Last update: 2012-05-01

Dog and Pony Cast 14 – Matt Wilson and Rory Merola

This week's show features some of the best musicians we know. Matt Wilson and Rory Merola join us at the Full Cup for a wacky time!…

Dog and Pony Cast 13 – Tim Duffy, John Scullin, and Mike Shane

This week your hoarse-voices host is joined by Mike Shane, who is filling in for Mickey Lavender, Tim Duffy, and John Scullin.…

Dog and Pony Cast 12 – Miles Kahn and Joe ‘So Delicious’

Hey guys! This week's episode is pretty impressive, for a number of reasons. We have Miles Kahn and Joe 'So Delicious'!…

Dog and Pony Cast – Episode 11 – Casey Jost and Lisa Kleinman

This week's episode is our first ever live episode recorded at The Full Cup in Staten Island. We have some amazing guests in Casey Jost and Lisa Kleinman as well.…

Dog and Pony Cast – The Barnyard Boys

This week's episode is, without a doubt, our loudest (in a good way)! Mickey Lavender had the day off, and was more than competently filled in for by our new booker Danidisaster. Our guests for the entire show are The Barnyard Boys!…

Dog and Pony Cast – Backslash Bomb Productions and Danidisaster

This week we've got a brand new booker and we start off her run with a humdinger! Joining us in the studio this week is Kevin Rogers and Keith Lambe of Backslash Bomb Productions.…

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 8 – Ryan and Prado God from the Anti-Semantic Show

Our guests on this episode are Ryan the Anti-Hero and Prado God from the Anti-Semantic Show.…

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 7 – Matt “Airistotle” Burns and Dr. Loberman

This weeks Dog and Pony Cast is a sexy adventure through the World of Air Guitar and Teledildonics. Our first guest is the New York Regional Air Guitar Champion Matt "Airistotle" Burns. After Matt, we have Cyberdildonics expert Dr. Vincent Loberman, who has a real passion for demonstrating his research in this new wave of sex toys! …

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 6 – Dave Herman and Mr. Puff

After a brief hiatus, the Dog and Pony Cast is back with a vengeance! After explaining our shows imposed hiatus (DAMN THE MAN!) we get right back into it with two incredible guests. We welcome to the show Dave Herman, who tells us about his 100 Jobs project and his time as an NBC Page. Dave also gives us the pleasure of teaching Carlo a thing or two about Improvisational Comedy. We also welcome one of our oddest guests to date, Mr Puff, a talking cat. That's right, a cat, that talks.…

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 5 – Jack Masters and Sexpert Jane Blow

This weeks episode will treat your ears like a floozy and make love to them.…

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 4 – Dave, The Muse Behind Foul Bachelor Frog, and Chris Olivieri

Possibly the most offensive episode yet! And we are trying to stop that stuff!…

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 3 – Sexpert Jane Blow and Professor Bruce Wainwright

This week's episode was completely botched by our booker, but that's okay because we've got not one, but two Sexperts on the show to teach us about, well, sex!…

Dog and Pony Cast Episode 2 – Michael Bongiorno and Brendan Lyons

This week's Dog and Pony Cast is a vast improvement over last weeks. Namely the sound is better, but just as importantly, we don't have Emilio Sparks on. I kid!…

Listen to the First Episode of the Dog and Pony Cast

This inaugural episode features Emilio Sparks talking about his new "Compilation" Scumbino's Way, and Aaron "The Battery" Double-A (don't ask) who teaches us that we should never, ever travel to the Middle East. We have a moderately chill Chill Sesh and introduce my new favorite game ever, Jeoparody (we definitely need a new name for that). With all that fun, we still manage to sneak in 2 (count them) 2 tracks from Scumbino's way, which drops tomorrow over at But enough selling soap, just listen already!…

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