Last update: 2015-02-17

The Rogocki's

2015-02-17 Length: 55s

We Parent Trap Nick and Kalin Rogocki this weekend and ask them about vaccinations, pre-teen dances and Costco


2015-02-03 Length: 49s

It's not guest-less, it's Host-full! Devin and Terrance catch up and get ready for a busy February 

Cory Thomas

2015-01-20 Length: 54s

Couch Surfin' welcomes Winnipeg metal guru Cory Thomas of Putresence and the Manitoba Metal Festival! 


2015-01-03 Length: 53s

Terrance and Devin wax poetic about the year that was while looking forward to 2015. They talk about successes, pitfalls, favourite guests and their holidays. Follow the show @couchsurfincast on twitter and and don't forget to check out the Garbage Hill Podcast network!

Jamie Michaels and Fardoe

2014-12-09 Length: 1s

Writer/MMA fighter Jamie Michaels and Fardoe (Waster, Fame, Half Dead Husky) stop by to talk about actual couch surfing, the death of Dimebag Darrell, fighting styles and much much more! Visit for more podcasting goodies! and follow us @couchsurfincast on twitter! 

Couch Surfin' LIVE

2014-12-03 Length: 1s

From the Good Will Social Club, it's Couch Surfin' LIVE! The boys are joined by Broms, Charlie Fettah and Ben Walker to talk about beef in the comedy and hip hop scenes, Terrance's activity on Tinder and much much more! Visit for more information and make sure you follow us on Twitter @couchsurfincast

Leonard Sumner

2014-11-19 Length: 1s

Leonard Sumner is an Anishinaabe MC/Singer-Songwriter from Little Saskatchewan First Nation located in Interlake Region of Manitoba. He sits down with Terrance and Devin this week to talk about life on the Res, the influence gangster rap had on his country music, colonization and much much more! Check out Leonard's stuff at Follow the boys on Twitter @couchsurfincast and visit for more great podcasts! 

Building Castles In The Sky

2014-11-11 Length: 41s

It's "just the two of us" this week on Couch Surfin! In antipaction of some big guests and our first live show we thought it would be a great idea to catch the listeners up on what we're up to and what to expect from Couch Surfin and Garbage Hill in the future. Visit for all your Winnipeg podcast needs!

Robert Falcon Ouellette

2014-11-01 Length: 1s

This week Winnipeg mayoral candidate Robert Falcon Ouellette joins the boys to talk politics, the military and public transit. Check out the Garbage Hill Podcast Network! and follow us on Twitter @couchsurfincast


2nd Annual Halloween Spooktacular

2014-10-29 Length: 1s

Hold onto your butts! It's the 2nd Annual Couch Surfin' Halloween SPOOK-tacular! The boys are joined by comedian Mike Green to talk about getting jumped, Netflix doucmentaries and Mike's movie night at the Park Theatre. Check out and follow us on Twitter @couchsurfincast 

The Good Will Social Club

2014-10-21 Length: 1s

The Good Will Social Club is a brand new bar, coffee shop, pizza place and live music venue. Owners Tim and Anthony stop by Studio 805 to talk about the concept and the execution. Follow us on Twitter @couchsurfincast and don't forget to check out for all your Winnipeg podcast needs! 

John K. Samson

2014-10-15 Length: 54s

John K. Samson of Propagandhi and The Weakerthans fame stops by Studio 805 to talk about his love for Winnipeg, cats, the first record he bought and taking the bus. Check out and follow @couchsurfincast @garbagehill for more updates!

Ryan Ash

2014-10-08 Length: 1s

Comedian and star of "Decoy 2: Alien Seduction" Ryan Ash stops by the studio to talk about liking the Mask more than Ace Ventura and a bunch of other shit.

Ryan Ash


Comedian and star of "Decoy 2" (google it) is on the show this week to talk about Jim Carrey, The Rock and a bunch of other stuff. Check out

Fred Penner

2014-09-25 Length: 59s

Music legend Fred Penner comes by to talk about his long music career and even plays a couple songs!

Elder Abuse

2014-09-24 Length: 1s

This week punk rock band Elder Abuse stops by the studio to talk about their new tunes, opening up for their idols and the new Human Rights Museum opening up in Winnipeg. Follow the boys on twitter @couchsurfincast and @garbagehill

Big Daddy Tazz

2014-09-16 Length: 1s

This week we have veteran comedian Big Daddy Tazz on the show to talk about his long comedy career, corporate gigs and the paranormal! Plus Terrance and Big Daddy Tazz share ghost! Follow us at @couchsurfinccast 

Charlie Fettah #2

2014-09-10 Length: 1s

It's a very special episode of Couch Surfin' this week as we launch our new  podcast network "Garbage Hill" and welcome back friend-of-the-show Charlie Fettah to talk about his benefit show to honour the missing and murdered aboriginal women of Canada. You can find all the information on the podcast network at @GarbageHill and you can follow Charlie @CharlieFettah! Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe to Couch Surfin' on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! 

John Smith

2014-09-03 Length: 1s

This week the boys welcome rapper and friend of the show John Smith to Studio 805 to talk about trends in hip hop, leaked nude photos and living in Churchill. Follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast and 

Charles Adler

2014-08-19 Length: 1s

This week we have the "Boss of Talk" Charles Adler join us in the studio to talk about his broadcasting career, Fox News and some hot button issues! Oh my! Follow @couchsurfincast

Robin Williams Memorial (W/ Jared Story)

2014-08-12 Length: 1s

This week the boys talk about the life and death of Robin Williams with comedian/writer Jared Story. They talk about depression, suicide and other sad things (but have a couple laughs) their favourite Robin Williams movies, celebrity deaths and social media reactions. Follow the boys on @couchsurfincast

Mike Alexander

2014-08-05 Length: 1s

Winnipeg metal over-lord Mike Alexander comes on the couch!

Fraz Wiest

2014-07-29 Length: 1s

This week we get into a real "actor's pain" interview with thespian Fraz Wiest. Fraz is a comedian (?) and improviser that's the star of "Lonely at Last" and "Fraz vs. The Future". The boys talk about wrestling for way too long and what it's like to work at a dinner theatre! 

Season Two

2014-07-24 Length: 43s

Season two of Couch Surfin' begins with Devin and Terrance filling you in to what they've been up to the last four months. Relationships, road trips, chips 'n' dip. Follow Couch Surfin' on Twitter @couchsurfincast and on Facebook! 

One Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

2014-04-18 Length: 1s

This week we celebrate our one year anniversary with past guests Broms and Ben Walker! We talk about personal growth, self promotion, how to popularly use the internet and much much more! Plus a little intro from Ms. Alexis Texas!

"Outlaw" Adam Knight

2014-04-10 Length: 1s

Professional Wrestler and Author "Outlaw" Adam Knight stops by the couch to talk about his experience's in the squared circle, his e-book "Cowboy Ending" and the death of the Ultimate Warrior. Follow The Outlaw on twitter @OutlawAK and follow the boys @CouchSurfinCast 

Jon Ljungberg

2014-03-12 Length: 1s

The boys are joined by comedian, television and radio host Jon Ljungberg this week to talk about his long career in stand-up, waking up early and how he'd feel if his daughter brought Terrance home. 

Catchin Up

2014-03-05 Length: 1s

This week we catch up with what's going on in the lives of Terrance and Devin with friend-of-the-show Nic Herzog. The Olympics, Oscars and how they kill the winter blues. Make sure you listen right til the end for a special song! You can follow Couch Surfin' on twitter @couchsurfincast and

Roland Delorme

2014-02-26 Length: 1s

UFC Fighter and Jiu-Jitsu brown belt Roland Delmore talks about punching people in the face for money and his time on the Ultimate Fighter reality show.    

Valentine's Day Special!

2014-02-14 Length: 1s

Love is in the air! This week we welcome back friend-of-the-show Charlie Fettah and first timers Ben Walker and Martyna Turczynowicz to talk about Valentine's Day and drink way too much red wine.

Joe Doerksen

2014-02-04 Length: 1s

The Legion of Gloom is joined by UFC alum and submission expert "El Dirte" Joe Doerkson to talk about elbowing people in the face and his life in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeDoerkson77 and follow us @CouchSurfinCast

Jordan Welwood


 Comedian Jordan Welwood joins the dummies on the couch this week to talk about being an adult, open mic's and Denis Leary.

Kate Sinclaire

2014-01-08 Length: 1s

This week we're joined by Kate Sinclaire, owner of the soft-core porn site! We talk about the inspiration for the site, the role pornography plays in relationships and how Terrance cleans his flesh light. Check out Kate's site at and follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast and

Brutal Honesty 2014

2014-01-02 Length: 56s

It's just Devin and Terrance this week and they get introspective about the best and worst things to happen in their lives the past year. They share their resolutions and goals for 2014 and talk about things they're looking forward to and dreading about the upcoming year. Follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast and

Broms and Big Bear

2013-12-19 Length: 1s

This week Broms and Big Bear from The Filthy Animals sit down with us to talk about homophobia in rap, how Deepcave Records was formed and their plans for the future. Follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast and

Charlie Fettah

2013-12-11 Length: 1s

This week we're joined by rapper and all around nice guy Charlie Fettah to talk about Winnipeg's Most, his experience in the Winnipeg hip-hop scence and his new projects. Follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast and

Tim "Co-op" Hoover

2013-12-04 Length: 1s

Our guest this week is DJ, businessman, philanthropist and all around great guy Tim Hoover. We talk hip hop, the internet, trends and Tim's hot dog socks. AND we have some HUGE annoucements! You can follow Tim on Twitter @tim_co_op and you can follow us @couchsurfincast for more fun!

Dylan Fries

2013-11-28 Length: 1s

We're joined by one of the director's of Men With Beards this week to talk about....beards! 

JohNNy SiZZle

2013-11-13 Length: 1s

This week we have Winnipeg punk luminary JohNNy SiZZle on the show to talk about his long career in the music scene. His experience's cross dressing at notorious Vancouver bars, cassette tape trading, and the changing face of punk rock. He plays us a rendition of "I'm a big fan of 9/11" and tells us the story behind "Lover or a Psycho"! You can follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast and like us on Facebook! JohNNy has a new album coming out in February, but you can find his old songs for free on.... google! 

Main Street Tattoo Collective

2013-10-30 Length: 1s

This week you're getting a B-B-BONUS episode of Couch Surfin'! We welcome Andrew and Steve from the Main Street Tattoo Collective. We talk about... you guessed it! Tattoo's! Piercings, branding and Dave Navarro! Their shop is opening up in November so we get an incite into their passion for tattooing. Follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast

1st Annual Halloween SPOOK-Tacular

2013-10-27 Length: 1s

It's the first annual Couch Surfin' Halloween Party and we're pleased to have John Smith and Jay Fulmore join us in at Studio 805! John Smith is a talented rapper originally from Churchill, Manitoba and Jay is the mastermind behind Be:Cause Industries and the New Form Label! John and Jay talk about their experiences in the local music scene, their favourite halloween movies and we finally get to hear about Terrance's favourite scene in Jason X! Follow us on twitter @couchsurfincast @stairway2devin @terrancetw and on John Smith @smittymybro 


2013-10-20 Length: 1s

Joining the boys on the couch this week is Lambo, a DJ, music producer and Westside Connection fan. They talk about their old MySpace profiles and re-open the missed connections page of CraigsList to see what those freaks have been up to! @couchsurfincast on twitter, Couch Surfin' Podcast on Facebook! Lambo can be found @hashtaglambo on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud!

Milos Mitrovic

2013-10-13 Length: 1s

Our guest this week is a man who wears many hats. Not only does he wear many hats but he's involved in a lot of projects too. He's the singer of the pop-rock outfit "Latka" and director/actor of many different films. One of which "Under the Neon Lights" will be appearing in the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. We ask him where he finds the time, his inspiration and all about his crusade to get "Wild Hogs 2" made. 

Nicholas Friesen

2013-10-02 Length: 1s

It's another episode of Aaron Sorkin's favourite podcast! This week we're joined by Editor of the University of Winnipeg's newspaper "The Uniter" Nick Friesen. We talk about his role in the paper, the current state of journalism and why American politics are more interesting than Canadian politics. 

Millenial Cartel

2013-09-25 Length: 55s

This week the boys are joined by two members of the local hip hop crew "Millenial Cartel". They pick sides in classic "Rap Beefs" talk about how they came together and play a game called "2 Chainz or Shakespeare". To quote Dead Prez "It's all about Hip Hop"

Dan Huen

2013-09-20 Length: 1s

This week the boys are joined by comedian and television host Dan Huen! They talk about Dan's show "Week Thus Far", his experience in comedy and their worst Burton Cummings interactions. And more!

Tim Halbert, Nick Herzog and Harley Watt

2013-09-12 Length: 1s

This week is HUGE as we have members of local acts WASTER and DISTANCES join us at Studio 805. Harley Watt makes his second appearance, joined by Tim Halbert (WASTER) and Nick Herzog (DISTANCES). They talk about their musical influences, tour stories and their new albums. AND we finally find out what the boys think about The Tea Party! Crack a beer, pause Big Shiny Tunes 2 and have a listen! 

Labour Day Classic

2013-08-30 Length: 37s

It's Labour Day weekend so the boys talk about shit jobs, minimum wage and Ben Affleck being the new Batman. They also talk about twerkin' for way too long and stand up for poor Miley Cyrus. 

From Single to Surfin'

2013-08-21 Length: 51s

Different name, same bullshit! "Single in Winnipeg" has become "Couch Surfin"! Your favourite jerks are free to talk about anything now, instead of focusing on their brutal dating lives.  This week Devin and Terrance introduce the new show by talking about such hot button issues as marijuana legalization, bullying and the Hulk Hogan sex tape. 

Single in Winnipeg - Big Cat

2013-08-15 Length: 1s

"Single in Winnipeg" is coming to an end with Episode Fifteen, but don't fear! Devin and Terrance will continue to spew their BS on the podcast known as "Couch Surfin"! They're joined at Studio 805 by friend-of-the-show Big Cat. This week acts as a retrospective, but they also touch on new ground when they talk about being the third wheel and being stuck in the dreaded "friend zone". Join us next week for Couch Surfin! @couchsurfincast

Single in Winnipeg

2013-08-01 Length: 1s

It's just Devin and Terrance this week at Studio 805. They talk about the stereotypical rules to dating and relationships. The boys introduce their new dating rules, and examine the advice from (it doesn't go well)

Single in Winnipeg - Mike Arsenault

2013-07-24 Length: 56s

"Surf dudes with attitudes (Kinda groovy) Laid back moods Sky above, sand below (Good vibrations) Feelin' mellow Don't wake me up Don't wanna stop. Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming (California dreams) Just let me lay here in the sun, until my dream is done." It's Summah. The boys are joined at Studio 805 by Mike Arsenault this week to talk about sundresses, tanlines and summer jams. 

Single in Winnipeg - Harley Watt

2013-07-07 Length: 1s

Studio 805 is pleased to welcome friend-of-the-show Harley Watt this week to talk about the "Winnipeg" in "Single in Winnipeg". Our favourite spots, our favourite radio DJ's and why it's impossible to meet a girl that your friend hasn't slept with. 

Single in Winnipeg - The Internet

2013-06-27 Length: 1s

This week the boys talk about how technology and the internet has impacted their lives. Texting, Facebook, Instagram, even MSN Messenger! They finally open the mail bag and check up with our pals on Craigs List. 

Single in Winnipeg - Emily Lund and TJ Stevenson

2013-06-13 Length: 54s

It's a star studded cavalcade of comedy this week on Single in Winnipeg! Two past guests, TJ Stevenson and Emily Lund are back in Studio 805 to talk about... pretty much everything. We play some games and get into what it was like to work at Hooters. Pour a drink and get ready to feel bad about yourself!

Single in Winnipeg - Adam and Danielle

2013-06-05 Length: 50s

This week we have a real life couple join us at Studio 805! Friends-of-the-show Adam and Danielle talk about their 3 and a half year relationship. First kisses, first fights, the future and farting! We play a brand new game called 'What would piss you off more?' and try to get them to break up. 

Single in Winnipeg - Emily Lund returns!

2013-05-30 Length: 57s

Grab a drink and text your ex, cause the boys are joined again by artist extraordinaire Emily Lund to talk about break ups! How to recover from them, how to deal with your former lover and more importantly, what not to do. We play a "Chasing Amy" edition of What's Sexier and catch up with our pals on Craigslist. 

Single in Winnipeg

2013-05-23 Length: 52s

Bust out the kleenex and some candles cause we're talkin' masturbation! Things get sticky when we talk about first times, blunders, methods and inspiration. We discuss what role pornography plays in modern society, and catch up with the missed connections on craigslist! 

Single in Winnipeg - Teej Morand

2013-05-16 Length: 46s

This week on Single in Winnipeg we prove chivalry isn't dead. We sit down at Studio 805 to discuss how to treat a lady, proper. Join Devin, Terrance and friend-of-the-show TJ Morand while they catch up with the 'missed connections', play a game of "What's Sexier" and have a couple too many drinks. 

Single in Winnipeg - Emily Lund

2013-05-05 Length: 53s

This week we finally get a female prespective on the show. Our guest is artist extrodinare Emily Lund, and she's here to talk about being a server, a friend and most importantly, a woman. We dig into Missed Connections, talk about stalkers and play a game of "What's Sexier". 

Single in Winnipeg - TJ Stevenson

2013-04-28 Length: 56s

"First Date - Electricity!" - Danko Jones.  Try to contain your excitement because we're talking first dates! What to say, where to go, proper etiquette. We help out people from "Missed Connections" on Craigslist, and answer some listener questions! Plus we're joined by a special guest; TJ Stevenson of Brilliant Bastards! Woah!

Single in Winnipeg

2013-04-21 Length: 39s

What do women want? What does society think they want? Devin and Terrance sit down to analyze the perceptions and reality of the female gender's idea of a perfect mate. 

Single in Winnipeg

2013-04-17 Length: 49s

Talking to strange women is one of the hardest things on Earth. Devin and Terrance discuss where and how to approach women in public and when it is socially acceptable to ask for their phone numbers. 

Single in Winnipeg

2013-04-16 Length: 38s

In the first "Single in Winnipeg" episode, Devin and Terrance discuss the world of Online Dating, more specifically They tell some horror stories and try to figure out why anyone in the world would want to join such a site. 

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