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Sunday on the Front Stoop – Aldo Leopold: The Land Pyramid

2015-04-05 :: admin Length: 2s
We will explore Aldo Leopold’s concept of the Land Pyramid.  Born in 1887 and growing up in what was then wilderness Iowa, he defined in his mature writings the idea of conservation of nature.  His seminal book, A Sand County Almanac, stands as a testament to his belief that there is a way for humans […]…

World Beyond Belief – After the Verdict In Hampstead: The Logical Next Steps

2015-04-04 :: admin Length: 2s
Episode 137 – The verdict has been rendered in a family court by Mrs. Pauffley and it demonstrated the willingness of the establishment (government) to shield the satanic murderers and child rapists and indict the mother who originally called attention to this monstrous problem in the first case.  Was there anyone out there who thought […]…

Bridges Programming – Bonfire Has a Lot On Her Mind…

2015-04-03 :: admin Length: 2s
Bonfire has a lot on her mind……

World Call In – Are We Addicted to Money?

2015-04-01 :: admin Length: 1s
What is money?  What is it good for?  Do we need it for the things we really need?  The answers to these questions may seem obvious… but maybe we need to examine them more closely.  Maybe it’s time for a re-think.…

Sunday on the Front Stoop – Freedom and Democracy

2015-03-29 :: admin Length: 1s
Do you agree that our freedom & democracy is better than living in a country ruled by a dictator?  Would you be happy living in the Middle East, with ALL that oil under the ground, and having your President replaced by a dictator?  For example, decades ago when a democratically-elected leader of Iran was pulled […]…

World Beyond Belief – Interviews Jan Wallace on Health

2015-03-28 :: admin Length: 1s
This week WBB interviews an incredible healer and health advocate, Jan Wallace.  Jan discusses the use of MMS in healing and using it in combination with DMSO to achieve remarkable results.  These incredible substances seem to be the answer to many health problems plaguing the planet. We also discuss the impending trial of Daniel Smith […]…

Bridges Programming – About that Sun…

2015-03-27 :: admin Length: 1s
Yes, what about that sun?  Well, for the first half of our program we will be talking to Alicia Valdes, President and CEO of Bright Solar Systems in Tampa, Florida, and three of her associates about just that topic.  Alicia is young and dynamic and determined to have her company be a big part of […]…

World Call In – Humans Are Innately Creative

2015-03-25 :: admin Length: 2s
We ask, how can I make this better?  We build on each others discoveries and understanding and on our own synthesis of what we observe and experience.  We are fully capable of making our economic systems better. We can make our economics serve humanity and preserve nature.  We don’t want to ignore the tragic symptoms […]…

Sunday on the Front Stoop – The Cost of Education

2015-03-22 :: admin Length: 2s
All these years when America had free grade school and free high school, why has college been SO expensive?  When a student graduates high school the average age is 18.  That’s the same age when he or she can become a military soldier.  If they could not afford that expensive college, they’ve been told to […]…

Word Beyond Belief welcomes back Ole Dammegard

2015-03-21 :: admin Length: 2s
Ole has just returned from his whirlwind tour of Northern Europe where he lectured and continued to investigate some of the biggest hoaxes of recent history.  He synopsizes his travel and explains some of his unusual encounters.  Ole demonstrates through his actions and interactions some ways in which he tries to lighten the world through […]…

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