Last update: 2005-09-20

DE Episode 109

2005-09-20 :: (D.E. staff)
Two weeks late, but who said we were consitant. Episode 109 is now up…

DE Episode 108

2005-09-02 :: (D.E. staff)
So its up late. Whatca going to do.

DE Episode 108…

DE Episode 107

2005-08-21 :: (D.E. staff)
So, yeah. I'm kinda late putting this one up , but, I've been distracted by a little fifi. Hopefuly the next one will be up on time.

DE Episode 107…

DE Episode 106

2005-08-10 :: (D.E. staff)
Episode 106 is now up and on the run.

We discussed the Dukes of hazard county. The new Showtime series 'Weeds.' And a plethra of other topics.…

DE Episode 105

2005-08-03 :: (D.E. staff)
The 5th episode is now up and ready for your listening pleasure.

In this installment we discussed Stealth, The new Family Guy movie adn many more random topics.

DE Episode 105…

DE Episode 104

2005-07-27 :: (D.E. staff)
Our 4th episode is now up. Get it here: DE104…

Episode 103

2005-07-25 :: (D.E. staff)
So yeah, it's just a little late going up but I had to head home on for the last half of the week and couldn't find the time to put our third episode together, but it's up now. Get it here:

Episode 103…

Episode 102a

2005-07-15 :: (D.E. staff)
This is the first half of our second episode. We talked more on Tim Burton and also on the Emmy Nominations.

Mike joined us on this show and should appear on the other half.


Episode 102a…

The Preshow

2005-07-13 :: (D.E. staff)
This is the preshow for the new Disgruntled Entertainment podcast.

Episode 100 - The Begining

Hosted by only me, Adam. Our first true episode will also be hosted by Bryan.

If you want to get this automaticaly then download iPodder and setup a new feed. The feed address is:


without the qutations.

if you want to contact us you can email us at:

or IM us on AIM, screenname:


The SN will only be logged in while we are doing the show. so if its on we are recording. This is to get kind of a liveish feel to the show.

And yeah we're using eblogger. Once I can come up with the time to find something better and free it'll change.…

Episode 101

2005-07-13 :: (D.E. staff)
The first episode in our weekly podcast is now online. Bryan and I covered many topics from Fantastic Four to Spiderman, and comicbook movies in general, to Advertising.

You can download it here:

Disgruntled Entertainment Episode 101

or a better way, use your favorite podcast program at:


Our next episode might be out a little earlyer. Bryan has his NWA:TNA internship on Tuesday and Toad might be working so we're going to do another show tomorrow, Thursday.

Also, if you like what you hear, go to Podcast Alley and vote for us.…

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