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The The Impotence of Proofreading and Color Me Homicidal

Today is a poetry day. One serious poem and one to make you laugh. Enjoy! -Kiersten Serious: Funny:…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pride Weekend

Happy Thursday everyone! This week is going to be an interesting and somewhat serious one in terms of the podcast so I thought I’d lighten it up here and do a quick “helpful tips” post for all our Pride attending persons this summer where ever you may be. Pride weekend is an exciting time for […]…

Collision Course Ep. 6: Education and Porn

This week on Collision Course, we talk about porn! But more than just that, we discuss the effects of porn on young minds and societal standards of what is acceptable when it comes to sex. We also dive into our own personal experiences with porn and how it’s used as an educational tool in America. […]…

The REAL World for the Job Hunting Recent College Grad

Graduating from college, in my (so far) limited experience, is kind of like jumping off of a bridge and hoping you remembered how to attach the bungee cord correctly. That may sound a bit intense but I mean every terrifying word of it. I, myself, graduated college exactly one year prior in May of 2012 […]…

Collision Course Ep. 5-Are We What We Eat?

This week on Collision Course, we are on site in Kiersten’s garage. Hookah, beers, cider and a chill night. We keep things a bit casual but talk about food and culture. We dive into what we feel about food, how America feels about/treats food, and what we feel our country should strive to do to […]…

What about body image?

It always seem so last minute when I decide to write or decide what my topic might be on. It’s been my process of writing since I was a kid. The situation was no different today. My thought process as of late has been, much of the time, on movement and exercise but tonight, I […]…

A Very Important Message

Hello everyone, I know I don’t normally post personal entries on here, but I want to make everyone who listens to our podcast and reads our blog aware of a cause that I, unfortunately, only recently discovered. Did you guys know that ethnicity is one of the most important factors when trying to match patients […]…

Collision Course Ep. 4: Let’s talk about girls…doing it.

This week on Collision Course, we hold nothing back when it comes to what lesbian dating is all about. This new segment will be the start of future episodes where we take the entire hour to discuss everything about our past with men, coming out stories, experiences with who we’ve dated, and how we handle the […]…

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Heyo! To start this off right, each week I (that is, Kiersten Ann) will be writing a piece on different topics. They may be vague or superbly specific but, as the podcast does, they will deal with different cultural thoughts, ideas and institutions. These topics will change week to week and (hopefully) be quite interesting. […]…

Collision Course Ep. 3: Reality TV and Social Media Validation

Has the definition of a celebrity changed in the past 30 years? Sakura leads the first discussion into reality TV and how that’s changed our definition of celebrity. Kiersten then switches gears into a related issue of validation through social media outlets, and how people constantly feel the need to find purpose or importance through posting on […]…

Collision Course Ep. 2-Women’s Equality and Polyamory

Do women really have it well off in today’s society? We discuss our experiences being women and Sakura goes on about how she tries to live her life so people will take her as seriously as any man. And is polyamory REALLY what shows like Sister Wives and Big Love portray? Kiersten leads us into […]…

Collision Course Episode 1

Butt Chugging? SnapChat? Is this really what the cool kids are doing nowadays? And what does your employer really think about your tats? Should you keep them a secret? We discuss further on how having tattoos affects your possibility of getting a job and what we think about anyone who’s inked! Find us on Facebook at: […]…

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