Last update: 2015-03-18

56-Juan Pedro's Forts

2015-03-18 Length: 26s

The Spanish explored the states of the Carolinas and Tennessee. Juan Pedro and his company would build and man many forts along the way, although they didn’t last long. The Indian villages that existed near these forts were expected to supply the Spaniards with food. Is there anything on the menu other than maize?

55-Juan Pedro's Explorations

2015-03-08 Length: 25s

The Spanish were trying to keep what was theirs, not an easy task. Pedro would start off from the eastern coast of North America and rediscover the lands that Ferdinand de Soto explored 25 years earlier. The Indians were nice enough to supply the food that the Spaniards needed every step of the way but, where is the shiny stuff?

54-Ribault's Last Days and the Revenge of Gourges

2015-02-15 Length: 38s

Ribault acted hastily against the Spanish and it didn’t help that his fleet encountered a storm that destroyed them.  The Spanish would eliminate the French from America for the time being. But in the wake of this atrocity against the French Dominique de Gourgues would gather ships and men together to save the grace of France. Forgive and forget not this time.

53-Jean Ribaut His Story

2015-02-04 Length: 27s

After the clashing of swords stopped it was time to sail west but this time it would be to establish a colony for the sake of religion.  Admiral de Coligny would choose Jean Ribaut to command and establish a French Protestant (Huguenots) colony on the land called Florida. The Spanish would not take kindly to this “invasion”. The Spanish commander Pedro Menendez would have the last word and not at all respectably.  Can’t we all just get along?

52-Third Voyage of Jacques Cartier

2015-01-22 Length: 24s

With the war between France and Spain finally over, five years had passed since his last voyage. The Indians he had promised to return to their homeland within twelve moons had all passed away except a 12 year old girl who was now their interpreter. The king put Sieur de Roberval in charge of this third voyage but, he wasn’t ready to sail. So Cartier sailed off with five ships on May 23, 1541. After spending time with the Indians and the new chief, Cartier loaded the ship with diamonds and gold which turned out to be quartz crystals and mica, and sailed back to France. If only I knew my minerals.

51-Second Voyage of Jacques Cartier part two

2015-01-14 Length: 32s

Cartier and his small band of men made their way to the village of Hochelaga and received a wonderful welcome. The Indians insisted that they should climb to the top of Mount Royal and see something they were very proud of, the Frenchmen accommodated the request. What they saw below was the flowing fields of corn and the Indian village of Hochelaga, a place that would become the site of Montreal, Canada.  The Indians and the French would endure the winter but, with it came the loss of many lives. The “scurvy” would take its toll upon them. The French finally make their way back to the homeland.

50-Second Voyage of Jacques Cartier

2015-01-06 Length: 21s

Supported by the excited King of France, Cartier would sail for another go of it, looking for that northwest passage.  Among the three ships would be the two Indian interpreters, Taignoagny and Domagaya taken from their village on the first voyage. The group would arrive at the Indian village of Stadacrone. From here the French desired to sail to the village of Hochelaga. The chief Donnacona of Stadacrone did not want them to leave. But we have so much to see, please let us go.

Happy Holidays

2014-12-22 Length: 33s

Happy Holidays to you and see you next year with more of the Discovering America podcast

49-First Voyage of Jacques Cartier

2014-12-18 Length: 28s

In two ships and 60 men, a Frenchman from St. Malo, Jacques Cartier sails west to the fishing grounds searching for the western passage.  Along the way he meets up with friendly natives, walruses and polar bears.   The first voyage would pass through the Strait of Belle Isle, along the southern coast of Newfoundland and hit varies points and capes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The weather would be changing soon and not equipped for winter, the ships sailed home.  No passage but, we did taste bear meat.

48-Voyage of John Rut

2014-12-09 Length: 14s

John Rut’s early voyages were picking up wine for the King of England at Bordeaux.  In 1527 with Rut in command, two ships, the Mary Guildford and the Samson headed for the coast of Newfoundland.  The Samson and all aboard would be lost in a storm.  The Mary Guildford later entered a good harbor called St. Johns where several fishing vessels from different countries were present.  Soon after an English ship sailed into the Caribbean, same ship, you decide.

47-Cabrillo and the California Coast part two

2014-12-01 Length: 23s

The season was starting to change from here on out they experienced rough weather.  Finally the ships arrived back at the islands they named San Lucas.  Winter quarters would be set up on the island of La Posesion, later renamed to Juan Rodriquez after the death of Cabrillo.  The voyage would continue and give a glimpse of the western coast of North America so that others could follow.

46-Cabrillo and the California Coast

2014-11-20 Length: 23s

Starting with a little background history concerning the exploits on pacific side of Mexico to the bottom part of California, this episode begins the voyage of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his two ships, the San Salvador and the Victoria, sailing off from the Puerto de Navidad on June 27, 1542.

How America Got Its Name

2014-11-05 Length: 31s

Columbus thought he had discovered a passage to the orient and so the maps of the day showed his discoveries as islands.  It would be the voyage of Vespucci sailing down the eastern side of South America that would cause so much interest.  The map makers labeled the land we know as Brazil with the name “Mundus Novus” or “New World”.  With the refinements of charts and maps the New World took on the name “America”.

44-Final Voyages of Vespucci

2014-10-22 Length: 21s

The fourth voyage to the west did not turn out to be of any great importance. Being left behind by the captain, Vespucci and the men that remained would catch birds with their hands and build a fortress.  The fifth and sixth voyages of Vespucci were not intended to be expeditions of discovery, nope..  load those ships with gold and pearls.

43-Third Voyage of Vespucci

2014-10-13 Length: 22s

This voyage would change how the world was viewed, Mundus Novus or “New World” but, who cares, where is that passage to the orient?

If you would like to read the letters of Vespucci you can find them at:

42 - Vespucci Sails With Ojeda and Cosa

2014-10-07 Length: 24s

Three ships commanded by Juan de Ojeda along with the great pilot Juan de La Cosa and Amerigo Vespucci would sail off for parts unknown, well not quite.  Please join me for what is considered the second voyage of Vespucci.

The Beginnings of Amerigo Vespucci

2014-09-20 Length: 27s

How could I talk about the discovery of America without involving this man, Amerigo Vespucci?  His history relies so much on two letters written to a friend.  He mentions a book that would cover the accounts of his voyages, a book never written?  Or just never published and remains in someone’s deep dark cellar?  You can find the letter describing his first voyage at

40 - John Cabot and Others Explore the West

2014-09-04 Length: 20s

Why should the Spanish have all the fun?  Other European Nations started exploring to the west to rediscover the lands in that direction.  The passage to the orient would be the prize.

Up the Eastern Coast with Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon, Estevao Gomez and Giovanni Verrazzano

2014-08-24 Length: 38s

The voyages by Ayllon, Gomez and Verrazzano made it possible to map, describe inhabitants and certain features along the eastern coast of the North America continent.  The Europeans now had a great basis of knowledge but, still no passage to the orient was discovered.

38 - Homeward Bound

2014-08-10 Length: 30s

After setting up winter quarters, building the ships was the next priority.  O wait, maybe not, what about the Indian tribes massing an army preparing to attack the Spanish.  One tribe points the finger at another when all is said and done, the Spanish end up siding with Guachoya tribe.  With that complete all is well, not so fast, the Quigaltam tribe across the Mississippi will have the last word.  Now it’s a race to get away from them.  Get me home..

37 - Moscoso Heads West

2014-08-03 Length: 27s

Moscoso is now the new commander of the expedition of Florida.  The journey west does not turn up any of the riches that this whole endeavor was supposed to accomplish.  Evidence to back up the rumor of other Spanish farther west was not found.  So to backtrack through the country just traveled seemed the best alternative.  Homeward bound..

36 - The End of a Legend

2014-07-24 Length: 30s

This episode describes the Spanish army making their way through the state of Arkansas.  They will pass by many villages, not without conflict.  The army set up winter quarters in the village of Autiamque.  They would lose a vital member and soon after another.  The quest for gold is no longer, let’s build some ships and go home.

de Soto Meets Casqui and Pacaha

2014-07-13 Length: 27s

This episode describes the army traveling along the Mississippi where he meets up with two chiefs Casqui and Pacaha.   The Spanish get caught up again with animosities between the two tribes.  De Soto is able to leave on friendly terms, the two tribes, I’m not so sure but, de Soto did his best to bring them together.  And the search for gold continues.

de Soto Meets the Mississippi River

2014-07-01 Length: 25s

This episode describes the army breaking up winter camp located at the village of Chickasaw.  They started off in a northwesterly direction marching through the state of Mississippi.  After a few fights with the natives along the way, the Spanish feasted their eyes upon the great Mississippi River.  What a swim this is going to be.

de Soto and the Battle of Mauvila

2014-06-22 Length: 21s

This episode describes the great battle between the warriors of chief Tuscaloosa and the Spanish army.   After leaving the village in ashes they traveled to the village of Chickasaw to winter the army.  Does anyone around here have a ticket back to New Spain?  I am ready to go home.

de Soto and His Continued Search For Gold

2014-06-08 Length: 25s

This episode describes the travels of de Soto and his Army through the states of North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.  They would cover so much ground and meet so many different tribes.

de Soto and the Princess

2014-06-01 Length: 24s

This episode describes the parting of the ways with Patofa and then meeting up with the Princess of Cofachiqui.  No gold or silver but they made a haul on pearls.

de Soto and Patofa

2014-05-24 Length: 23s

This episode describes how the Spanish get wrapped up in the grievances of the next group of natives.  The natives commanded by Patofa and the Spanish head out to take revenge.   Juan de Anasco would observe a village in the province of Cofachiqui.  Where is the GOLD!!!!

de Soto in Apalachee Country

2014-05-17 Length: 22s

This episode describes de Soto and his army heading west along the top of Florida to the great Apalachee province, home to the fiercest warriors in Florida.  The army would winter at the village of Anhayea.  From here Juan de Anasco would travel south and discover an excellent bay and the remnants of Panfilo de Narvaez’s failed expedition.

Three Chiefs and de Soto

2014-05-10 Length: 23s

This episode describes the trek north where he meets three Chiefs that were brothers.  Two of them controlled half the territory the other half was overseen by chief Vitachuco, where de Soto and his troop were currently passing through.  The three chiefs would get along great with the Spanish….NOT!!

de Soto and His Travels Through Western Florida

2014-05-04 Length: 23s

This episode discusses how the Spanish found an interpreter. The young man, Juan Ortiz, spent 8 years of his life in the Indian village of chief Ucita and then ran off to live in the village of Mocoso for another 3 years.   The Spanish begin their travels north.  I wonder if this expedition through Florida would have been much easier if the previous trip by Panifilo de Narvaez and his group would have established a greater friendship with the Indians.  Things you wish you would have known ahead of time but, the Spanish push forward.

de Soto Says, "Florida Here We Come"

2014-04-26 Length: 24s

This episode discusses the grand lifestyle that was now de Soto’s back in Spain.  Was this enough?  No!!!  Florida was his for the taking.  The preparations begin and the gallant men who sign up for a piece of the action.  All aboard let’s go...

de Soto, Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru

2014-04-19 Length: 27s

This episode picks up the story of de Soto’s friend Codro and his fate, and finishes with de Soto’s participation in the conquest of Peru.

Ferdinand de Soto

2014-04-13 Length: 27s

This episode starts with the beginnings of a Spanish conquistador named Ferdinand de Soto, where he came from and the hardships he had to endure.

Coronado Heading Home

2014-04-05 Length: 23s

This episode highlights what the armies had seen and what happened after Coronado’s accident.  There was no more wind in the sails.  Ending this expedition was not what they wanted to do but, after all that had happened, it was time.  So with the sand in their pockets, they headed for home. 

Further Travels of Coronado and His Men

2014-03-29 Length: 21s

This episode continues with the armies of Coronado discovering the many pueblos along their path.  Especially the “Rock of Acuco, the oldest inhabited city on the North American continent.

Coronado and his Men in New Mexico

2014-03-21 Length: 23s

This episode continues with the armies of Coronado exploring the landscape of New Mexico and seeing buffalo for the first time.   It was during this part of the expedition that the Spanish army fought the Indians at Tiguex and then tried to make peace with them during the winter months with little success.  Does anybody out here have a road map?

The Continued Adventures of Coronado and His Men

2014-03-15 Length: 23s

This episode starts with Captain Diaz and his men camped along the Colorado River.  Coronado and his company headed for Cibola.   Coronado ordered Don Garcia Lopez de Cardenas to investigate a river to the northwest, another section of the Colorado River.  The amazement that must have captivated Diaz, Cardenas and their men by seeing the Grand Canyon and the immense space and beauty of this area for the first time, O wait these places were a disappointment and an end to their travels in that direction.

Beginning Adventure of Coronado

2014-03-08 Length: 22s

This episode starts with travels of the Franciscan Monk, Fray Marcos of Nizza, who may have stretched the truth on what he found.  Francisco Vázquez de Coronado would be sent to follow up on Marcos’ reports, the discovery of the spectacular “Seven Cities”.  Here begins the adventure …  

Vaca Castillo Estevanico Dorantes Home at Last

2014-03-01 Length: 29s

This episode finishes the travels of the four remaining men that took over eight to years to complete and the many villages and Indians they met along the way.  Vaca would speak against the Spanish slave trade and may have gotten him into trouble in his later years.   The return of these four men with their stories would prompt others with a desire to prepare for further exploration to uncover the truth about the fabled “Seven Cites”.

And Then There Were Four

2014-02-22 Length: 20s

This episode continues with men that remained alive.  Two groups of Spaniards either became too sick and passed away or were killed by the Indians.  Lope de Oviedo would stay with the Indians and take his chances.  Fourteen remained but were scattered among the different tribes.  And then there were four, Andres Dorantes, Alonso del Castillo and the africain slave, Estevanico, who would travel among the Indian tribes of the land, here comes the Spanish celebrities.

Narvaez and Crew Holding On

2014-02-15 Length: 20s

This episode continues with what’s left of Narvaez’s dwindling band, its trials and errors.  Five barges were constructed to take to the sea.  By not sticking together, each individual barge was on its own.  Vaca and one other barge would later meet up but, in a storm that barge and crew were lost.  This episode ends with just Vaca and his group clinging to life but, in the care of Indians.  The Spanish were uneasy, were they to be sacrificed to their gods?

Back to Florida

2014-02-07 Length: 20s

This episode starts with events and activities that will lead us to the next great adventure.  Five ships will sail off for an expedition commanded by Panifilo de Narvaez to the Florida coast.  

A Story of Five

2014-02-01 Length: 24s

This episode I expand on the stories of five men who added to the progression and discovery of America. They are Diego Velázquez, Diego and Bartholomew Columbus, Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, and Vicente Yanez Pinzon. 

Episode Thirteen - Cortes - part two

2014-01-25 Length: 22s

This episode finishes with Cortes’ conquest of the Aztec empire and the final years of the man we know as Cortes.

Hernando Cortes journey to Mexico

2014-01-18 Length: 20s

This episode encompasses the man called Hernando Cortes and the beginnings of his adventure with the great empire of the Aztecs.

Voyages of 1508

2014-01-12 Length: 18s

This episode starts with the other voyages undertaken during the year 1508.  One headed by Juan Diaz de Solis and Vicente Yanez Pinzon, and a second by Sebastian de Ocampo.  Cuba would be colonized and its appointed governor, Diego Velazquez, would organize voyages destined to discover other unknown regions.

Juan Ponce de Leon


This episode starts with a further discussion of maps of the world.  Just what did the early explorers have in their hands?  I end with the partial exploration of Florida by Juan Ponce de Leon.

Christopher Columbus' Fourth Voyage

2013-12-29 Length: 18s

This episode describes Christopher Columbus’ fourth and final voyage, my two-cents and a discussion of maps in the days of Columbus.

Christopher Columbus' Third Voyage

2013-12-20 Length: 21s

This episode describes Christopher Columbus’ third voyage and the trouble created by so many against the Columbus brothers.  All he was trying to do was to discover that passage, he had missed finding on his other two voyages.   I know it’s around here someplace…….

A letter written by Christopher Columbus

2013-12-14 Length: 19s

This is a special episode where I am going to read a letter written by Christopher Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel while sailing back to Spain aboard the Nina.  He writes an account of what was discovered and how grateful he was to be sailing home, although the return trip was not without its own set of hardships

Christoper Columbus' Second Voyage

2013-12-07 Length: 25s

This episode describes Christopher Columbus’ second voyage across the ocean but, this time well financed.   Over 1500 people from all walks of life, among them would be many that would add their name to the history of the world.  Everything was loaded, horses, cattle probably even the kitchen sink.   They weren’t coming to visit.  Nope, they were coming to settle a new land.  What riches lay before them, only time would tell?

Christopher Columbus' First Voyage part three

2013-11-30 Length: 21s

This episode describes the final leg of the first voyage with Christopher Columbus, the crew and remaining two ships, the Pinta and the Nina.  The trip across the ocean was not an easy task.  They fought one of the worst winter storms the coast had seen in years.  And throw in the trouble with Portugal.   Yea, this was a great expedition from start to finish.

Christopher Columbus' First Voyage part two

2013-11-22 Length: 25s

This episode continues with Christopher Columbus and the crew of three ships that made it across the ocean.  The amazement on what lay before them, were their eyes playing tricks on them.  They had found a piece of paradise.  The ships would travel around so many islands of beauty.   The natives were very receptive to them, well maybe not all of them.  What a discovery these men had made……the uncertainty while at sea for so many days was now behind them. 

Columbus' first voyage

2013-11-16 Length: 19s

This episode introduces one of the greatest voyages of all time.  Three tiny ships crossing uncharted water to discover a new world. It would be a new destiny for the Europeans but a complete change for the natives in the western hemisphere.   Here starts Columbus’ first voyage.

the Vikings part two

2013-11-09 Length: 16s

This episode continues with the sagas of the Vikings on the North American continent and what is left behind.  A brief description of the different types of Viking ships such as the one discovered in Norway and the replica built for the Chicago World’s fair. 

The Vikings

2013-11-02 Length: 20s

I start with the sagas of the Vikings on Iceland, their journey west to Greenland and the discovery of the North American continent.  Along the way I introduce the characters that had the most impact with this journey.

Introduction to Discovering America Podcast

2013-10-26 Length: 2s

I introduce myself and the “Discovering America” podcast.

About this podcast:

Discovering America Podcast

This podcast will be a history narrative collected from various sources. I will be covering the stories of events and people that played a part in creating America. My goal is to give the listener an entertaining dialog of history and walk away (or ear away) with a, “I didn’t know that”, feeling.

Discovering America Podcast