Last update: 2015-01-05

Cover Charge Episode 12

2015-01-05 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR Length: 2s
Better late than never. Cover Charge Episode 12!…

Cover Charge Episode 11

2014-12-06 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR Length: 1s
Cover Charge comes back from a little break over the Thanksgiving day weekend, and comes back with a vengeance!…

Cover Charge Episode 8

2014-11-16 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR Length: 1s
Alright rockstars, TBH time. I almost didn't upload this one. Between my stuffy nose, congested sinuses and being in a rush to get it done a day early so I could take little Kylee to Disney On Ice... well, I kinda winged it. Listen if you dare! MUAhahahahaha!…

Cover Charge Episode 9 - Classic Rock

2014-11-16 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR Length: 2s
If it's not one thing it's another. This time I forgot to record the intro, but that's okay. Those who listened live caught it! Spaz was in studio with Big Nate for this one, so tune in and laugh it up!…

Cover Charge Episode 7

2014-11-06 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
Less tech problems and more rock! Cover Charge Live!…

Cover Charge Episode 6

2014-10-30 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
Big Nate is back from a hellacious two week hiatus. Equipped with a new mic, new mixer, and new songs, Big Nate continues the badassery that is Cover Charge! On a side note, please forgive my tiredness and lousy level mixing. I am still getting accustomed to my new tools. Also, enjoy the pic of my studio attached to this track!…

Cover Charge Episode 5

2014-10-09 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
Episode 5 of Cover Charge features more songs turned from pop to rock and some big news for the show! What does Big Nate have in store for Cover Charge? Check it out!…

Cover Charge Episode 4

2014-10-02 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
This episode of cover charge features some songs that you might not think it would feature. How does Big Nate mix songs like royals and Thrift shop into his show? Listen for yourself on Cover Charge!…

Cover Charge - National Podcast Day Edition

2014-09-30 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR Length: 1s
This special edition of Cover Charge focuses on the legends of the Classic Rock genre!…

Cover Charge Episode 3

2014-09-25 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
Another rockin' episode featuring some awesome covers. What's in the lineup this week? It wouldn't be any fun if you knew. Turn it up and hit play!…

Cover Charge Episode 2

2014-09-18 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
This week's episode of Cover Charge takes a look at artists like... well, you'll just have to listen. Plug it in, roll'em down, and turn it up with Cover Charge!…

Cover Charge Episode 1

2014-09-11 :: Big Nate ON THE AIR
This is the world premiere of Cover Charge, the all-cover podcast! Check it out!…

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