we saw in our last program there is a transition taking place in chapter 17 in what God is working into Abraham through His many dealings with him……

Genesis (Program #58)

2008-12-21 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #58) – The Allegory of the Two Women Today we come to chapter 16 of Genesis and another story.  This one of two women that reappear in the New Testament. Before we begin, it would be helpful to elaborate how pivotal all these allegories from Genesis are to our apprehending the depth of [...]…

Genesis (Program #54)

2008-12-17 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #54) – The Victory of the Called We have a very positive and encouraging message today as we are going to consider the victory of the called.   Again this is from the account of Abraham.  But Abraham’s life is not always one of victory was it?…

Genesis (Program #53)

2008-12-16 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #53) – The Trial of the Called Ones Today we are going to look at the most precious experience of Abraham, a message entitled “the trial of the called ones”.   How Abraham’s life is really a picture of our own Christian walk……

Genesis (Program #52)

2008-12-15 :: Bible Study Radio Length: 1s
Genesis (Program #52) – Witness Lee Documentary (1905-1997) Witness Lee, a prolific Christian teacher and writer, rest from his earthly labor and went to be with the Lord he loved on June 9, 1997.   He was 91 years old.   Witness Lee was a close co-worker of Watchman Nee in China and brought his ministry to [...]…

Genesis (Program #51)

2008-12-14 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #51) – Living by Faith (2) We have our second program today on a life of faith.  Our message will begin with Abraham building his second altar.  What is the significance of Abraham building altars while human society was building cities and high towers?…

Genesis (Program #50)

2008-12-13 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #50) – Living by Faith (1) This one should be very instructive and helpful to anyone desiring to live by faith.  We’ve seen before that we really need to look at Abraham, Isaac and Jacob collectively if we are going to get a full picture of God’s calling.…

Genesis (Program #48)

2008-12-11 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #48) – The Motive and Strength of Being Called Today we are going to look at the God of glory appearing to Abraham.   When you consider Abraham’s entire life, when you look at him in his entire history.  You’re looking at a person just like us.  He is called the father of faith.  [...]…

Genesis (Program #46)

2008-12-09 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #46) – The Significance of God’s Calling Our life study today is dealing with the significance of God’s calling. For our introduction today, we will say something about the relationship between the great figures of the Old Testament in the accomplishment of God’s purpose.  God had a fresh start with Noah in chapter [...]…

Genesis (Program #45)

2008-12-08 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #45) – The Fourth Fall of Man Today we come to a life study in Genesis that will review the 4 steps of man’s fall which conclude at Babel.…

Genesis (Program #44)

2008-12-07 :: Bible Study Radio
Genesis (Program #44) – Life in Resurrection (3) Today we are going to continue in Genesis chapter 9 and we want to see more of God’s move related to Noah.  All of us, no doubt are familiar with the Sunday school version of Noah and his family.  But what is the deeper significance that we’ve [...]…

Matthew (Program #43)

2008-12-06 Length: 26m 0s
Matthew (Program #43) – The Pathway to Glory (1) The gospel of Matthew presents the kingly Christ unveiling the mysteries of the kingdom in the way of parables.  But it also presents the rejection that this king suffered at the hands of religi[...]…

Matthew (Program #22)

2008-11-15 Length: 26m 0s
Matthew (Program #22) – The Decree of the Kingdom’s Constitution (10) Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  This simple expression is full of meaning.  If we expect to get our heart o[...]…

Matthew (Program #15)

2008-11-08 Length: 26m 0s
Matthew (Program #15) – The Decree of the Kingdom’s Constitution (3) Any nation or kingdom can only be as strong as its citizens.  The kingdom of God or the kingdom of the heavens as it is described in Matthew is no different.  So what a[...]…

Matthew (Program #7)

2008-10-31 Length: 26m 0s
Matthew (Program #7) – The King’s Antecedents & Status (7) Matthew chapter two re-accounts the well known story of how the wise men came with their gifts and found the baby, Lord Jesus.  There is much more to the story than what we [...]…

Luke (Program #40)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Luke (Program #40) – The Ministry of the Man-Savior in His Human Virtues with His Divine Attributes from Galilee to Jerusalem (20) The Bible is so marvelous.  Not only do the teachings convey truths to us, the parables and the stories illustrate th…

Mark (Program #3)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Mark (Program #3) – The Beginning of the Gospel and the Initiation of the Slave-Savior (1) Matthew, Luke and John all begin one way or another with the origin of Jesus Christ.  Matthew shows us His kingly genealogy.  Luke, His human genealogy.  A…

Mark (Program #54)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Mark (Program #54) – A Life Fully According To and For God’s New Testament Economy (13-15) What is the central thought of the Lord’s message in Mark chapter 4? The central thought is that the Lord is the sower, sowing Himself into us as …

Numbers (Program #4)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Numbers (Program #4) – Being Formed into an Army (3 – 4) After the children of Israel escaped the tyranny of Egypt and built a tabernacle in the wilderness according to the plan God showed Moses, the Lord set about forming an army to protect H…

Numbers (Program #5)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Numbers (Program #5) – Being Formed into an Army (5 – 6) There is a lot of talk about spiritual warfare among believers.  Nearly all Christians have realization that there is a battle that must be waged if we are to prevail against God’…

Mark (Program #55)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Mark (Program #55) – A Life Fully According To and For God’s New Testament Economy (14 & 15) Have you received the Lord Jesus and is He now in You? We all can testify strongly, at least we hope so, that we have received the Lord and that H…

Mark (Program #59)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Mark (Program #59) – A Life Fully According To and For God’s New Testament Economy (19) During the last few months we have been given a memorable and wonderfully clear picture of “A Life Fully According To and For God’s New Testame…

Luke (Program #5)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Luke (Program #5) – The Preparation of the Man-Savior (3 & 5) In the opening chapter of the gospel of Luke there is the account of two miraculous conceptions.  First John the Baptist was born to Zachariah and Elizabeth who both being well advan…

Numbers (Program #13)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Numbers (Program #13) – Journeying (4) Did you ever have a fight with your brothers or you sisters, those that you were close to in your family.  Of course, every family has experience squabbles and feuds or sibling rivalries and in most families t…

Luke (Program #6)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Luke (Program #6) – The Preparation of the Man-Savior with His Divinity (4) Luke 2:1-4 says, “And in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus for a census to be taken of all the inhabited earth. This was the first census that took pla…

Numbers (Program #14)

0000-00-00 :: Bible Study Radio
Numbers (Program #14) – Journeying (5 – 6) We all know the story from Numbers chapter 13.  This is the story of twelve spies that were sent in from the twelve tribes of Israel  to spy out the good land before they enter the land.  We know t…

Luke (Program #11)

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Luke (Program #11) – The Ministry of the Man-Savior in Galilee (2) After passing through a full and thorough preparation, and even an inauguration, the Lord Jesus was ready to begin His earthly ministry.  He does so by quoting from the Old Testamen…

Numbers (Program #19)

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Numbers (Program #19) – Journeying (12) When we want or need something from God what is our attitude?   Do we come to Him meekly in a begging way or do we come demanding that He give us this or that?  Well, probably your prayers are more in a ple…

Luke (Program #17)

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Luke (Program #17) – The Ministry of the Man-Savior in Galilee (8) The progression in the gospel of Luke is truly marvelous. Chapter 7 concludes with several very touching stories of sinful people being forgiven and drawn to the Lord Jesus in love. …

Numbers (Program #25)

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Numbers (Program #25) – Fighting (5) For more than forty years the children of Israel follow one clear leadership.  Despite the occasional challenge to his leadership, Moses was the undeniable selection of Jehovah; as the unique one that was to lea…

Luke (Program #39)

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Luke (Program #39) – The Ministry of the Man-Savior in His Human Virtues with His Divine Attributes from Galilee to Jerusalem (19) Luke Chapter 18 presents us with a parable of two men going up to the temple to pray. One, a religious leader, a Phari…

Luke (Program #38)

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Luke (Program #38) – The Ministry of the Man-Savior in His Human Virtues with His Divine Attributes from Galilee to Jerusalem (18) Have you ever noticed how often the Lord Jesus spoke in parables to illustrate various aspects and great truths that H…

Luke (Program #41)

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Luke (Program #41) -  The Ministry of the Man-Savior in His Human Virtues with His Divine Attributes from Galilee to Jerusalem (21) We’ve all heard of the city of Jericho.  Actually it was a city of curse in the time of Lord Jesus.  One of its in…

Luke (Program #42)

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Luke (Program #42) – The Man-Savior’s Presentation of Himself to Death for Redemption (1) Try to imagine in ancient times when a king or a prince would come and visit a certain place, the nature of that procession no doubt the king would come …

Luke (Program #44)

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Luke (Program #44) – The Man-Savior’s Presentation of Himself to Death for Redemption (4) One item that seems to interest all believers is the rapture of the Christians at the time of the Lord second coming. The prevailing thought among believ…

Luke (Program #43)

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Luke (Program #43) – The Man-Savior’s Presentation of Himself to Death for Redemption (2 & 3) The ministry of the Lord Jesus during His human life took place primarily in Galilee, a region far to the North of  Jerusalem and away from the …

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