Last update: 2011-11-13

#83 - Modern Tea Party 3

2011-11-13 Length: 1h 16m 18s

Hosts: Barry, Mike & Robbie

If you're looking for a podcast where you can learn about Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and the best way to drink Earl Grey all in the same show, then you've come to the right place.  After the 'show that n…

#82 - Literal Translations

2011-10-28 Length: 55m 18s

A special episode of the BrutalGamer Podcast this week, coming from Vienna, Austria. Barry is joined by VICE magazine's Games Editor, Josef Zorn and they spend the hour discussing everything from Max Payne 3 and Zelda: Skyward Sword, to rude shop assis…

#81 - Losing Those Souls

2011-10-19 Length: 1h 44m 48s

Hosts: Barry, Mike & Jeff

The Brutal Gamer podcast returns in the midst of a tidal wave of new games.  There's some news as well, as we discuss the Arkham City online pass, Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, Microsoft's purchase of Twisted Pi…

BONUSCAST: Interview With R.A. Salvatore

2011-10-09 Length: 22m 39s

A couple of weeks ago, Amy got a chance to have a chat with multi million selling author R. A. Salvatore about his books, including Neverwinter and the Drizzt character, as well as his involvement with 38 Studios and Reckoning.

#80 - Thirty Pounds Of Skin

2011-10-06 Length: 1h 32m 18s

Hosts:  Barry & Mike

In the spirit of keeping the podcast to some kind of regular release schedule, Barry and Mike leave Zeth suffering with Dark Souls to record a podcast.  There's discussion of the dreadful Deus Ex: Human Revolut…

#79 - The Basil Exposition

2011-09-29 Length: 1h 23m 27s

This past week, Mike and Zeth went to a small event called the Eurogamer Expo, and as a result, there's a boat load of games to talk about including, but not limited to, Rage, Joe Danger: The Movie, Awesomenauts, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Need …

#78 - Just Rolling

2011-09-20 Length: 54m 30s

Hosts: Barry & Mike

After an unscheduled month long hiatus, the Brutal Gamer Podcast is back, as Barry and Mike gather around the campfire to have a chat about some of the bigger stories that have made the gaming news while we've been away, …

#77 - A Bitchin' Castle

2011-08-23 Length: 1h 1m 30s

Hosts: Barry, Mike & Justin

After yet another unscheduled break, the Brutal Gamer Podcast returns.  This time, Barry tells us all about Minecraft Pocket Edition, Justin tells us what he's been doing with his shiny new PS3 and Mike talks…

#76 - (Dis)Respecting The Blue Bomber

2011-08-03 Length: 50m 15s

Hosts: Barry, Zeth, Leigh & Mike

After a short break, the Brutal Gamer Podcast returns, opening with Barry's attempt at an obituary for Mega Man and a dicussion as to whether the Mega Man games are actually that good.  In addition, we d…

#75 - Tangerine Out Of Cello

2011-07-20 Length: 1h 1m 46s

Hosts: Barry, Zeth, Mike, Jeff & Leigh

This week, we have a five person panel for the first time in a long time, as Jeff makes his return to the show.  Leigh talks about the new Captain America game, Barry has an obsession with your mot…

#74 - Losing Man Cards

2011-07-06 Length: 41m 12s

Hosts: Barry, Mike & Leigh

This week, we celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day by having an all European cast on the show.  Barry and Leigh have a discussion about the latest Transformers movie and various types of alcohol, Mike tal…

#73 - The Minion Invasion

2011-06-28 Length: 55m 52s

Hosts: Barry, Mike, Dale & Amy

We return for our first regular show in nearly a month, and we're off to a great start with Barry dosed up to the eyeballs on painkillers and Amy trying to control a horde of minions.  Well, one minion rea…

E3 2011 Special

2011-06-10 Length: 1h 0m 43s

Hosts: Leigh, Mike & Dale

A small event known as E3 happened recently, and while we weren't there in person, we did discuss the press conferences of Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and squeeze it all into a 60 minute show.  Fi…


2011-05-22 Length: 1h 7m 51s

Brutal Gamer Pre-Recorded Radio Show Of Awesomeness.

Hosts: Zeth, Leigh, Mike & Dale

The Brutal Gamer Podcast returns, or something resembling it.  This week, the team talk Brink, Dwarfs?!, Alan Wake, the PSN Welcome Back…

#71 - Billy Bob Joe Jump Rocket

2011-05-09 Length: 42m 52s

Hosts: Barry, Mike, Leigh & Dale

It's an awesome foursome on the podcast this week, as the crew discusses PSN's lack of security software and the games they've been playing over the course of the past week.  In addition, we actually hav…

#70 - Leigh Does Dublin

2011-04-30 Length: 55m 3s

With this episode, the second season of the Brutal Gamer Podcast ends.  Well, it will until we forget about it and carry on as normal next week.  This week's podcast panel consists of Barry, Mike, Leigh and Dale, as we talk PSN outages, Ninte…

#69 - Running Like C(l)ockwork

2011-04-22 Length: 1h 2m 22s

This week's episode of the podcast features a genius, a dynamic go-getter and a man from Ireland.  Well, it definately contains some of them.  Barry returns to the host chair, joined by Zeth, Mike, Amy (briefly) and podcast debutant Dale.&nbs…

#68 - Hats and Wangs

2011-04-11 Length: 48m 9s

After a Mother's Day break, the Brutal Gamer Podcast returns with Zeth, Mike and Amy in the virtual studio.  There's discussion of Crysis 2 and WWE All Stars, along with the portrayal of female protaganists in games, Anonymous hacking Sony, commen…

#67 - Ghostbusted

2011-03-29 Length: 1h 1m 54s

This week, we have an awesome foursome along for the ride, as Zeth, Mike, Amy and Leigh discuss a lot of subjects, including the 3DS launch and pre-order numbers, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Geohot going on his Geoholidays, Duke Nukem (Taking) Fore…

#66 - Barry Money

2011-03-25 Length: 1h 6m 11s

The 66th episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is here, where we talk about Jersey Shore, our favourite hats and even some video games as well.  Zeth and Mike are joined by Amy for a few minutes, then Leigh takes over the third chair.  Th…

#65 - You Only Prestige Twice

2011-03-15 Length: 58m 44s

After a week off, the Brutal Gamer Podcast returns, despite some technical difficulties meaning the entire show is taken from the Skype recorder backup.  This week, Barry and Mike are here as usual, joined by the most recent addition to the wri…

#64 - WTF?

2011-03-01 Length: 38m 34s

Barry and Mike return for the 64th edition of the Brutal Gamer Podcast.  On this week's show, we discuss trailers that are both awesome (Battlefield 3 and Skyrim) and just plain weird (We Dare).  In addition, we mention Lucid Games' rise f…

#63 - Talking Out Of Your Abdomen

2011-02-22 Length: 35m 42s

A short episode this week, as Barry and Mike do things a little differently.  There's some quick fire news, including a look at the top 50 video game characters, as compiled by Guinness.  There's also some talk about Battlefield, Stacking and…

#62 - World of Guitar Duty

2011-02-13 Length: 1h 3m 1s

For the first time this year, we have a three man team with Barry, Zeth and Mike attending.  This week, we discuss Mike's hands on time with the 3DS, Test Drive Unlimited 2, some news (mostly concerning Activision) and the annualisation of video g…

#61 - Gastrogasm

2011-02-06 Length: 39m 1s

At the last second, Zeth and Mike get together to record another episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast.  They talk about Dead Space 2, a few news bits, Mike's impending trip to get a look at the 3DS, Zeth's game development history and whether or no…

#60 - Bringing Sexty Back

2011-02-01 Length: 49m 58s

The landmark 60th episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast features another skeleton crew, this week consisting of Barry and Mike.  Naturally, there's plenty of PSP2/NGP talk on the show, as well as the games of the week, the Anarchy Reigns teaser, …

#59 - Big Fairy Cakes

2011-01-26 Length: 42m 23s

Rather than miss a week, a skeletal crew of Zeth and Mike came together to record a quick episode of the podcast.  Topics discussed this week include LittleBigPlanet 2, DC Universe Online, the seemingly imminent closure of Bizarre Creations, offic…

#58 - Charlie's In The Hole!

2011-01-19 Length: 1h 9m 43s

A few days before the recent new details regarding the Nintendo 3DS, Barry, Zeth, Mike and Leigh settled down for a podcas…

#57 - Hot Coffee Is Hot

2011-01-13 Length: 47m 47s

The first Brutal Gamer Podcast of 2011 is upon us.  At the second attempt, a skeletal cast of a poorly Zeth and a tired Mike hold the fort, in a shorter than usual episode.  There's discussion of what games were played over the Christmas p…

Game Of The Year 2010 Edition

2010-12-21 Length: 1h 46m 47s

It's time for yet another look back at 12 months in gaming, as Leigh, Zeth, Mike and Harry talk about various games that delighted, confused and irritated them through the course of 2010.  In addition, other members of the Brutal Gamer staff ch…

#56 - Killer Ladies

2010-12-09 Length: 1h 6m 31s

Over 2 hours of recording has been condensed into 66 minutes of chatter, as Barry, Mike and Jeff return to discuss modern games such as Total Annihilation and Super Mario All-Stars, as well as some Gran Turismo 5 and yet more Assassin's Creed Brothe…

#55 - Cataclysmysmwysmbysm

2010-11-28 Length: 53m 18s

After last week's slight train wreck, Leigh returns to the podcast to join Barry, Mike and Jeff.  We discussed things such as Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Black Ops (again) and Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom.  In addition, we talk about w…

#54 - Rage Apathy'd

2010-11-23 Length: 44m 13s

This week's Brutal Gamer Podcast is a shortish episode, featuring Barry, Mike and Jeff.  They discuss Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and Sonic Colours, as well as the recent events at Bizarre Creations, Jeff's exp…

#53 - Murky Lego

2010-11-17 Length: 48m 15s

It's time for Episode 53 of the Brutal Gamer Podcast.  This week, Barry, Mike and Jeff talk about an obscure game that came in under the radar in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops.  But fear not, there won't be any spoilers here.  I…

#52 - Codename: Arthur

2010-11-09 Length: 1h 6m 3s

The Brutal Gamer Podcast hits it's 52nd episode, which means there's now an episode for every week of the year.  This week, Barry, Leigh, Mike and Jeff ramble on for a while about a few things, some of which involve video games.  Jeff talk…

#51 - Water You Talking About?

2010-11-02 Length: 45m 55s

For this week's episode, we revert back to an all European hosting line-up of Barry, Mike and Leigh.  After they discuss the games they've been playing, things kind of drift a little.  There's some brief mentions of people Leigh has never hea…

#49 - Massive Flying Unit

2010-10-26 Length: 1h 14m 6s

We're back!

Despite most of the team's complete lack of internet access over the weekend, we managed to club together and record our first completely new episode since the Eurogamer Expo.  This week, Jeff takes a stab at hosting, with Mike …

#48 - Absolute Cobblers

2010-10-19 Length: 30m 42s

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were once again unable to record a new episode of the podcast this week.  However, rather than just put nothing out, we've cobbled together a 30 minute compilation show featuring highli…

Extra Life Is This Saturday

2010-10-14 Length: 2m 53s

A reminder that the Extra Life 24-hour video game marathon takes place this Saturday 16th October.  We're less than $100 off our team target of $750 and we need your help to push us over the target.  Any donation, large or small, is greatly a…

Eurogamer Expo 50th Episode Special (Reposted)

2010-10-03 Length: 1h 22m 59s

If you count the specials, technically it's the 50th.

For the 50th time, the Brutal Gamer crew sat down t…

#47 - Press B To Cortana

2010-09-28 Length: 54m 48s

"Cortana!  Cortana!"

With very little news to speak of, this week's episode of the podcast is quite…

#46 - Reach DMC

2010-09-18 Length: 45m 30s

And we're back.

After an unscheduled break, the Brutal Gamer Podcast team are back.  In this slight…

#45 - One Million Dollars

2010-09-06 Length: 1h 18m 24s

A hefty ransom?

For the 45th episode, Jeff (or is it Zeth?) makes a return to the podcast to join Barry, Mike and Leigh to chat about many things, including (but not limited to) these things: -

- Life Achievements
- What We've Been P…

#44 - The Master Contraption Of Awesomeness

2010-09-01 Length: 1h 9m 28s

One man survives to tell the tale.


This week’s podcast contains new music, slightly better audio quality and a lot of talking.  This week’s team consists of Barry, Leigh, Mike and Zet…

#43 - Furry Irish Robots

2010-08-22 Length: 59m 14s

Podcasters, stand by!

We're back on track, as Barry, Mike and Leigh band together to record another epis…

#42 - Growing Your Whale

2010-08-17 Length: 1h 23m 14s

I think that's what Barry said.

The team are back for a slightly longer than normal show.  We have a…

#41 - Helicopter Ballet

2010-08-07 Length: 55m 14s

It actually worked this time!

Yes, a successful, trouble free recording sees the return of the Brutal Ga…

#40 - Over The Hill

2010-07-29 Length: 54m 7s

Middle-aged and crazy...

...but enough about Zeth.  The Brutal Gamer Podcast has somehow made it …

#39 - Balls Of Steel

2010-07-18 Length: 59m 7s

Falcon Punch!

Just after the 1 year annivesary of the return of the Brutal Gamer Podcast, we do a show…

#38 - T.M.I.

2010-07-12 Length: 57m 48s

Technical hitches and things you didn't want to know about.

Due to circumstances beyond our control (re…

#37 - On The Back End

2010-07-04 Length: 50m 53s

Proposterously outlandish.

The Brutal Gamer Podcast is here once again, as Zeth returns to join Barry …

#36 - One Lollipop Or Two?

2010-06-29 Length: 32m 29s

Short, but not necessarily sweet.

The Brutal Gamer Podcast is back in action, albeit with a slightly skeletal c…

#35 - Pre-E3 Special: Peeking Into The Great Abyss

2010-06-13 Length: 54m 0s

And now for something completely different.

This week's episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is a little…

#34 - Little Chestnut Horsies

2010-06-09 Length: 1h 19m 23s

Time to mosey on into town.

OK, OK, enough of the Western style puns for Red Dead Redemption.  Bu…

#33 - Dinner Time

2010-05-30 Length: 1h 0m 12s

Would you like some sausages with your podcast?

This week, Barry attempts to host a podcast while cooki…

#32 - £2 Bottle Of Wine

2010-05-23 Length: 1h 15m 47s

After techincal issues last week, the Brutal Gamer Podcast is back to invade your earholes.  In a nice way, hopefully.  This week, we have Barry, Leigh, Mike, Sean and Lindsey talking about all sorts of things, including (but not lim…

#31 - Dragon Age: Oranges

2010-05-09 Length: 1h 5m 58s

Also known as the Tired & Sickcast

The Brutal Gamer team battle tiredness and the Black Lung to bri…

#30 - Operation: Salvage 2 - Electric Boogaloo

2010-05-01 Length: 58m 41s

For the first time in months, Audacity throws a complete wobbler.

Many moons ago, Barry was hosting an …

Splinter Cell Conviction Special

2010-04-29 Length: 41m 50s

Just what is Sam Fisher’s favourite colour?


We’ve got a special bonus episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast this week, as Barry, Zeth, Leigh and Sean talk in depth about Sam Fisher’s …

#29 - He's A Very Naughty Boy

2010-04-26 Length: 1h 3m 51s

Five alive!

Off the rails and off it's head, Episode 29 of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is ready to eat.&n…

#28 - 'I Just Did A TK'

2010-04-18 Length: 1h 1m 50s

Three old voices, and a shiny new one.

The team is back for another episode.  This time, Zeth, Mik…

#27 - Cooking With Barry

2010-04-07 Length: 58m 34s

No audio lost this week, which is a plus.

Another freshly baked (or, more accurately, half baked) episo…

#26 - Return Of The Rant

2010-03-28 Length: 1h 7m 31s

A fresh new episode for your listening pleasure.

We're back with the slightly delayed 26th edition of t…

#25 - Bogey Gamer

2010-03-09 Length: 56m 20s

Somehow, we made it to the silver number.

The Brutal Gamer Podcast reaches 25 episodes and we celebrate…

#24 - Norman Jayden: Spaceman

2010-03-02 Length: 1h 12m 30s

A brand new episode with a little extra bonus at the end.

This week's episode of the Brutal Gamer Podca…

#23 - F***ing Psychic

2010-02-23 Length: 45m 10s

Marvel as we actually decide to record a show.

This edition of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is a little dif…

#22 - The Pugil Stick Of Gaming Love

2010-01-29 Length: 55m 7s

Gladiators references ahoy!

Well, that was the only Gladiators reference, actually.  But the fresh…

#21 - Trying To Go Solo

2010-01-22 Length: 34m 27s

A post-GotY fatigued edition.

Game Of The Year 2009 Special

2010-01-17 Length: 1h 26m 58s
The episode we've been threatening to do has finally arrived.

Yes, Brutal Gamer has arrived unfashionably late (which I guess just makes us late) to the Game Of The Year party.  Join Viatrophy, Moosehound, Ognawk and Keats as they celebrate …

#20 - Farmville vs. Sackboy

2010-01-12 Length: 41m 35s

A new episode?  Surely some mistake!

Game Of The Year Podcast Announcment

2009-12-21 Length: 2m 5s
The last Brutal Gamer Podcast of 2009 is approaching.  Get involved!

We are geared up for our final podcast of 2009 here at Brutal Gamer Towers, and it will be a Game of the Year Podcast.  Obviously.

At the time of writing, we …

#19 - The Language Of Knob

2009-12-11 Length: 38m 20s

After a week off, the Brutal Gamer Podcast is back.

The 19th, slightly shorter than normal episode of the Br…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #18 Thirty Foot Spiked Vagina

2009-11-26 Length: 1h 1m 0s
Ready, willing and decidedly unable. The freshly legal 18th episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is here, and we're back to a 3 host line-up this week, as Moosehound, Viatrophy and Ognawk talk about the following: - What We've Been Playing Tony Hawk…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #17 Auntie Mario

2009-11-19 Length: 55m 17s
We're back to a weekly schedule here at the BG Podcast. Episode 17 of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is all up in here, so to speak. Once again, Moosehound and Ognawk are your wittering hosts as they witter on about the following: - What We've Been Playi…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #16 Your Own Recorded Rectum

2009-11-13 Length: 1h 32m 31s
Podcast alive! Not quite as snappy as 'Man alive', I guess. After a 2 week hiatus, the Brutal Gamer Podcast makes it's glorious return, with a slightly different format for the sweet sixteenth episode. Your hosts for this bumper edition are Moosehoun…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #15 Crapaoke Tapioca

2009-10-23 Length: 58m 33s
Technical problems? On this podcast? Surely some mistake. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Viatrophy was removed from Skype, so Moosehound and Ognawk soldier on to talk about the following topics. What We've Been Playing Infinity Ward Bans MW2 De…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #14 Dirty Pirate

2009-10-15 Length: 40m 37s
Another week, another episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast. This week's show features Ognawk and Viatrophy, as they try, and fail, to keep straight faces while talking about the following: - What We've Been Playing Wii Cyberbike AKA Wii Peripheral M…

Brutal Gamer Podcast: #13 Hobbit Omelettes

2009-10-08 Length: 1h 10m 25s
Unlucky for us? Probably. This week's episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is a bit later than normal, due to internet problems earlier in the week. However, we are back to a 3-man crew this week, as Moosehound, Ognawk and Viatrophy witter on about th…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #12 Numeric Inhibitions

2009-09-30 Length: 56m 50s
It's the dirty dozenth episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast. Is 'dozenth' even a word? This week, it's another of our famous 2-man shows, as your intrepid hosts Moosehound and Ognawk manage to turn what was supposed to be a short half hour show into a…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #11 How To Torture A Milo

2009-09-22 Length: 1h 10m 12s
For the first time ever, Episode 11 is here. A longer show than normal this week, as Cod, Viatrophy and Ognawk bring a lot of long discussion to the podcast this week, including the following: - What We've Been Playing Extra Life Promo250GB Modern …

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #10 No Refunds, No Returns

2009-09-16 Length: 52m 9s
Once again, the Brutal Gamer Podcast has reached it's 10th episode. That's right, we've reached double digits. Again. And to celebrate, Ognawk, Moosehound and Viatrophy have a completely formal and on-topic video games discussion. Well, maybe no…

Brutal Gamer Podcast: #9 Invincible Titanium Bushes

2009-09-08 Length: 33m 42s
A surprisingly trouble free episode this week. A short and sweet show this week, as Viatrophy and Ognawk manage to go off track several times while attempting to talk about games. How many other gaming podcasts discuss absinthe and Saturday morning ki…

Brutal Gamer Podcast: #8 Operation: Salvage

2009-09-02 Length: 45m 58s
Some technical issues, but we managed to scrape some kind of show together. With Audacity deciding to remove Keats' audio from existence, this week's episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast is hosted by Ognawk, Moosehound and Cod. After some stitching wor…

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #7 Hypothetical Crap

2009-08-25 Length: 1h 21m 33s

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #6 Moving Swiftly On

2009-08-18 Length: 1h 4m 56s

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #5 Keats' Art Fetish

2009-08-11 Length: 58m 59s
Here it is, Episode 5 of the Brutal Gamer Podcast.

We've got a full strength crew of 3 once again.  This week, your hosts are Keats, Ognawk and Viatrophy.  They go off on a lot of tangents, but here's the basics of what they discuss.

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #4 Getting To Know You

2009-08-04 Length: 32m 42s

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #3 Skype Wars

2009-07-28 Length: 58m 55s

Brutal Gamer Podcast - #2 Damn...

2009-07-20 Length: 52m 48s

Brutal Gamer podcast - #1 We're back baby!

2009-07-13 Length: 1h 3m 13s
Show notes: intro what we've been playing LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year edition & Ghostbusters costumes. Sony saying they are 'No longer playing catch up to Xbox Live' LucasArts games on Steam Michael Jackson game EVE Online bank robbing…

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