Last update: 2010-01-12

CLD112 Happy New Year

2010-01-12 Length: 27m 53s

CLD112 Happy New Year everybody!!!! 

Jonathan and Gabe are re-united in Los Angeles to kick start the new year.

Gabe's new year began with a bang but it's a rocky road that's drying out fast.

Jonathan's started with a pop and has hit a stop.

The boys are planning the whole of 2010 in close detail, listen in, you might just learn somethin...

CLD111 Is Gabe Smarter than a 5th Grader

2009-09-14 Length: 28m 21s

CLD111 They're back! It's Gabe's birthday, but as usual his birthday plans may not run smoothly and Jonathan isn't helping. Someone with Gabe's brain power surely could manage to organise a simple birthday party right??? This show is for Ashley who we are thinking of lots and love very much. X …

CLD110 With Signing for the Deaf

2009-06-10 Length: 25m 13s

Show 110 Gabe is LIVE in the room next to his latest hot thing. We get the yoga low-down before the moves have even finished. Jonathan has gym guy lust and dilemma with what to do about it. But above all, Gabe thoughtfully and sensitively provides signing for all deaf listeners.... …

CLD109 Swine Flu Special

2009-05-04 Length: 31m 22s

CLD108 Gays With Guns

2009-03-22 Length: 32m 4s
Show 108 The boys have been VERY busy and dish the details on their TV drag debut, shooting with real big scary guns, the perils of the Los Angeles Zoo and all of the drunken fun they got up to on St Pattys. PLUS Jonathan and Gabe catch up with Nelson Melegrito, founder of DIVA and find out all about what his organization do and his new charity project. Gabe tries to be gaycist, but it won't wash with Jonathan. Then he resorts to chemical warfare. It's a rootin' tootin' jam packed show! THE ONLY SHOW TO COME FROM LONDON and L.A. -AT THE SAME TIME …

CLD107 CLD Turns 3 at an Oscar Party

2009-02-24 Length: 15m 40s

Show 107 Happy Birthday us!!! Jonathan & Gabe celebrate CLD's 3rd birthday together at Jennifer Love Hewitt's big Oscars bash in West Hollywood. The most guests ever on one show- Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress Jane Lynch, Niecy Nash from Reno 911, Candis Cayne from Dirty Sexy Money all take time out from partying to tell the boys everything they have to say about the Oscars and who they are supporting. THE ONLY SHOW TO COME FROM LONDON and L.A. -AT THE SAME TIME …

CLD106 Do You Want To Get Famous?

2009-02-16 Length: 18m 7s

Show 106 Do You Want To Get Famous???? Jonathan & Gabe get to meet Howard Bragman, author of new book Where's My Fifteen Minutes? No one knows Hollywood better than Howard Bragman. For more than thirty years he has helped movie stars, celebrities and business leaders get their messages out, in good times and bad. The boys head out on a mission to meet Howard and get some showbiz tips. THE ONLY SHOW TO COME FROM LONDON and L.A. -AT THE SAME TIME. CHECK OUT THE BOOK …

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