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BookHobby - Show 08 - 1/17/08

2008-01-17 :: Neil Shapiro
We're back with a review of the novel ABC by David Plante and announcement about the website and podcast. Check our Forums at for book-related discussion.…

Book Hobby - Show 07 - 8/29/07

2007-08-28 :: Neil Shapiro
Review of THE NAME OF THE WIND, one of Amazon's Best Books of the Year So Far. Do we agree? A look at Forum discussions from for the book collector.…

Book Hobby - Show 06 - 07/21/07

2007-07-22 :: Neil Shapiro
Review of ON KINGDOM Mountain by Howard Frank Mosher. And a personal story involving J.K. Rowling.…

Book Hobby - Show 05 - 06/29/07

2007-06-28 :: Neil Shapiro
We focus on the book HARM by Brian Aldiss. A dystopian novel of a post-9/11 future we feel that HARM is a book that deserves a wide audience.…

Book Hobby - Show 04 - 05/24/07

2007-05-24 :: Neil Shapiro
We exhibit at the Long Island Book Show and offer tips about book shows to both collectors and dealers. Our feature review is THE SECRET OF LOST THINGS by Sharidan Hay. And, we share some of the interesting discussions going on in the BookHobby.Com Forums…

Book Hobby - Show 03 - 04/23/07

2007-04-20 :: Neil Shapiro
Our feature review is LET THE NORTHERN LIGHTS ERASE YOUR NAME by Vandela Vida. A story about when life becomes a puzzle. There are some more of the discussions happening in the Book Hobby Forums on www.bookhobby,com. We take a look at the contents of one…

Book Hobby - Show 02 - 03/20/07

2007-03-20 :: Neil Shapiro
A posthumously published Philip K. Dick novel, "Voices From The Street" is reviewed. We hear a bit about what this month's book-oriented magazines are up to. Book news. Tips for collectors. Discussions from the Forums.…

BookHobby - Show 01 - 03/01/07

2007-02-20 :: Neil Shapiro
This is the first podcast from BookHobby.Com. Reviews of current literature, material of interest to collectors, interviews with authors and publishers are all planned for this biweekly show. Host Neil Shapiro. Also visit for more materi…

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