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Raven’s Return and Rabbit Reefer Madness

2015-03-02 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Raven is back with the CRDP for good, and we get into several news topics but first Raven talks a bit about magic and Wicca. Siberian crater madness and Stoned rabbits are the focus of tonight’s cast, with oh so much more as usual.

—-more—- Show Notes: Stoned Rabbits in Utah The Sleepy Hollow Village  Insanity-causing vaccine No big bang? …

Our Universe Is Weird

2015-02-27 :: Frobisher Smtih

It appears that The X-Files might be returning to television, nuclear waste can be used as energy, there was no big bang, Nibiru might actually exist and parallel dimensions might interact with our own! Strange things are afoot on tonight’s cast — take a listen!

—-more—- Show notes: Return of the X-Files New planets past Pluto Nuclear waste can be used as energy source …

DNA Manipulation and the Business Plot

2015-02-15 :: Frobisher Smtih

Raven Black takes a vacation for awhile, leaving Frobisher to his own devices. This episode features the first installment of The Kelly Report, where Dr. Stephen Kelly gives us the low-down on the great Business Plot as exposed by Gen. Smedley Butler. Frobisher also talks about interesting developments in space science as well as bio-engineering.

—-more—- Show Notes:

Monster Snakes and Exploding Whales

2015-01-12 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

The holiday hiatus is over! Frobisher and Raven are back once again to talk about such things as hemp batteries, exploding whales, giant ancient snakes, and more - including a discussion of the global deluge and the fall of Atlantis. Don’t miss it!

—-more—- Hemp Supercapacitors [...]…

Frobisher Flyes Solo!

2014-11-07 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Frobisher, in the wake of Raven’s unfortunate absence due to medical issues, takes the podcast on himself. Lots of things in the wide world of the weird are discussed, hope you like it!

Did the Illuminati Invent Ebola?

2014-10-20 :: Frobisher Smtih

Yes, finally, the boys are back at it with an all new podcast. Focusing tonight on the Illuminati, the “satanic globalist Elite,” whatever name you may choose for them — Frobisher and Raven get into the nitty gritty and discuss their relationship with the Ebola virus and other sundry matters… Unfortunately the show runs a little short, but that just leaves us more time next week! Enjoy!

—-more—- Show Notes: Occult Forces Tractor Beam Created Weaponized Ebola …

Unidentified Flying Organisms!

2014-09-21 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

This week Frobisher and Raven take on “biological UFOs,” as well as rare American cryptids, mystery diseases, and as usual — robots who are TRKN R JERBS!!! The unusual and and fascinated presented to you with a skeptical yet loving attitude, the CRDP brings you another installment of podcast joy. Hope you all like it, and as usual: tell your friends!!

—-more—- …

Total Science Insanity

2014-09-12 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

With the news that the Ebola virus outbreak is uncontrollable and will likely burn itself out after the deaths of 5 million Africans, Frobisher and Raven investigate this mysterious virus’ origin, as well as other topics including strange signals from deep space, ancient rock art of flying saucers and the new “mini human” drug testing industry. Disturbing stuff indeed this week, keep your ear glued to the speaker!

—-more—- …

Valiant Thor & The Alien/Sinkhole Agenda

2014-09-04 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Frobisher and Raven are back after a two week break to poke deeply into the news of the weird and wild. With stories of sinkholes, 3D printers in space, and AI driven fighter jets we have quite a bit to talk about, and more! Who was Valiant Thor, supposed extraterrestrial consultant for several US administrations? We get into this as deep as a growing sinkhole in this episode.



Show Notes

Joan Rivers Conspiracy

AI Fighter Jets

New Sinkhole

Rise of the Robots: Vampire Plant Edition

2014-08-18 :: Frobisher Smtih

This week hive-mind mini-bots, the ancient history of North America, and a peculiar vampiric species of plant life is discussed among a myriad of other topics discussed by your intrepid hosts Frobisher Smith and Raven Black. What secrets does this universe hold? We try and find out… 

—-more—- Show Notes: [...]…

10 Years to Mars!

2014-08-11 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Frobisher and Raven get into the weird news of the week and more, touching on the news that Elon Musk and SpaceX hopes to put humans on Mars within 10 years! Giant penguins and more on this weeks episode!

—-more—- Show notes: Supermoons - …

Ebola Conspiracy, Crypto-terrestrials, and Much More!!!!

2014-08-03 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Raven and Frobisher get into the Ebola outbreak crisis on a deeper level, moving on to discussions of the Siberian Mystery Holes, underground and undersea creatures, a quantum propulsion system that should be impossible but works and more! Enjoy this extra-long extra-special episode and please remember to tell your friends to listen!!

Show notes: …

Do Bacterium Eat Electric Sheep?

2014-07-24 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Frobisher and Raven discuss the weird events of the week as usual — focusing on such topics as biological mind control, the Siberian Mystery Hole, and bacteria that consume raw electricity as their food! That and of course much more in this episode, enjoy! 

—-more—- Show Notes:  Demon Cat of DC  Memory Control Victorian Visitation Siberian [...]…

The Return of the Raven

2014-07-13 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 59s

Raven Black is back with the eradication of audio issues keeping the podcast from going forward with its standard format. Frobisher and Raven catch and also discuss all the weird news you want to hear, including the haunted Capital building, a 150,000 year old pipe system found in China, how to become a tree after death and much more! Enjoy!


2014-05-02 :: Frobisher Smtih

Frobisher and Raven are back, touching on the stories of the week, including an (semi)admission from the CIA that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent, new genetic engineering advances, strange and powerful emissions from deep space, and more!! Our dogs also have their say in this broadcast!

Fairies, Mars, and More!

2014-04-17 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Lots of stories about Mars this week, and Frobisher and Raven dig right in. We also cover the inescapable news of the recent photos of fairies taken by a Manchester professor, as well as much more. Dare to believe! Fairies wear boots, I saw it I saw it!!!

WWII Mysteries

2014-04-07 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Raven and Frobisher take the whole show to discuss the myriad of mysteries surrounding World War II - from the disappearance of Flight 19 to the Possible faked death of Adolf Hitler, as well as Foo Fighters and much more! Enjoy!

Haunted Coke Machine & Super-Science

2014-04-01 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Cassius returns as Frobisher and Raven get into the news of the week, featuring the Haunted Coke Machine of Seattle, amazing new developments in mind-controlled exoskeletons, drone ‘hive minds’ and suspended animation! More as well!! Enjoy living in the future everyone!

The YouTube Stazi

2014-03-24 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 1s

Raven and Frobisher touch on the news that YouTube has given it reins of power to 200 people and organizations including government agencies, and the first known victim of this secret police - Mark Dice, anti-establishment alternative news journalist and commentator. We are accompanied by special guest Cassius Valequize, with whom we also discuss the “Baltic Sea Anomaly,” a possible case of Ebola in Canada and much much more! Thanks for listening!

The Winchester House

2014-03-17 :: Frobisher Smtih Length: 59s

With the mystery of Malaysian Flight 730 still looming, Frobisher and Raven get into Flight 19, quite possibly the most incredible plane disappearance ever. Then we talk ghosts with the news that the infamous Winchester Mansion is now open for overnight stays (with Alcohol permitted!), a haunted guitar for sale, as well as the true history of St. Patrick’s Day! Please drink responsibly.

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