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Breaking Out Episode 24 Hearing From God

2013-06-27 :: (Breakout Radio)
"To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said (v31) are unable to hear what I say (v43)." …

Breaking Out Episode 23 Community Chat with Dawn Anderson

2013-06-17 :: (Breakout Radio)
Dawn Anderson is a leader at The Salvation Army Church in Crook. She shares part of her life story with Max. Hope you enjoy.

Breaking Out 22- Community Chat with Naomi Stevens from Durham Foodbank

2013-06-10 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this week's episode Max Moore ventures out to Chester-Le-Street to talk with Naomi Stevens from Durham Foodbank see for more information.

Breaking Out 21- Community Chat with Don Hancock

2013-06-03 :: (Breakout Radio)
Max has been in West Auckland where he talks with Don Hancock who shares his journey of faith with us this week.

Breaking Out 20 Community Chat with Andy Mitchell

2013-05-27 :: (Breakout Radio)
Max Moore has been busy again interviewing people from Conty Durham in this one he talks to Andy Mitchell

Breaking Out 19 Community Chat with Barbera Pattisson

2013-05-21 :: (Breakout Radio)
Listen to the first episode of Community Chat with Max Moore. He has been very busy interviewing people around the Bishop Auckland area. In this one he talks to Barbera Pattisson. There will be one posted each week.

Breaking Out 18: An interview with Samuel Lane

2013-05-19 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this programme we interview Samuel Lane about his faith and the album The Fire. We hope you enjoy. This is the extended version of the interview. …

Breaking Out 17 - Interview with Steve Haskett about Life Association

2013-03-18 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this podcast we interview Steve Haskett who is training for ministry at Cranmer Hall, Durham. He talks about his coast to coast challenge to raise funds for Life Association. During the interview Steve introduces 10000 Reasons (Bless The Lord), but unfortunately we are unable to play it. This because we don't have a music license that would allow us to do that during a podcast.

If you would like to support Steve's coast to coast challenge please click here. …

Breaking Out 16 Tearfund bloggers arrive in Uganda

2013-03-15 :: (Breakout Radio)

On Sunday the 24 of February 2013 Dr Bex Lewis, Liz Clutterbuck and Dave Walker went out to Uganda to see different Tearfund projects and tell the world about their experiences as Tearfund Bloggers. At the end of each day they recorded their thoughts and this is what they said...

Breaking Out 15

2013-02-22 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this podcast we interview Dr Bex Lewis Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning at CODEC, University of Durham. To follow Bex's trip with Tearfund visit her blog at follow her @DRBexL or search for #tfbloggers on Twitter. …

Breaking Out 14

2013-02-04 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this episode we interview Tim Cheshire from Superhero about the band, their tour starting in Newcastle on the 9 February and their mission work. …

Breaking Out 13 New Year Edition

2013-01-04 :: (Breakout Radio)
It's episode 13 of the podcast and therefore the New Year edition. There is a selection of thoughts from Cramner Hall student's and a reflection. Happy New Year :o) …

Breaking Out 12 - Christmas 2012

2012-12-28 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this podcast we have put together some of the programmes we have broadcast over Christmas, including Christmas thoughts, comedy and the Christmas Day message. We hope you enjoy this bumper edition of Breaking Out. …

Breaking Out 11

2012-11-11 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this podcast we talk to Mike from I am Future about his faith, the album 'I am Future' and youth ministry. Enjoy. …

Breaking Out 10

2012-10-22 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this episode we interview Keith Getty about his new album Hymns For The Christian Life and living a Christian Life. This interview has never been broadcast and is exclusive to Breaking Out. Enjoy

Listen to Breakout Radio to hear Keith and Kristyn Getty music visit …

Breaking Out 9

2012-10-08 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this weeks podcast we talk to Brenton Brown, song writer and Worship Pastor about the time during which he wrote Adoration, his faith and the new Album God my Rock. …

Breaking Out 8

2012-09-17 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this podcast we talk to Andy Hunter about the release of his new EP Glow, his faith and music. We hope you enjoy. …

Breaking Out 7

2012-08-20 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this programme we interview Keith Getty about music, faith and The Northern Celtic Island Tour which at the time of the interview he was just about to start. …

Breaking Out 6

2012-08-13 :: (Breakout Radio)
This podcast is all about community, we listen to Matt Wilson from the Eden Network in a previously broadcast interview. Enjoy!

Breaking Out 5

2012-08-03 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this podcast we listen to an interview with Stuart Townend recorded via the telephone. He talks about music, faith and song writing and discusses his thinking behind the song Vagabonds. We hope you enjoy! …

Breaking Out 4

2012-07-28 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this programme we have a testimony by Gram Seed, Who is Jesus by Adrian Hancock and an interview with Chris Parker about his ministry and life journey to Iceland. …

Breaking Out 3

2012-07-19 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this week's podcast we have a life lesson called Choose Life by David Parry, a testimony from Sarah and a reflection called Heaven's Attic by Kate Bruce. We hope you enjoy.

Breaking Out- 2

2012-07-12 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this programme the theme is forgiveness and hope. We listen to a life lesson from John Smallwood called Forgiveness and Guilt Sits Heavy in the Pit of My Stomach by Kate Bruce. Followed by an interview with the folks from Etembeni, which literally means a place of hope. We hope you enjoy this weekly podcast.

Breaking Out- 1

2012-07-06 :: (Breakout Radio)
In this programme of Breaking Out, Breakout Radio talk to Gram Seed about alcohol, drugs, prison, living on the streets of Middlesbrough and how his life has been transformed.


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