Last update: 2015-04-05

The Secret of Monkey Island

2015-04-05 Length: 42s



 Guybrush Threepwood wants to be a pirate. To do so, he must prove himself to three old pirate captains. During the perilous pirate trials, he meets the beautiful governor Elaine Marley, with whom he falls in love, unaware that the ghost pirate LeChuck also has his eyes on her. When Elaine is kidnapped, Guybrush must form a crew, hunt down LeChuck, and save his Plunder Bunny!



Console Obscura - April Fools (Playground Knowledge)

2015-03-29 Length: 1s

Join the CO gang as we wax nostalgic for April Fools Day about video game arcana and "playground knowledge" in the pre-internet era!


Console Obscura Nights - Nomad Bohemian Pilsner

2015-03-25 Length: 29s

Join the boys as they wax philosophic on love, loss, hops, and head. It's Nomad Bohemian Pilsner, and it's more than meets the eye!

 After the review, the gang suggests game pairings that are a good match for the brew in question. Join us!

 Beers and fun brought to you by Gravity Beer Market of Olympia WA.


Super Mario Brothers 2

2015-03-22 Length: 41s

It's Super Mario 2. Who are you kidding? Listen already!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

2015-03-15 Length: 1s

Console Obscura joins Tommy Vercetti as he dodges the mafia, the cartels, and random npc drivers to come out on top. First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women...


Fake Plastic Guitar Games

2015-03-08 Length: 1s

Join the gang as we reminisce about thumb blisters, hours wasted, asses rocked, and faces melted. Yes, we're highway stars coming through the fire and flames like godzilla, and we will rock you.


Also we'll talk about the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. That too.


RAWK!!!1 *throws up the horns*



Console Obscura Nights - Citrus Mistress

2015-03-01 Length: 31s

Join the gang for the inaugural episode of Console Obscura Nights, as we review Hop Valley Brewing Company's Citrus Mistress IPA, courtesy of Gravity Beer Market, Olympia Washington's premier bottle shop.


After the review, the gang suggests game pairings that are a good match for the brew in question. Join us!


Red Dead Redemption

2015-03-01 Length: 27s

We continue our western saga here at Console Obscura with a modern classic - a little noir western spaghetti western sandbox game by the name of Red Dead Redemption.




Oregon Trail

2015-02-22 Length: 53s

This week's episode: Oregon Trail! You know it, you love it, poopbutt has measles! Lose an hour to this sweet episode, and don't forget a spare wagon yoke, or the yoke is on you!



Bonus: Think you can beat our score? Bring it!



No One Lives Forever

2015-02-15 Length: 1s




Oh my gosh you guys! Ian is so excited about this week's episode, No One Lives Forever. Join Ian and Adam, get cozy, pull up a fleece blankie, and bask in the warm paisley glow of this fantastic 1960s spy fps!



Hardware and Software Emulation

2015-02-08 Length: 1s

Join Ian, Adam, Wylie, and Ben as they enjoy a rollicking roundtable discussion on all things video game emulation! Listen as old, once obsolete games and systems gain a new life and appreciation through the wonders of technology! Did you know you could build your own cocktail cabinet and play Ms. Pacman for hours? Did you know that people make music with the Commodore 64? Did you know you could play Doom with your toaster? You will!




Tecmo SuperBowl XLIX Hawks v Pats - The Deflationing

2015-01-31 Length: 27s




In this episode, Adam and Ian predict the outcome of SuperBowl XLIX in the single most accurate and irrefutable method known to modern science: a COM VS COM match in Tecmo SuperBowl 2015. Yep, that's right, Tecmo SuperBowl 2015... So tune in, find out who wins the BIG GAME, learn about an old game given new life, and don't get fined!


Special shout out to the homie Matt "Spekulation" Watson for the slappers bumpering this episode.

Check out these tunes and more at




Kid Icarus

2015-01-25 Length: 35s

Adam, Ian, Wylie, and Ben must guide Pit, a kid who looks a bit like Icarus, on his quest for three sacred treasures, which he must equip to rescue the Grecian fantasy world Angel Land and its ruler, the goddess Palutena. Your guess is as good as ours, folks.



2015-01-18 Length: 57s

Adam, Ian, Wylie, and new Console Obscura guest Ben have to defeat the evil Dark Queen on her planet and rescue their kidnapped partners Pimple and Princess Angelica from this terrible game!!! 



Dragon Warrior

2015-01-10 Length: 53s

Adam, Wylie, and Ian explore the kingdom of Alefgard with brave Erdrick to defeat the Dragon Lord and recover the Balls of Light. This was one of the jrpgs that started the fire.

Don't love this game?? But thou must!!! A SLIME DRAWS NEAR!!

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!

2015-01-10 Length: 1s

Ian, Adam, and Wylie relive the two-fisted glory that is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! Join us for the inaugural episode of Console Obscura as we laugh, cry, and learn a thing or two about video game history, life, and love...


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Console Obscura is a podcast dedicated to video games and the people who play them. Ephemera, nostalgia, absurdity, history, culture, arcana and trivia are all fair game. If you remember what a new power pad smelled like, or Ganon's laugh sounds like, OR If none of that rings a bell but you enjoy a group of funny children of the 80s talking trash, this podcast is for you. Game on!

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