Last update: 2006-03-23

Buffycast 1-13

2006-03-23 Length: 44s
"So, Descartes Walks Into Willy's Bar..." And Willy says, "you want a beer?" Descartes replies, "I think not," and vanishes. Normal Again is the topic of the day as we ponder whether this is the single most important episode in the Buffyverse.…

Buffycast 1-12

2005-12-07 Length: 40s
"My Little Punkin Belly" Do you dislike Dawn? Well, we aren't here to talk you out of it, but maybe you'll show her a bit more love after our discussion of the good, the bad and the downright laughable about Buffy's kid sister.…

Buffycast 1-10

2005-10-28 Length: 41s
"W Heart T" As we researched this episode, we were astonished to learn that a few good things did in fact happen to Willow and Tara. That's sure not what we remember.…

Buffycast 1-9

2005-10-18 Length: 31s
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" We considered paying tribute to our favorite episode by giving you thirty minutes of silence, but figured you'd find an audible discussion of "Hush" more enjoyable.…

Buffycast 1-8

2005-10-08 Length: 27s
"Angel, Version 1.0" Storywise, L.A. Angel may be the best character in the Buffyverse. Sunnydale Angel is the anti-L.A. Angel. References Seasons 1-3 and 5-7.…

Buffycast 1-7

2005-09-28 Length: 20s
"Mr. Spike, Dr. Freud Will See You Now" Spike takes a seat on the couch as we explore just what it is this fool for love is looking for. This show references seasons 2-7.…

Buffycast 1-6

2005-09-16 Length: 33s
"Civil Serpent" By golly, put aside that Playstation and bowie knife because we've got three words: Mayor. Richard. Wilkins.…

Buffycast 1-5

2005-09-08 Length: 21s
"Hey, Who Ordered the Hot Chicks with Superpowers?" Was Buffy's decision to share her slayer power a case of the-more-the-merrier or misery-loves-company?…

Buffycast 1-4

2005-08-31 Length: 27s
"We Come to Praise the Body and to Bury It" It's the one that made Whedon fans everywhere cry "Emmy!" So why is one of Buffy's best epsiodes under suspicion for breaking the show's dynamics?…

Buffycast 1-3

2005-08-24 Length: 27s
This week, we look at the curious treatment of one Xander Harris in "Dude, Where's My Character Arc?"…

Buffycast 1-2

2005-08-17 Length: 24s
This is our first full episode, in which we discuss Welcome to the Hellmouth and the Harvest and respond to our first email!…

Buffycast 1-1

2005-08-09 Length: 4s
Introduction to Buffycast. We present a short promo introducing ourselves and describing our show.…

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