Last update: 2011-03-23

The List Podcast 014

2011-03-23 Length: 3m 8s
Episode 14. Top things the Star Wars characters would do in Walmart, and the new show.…

The List Podcast News 001

2010-11-02 Length: 1m 24s
News 001. The forums are moving to a new location.…

The List Podcast 013

2010-08-07 Length: 1h 16m 48s
Episode 13. Top things that happened in Middle-Earth that no one is supposed to know about, Story Time, Retard Reviews of the Irish whistle, Conversations with Stub-a-dub, StarCraft, online games, Lord of the Rings Online, eBay and Star Trek Roleplaying,…

The List Podcast 012

2010-06-17 Length: 1h 18m 9s
Episode 12. Top things your kids might draw that you wouldn't want to hang on the fridge, Story Time, Retard Reviews of not wearing pants in public and pooping, Grandma Penis, Voice of the Computer, Conversations with Stub-a-dub, spiders, door-to-door sa…

The List Podcast 011

2010-05-09 Length: 1h 36m 59s
Episode 11. Top things George Lucas does at Skywalker Ranch, Story Time with epic alliteration, Ori jokes, Story Time part two, Retard Reviews, Titties Bounce, Conversations with Stub-a-dub, flinging poo, concert stories, tranny show, drunk girl, Guild W…

The List Podcast 010b

2010-03-27 Length: 1h 19m 27s
Episode 10b. Top things to do at a movie, Story Time, jokes from Ori-Studfarm, an improv script thing, a condensed education, Pants on the Ground, Retard Reviews of the couch, the cat, and the bathroom, Every Woman song, Conversations with Stub-a-dub, Tw…

The List Podcast 010a

2010-03-22 Length: 27m 25s
Episode 10a, the mini show. Top uses for mayonnaise besides food, a joke about holes, sticky keys, South Park, Tiger Woods, Box and Green, 3D modeling, Dungeons and Dragons Online, games, Fuchs, and homework.…

The List Podcast Video 005

2010-03-17 Length: 26s
Video episode five. Mouth poop.…

The List Podcast Video 004

2010-02-10 Length: 47s
Video episode four. Let's get immature!…

The List Podcast 009

2009-12-25 Length: 1h 54m 43s
Episode nine, the Christmas special. Top things Santa's elves do when Santa's not around, Story Time, Sweeping Space, spray, Ori's wetsuit story, Cabbage Monkey, educational moment, Retard Reviews of Armor Games again, Conversations with Stub-a-dub, teac…

The List Podcast 008

2009-12-14 Length: 55m 27s
Episode eight. Top reasons an Old West poker player starts suspecting his opponent is cheating, Retard Reviews of Armor Games, Barney, Transformer, Adventures with Bucho, Conversations with Stub-a-dub, Two Questions, Legend of the Seeker, sex kit mess, a…

The List Podcast 007

2009-11-28 Length: 31m 41s
Episode seven, the clone whores. Top things you don't expect to see when you get a new lady friend home and undressed, Story Time, dirty girls, The Little Mermaid, special needs, old clips, Shirley Temple, 20 questions, Quantz, Battletoads and Archon, Tw…

The List Podcast Video 003

2009-11-16 Length: 1m 13s
Video episode three. The return of The List, coming soon.…

The List Podcast Video 002

2009-07-11 Length: 33s
Video episode two. Black dude tweaking out.…

The List Podcast 006

2009-06-20 Length: 23m 44s
Episode six. Top things you might see in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, Story Time, Crotchers, Poop for Zimbabwe, voicemail, funny computer error messages, Adventures with Bucho, review of Star Wars for the NES, intelligent phrase of the show, and a midget …

The List Podcast 005

2009-04-09 Length: 18m 53s
Episode five. Top things to do while sitting on the toilet in a public restroom, Story Time, stupid jokes, The Wanker, and Shadowbane customer service call.…

The List Podcast Video 001

2009-03-25 Length: 39s
Video episode one. Bucho says hello.…

The List Podcast 004

2009-03-04 Length: 25m 52s
Episode four. Top things to do in an elevator after it stops and before the door opens, Story Time, news prank calls, voicemail from Bing, Bing rants and advertises chode pops, Adventures with Bucho and the Lottery, and music.…

The List Podcast 003

2009-02-16 Length: 14m 51s
Episode three. Top ways you know you need to bathe, Story Time, on the toilet, commentary on boobies, and wisdom of an old grandma.…

The List Podcast 002

2009-02-07 Length: 15m 40s
Episode two. Top uses for paste, Story Time, Rachel Ray works with meat, and Adventures with Bucho and the Chode Pops.…

The List Podcast 001

2009-01-28 Length: 6m 58s
Episode one. Top reasons aliens like to probe, introduction to Story Time, and Stan Lee likes rainbows.…

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