Last update: 2008-10-27

Dreamchasers- Jade Becomes A Triple Threat

2008-10-27 Length: 3m 8s
Diff'rent Strokes posts another video podcast...Jade creates her own reality show in an attempt to become a triple threat and impress the people at Neighbours. …


2008-10-20 Length: 7m 33s
Jade has employed Diff'rent Strokes intern Air Quotes Dave to act as an agent in her desperate quest to get on Neighbours. …

Headlines- What's making headlines in Jade and Dave's world?

2008-10-19 Length: 12m 15s
Another new segment for your listening pleasure. Jade and Dave talk about the news in their world... …

Diff'rent Strokes Spotlight- Canuck

2008-09-24 Length: 13m 4s
Jade and Dave have an all new segment, 'Spotlight' is your chance to be a part of the show. We will be placing the spotlight on the fans of the show and profiling them. This week it was Kim 'Canuck' Collins from Indiana in the USA. …

Growing Pains- Lydia's Pencil Case

2008-09-22 Length: 6m 11s
Diff'rent Strokes is now podcasting all new segments. This is a snippet from Growing Pains, a segment that harks back through our personal history. In this installment Jade reads a piece she wrote in her English class in Year 9 called 'Lydia's Pencilcase.' …

Shoe Swap- Jade Goldfish expert

2008-09-17 Length: 10m 35s
Jade takes on Dave's unlikely obsession with goldfish. …

Shoe Swap- Dave Goes All Directions

2008-09-10 Length: 10m 40s

Dave learns how to navigate with and without maps. Check out our blog: or go to for more info on our show. …

Jade and Dave Get An Intern

2008-08-29 Length: 5m 31s

Jade breaks the news it's time for Diff'rent Strokes to get an intern. …

Shoe Swap- June 11 Jade's Little Bro

2008-06-17 Length: 8m 58s
Jade finally gets the little brother she always wanted... …

Shoe Swap June 11- Dave The Oldest of 3, Girls

2008-06-16 Length: 9m 14s
Dave finds himself with Jade's two younger sisters, will he have more in common with them then Jade does??? …

Shoe Swap- June 4 Jade Spices Up

2008-06-09 Length: 9m 27s
Jade spices up her life with Dave's tongue sizzling diet. …

Shoe Swap June 4- Dave Eats Natural

2008-06-08 Length: 12m 59s
Dave has switched out his diet for Jade's and it's the staples all the way. …

Shoe Swap May 28- Jade, Myspace Model

2008-06-05 Length: 12m 37s
Jade tries to emulate Dave's infamous Myspace self portraits. Thanks for listening email us …

Shoe Swap- May 28 Dave Lesbian Social Networker

2008-06-03 Length: 16m 44s
Dave explores the difference between lesbian social networking and dating sites and what he's used to... …

Shoe Swap May 21- Jade's First Kiss

2008-06-02 Length: 13m 35s
Jade's switched her first kiss with Dave and now finds herself kissing a girl in the final year of high school. …

Shoe Swap May 21- Dave's First Kiss

2008-05-31 Length: 8m 28s
What if Dave's first kiss was actually Jade's first kiss??? Thanks for listening email us: …

Shoe Swap May 14- Jade Interior Designer

2008-05-27 Length: 14m 2s
Jade takes on the cliche gay man's domain...interior design. …

Shoe Swap May 14- Dave Online Shopper

2008-05-25 Length: 14m 52s
Dave attempts to get technological with tips for shopping online. …

Shoe Swap May 7- Jade Gives Compliments

2008-05-20 Length: 9m 6s
Jade learns to give a compliment without feeling 'fake.' Thanks for listening email Jade & Dave: …

Shoe Swap May 7- Dave Backpacker

2008-05-18 Length: 12m 15s
Dave attempts to become an expert traveller ahead of his trip to Asia. …

Shoe Swap April 30- Jade Expert Gift Buyer

2008-05-13 Length: 16m 57s
Jade uncovers the secrets of being the perfect gift buyer. Thanks to our us …

Shoe Swap April 30- Dave trivia Buff

2008-05-10 Length: 9m 16s
Dave tries his best to master the art of general knowledge. Thanks to all those downloading the podcast. Email us: …

Shoe Swap April 16- Jade Party Host

2008-05-05 Length: 7m 41s
Jade tries to learn the importance of being a party hostess with the mostest. Email us: …

Shoe Swap April 16- Dave The Animal Lover

2008-04-26 Length: 12m 1s
Dave extends his appreciation for the human animal to animals of all shapes and sizes. …

Shoe Swap- April 9 Jade The Journalist

2008-04-20 Length: 9m 58s
Jade may write in her spare time, but how would she do as a journalism student??? Thanks for listening email comments to …

Shoe Swap April 9- Dave Explains Rec Management

2008-04-18 Length: 6m 47s
Dave takes on Jade's uni degree and experiences a course where one of the big challenges is defining Recreation Management. Thanks to everyone that's been listening and subscribing. We're both excited we're a featured podcast on iTunes this week. To contact us email …

Shoe Swap March 19- Dave Baby Show Queen

2008-03-25 Length: 7m 37s
Dave takes on Jade's secret past and finds he might just have a knack for smiling and posing for the cameras. …

Shoe Swap March 12- Jade Hugs A Teddy

2008-03-18 Length: 8m 40s
Jade gives us the entertaining history of Dave's plushie addiction. …

Shoe Swap March 12- Dave Plays Lego

2008-03-15 Length: 8m 30s
Dave plays with Jade's favourite childhood toy, lego. …

Shoe Swap March 5- Jade the Pop Writer

2008-03-11 Length: 4m 21s
Jade takes on Dave's skill for writing about pop music and let us all know about the Sugababes. (Once again sorry about the poor quality of Dave's voice.) …

Shoe Swap March 5- Dave Soapie Diva

2008-03-10 Length: 4m 43s
Dave takes on Jade's secret desire- becoming an extra on Aussie soapie Neighbours. (Yes it does sound like Dave is in an aquarium, technical problems mean this weeks podcast is not high quality.) …

Shoe Swap February 27- Jade the Social Butterfly

2008-03-02 Length: 8m 59s
Jade takes on Dave's hectic social schedule...will she end up dancing topless surrounded by gay men??? …

Shoe Swap February 27- Dave The Homebody

2008-02-29 Length: 5m 16s
Dave takes over Jade's low key social will he cope staying at home watching documentaries and playing video games??? …

Shoe Swap February 20- Jade Dresses Dave Lim Chic

2008-02-25 Length: 7m 53s
Jade learns that dressing to your body type often means making uncomfortable fashion choices. …

Shoe Swap February 20- Dave Goes Jade Cas...

2008-02-23 Length: 6m 24s
Dave tries his hand at wearing "Jade Cas" and in doing so does an extensive study into the work required to look like you're not trying at all. …

Shoe Swap- February 13 Jade Becomes A Lim

2008-02-18 Length: 6m 51s
Jade moves in with Dave's family and experiences life living with parents and a younger brother... …

Shoe Swap February 13- Dave Goes It Alone

2008-02-16 Length: 8m 37s
Dave moves out on his own and reports back on the headaches and freedoms that come from living alone. …

Shoe Swap February 6 Dave the Introvert

2008-02-07 Length: 8m 49s
Dave uses a self help book for introverts to get inside the head of the socially awkward. …

Shoe Swap January 23- Dave Sing Kaiser Chiefs

2008-02-02 Length: 4m 56s
Jade challenges Dave to sing Kaiser Chiefs, just as pay back for making her do the impossible, butcher a Britney song. …

Shoe Swap January 23- Jade Sings Britney

2008-02-02 Length: 5m 30s
Dave tells Jade that it'll make his year to hear her sing Britney, so she did. …

Shoe Swap January 16- Dave Speaks X Filese

2008-01-26 Length: 8m 33s
Dave takes on Jade's biggest obsession, The X Files. …

Shoe Swap January 9 Dave the Handyman

2008-01-26 Length: 6m 22s
Who doesn't think it'd be interesting and entertaining for Dave to tell us how to put together the perfect tool box??? …

Shoe Swap January 2 Jade As Matchmaker

2008-01-17 Length: 7m 25s
Who wouldn't want to be set up on a date by a socially awkward matchmaker??? Jade tries her hand at helping others find true love. …

Shoe Swap December 26- Dave As Long Term Girlfriend

2008-01-03 Length: 7m 59s
Dave finds himself in the hallowed position as a long term, long distance girlfriend... …

Shoe Swap December 20- Dave as a beer expert

2008-01-01 Length: 6m 32s
Dave shoe swaps and samples all that beer has to offer, proving it can in fact be as classy as wine. …

Shoe Swap Jade Learns To Dance

2007-12-26 Length: 6m 56s
Jade finds herself learning to dance the way all people should, by watching Britney Spears videos. …

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