Last update: 2015-11-16

BNR 62: Traditional vs. Brand Journalism

2015-11-16 :: Lush Digital Media
Do you know the distinction between brand journalism and traditional journalism? With the majority of journalists now willing to work in both fields, the true difference between the two has become convoluted. This week, Rakhal Ebeli, CEO of Newsmodo - an organisation who made the shift from traditional journalism to brand journalism, joins the Brand Newsroom team. With the team, Rakhal discusses the two fields in terms of audience experience, and benefits to the overarching organisation.…

BNR 61: Essena O’Neill & Authenticity

2015-11-09 :: Lush Digital Media
Who represents your brand online? Following the Essena O'Neil controversy, the Brand Newsroom team discuss the value of authenticity in social media, and what can make or break a social media brand ambassador. According to the team, there are aspects of Essena's story that could indicate she was headed towards implosion. Would your brand be able to see the signs?…

BNR 60: Things That Annoy Us

2015-11-02 :: Lush Digital Media
What grinds your gears when it comes to content marketing and brand journalism? This week the Brand Newsroom team air their grievances and get it all off their chest. From ghostwriting ethics to social media protocol, there's a lot going on out there that's just plain wrong. Have you got a personal pet peeve? …

BNR 59: Why Online Advertising Sucks

2015-10-27 :: Lush Digital Media
Are views, likes and impressions really good tools for marketing measurement? This week James Dillon joins James, Sarah and Nic to discuss why brands need to redistribute their focus when it comes to online advertising. Are your marketing efforts influencing audience behavior?…

BNR 58: Building a Sense of Belonging

2015-10-20 :: Lush Digital Media
This week Bobbi Mahlab and Roslyn Atkinson from Mahlab Media join the Brand Newsroom team to discuss how to build an audience that feels engaged, passionate and belonging to the brand. According to the guests, the success of a content program can it boil down to asking two simple questions. Do you know what to ask, and when?…

BNR 57: Unplugging from Technology

2015-10-13 :: Lush Digital Media
When was the last time you went a day without your mobile phone? As Sarah Mitchell returns from her off-the-grid holiday, she re-joins the Brand Newsroom team to discuss how individuals and brands can benefit from unplugging from technology and re-booting your creativity. …

BNR 56: Snowballing Social Media Crises

2015-10-05 :: Lush Digital Media
Are you careful about posting to social media? From a brand perspective, what one individual posts online could come back to bite the entire business. This week, James Lush and Nic Hayes of the Brand Newsroom team discuss what you should and shouldn't say on social media, and how to respond when social media crises arise. …

BNR 55: Assembling the Right Team

2015-09-29 :: Lush Digital Media
How do you select a team for a new project or business? In light of a question put to the Brand Newsroom team this week, James, Sarah and Nic discuss what to look for, and what to watch out for. When it comes to a new website, do you hire a designer or a copywriter first? The team discuss best practice, and give examples from their own experiences.…

BNR 54: Content Marketing World Rundown

2015-09-21 :: Lush Digital Media
Following her recent trip to Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Sarah Mitchell returns to the Brand Newsroom studio and shares what she heard, what she learned, what she loved, and what she didn't love from the 3-day event. The team discuss why Content Marketing World will no longer be coming to Australia, and what this means for the local industry. …

BNR 53: Localised Content With Global Appeal

2015-09-15 :: Lush Digital Media
Does your brand have a global audience? To appeal to audiences in different locations, it's imperative you consider their language, customs and culture. According to the Brand Newsroom team, if you fail to localise your content you appear as though you don't care about your audience. What adaptations should you be making to your content?…

BNR 52: Blabbing On Our First Birthday

2015-09-07 :: Lush Digital Media
The Brand Newsroom podcast is officially one year old, so what have we learned in a year? This week the team discuss their birthday Blab, and what new social media channels such as Blab can mean for brands. According to the team, if you can't justify why you need to use a new channel, it probably isn't for you.…

BNR 51: Online Reviews for Your Brand

2015-08-31 :: Lush Digital Media
If you receive particularly good service, are you likely to leave a review? This week the Brand Newsroom Team are joined by Nicholas Lembo from Yelp to discuss review websites and how they can impact businesses. According to Nic, brands have a huge potential for building trust, as long as they engage in the right way.…

BNR 50: What Should I Do With My Website?

2015-08-25 :: Lush Digital Media
Does anyone really like their website? For a lot of managers, a company website is an ongoing yet necessary inconvenience, requiring a continuous cycle of improvement. This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss what business should be doing when it comes to their website. …

BNR 49: In-house or Outsourced Content?

2015-08-17 :: Lush Digital Media
What’s the right ratio between in-house and outsourced content? The decision between the two is one that almost every marketing manager struggles with, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss what should guide these choices in order to maintain the consistency and quality required for maximum effect.…

BNR 48: Authenticity vs. Over-Sharing

2015-08-11 :: Lush Digital Media
Content marketing often advocates an honest and open approach, but where is the line between authenticity and oversharing when it comes to your content? In light of an unusual press release from inbound marketing company Hubspot, this week the Brand Newsroom team discuss when candidness can become detrimental to brand image. …

BNR 47: Road to Content Marketing Success

2015-08-03 :: Lush Digital Media
Looking for a case study for content marketing success? Look no further than Ventura Home Group, who have built several loyal communities and excellent content brands. Despite their success, according to Ventura Marketing Strategist Ryan Northover,the road wasn't always straight-forward. What obstacles should you expect when implementing a content marketing strategy, and how can you easily overcome them? …

BNR 46: Tweet Perth and the Value of Online Community

2015-07-27 :: Lush Digital Media
Tweet Perth is an example of how focussing on building your audience and online community can lead you to content marketing success. This week, the Brand Newsroom Team interview Adam Barrell, the founder of Tweet Perth, to discuss his journey in creating the highly successful content brand. …

BNR 45: Getting More Earned Media

2015-07-21 :: Lush Digital Media
Are you using earned media as effectively as you could be? While people tend to associate content marketing with online and social media, this week the Brand Newsroom team argue that publishing content effectively means working closely with traditional media. With years of experience working in the space, Nic Hays and James Lush reveal some insider tips to maximise your success when publishing content through earned media.…

BNR 44: Keeping Consistent

2015-07-13 :: Lush Digital Media
How consistent do you need to be to maximise the impact of your content? This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss the importance of being consistent, and how to act like a publisher in order to adhere to a strict consistency. According to the Brand Newsroom team, consistency in content marketing can be like a diet. You read about it, get excited about the potential, stay on track for a month or so, but quit when it gets hard. Is your brand falling off the bandwagon?…

BNR 43: The Distribution Challenge

2015-07-06 :: Lush Digital Media
So you've got great content, now what? Distribution is a key element of the content marketing mix that many brands struggle with. In this episode the Brand Newsroom team discuss tactics of distribution including using PR to engage media outlets, investing in sponsored social media links, and recycling content for new audiences. …

BNR 42: 30-Second TVCs and the 2x4 Approach

2015-06-29 :: Lush Digital Media
According to the Brand Newsroom team, 30 second television commercials are like being whacked between the eyes by a four by two, and this approach is losing effectiveness. What are the alternatives available to brands? Should brands sponsor entire programs, adopt product placement, or adapt to 15 second slots? Or should brands move to platforms like YouTube instead? …

BNR 41: A Time of Major Change

2015-06-22 :: Lush Digital Media
More articles and reports are pointing towards one inescapable fact, major changes are going on in the world of marketing and advertising. With global giants like Apple entering the brand journalism space, will brands finally pull their heads out of the sand and seek alternative options to traditional advertising?…

BNR 40: The death of mass marketing

2015-06-15 :: Lush Digital Media
Is the era of mass marketing drawing to a close? With all the major TV networks now struggling to find the revenues they once commanded, has the public now made it clear they are looking at alternative options? What does this mean for advertisers? The lazy "chuck it at a wall and see what sticks" approach may have died, but what is the future? Can brands now potentially spend less and yet be more effective in reaching their carefully targeted audiences?…

BNR 39: Mid-Year Review

2015-06-08 :: Lush Digital Media
As we approach the middle of the year, the Brand Newsroom team reflect on the changes and trends seen over the past 6 months in the content marketing space. According to the team, organisations are starting to adopt patience and long-term authentic perspectives about their businesses that lend themselves to content marketing. What changes will we see over the next 6 months? Stay tuned to Brand Newsroom to find out.…

BNR 38: Gen Y Wake-up Call

2015-05-27 :: Lush Digital Media
Charlie Caruso, author of 'Understanding Y', joins the Brand Newsroom team to discuss how media outlets and content producers must adapt to appeal to a Gen Y Audience. There are several characteristics of Gen Y such as their undeveloped loyalty and aptitude for technology that make them unique. Can businesses rise to the challenge to target them?…

BNR 37: Joe Pulizzi Shares Content Marketing Advice

2015-05-25 :: Lush Digital Media
If you're interested in content marketing, you will have heard the name Joe Pulizzi. Joe is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, which leads the field in education and training for content marketing. This week he joins the Brand Newsroom team to share the common mistakes people make in their content marketing, as well as some stand-out success stories.…

BNR 36: Why the Social Media Party is Over

2015-05-14 :: Lush Digital Media
If you've been a fan of social media, it might be time to rethink your approach to how you're using it in your marketing mix. As each social channel monetises their business, marketers who invest a lot of time building community are left with no choice but to pay to reach their target audience. …

BNR 35: The Role of Photography in Your Content

2015-05-06 :: Lush Digital Media
Photographers Paul Pichugin and Julian Masters join the Brand Newsroom team to talk about the importance of photography in content marketing, using photography in your personal brand and why you should avoid using stock photography in your content. …

BNR 34: The Future Brand Journalists

2015-04-27 :: Lush Digital Media
Jo McManus from Edith Cowan University joins the Brand Newsroom team to talk about the changing world of broadcast journalism and how educators are preparing students to careers in a digital era. Media organisations and brand newsrooms are facing similar challenges and opportunities in staffing requirements.…

BNR 33: Disrupting Business as Usual

2015-04-22 :: Lush Digital Media
Are you ready to disrupt an established industry? If you're under threat of a disruptive company, do you know how to combat them? When is it a good idea not to be disruptive? Join the Brand Newsroom team for a lively discussion about recent news events where marketing played a huge role. …

BNR 32: Real-time Marketing Failure

2015-04-15 :: Lush Digital Media
Real-time marketing can be a boon to a business. But get it wrong and there's a real possibility of inflicting serious damage on your company. The Brand Newsroom team debates a recent debacle when a major grocery store chain tried to associate their marketing message with a brand owned by the Australian government. …

BNR 31: Is This a Revival For Newspapers?

2015-04-14 :: Lush Digital Media
A recent collaboration by Australian newspaper groups is designed to encourage advertisers to come back to print. Is this a good idea or the last gasp of breath for print news?…

BNR 30: Jordana Borensztijn on Using Humour in Your Content

2015-04-06 :: Lush Digital Media
Comedian Jordana Borensztijn joins the Brand Newsroom to explain how anyone can add humour into their content. She also speaks about the importance of creativity and how you can incorporate it into your daily work. Great tips for content marketers and brand journalists. …

BNR 29: Jeff Bullas on Blogging and Social Media

2015-03-19 :: Lush Digital Media
Jeff Bullas shares his experiences and challenges with the Brand Newsroom team on building a loyal subscriber base and a successful blog. …

BNR 28: Arnie Kuenn on the New SEO Order

2015-03-19 :: Lush Digital Media
American SEO expert Arnie Kuenn joins Brand Newsroom to discuss the changing face of SEO and why brand journalists and content marketers are well-placed to influence Google. This special edition of Brand Newsroom was recorded live at Content Marketing World Sydney 2015. …

BNR 27: Andrew Davis on the Power of Brand Collaboration

2015-03-18 :: Lush Digital Media
Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping, joins the Brand Newsroom team for a special edition recorded at Content Marketing World Sydney. Andrew speaks about content marketing trends and how brands can use collaboration to expand their audience. …

BNR 26: Geraint Holliman on Thinking Instead of Doing

2015-03-11 :: Lush Digital Media
Geraint Holliman, Director of Strategy and Head of Content Marketing at DIRECTIONGROUP in the UK, joins the Brand Newsroom team to debate the merits of creating content for the sake of it. He talks about the importance of marketing your content and investing time in the thinking required to create an effective strategy. …

BNR 25: Difference Between News and Newsworthy

2015-03-05 :: Lush Digital Media
Do you know the different between your news and a newsworthy story? Do you know the biggest reason most brands fail to get press coverage for their news? The Brand Newsroom team discusses why some brands get a lot of press coverage and others get none at all. Join James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to get three different perspectives on how your business can get more earned media with their content marketing and PR activities. …

BNR 24: Robert Rose on Content Marketing and Storytelling

2015-02-23 :: Lush Digital Media
Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of the Content Marketing Institute and author of Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, joins the Brand Newsroom team. He discusses why he’s looking forward to coming back to Australia, the most important component of content marketing and the potential of everyone to be a storyteller. With regular hosts Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell.…

BNR 23: Is Traditional Journalism Influenced By Advertisers?

2015-02-18 :: Lush Digital Media
Recent news stories for the Daily Telegraph UK and Australia have shed light on interesting influences within the traditional journalism sector. Are newspapers biased to the brands who advertise with them? Are we being provided with the full story? …

BNR 22: Is Your Content Marketing Influencing Executive Management?

2015-02-12 :: Lush Digital Media
Research from The Economist Group shows a big difference between how marketing departments are implementing content marketing strategies and what the C-Suite wants. Is your content marketing hitting the mark? Are you producing content to influence the way your executive team is making decisions? Are you creating content the C-Level wants to consume? …

BNR 21: Is Dumb Ways to Die a Dumb Way to Market?

2015-02-05 :: Lush Digital Media
Metro Trains Dumb Ways to Die campaign is unrivalled in the recognition is received in both public attention and industry awards. Was it a wildly successful marketing campaign or did it fail to achieve its goal to reduce accidents around trains? …

BNR 20: How PR is Changing in a Digital Age

2015-02-04 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #20 of Brand Newsroom discusses how PR is changing in the digital age. James Lush, Sarah Mitchell and Nic Hayes are joined by special guest Trevor Young, aka The PR Warrior. Trevor lends his expertise to the discussion about where PR, content marketing and advertising are intersecting and where they're not. …

BNR 19: The Importance of Listening to your social media audience.

2015-01-29 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #19 of Brand Newsroom - This week James Lush, Sarah Mitchell and Nic Hayes discuss Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s “Knightmare” and his disastrous response to social media critics. They go on to advise brands on the importance of listening to your audience and the benefits of having experienced social media specialists in your organisation. Is your top management able to take on their own critics without creating a PR disaster? Listen in for practical advice from PR, Content Marketing and Media professionals delivered in a tight, spin-free format.…

BNR 18 - Storytelling as a Strategy for Brand Newsrooms

2015-01-22 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #18 of Brand Newsroom - As a backlash on storytelling begins to circulate through marketing circles, Brand Newsroom breaks down the importance of using storytelling techniques as a foundation for every piece of content you create. Jonathan Crossfield joins James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell to discuss why it’s more important than ever for brands to include storytelling in their brand journalism and content marketing initiatives.…

BNR 17: The Importance of Disclosure and Transparency in Brand Journalism

2015-01-13 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #17 of Brand Newsroom - We delve into the murky issue of transparency and disclosure on the back of news from Toronto that a veteran TV anchor was suspended due to issues of non-disclosure. Is it risky when PR and journalism get too close? Do brand journalists have an obligation to disclose relationships with traditional media? While the world reeled from the Paris attack on the Charlie Hebdo office, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell discussed the outpouring of support from the global cartoon community and the impact cartoons can make with any audience. Should brands consider how they can make effective use of illustrations and cartoons?…

BNR 16: Building Authority vs. Being an Expert

2015-01-11 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #16 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we examine the difference between being an expert and being an authority in your field. Is it enough to know a lot about your area of expertise or is it essential to do more? Does the digital age make it easier or harder to be an expert? Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell debate these points inspired by an article written by Trevor Young at Authority Partners titled, Why Building Authority is Vital to the Success of Your Reputation and Business. …

BNR 15: What’s Going On?

2014-12-11 :: Lush Digital Media
In episode #15 James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell discuss what has really happened in the content marketing world over 2014 and what that means for the year ahead. Are brands now properly funding content marketing budgets or is there still resistance from the decision makers? How committed to consistency are companies - do the best intentions soon fall to the way side when day to day pressures take over? In the final episode of the year the three examine what's on the horizon.…

BNR 14: How Social Is Your Business?

2014-12-11 :: Lush Digital Media
In this episode we ask 'how social is your business?' Yes, you may well be using it for marketing purposes, but to what extent are you using it across the board? For example, internal communication or recruiting? James Lush, Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell are joined by guest Simon te Brinke, author of “the Little book of social business” to discuss the growing opportunities that businesses are faced with.…

BNR 13: So Who Do You Trust?

2014-12-02 :: Lush Digital Media
In this episode we discuss how traditional media still has the edge when it comes to trust. But the space is changing rapidly with more people turning to social media for their news updates. Is this a trend we'll see more of? And how can Brands seize these opportunities. Plus why aren't journalists responding to your story pitches? We'll discuss the main reasons why you are missing out and how easy it is to get it right! …

BNR 12: The Future of Traditional Media

2014-11-24 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #12 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we are joined by Guest journalist Daniel Hatch to discuss the very latest in brand journalism. With the big cuts announced at the ABC this week, what future is there for traditional media? Is it inevitable that we'll see more cuts in the future and with that a shift towards more brand newsrooms? What does that mean for journalists and audiences alike? It's a fascinating new world!…

BNR 11: A Future View of Australian Content Marketing

2014-11-20 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode #11 of Brand Newsroom – In this episode we look at the very latest Content Marketing Institute's market research findings in to Content Marketing in Australia. What percentage of brands and marketers are embracing content marketing and which tactics are most frequently being employed. All that plus tips of the week.…

BNR 10: Brand Journalism, Let the Rant Commence!

2014-11-10 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 10 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at how we can so easily be duped by clever content marketing these days, why we need to get over the pros and cons of brand journalism and how Australia needs to step up when it comes to the creative advertising process surrounding The Melbourne Cup! Are we miles off the mark and missing a big trick? All that plus tips of the week...…

BNR 9: Blogger’s Influence

2014-11-04 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 9 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at how much influence bloggers have over their audiences and why we must all remember to speak "human" when it comes to storytelling! Why companies that ignore their audience and focus on themselves will always fail. All that plus tips of the week.…

BNR 8: In-House Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

2014-10-29 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 8 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at who at your workplace should be doing the content marketing - how much damage are you doing if you leave it in the hands of your sales team? Plus Thought Leadership - is everyone and anyone a thought leader? Is the title thrown around too liberally? Is there a better way of putting yourself out there? And should you be mentioning your competitors when creating content? Does that make you more credible/believable/trustworthy? All that and tips of the week!…

BNR 7: How to Sell Content Marketing Internally

2014-10-22 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 7 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at how companies need to sell the idea of content marketing internally - how to get buy in from those with control of the budgets. Also the content marketing trends your business should be implementing - some of the very latest recommendations that will have a huge impact on your business. All that and the tips of the week.…

BNR 6: Branding on Mainstream TV

2014-10-14 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 6 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at how brands are moving in to provide content for mainstream TV and how the public seem to be lapping it up for the time being, plus audience, why it's far better to look at quality before quantity. Digital platforms now give us the ability to really reach the targeted audiences rather than before when there was an element of hit and hope! All that plus 2 cracking little tips of the week.…

BNR 5: News Journalism and Celebrity

2014-10-07 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 5 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at the issues and negativity surrounding brand journalism - in particular from "news" journalists! Plus using celebrities to endorse your brand. Does this work better than using "real" people. Do the public see through the celebrity endorsement or is it clever awareness building? All that and tips of the week! …

BNR 4: Are You Following a Communications Strategy?

2014-09-30 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 4 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at the importance of following a strategy, how face to face events are the most important form of content marketing you can carry out, and the different role that marketers and journalists can play within the brand newsroom setting. All that plus the importance of emotion - want to create compelling content, then use real authentic emotion and see the impact that that has on your audience. …

BNR 3: The Fine Line Between Content Marketing and Advertising

2014-09-23 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode3 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode we look at how brands should avoid jumping on the trending #stories - in particular those stories that are of a sensitive nature. Also, in our "something simple" section we look at how you add a call to action to all your content without going overboard and becoming another "advert" - what is the subtle difference? Plus in "future proofing" we examine robot journalism - is this the future? Could you save a small fortune in hiring an army of robots rather than a team of highly talented journalists? And in closing some top tips of the week.…

BNR 2: Why Brands Need an Editor

2014-09-17 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 2 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode, we look at why brands need to have an Editor in place. What role do they play and why it's so important. In our smart ideas section we we look at creative ways to be creative in the creative space! How do you stand out and do something a bit different, especially when you have a track record for always surprising your audience. In the future proofing part of the podcast we talk about the issues of automation. How do we maintain a personal touch with our audience when there is so many automated tools designed to make our lives easier? Plus tips of the week including a couple of great websites if you are involved in the Communication industry. …

BNR 1: Headlines That Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

2014-09-11 :: Lush Digital Media
Episode 1 of Brand Newsroom - weekly podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating. In this episode, we look at the headline that over-promises and under-delivers and the impact that can have on your business. How much is a good writer worth to your organisation - the importance of paying your writers the right amount and the benefits you receive as a result. Video newsletters - a simple but effective way to get greater engagement with your customers/audience. Plus the future of content marketing and in particular the rise and rise of the Podcast - why you should and could be getting in on this effective way to communicate.…

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