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Episode 7: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes REVIEW! (FULL SPOILERS!)

2014-07-15 Length: 59s

The wait is over and the guys finally got to see their most anticipated movie of the year, and it certainly did not disappoint.  Listen in as we give our best ape impressions, talk about Kevin Smith's new movie TUSK, and the possibility of making our own short film.

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Episode 6: On The Road Again

2014-06-27 Length: 51s

The dynamic duo are back!  While driving through America's heartland, Chris and Tim talk about some current movie castings, trailer reviews and superhero TV news.  They also discuss Chris' new Kickstarter campaign for his graphic novel SUIT, which is now LIVE!!  All backers of SUIT will get a shout out on future episodes of the podcast! 

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Episode 19: Based on a True Story

2014-06-03 Length: 1s

This week the gang catches up on some of the pop culture happenings since we last recorded and chat about movies that are based on a true story...the good, the bad, and the scary.  

Episode 5: The Art of Creating Art

2014-04-29 Length: 1s

Chris introduces his graphic novel "SUIT" that we have been teasing for a bit, while Tim talks about his process of composing music.  Find out their inspirations behind their process and what lies ahead in the future!

EPISODE 18: Reality TV Round-Up

2014-04-17 Length: 1s

Holly takes the lead this week as we discuss the best and worst of reality TV.  There are some rather embarrassing confessions, and surprisingly they are not all from Tim.

Episode 4: Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis Recap

2014-04-08 Length: 1s

The guys mingled with their fellow nerds at the Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis the past weekend. Grab a drink and listen in as they review the new Ninja Turtles trailer, Captain America 2: The Winter Solider and the whole Comic Con experience.  Preview:  Tim likes to touch stuff.  A LOT.

Episode 17: What is Potpourri?

2014-04-01 Length: 1s

The IPCRH gang gets their Jeopardy vibe going with a variety of discussion topics this week.  Topics include recent J-Law backlash, the rise of the anti-hero in television, and we even get a little saucy discussing nudity and profanity in pop culture.

Episode 3: Heroes in a Half Shell

2014-03-18 Length: 1s

Cowabunga!  Tim and Chris take you down the sewer and discuss The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episode 16: Summer and Fall Movie Preview

2014-03-17 Length: 55s

The IPCRH gang discusses the upcoming 2014 movies that have them ready to smuggle candy and beer into the movie theater. 

Episode 2: Just Over the Horizon

2014-03-11 Length: 52s

The CAW duo bring you the hottest nerd news by discussing this summer’s upcoming superhero movies, television shows and comics.

Episode 15: Oscars and Cat Phonetics

2014-03-04 Length: 1s

In this week's episode, we cover the fashion, hosting, singing, winners, and losers (sorry Leo) of the 2014 Academy Awards.  Also, Holly learns what TWSS means.  

Episode 1: Welcome to the Batcave

2014-03-04 Length: 50s

Tim and Chris shine a bright light on the dark knight.  In this debut episode the CAW crew talk about the evolution of Batman along predictions of the caped crusader’s Hollywood future.

Episode 14: The Grammys and Netflix Original Series Chat

2014-01-29 Length: 1s

What would a pop culture discussion be without a little Bieber chat, and some discussion of upcoming Netflix original series.  Then, we break down our thoughts on "Music's Biggest Night", and come to the conclusion that our opinions make us sound like geriatrics.  Find out who we thought was the biggest buzz-kill of the night, our favorite Grammy tweets, and who was the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" of the night.  

Episode 13: The Golden Globe Awards Recap and Saturday Night Live Alum

2014-01-14 Length: 1s

Between Tina and  Amy hosting, Jimmy and Seth presenting, and wins going to Amy and Andy, the 2014 Golden Globes showcased how well that group of Saturday Night Live alum are doing for themselves.

In addition to discussing the SNL cast members who have gone on to do bigger and better things (and those who unfortunately peaked on the show), we break down the hits and misses of The Golden Globe Awards.  Complete with our very own Holly, turned Joan Rivers, guiding us down the red carpet.

Episode 12: Our Pop Culture Favorites of 2013

2014-01-07 Length: 59s

A new year means it is time for the obligatory look back at all things pop culture in 2013.  We discuss our favorite movies, music, TV shows, and books (well those of us who read) of the past year, and take look into our crystal ball of pop to talk about what we are excited to see in 2014.  We also review one of the biggest most buzzed about movies of 2013.

Episode 11: Christmas Pop!

2013-12-18 Length: 1s

Tis the season for holiday pop culture saturation.  This week we discuss our favorite holiday movies, songs, and television specials.  Tim quizzes the group to see if they can spot the Hallmark Original Christmas movie versus something made up that sounds equally terrible.   

Episode 10: Make Me Laugh and Call Me Pretty

2013-12-10 Length: 1s

This week the gang presents 4 nominations for best romantic comedy.  Only one comes out as the victor.  Hear us all state our case for our favorites and raz each other (Tim) for less than compelling arguments.  Per the usual, we share our references with you for the week, and riff on current pop culture absurdity.

Episode 9: The State Of Television

2013-12-03 Length: 55s

This week we discuss how evolving technology is changing the way we watch television.  We debate the pros and cons of binge watching shows, and we talk about whether or not we think streaming services will alter the outcome of ongoing series.

Episode 8: Films From Our Youth

2013-11-18 Length: 1s

As kids of the 80's and 90's, we discuss our favorite animated and live action films from our childhood.  We breakdown current pop culture news, and share our references for the week.  

Episode 7: Celebrity Crushes

2013-11-05 Length: 52s

As kids of the 90's, we reminisce about our childhood celebrity crushes, and discuss some of our current crushes as well.  As always, we break down some current pop culture news and share our references for the week.

Episode 6: Horror Films and Halloween TV Specials

2013-10-21 Length: 1s

This week the gang's all back to discuss what scares us when it comes to horror films, and we share some of our favorite Halloween centric TV episodes.  As always we breakdown current pop culture news, and share our references for the week.

Episode 5: Books Adapted for Film and Television

2013-10-15 Length: 1s

This week we discuss books that have been adapted for the big and small screen alike.  Find out which fictional teen heartthrob Chris was excited to see brought to life, learn the title of the one book Tim has read, and hear Jennifer's take on Fifty Shades of Grey casting.  Tim goes off on tangents, and we share our references for the week.

Episode 4: Television Series Finales

2013-10-07 Length: 1s

In light of the Breaking Bad series finale, we discuss TV series finales.  We go over some shows that gave us satisfying conclusions, as well as other shows that missed the mark thereby tainting the whole series.  Per the usual, we give you some of our signature randomness thrown in to the mix with our pop culture news and references for the week. 

Episode 3: Great Comedy Films

2013-09-29 Length: 1s

This week we each submit a tribute for a great comedy film battle.  Hear us state our cases for Zoolander, Wet Hot American Summer, and Anchorman, and find out which one came out the victor.   We also discuss the weeks current events and share our references for the week.

Episode 2: Musical Tastes


This week we go all "Behind The Music" on you while we each defend our personal musical tastes to the group.  We also talk about current pop culture events, and we play a game of "Who said it?  Kanye West of a teenage girl on Twitter."

Episode 1: Yet Another Fall TV Preview


The gang takes on the network Fall TV schedule. We tell you which shows we are watching and which shows we think are on the fast track to cancellation. Also Jennifer, Tim and Chris give you their references for the week!

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