Last update: 2011-11-23

Don’t Smoke the Angeldust

2011-11-23 Length: 1s
    Hilarious show with the lovely and talented Tethered Heather. Tonight, the crew discussed: Fix-a-flat ass doctor The phony ass 53% guy Kids looking up Fah-gina And much more!…

Herman Cain and JoePa Have Something in Common: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

2011-11-16 Length: 1h 7m 41s
  On tonight’s show: JoePa backlash Herman Cain backlash Rick Perry and Herman Cain forgetting their shit Shred the Red – GO BLUE! Star Wars debate (again) Albert watch 2011 And much more!…

Penn State Run By the Catholic Church?

2011-11-09 Length: 1h 3m 32s
  Penn State child molestation Conrad Murray conviction Joe Frazier Dead Heavy D Dead Herman Cain Sexual Harrassment Child Beating Judge And much more!…

Halloween Hoodrats Strike Again

2011-11-02 Length: 1s
  NOTE: The podcast was a victim of poor exporting from Audacity. The last 20 minutes or so may not work on iTunes devices. This week we discuss Herman Cain, how old is too old for trick or treating, and other mischievous shit.…

(K)Gaddafi on Ice,80′s tunes, presidential party 2012 and all kinds of radio GAGA.

2011-10-27 Length: 1s
Murph is MIA.  we rocked mountains of info and blew this bitch up!…

New York Comic Con was SHITTY

2011-10-19 Length: 1s
  J-me and Big Kev return from their trip to NYCC.  Two days of happy-fun-time and two days of utter shit ensures no future visits.  Listen in on how Big Kev almost gets into multiple fights.  Nerdiness and Violence abound here at Big Kev[...]…

The Whore Monkey Rebuttal

2011-10-12 Length: 1h 2m 48s
  This week we’re sans Kevin. J-me and Murph co-host our panel which luckily includes Heather from Tethered Heather again. With any luck, we’ll get her to be a regular or at least semi-regular, provided Murph keeps himself in check.[...]…

INTERVIEW with The Lovely and talented Tethered Heather!

2011-10-05 Length: 1h 10m 31s
  Not our most creative title ever, but we do interview and have as a guest Heather from Tethered Heather and Homemade Mom fame. Yes, this would be the woman whose site Dan plugs (pffftthhht) at the end of our show each week. Also discussed: [...]…

Ron Paul or Herman Cain? Why name your children dumb shit? Onstar is a whore.

2011-09-28 Length: 1h 13m 11s
  Blather on this episode includes: Chris Holmes, Pantera, Nirvana, and other RnR decadence Murph is a sybian virgin (irony?) More KISS OnStar tracking backtrack Patriot Act and privacy New Facebook timeline Berkley Bake Sale – affirmati[...]…

Murph is a Hobophone

2011-09-21 Length: 1h 9m 28s
    The Crew discusses: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Class Warfare OnStar be spyin’ on you and Much more!…

J-me Maces Big Kev

2011-09-14 Length: 1h 6m 3s
    Really – is there any more that you need to read before you listen to the show!?…

A Little Bit Geeky and a Little Bit Sporty

2011-09-07 Length: 1h 12m 18s
  The crew discusses:    …

9/11 Retrospective and Sinead O’Connor Wants Anal

2011-08-31 Length: 1s
  LOTS of 9/11 retrospective from the clue. A majority of the talk is about where were you, and what do you remember about its effects on that day.   Sinead O’who? Big Kev supports Obama-Romney-whomever-care Miscellany We mention th[...]…

The WM3 Show

2011-08-24 Length: 1h 7m 36s
  First half of the show is dedicated to the West Memphis 3 discussion. After the break: Guh-doffi and Libya Movies Dan kills the show by bringing up the library…

Murph Eats Sausage

2011-08-17 Length: 1h 14m 2s
    …flavored jelly beans. Big Kev and J-me are back from vacation – the Crew rants and raves about lots o’ things.  Enjoy!   Tea Party Anonymous Mount Vernon is lazy Jaycees’ HoH…

Murph Returns!

2011-08-03 Length: 1h 5m 35s
  UPDATE: The first minutes of the show are borked. Those responsible have been sacked. After lengthy contract negotiations, Murph has returned. Tonight, the Crew discusses: Debt ceiling eReaders Catholics lookin’ at kiddie porn And muc[...]…

Zombie Winehouse Attacks!

2011-07-27 Length: 1h 4m 50s
  Tonight, the Crew discusses: The return of football Amy Winehouse = dead Debt Ceiling = Bullshit Crew tax opinion = Flat tax Bratty kids who ruin movies And much more!…

Big Kev Presents…In Shane’s Brain!

2011-07-21 Length: 16m 43s

Creepy Old Men Marrying Hot 16 year old and not going to jail!? – WINNING

2011-07-20 Length: 55m 47s

Casey Anthony is Not Guilty! (and neither was OJ…)

2011-07-06 Length: 1h 11m 9s
  Murph, Dan, Rob, J-me, and Big Kev discuss the obvious…oh, and some other shit, too: Man protesting helmet law dies in motorcycle crash “Obama is a dick” on MSNBC Eddie Vedder’s Ukelele Songs tour is the SHIT…

The Poor People Show – OH SNAP!

2011-06-29 Length: 1h 7m 32s
  This week we bitch about: Blago plays ‘Let’s go to Prison’ Illinois’ catering to those what want to be lazy Some 90′s music Famous movie homes Political miscellany Movies based on comix LulzSec Video games[...]…

Ryan Dunn’s Last Stunt

2011-06-22 Length: 1h 4m 12s
  Obviously we discuss Jackass’s Dunn and Cigarette warning labels Michael Jordan’s ’96 Bulls Tracy Morgan’s apology Roger Ebert Airline screwings Megan Fox TSA powers expanded Pujols injured And other bits for which yo[...]…

The Gay Show

2011-06-15 Length: 1h 1m 49s
  Let’s face it.  Tonights show is all about the gays: Tracy Morgan – gay bashing Lady Gaga – loved by the gays LeBron James – cries like a gay Prop 8 – gay judge can make an unbiased decision about the gays Dan r[...]…

The Cerebral Show

2011-06-08 Length: 1h 2m 19s
  No Dan, Murph or Double-Tap.  Big Kev, Rob and J-me talk about all sorts of stuff, including: FL has pee-check for paycheck Weiner’s weiner Three girls bully a boy  – is it Rape? Sarah Palin rewrites history and her followers att[...]…

Walt Disney World Fatties

2011-06-01 Length: 1h 12m 28s
  Another short-handed show. Dan’s trip to Disney Reminiscing about old shows No Facebook for tweenagers DHS is developing Minority Report (no, really)   The exceptionally old show we reference can be found here.…

Joplin Tornado and Bonus Metal Show

2011-05-25 Length: 1h 34m 55s
  Dan, J-me, and Rob skip out on tonights show; meanwhile, Big Kev, Murph, and Double-Tap take advantage of the absense.…

The Illegitimator

2011-05-18 Length: 1h 16m 1s
  Things what are beaten: Arnold has a bastard Evansville, IN is full of fatties Chicago Bulls are studs Awesome TV shows are cancelled The Crew eats dog biscuits on the air…

Osama – Yo’ Mama!

2011-05-11 Length: 1h 12m 38s
  There was some rehashing done, including: Osama – dead or alive? Build/live in a flood plain = idiot One thong entrant is not enough The movie Thor is discussed…

America – FUCK YEAH!

2011-05-04 Length: 1h 11m 27s
  WTF do you THINK we talked about? Flooding in Cairo, IL Osama bin Laden dizzead NFL stuff Dan was surly No one wanted the thong…

Fat Ass Florida

2011-04-27 Length: 1h 6m 18s
Download Fat Ass Florida  Discussion what includes: Punta Gourda, FL on Fark Murph’s alleged policia interaction Lack of interest in Heather’s thong Would you vote for Trump in 2012? Conspiracy theories…

Thong, Thu-thong thong thong

2011-04-13 Length: 1h 4m 18s
Download Thong, Thu-thong thong thong  We discuss several things minus Murph. Wherever could he be? Somehow, we doubt reconciling. Applebee’s makes a sport of serving the youngest minor Will the gubment ever pass a budget? More Japanese [...]…

No More Election Talk

2011-04-06 Length: 1h 6m 19s
Download No More Election Talk…after tonights show.…


2010-11-17 Length: 1h 3m 55s
The title kinda says it. No Hooch. No Dan. Still, fun times had by all.…

The Stream of Consciousness Show

2010-11-10 Length: 1h 0m 15s
Much babbling is afoot.  Things about which were babbled, since Murph insisted on going with an unscripted show, are as follows: Dan drinks the gravy. Hooch ruins ...…

No Means Yes. Yes Means Anal.

2010-11-03 Length: 1h 1m 57s
The Crew babbles about a whole bunch of shit, including: Listener mail Rehashing Halloween (see last week's 'cast) Yale boys being naughty Television shows (what Dan will influence) Rob went ...…

Hide Yo Kids and Hide Yo CANDY!

2010-10-27 Length: 1h 12m 50s
The Crew celebrates Halloween and talks about all sorts of creepy goodness: Antoine Dodson - our hero - has one of the best-selling costumes this year Big ...…

Tiger’s Wife Scores Big!

2010-10-20 Length: 1h 0m 5s
The usual blather, including: We're giving away swag Ace Freely and Dave Mustaine get published Political ads are annoying and confusing Barry is coming to Mythbusters? Rosie wreaks havoc upon ...…

High Speed Chilean Miner Launch – WIN

2010-10-13 Length: 1h 0m 54s
It's a solid show that Murph, J-Me, Dan, and Rob almost miss out on... almost. The Crew will have you laughing to the point of ...…

Dude. You’re the Man. No, man. YOU’RE the Man.

2010-10-06 Length: 1h 0m 1s
Big Kev discusses the antics at Michigan v Indiana. J-me and Dan nerd out on the Android smartphone OS, and apparently anal is getting popular.…

Football and Lots of Fall TV Reviews

2010-09-29 Length: 1h 1m 53s
The Crew, sans Murph and Hooch, geek out on TV, but not before Big Kev and Rob have a looooooooooooooooong NFL sidebar.  We promise, Dan ...…

The Manliest Man Show in All of Mandom

2010-09-22 Length: 1h 5m 56s
The Crew totally geeks out on tonights show: College Football - Big Kev's near meltdown Big Kev and J-me saw Devil Murph thinks all superheroes suck except Spiderman Comic ...…

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