Last update: 2007-10-23

EPISODE13 - How I'm Recording My A cappella Piece

2007-10-23 :: Length: 41s
I'll talk about how I'm recording my four part a cappella song Christmas Angel and what all is involved in singing all four parts myself. …

EPISODE12 - the Evolution of Singing Technique

2007-10-16 :: Length: 32s

EPISODE11 - You Wanna Hear My Song?

2007-10-09 :: Length: 32s
You have some original music...what do you do with it? …

EPISODE10 - Genre, Genre, Who's got the Genre?

2007-10-02 :: Length: 49s
The blurring of the lines between a lot of genres and why some of them still exist and how they affect the performer. …

EPISODE9 - Professional Mindset and Artistic Intent

2007-09-25 :: Length: 23s

EPISODE8 - Interview with Gary DeVar

2007-09-18 :: Length: 55s
Gary DeVar, President of DeVar Creative Inc. in Woodstock, IL is the guest for this episode of Common Time: The Aural Report. An in depth discussion of artistic approach, collaboration and growth as a performer. …

EPISODE7 - The Benefits of a trained voice in everyday life

2007-09-10 :: Length: 51s

EPISODE6 - Please don't rain on the Labor Day Parade

2007-09-03 :: Length: 26s

EPISODE5 - Hypochondria - The singer's way of life?

2007-08-28 :: Length: 1s
Discussion about singers and sickness. …

EPISODE4 - Bad gigs gone good...Or not

2007-08-21 :: Length: 30s
Share your Bad gigs that ended right and your Bad gigs that turned worse. …

EPISODE3 - What makes a good singer?

2007-08-07 :: Length: 20s
What makes a good singer good. Who do you think is a good singer and why? …

EPISODE2 - How to Find a Voice Teacher

2007-07-31 :: Length: 29s
Some of the topics that will be covered are what to look for, where to look, what you should expect. …

EPISODE1 - Auditions and Contests

2007-07-22 :: Length: 29s
A look at how auditions and contests work, what you can do to help yourself and a look at a success story. What do YOU do to make it through? …

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