Last update: 2015-08-23

Episode 008: ABC’s of School Partners 1– Donna Trumbo

2015-08-23 :: Janie Lynne LoveJoy Length: 24s
Donna Trumbo discusses coming to serve and be a part of the community.  No more serve and run. Donna Trumbo is currently the outreach director at BOSS church in Sacramento, CA.…

Episode 007: Better Together – Don Proctor

2015-08-16 :: Janie Lynne LoveJoy Length: 25s
Don Proctor discusses when pastors are united it means they work as if they are playing for the same team. Don Proctor is currently leading an informal, relational network is known as City Pastors Fellowship and has provided a powerful vehicle for prayer, encouragement and greater unity among the Christian leaders in Sacramento, CA.…

Episode 006: Two are Better Than One – Tammy Vallejo

2015-08-05 :: Janie Lynne LoveJoy Length: 24s
Listen to Tammy Vallejo discuss the importance and necessity of unity in the body of Christ and how it practically looks in our daily lives. Tammy is the founder and president of E49. E49 Corporation is a Nonprofit Corporation.…

Episode 005: The Overwhelming Joys of Discipleship – Jose Flores

2015-08-03 :: Janie Lynne LoveJoy Length: 24s
Jose Flores discusses the joys in disciple making through daily interactions and intentional contact. Jose Flores is currently in the marketplace, mentoring young men in business practices, while running his basketball program and engaging in  faith development life on life.…

Episode 004: Passing & Receiving the Baton of Leadership – Joseph Sissac

2015-07-27 :: 95west Length: 24s
Joseph Sissac discusses his experience in the passing of leadership and the five step process one needs to go through to do this successfully. Joseph is  is now the lead pastor of Center of Praise Ministries in Sacramento, CA.…

Episode 003: Kingdom of God – Dan Axtell

2015-07-19 :: Janie Lynne LoveJoy Length: 3s
One thing is very evident. Since the beginning of time God has been in search of a “people”. God has always been looking for a holy people, a royal priesthood. That is what He is doing today, what He was doing a thousand years ago and ten thousand years ago.…

Episode 002: An Introduction to Convergence World – Dan Axtell & Jeff Kreiser

2015-07-09 :: David Sudarma Length: 25s
An introduction to Convergence World. Hosts Dan Axtell and Jeff Kreiser discuss the importance of cultural influence and how Convergence World, an online platform is seeking to be a center for changing the Gospel landscape. Also joining this conversation is Janie Lynne Lovejoy and David Sudarma. Both David and Janie Lynne serve in the creation […]…

Episode 001: Origins – Jeff Kreiser

2015-07-03 :: 95west Length: 25s
What is Convergence Conversation? Jeff Kreiser and Dan Axtell discuss Convergence Conversation and the vision of this culture shaping movement.…

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