Last update: 2015-04-04

Daily Charged Episode 3

2015-04-04 :: Daily Charged
Week of Friday April 3rd 2015, We briefly discuss the new Deadpool Movie reveal, Microsofts new Surface 3, and do big update as to Game of Thrones and what we can expect this coming season. Spoiler Alert for fans!…

Daily Charged Episode 2

2015-03-29 :: Daily Charged Length: 1s
This week we cover tech including the Apple iWatch, the retina Macbook, as well as Samsung's galaxy S6 and the HTC M9…

Daily Charged Episode 1

2015-03-20 :: Daily Charged
3-20-15, Week of March 16th 2015. We discuss the current news on all Marvel and DC movies as well as the television shows and their impact on mass media saturation…

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