Last update: 2010-05-04

Comedian Eric Blake - May 05,2010

2010-05-04 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Comedian Eric Blake

Radio Happy Hour | Dr Blogstein | Eric Blake | comedy | edibleRed

Onision Speaks - Apr 28,2010

2010-04-27 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Onision, controversial YouTube star (40:00) *Pop Culture Passionistas return with their list of Best and Worst TV to Movie Star Transformations (17:25)

Onision | YouTube | Pop Culture Passionistas | television | Shawn Amos

Carmine Gotti, Dennis Hof and Brooke Taylor - Apr 21,2010

2010-04-20 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*singer Carmine Gotti (59:00) *Dennis Hof and Brooke Taylor from Moonlite Bunnyranch and HBO's Cathouse (39:00)

Carmine Gotti | Dennis Hof | Growing Up Gotti | Brooke Taylor | Moonlite Bunnyranch

Frank Nicotero, Love and Logic - Apr 14,2010

2010-04-13 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*comedian Frank Nicotero (12:15) *band Love and Logic (42:15) *Justin Gignac, New York City garbage artist (4:00)

Frank Nicotero | Street Smarts | Love and Logic | Justin Gignac | New York City Garbage

The Return of Dangerous Lee - Apr 07,2010

2010-04-06 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Dangerous Lee, author of “Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down” and former Blogstein co-host. *Nancy and Amy Harrington of with the Top 5 Best and Worst TV Series Finales

Dangerous Lee | Pop Culture Passionistas | Nancy and Amy Harrington | television | Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down

My Damn Blogstein with Rob Barnett - Mar 31,2010

2010-03-30 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Rob Barnett, Founder and CEO of My Damn Channel ( (13:52) *singer Christina LaRocca (48:00)

Rob Barnett | Christina LaRocca | My Damn Channel | From the Penthouse | internet

Yvette Nicole Brown of Community - Mar 24,2010

2010-03-23 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Yvette Nicole Brown from Community (47:00) *Sarah Dillon, creator of Go Girl, the female urination device. (8:30)

Yvette Nicole Brown | Community | Sarah Dillon | Go Girl | BTR Roulette

Jackie Collins: Superstar Novelist - Mar 17,2010

2010-03-16 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*author Jackie Collins (45:05) *Anya Monzikova of Iron Man 2 (18:45) *Christiaan Van Vuuren AKA Fully Sick Rapper (1:11)

Anya Monzikova | Jackie Collins | Iron Man 2 | Christiaan Van Vuuren | Fully Sick Rapper

Scott Michael Foster, Hasan Minhaj - Mar 10,2010

2010-03-09 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Scott Michael Foster from Greek on ABC Family (45:30)*Comedian Hasan Minhaj (12:15)

Scott Michael Foster | Hasan Minhaj | Greek | ABC Family | comedy

The Buried Life - Mar 03,2010

2010-03-02 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Dave Lingwood and Duncan Penn from the MTV series The Buried Life (44:00) *Chris Illuminati, author of Assholeology: The Science Behind Getting Your Way - and Getting Away with it (13:00) *Debut of new theme song (35:00)

Buried Life | MTV | Chris Illuminati | Assholeology | Dave Lingwood

Adam Ray, Karlee - Feb 24,2010

2010-02-23 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Comedian Adam Ray (30:50) *Singer Karlee (53:27)

Karlee | Adam Ray | music | Tha Boss | Comedy

Alison Brie from Community - Feb 17,2010

2010-02-16 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Alison Brie of Community and Mad Men *actress and author Amber Benson and author Anton Strout (45:00)

Alison Brie | Community | Amber Benson | Anton Strout | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Grace N Michelle, Speak - Feb 10,2010

2010-02-09 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Comedy team Grace 'N Michelle (46:00) *Troupe Gammage, lead singer of Speak (25:00)

Grace and Michelle | Troupe Gammage | Speak | Grace Helbig | Michelle Vargas

Ayla Brown: The Senator's Daughter - Feb 03,2010

2010-02-02 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Ayla Brown, former American Idol finalist, Boston College basketball player and daughter of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown *Emmy-nominated comedy writer Charles Horn and his new iPhone App "Comedy Vocab"

Ayla Brown | American Idol | Senator Scott Brown | Boston College | Charles Horn

American Idol Jessica Sierra - Jan 27,2010

2010-01-26 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jessica Sierra, fallen American Idol (14:00) *Jason Sadler and Evan White are getting paid to wear a Blogstein tee shirt for

Jessica Sierra | American Idol | Jason Sadler | Evan White | I Wear Your Shirt

Larry Manetti, Magnum P.I. - Jan 20,2010

2010-01-19 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Larry Manetti, "Rick" from Magnum P.I. (13:35) *Comic impressionist Rich Natole (54:15)

Larry Manetti | Magnum PI | Rich Natole | Comedy | Dr Blogstein

Kelly-Lynn, iDUMP4U - Jan 13,2010

2010-01-12 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Pop singer Kelly-Lynn (44:20) *Bradley of iDUMP4U (16:00)

Kelly-Lynn | iDUMP4U | Tiger Woods | Radio Happy Hour | comedy

First Show of Twenty-Ten - Jan 06,2010

2010-01-05 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Dave and Ethan, double dating comedy duo (15:00) *X1FM morning DJ Prentice (40:00)

Dave and Ethan | double date | comedy | X1FM | Prentice

Best of Blogstein 2009 (part 2) - Dec 30,2009

2009-12-29 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Jeff Conaway (0:35) Dr. Blogstein toys with Judy Joy Jones Show (20:26) Dr. Blogstein serenades Rizzo Tees Girl (28:31) Adrianne Curry (37:47) Coolio sings "Happy Birthday" to Collette (1:06:26) How we went from Dangerous Lee to Collette Mclafferty (1:10:00)

Dr Blogstein | Collette McLafferty | Vinny Bond | Radio Happy Hour | Best of Blogstein

Best of Blogstein 2009 - Dec 23,2009

2009-12-22 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Vinny Bond gets married (0:34) Marla "FlyLady" Cilley (18:39) Candace Cameron & Dave Coulier of Full House (49:46) Dustin "Screech" Diamond (57:13) Not your father's Demond Wilson (1:08:28)

Dr Blogstein | Collette McLafferty | Vinny Bond | Radio Happy Hour | Best of Blogstein

Hanukkah Blogstein - Dec 16,2009

2009-12-15 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Tony Luke Jr., actor and creator of the five-pound “Ultimate Cheesesteak” (45:22) *"My Menorah" singer Chevonne (9:09) *musician Dion Roy (33:48)

Tony Luke Jr | Ultimate Cheesesteak | My Menorah | Dion Roy | Chevonne

Ricky Luna - Dec 09,2009

2009-12-08 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Ricky Luna, former Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer (12:14) *Musician Danny Ross (42:15) *Kay Ballard for Social Media #Soiree (53:53)

Ricky Luna | Mickey Mouse Club | Danny Ross | Social Media Soiree | Kay Ballard

Scott Bolzan, Leilujh - Dec 02,2009

2009-12-01 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Scott Bolzan (48:21) former NFL player who suffered major head injury and has forgotten the first 46 years of his life. *band Leilujh (12:00) *Simone Sinclaire (36:00)

Leilujh | Scott Bolzan | Simone Sinclaire | Dr Blogstein | Comedy

Cookin' with Coolio - Nov 25,2009

2009-11-24 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Grammy Award winning rapper/actor Coolio (5:30) *singer Dasha (43:44)

Coolio | Cookin with Coolio | Gangstas Paradise | Fantastic Voyage | Dasha

David Proval, Tommy Pistol, Rizzo Tees Girl - Nov 18,2009

2009-11-17 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*David Proval (Richie Aprile in “The Sopranos”) from new play “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway” (18:25) *Tommy Pistol, former adult movie star (43:14) *Debut of the new hit song "Rizzo Tees Girl" (8:40)

Tommy Pistol | David Proval | Richie Aprile | Sopranos | Rizzo Tees

Steven R. Boyett, Name Your Tune - Nov 11,2009

2009-11-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Steven R. Boyett, author and DJ (11:45) *Eric Alper of Name Your Tune ( *Simone Sinclaire of begins her monthly dating segments (29:45)

Steven R Boyett | Ariel | Name Your Tune | Simone Sinclaire | Eric Alper

Charlaine Harris/Pete's Basement - Nov 04,2009

2009-11-03 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books that have become HBO's True Blood (18:30) *Blind comedian Brian Fischler for Laugh For Sight 4 (6:30) *The guys of webcast Pete's Basement (52:05)

Charlaine Harris | Sookie Stackhouse | True Blood | Brian Fischler | Petes Basement

Adrianne Curry - Oct 28,2009

2009-10-27 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Adrianne Curry, reality TV star and blogger (43:30) *Jesse Kalfel, author of So You're Cremated . . . Now What? (19:05) *mortician Elizabeth Fournier (9:30)

dailybuds | Adrianne Curry | Jesse Kalfel | Elizabeth Fournier | Halloween

David Alan Grier - Oct 21,2009

2009-10-20 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*David Alan Grier, comedian, actor and author of Barack Like Me *Dennis Hof, Moonlight Bunny Ranch (40:00) *DJ Lubel of Wrong Hole (65:00) *"How You Can Kill Al Qaeda in 3 Easy Steps" author Howard Clark (21:57)

David Alan Grier | Barack Like Me | In Living Color | Dennis Hof | DJ Lubel

Dustin Diamond of 'Saved By the Bell' - Oct 14,2009

2009-10-13 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Dustin Diamond, "Screech" from Saved By the Bell and author of "Behind the Bell" *Larry Johnson, ex COO of Alcor Life Extension and author of “Frozen: My Journey into the World of Cryonics, Deception, and Death” (24:00) *Simone Sinclaire, host of NY Confessions on HDNet and CEO of (53:50)

Dustin Diamond | EstablishedMen | Screech | Alcor | Saved By The Bell

Vince Flynn, Justine Wachsberger - Oct 07,2009

2009-10-06 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Vince Flynn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pursuit of Honor (6:50) *Justine Wachsberger of The Twilight Saga: New Moon (47:47)

Vince Flynn | Justine Wachsberger | New Moon | Twilight | Pursuit of Honor

Kim Cameron, Isobella Jade - Sep 30,2009

2009-09-29 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Isobella Jade, petite model and host of Model Talk Radio (41:25) *Kim Cameron, lead singer of Side FX (10:52)*Rapper Hassahn Phenomenon calls in at 73:50 mark

Isobella Jade | Kim Cameron | Side FX | Model Talk Radio | Hassahn Phenomenon

Mary Jo Buttafuoco - Sep 23,2009

2009-09-22 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Mary Jo Buttafuoco, ex-wife of Joey Buttafuoco and gun shot victim of Amy Fisher (43:40) *Karen Salmansohn, author of Prince Harming Syndrome (17:11)

Mary Jo Buttafuoco | Getting It Through My Thick Skull | Karen Salmansohn | Prince Harming Syndrome | Amy Fisher

Dion Roy, Demond Wilson - Sep 16,2009

2009-09-15 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*musician Dion Roy (25:05) and a discussion of Kanye West *psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig calls in to discuss the Dangerous Lee situation (4:40) *actor Demond Wilson was a no-show, but we discover another Demond Wilson (46:26)

Demond Wilson | Kanye West | Dion Roy | Dr Robi Ludwig | Helena Montana

Gay-dio Happy Hour - Sep 09,2009

2009-09-08 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*actor Thom Bierdz of The Young and The Restless (47:00) *musician Josh Zuckerman (17:41) *Sarah Nehamen, inventor of the Peeka-bu Intimate Grooming Mirror (32:30) *Collette McLafferty, lead singer of edibleRed, is this week's guest co-host

Thom Bierdz | The Young and the Restless | Collette McLafferty | Josh Zuckerman | Peeka-bu Intimate Grooming Mirror

Jenni Pulos of 'Flipping Out' - Sep 02,2009

2009-09-01 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jenni Pulos of Bravo's "Flipping Out" (40:44) *musician Alex Deep, AKA Merlinmoon (65:27) *Dangerous Lee and Dr. Blogstein's fight 25:45 into show.

Merlinmoon | Alex Deep | Bravo | Jenni Pulo | Flipping Out

Charlie Mattera of Househusbands of Hollywood - Aug 26,2009

2009-08-25 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Charlie Mattera, star of Fox Reality's “Househusbands of Hollywood” (38:14) *Otto Ohlsson, lead singer of Into Arcadia (12:17)

Charlie Mattera | Househusbands of Hollywood | Otto Ohlsson | Into Arcadia | Fox Reality Channel

Judy Tenuta - Aug 19,2009

2009-08-18 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
It's an on air bachelor party for Vinny Bond! *Comedienne Judy Tenuta (41:15) *Randy Hecht, CEO of Just A Drop , the latest in bathroom innovation (8:25) *The Man's Manual author Gregg Stebben (24:45)

Judy Tenuta | Just a Drop | Gregg Stebben | The Mans Manual | Randy Hecht

Olympian Kimmie Meissner - Aug 12,2009

2009-08-11 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Olympic figure skater Kimmie Meissner (35:45) *Actor Frank Krueger (10:00)

Kimmie Meissner | Frank Krueger | Olympics | figure skating | David Carradine

Jon Lovitz - Aug 05,2009

2009-08-04 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*actor and comedian Jon Lovitz (6:00) *band Acidic (43:33) *Louise R Sacco of the Museum of Bad Art (66:54)

Jon Lovitz | Acidic | Saturday Night Live | Louise R Sacco | Museum of Bad Art

Adrian Paul: The Highlander - Jul 29,2009

2009-07-28 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Jason Sadler of, who will be wearing his Got Blogstein shirt all day, is special guest co host for this week's show *The Highlander star Adrian Paul (52:35) *Bill Bradford, the inventor of the "Johnny Light" (14:07)

IWearYourShirtcom | Adrian Paul | Jason Sadler | Johnny Light | The Highlander

Kevin Sorbo of 'Hercules' - Jul 22,2009

2009-07-21 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actor Kevin Sorbo of Hercules and Andromeda (40:32) *Musical guest: Dasha (11:30) *Ron Douglas, author of America's Most Wanted Recipes (68:48)

Kevin Sorbo | Americas Most Wanted | Ron Douglas | Dasha | Andromeda

Blogstein Family Picnic - Jul 15,2009

2009-07-14 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
On a very special Radio Happy Hour: Dangerous Lee's daughter Senia, Vinny Bond's fiance Nancy and Dr. Blogstein's Mom.

Dr Blogstein | Dangerous Lee | Vinny Bond | Alan Levy | BlogTalkRadio

Marjorie Liu, Diann Valentine - Jul 08,2009

2009-07-07 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Marvel Comic Wolverine series writer Marjorie Liu *Diann Valentine: Wedding planner to the stars and host of TNT reality show "Wedding Day"

Marjorie Liu | Diann Valentine | Wolverine | Marvel Comics | Wedding Day

Brad Thor: The Apostle - Jul 01,2009

2009-06-30 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Apostle (41:30) *rock band The Steps *A Michael Jackson retrospective featuring clips from Dangerous Lee, rapper Tru Dog and actor Corey Feldman. This show was recorded in front of a live radio audience on Thursday June 25, 2009

Brad Thor | The Apostle | The Steps | Afghanistan | Michael Jackson

Candace Cameron Bure of 'Full House' - Jun 24,2009

2009-06-23 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Candace Cameron Bure, best known as D.J. Tanner on "Full House" and star of the new ABC Family show "Make it or Break It" PLUS a special surprise call from one of her "Full House" co-stars. *actor Max Ryan *musical artist Nobody Famous

Candace Cameron Bure | Nobody Famous | Max Ryan | Full House | Make It or Break It

Vinny Bond Birthday Show - Jun 17,2009

2009-06-16 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*actress Olivia Dawn York *musician Phil Putnam *Vinny Bond Birthday Trivia *Letterman V. Palin

Olivia Dawn York | Phil Putnam | Tourette syndrome | David Letterman | Sarah Palin

Gretchen Bonaduce, - Jun 10,2009

2009-06-09 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Gretchen Bonaduce, star of Fox Reality Channel show “Re-Inventing Bonaduce” (37:00) *Dan from (1:45) *indie pop artist Nick Mery, AKA Merykid (16:25) *Frank Anthony Polito, AKA franQ, author of Drama Queer (65:00)

Gretchen Bonaduce | Merykid | Frank Anthony Polito | RunPeecom | Re-Inventing Bonaduc

Brittany Flickinger - Jun 03,2009

2009-06-02 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*singer, actress and model Brittany Flickinger (40:00) *musical act Young Rebel Goombas *Liz of

Brittany Flickinger | Young Rebel Goombas | Paris Hilton | Liz Davis | gossip

Bill Scheft, Poppi Kramer - May 27,2009

2009-05-26 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Bill Scheft, 15-time Emmy Award nominated writer for David Letterman *Comedian Poppi Kramer *Collette McLafferty of edibleRed plays the Pop Culture IQ

Bill Scheft | Poppi Kramer | David Letterman | Everything Hurts | Biggest Loser

Charlaine Harris interview - May 20,2009

2009-05-19 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Charlaine Harris returned to the show on Nov 3, 2009. Click to hear the new Charlaine Harris interview *Charlaine Harris, bestselling author of the books that inspired HBO's True Blood *Blind comedian Brian Fischler calls from Guiding Eyes for the Blind Guide Dog Training School. *The music of 80's pop sensation Justin the Mouthinator

Charlaine Harris | True Blood | Sookie Stackhouse | Brian Fischler | Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Anthony Fitzgerald and Scott Krokoff - May 13,2009

2009-05-12 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Horror film actor Anthony Fitzgerald *Musician Scott Krokoff *Personal discussion with Dangerous Lee *KKK vs Hebrew All Stars baseball game *Analysis of Roger Clemens latest steroid denial

Baseball | Star Trek | Anthony Fitzgerald | Scott Krokoff | Laid to Rest

Son of Spock: Adam Nimoy - May 06,2009

2009-05-05 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Adam Nimoy, son of Leonard Nimoy (Spock) is special guest co host for this week's show. *Greg Ellis plays Chief Engineer Olsen and Antonio Elias plays Officer Pitts in Star Trek *Comedian Jeff Dye

Adam Nimoy | Star Trek | Greg Ellis | Jeff Dye | Antonio Elias

Sonita Henry of Star Trek - Apr 29,2009

2009-04-28 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Sonita Henry stars in Star Trek as the Starfleet Doctor that helps deliver James T. Kirk, the future Captain of the Starship Enterprise *band Ashbury *Wanda N. Colon, host of TLC’s Home Made Simple

Sonita Henry | Star Trek | Ashbury | Wanda N Colon | Home Made Simple

Questlove from The Roots - Apr 22,2009

2009-04-21 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Questlove, drummer from The Roots and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon *actress Lorna Scott from new ABC sitcom Surviving Suburbia. *Randall Radic, disgraced California pastor and author of A Priest in Hell: Gangs, Murderers and Snitching in a California Jail.

Questlove | Lorna Scott | Randall Radic | The Roots | Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Amber Benson on Blogstein - Apr 15,2009

2009-04-14 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*actress Amber Benson of Buffy The Vampire Slayer *Psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig *Tax preparation with accountant turned comedian Brian King

Amber Benson | Dr Robi Ludwig | Buffy The Vampire Sl | India Unplugged | Deaths Daughter

Cristina's Court on Blogstein - Apr 08,2009

2009-04-07 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Judge Cristina Perez from TV's Cristina's Court *musician Chris Huff

Cristina Perez | Chris Huff | Cristinas Court | Rihanna | Marijuana

Than Merrill and Snuggie Sightings - Apr 01,2009

2009-03-31 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Than Merrill, former NFL safety and current star of "Flip This House" on A&E *Dennis Palumbo, psychotherapist to the stars *Mike Wheeler of

Than Merrill | Dennis Palumbo | Flip This House | Snuggie | NFL

Naya Rivera on Blogstein - Mar 25,2009

2009-03-24 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*actress Naya Rivera from FOX's "Glee" *Metal Shakespeare Company, power metal band that performs Shakespeare plays in full costume

Naya Rivera | Metal Shakespeare Company | Glee | Santana Lopez | Fox

Blogstein's Laugh Factory - Mar 18,2009

2009-03-17 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Laugh Factory’s Jamie Masada *actress Stacey Oristano of NBC's "Friday Night Lights" *Blind comedian Brian Fischler

Jamie Masada | Stacey Oristano | Friday Night Lights | Laugh Factory | Brian Fischler

Corey Feldman on Blogstein - Mar 11,2009

2009-03-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actor Corey Feldman (46:00) and teen writer Courtney Haigh *Marc Acito of NPR's All Things Considered *comedian Max Silvestri on a Jim Beam commercial contest *Analysis of Michael Jackson's London press conference

Corey Feldman | Marc Acito | Jim Beam | Broken Road | Courtney Haigh

Eugene Mirman and NY Reality TV School - Mar 04,2009

2009-03-03 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Eugene Mirman of HBO's "Flight of The Conchords" and author of "The Will to Whatevs" *Robert Galinsky, founder of New York Reality TV School

Eugene Mirman | New York Reality TV School | Flight of The Conchords | Robert Galinsky | Big Brother

Jeff Conaway EXCLUSIVE! - Feb 25,2009

2009-02-24 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*actor Jeff Conaway, his girlfriend Vikki and life coach Johnny Wimbrey *comedian Jim Florentine *Jan Cullinane, backwards speaking woman *Recap of last week's FlyLady interview

Jeff Conaway | Jim Florentine | Vikki Lizzi | Celebrity Rehab | Johnny Wimbrey

FlyLady meets Blogstein - Feb 18,2009

2009-02-17 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Marla Cilley, AKA The FlyLady, BlogTalkRadio's popular self help and support guru. *Jason Sadler of

FlyLady | Jason Sadler | Marla Cilley | IWearYourShirtcom | BlogTalkRadio

How to LOVE Like a Hot Chick - Feb 11,2009

2009-02-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, authors of How to LOVE Like a Hot Chick *James Kaufman, lead guitarist for industrial band "Opiate For The Masses" and composer for horror flick "Saw"

How to LOVE Like a Hot Chick | James Kaufman | Cerina Vincent | Jodi Lipper | Opiate For The Masses

Kristina Klebe and Dan Levy - Feb 04,2009

2009-02-03 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Kristina Klebe *Comedian Dan Levy *'s Sam Jemielity

Kristina Klebe | Dan Levy | Comedy Central | Playboy | Sexiest Sportscaster

Colm Feore and Brittany Burton - Jan 28,2009

2009-01-27 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Colm Feore who plays the First Gentleman Henry Taylor on 24 *Singer/actress Brittany Burton *band Doublethink

Colm Feore | Brittany Burton | 24 | Doublethink | Beta Records TV

Jim McGreevey Snubbed by Hannah Montana - Jan 21,2009

2009-01-20 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
No Hannah Montana for Disgraced Governor Did former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey try to bribe his way backstage a Hannah Montana concert? Yes, says WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang, who happened upon the disgraced pol at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., last year – and whose tale is recounted in the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column. “I was at a Hannah Montana concert and [McGreevey] was trying to bribe the security guard to let him [backstage],” the student at Wayne Valley High School in nearby Wayne, N.J. – tells Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour host Dr. Blogstein on this week’s edition of the show. “They wouldn’t let him in, though. I carry my tape recorder with me everywhere I go where I think people are going to be around. So when he was done talking to the security guard by the door, I inched my way in, put my recorder in his face and started asking questions. I asked him why he was at a Hannah Montana concert and he just said that his daughter was there somewhere. But I didn’t see [her] anywhere," adds Zach, 15, who documented the interview on tape and later wrote about it in his school newspaper. Jim, whose 2006 memoir, The Confession, chronicles the rise and falls of his political career, resigned from office in 2004 after admitting he’d “engaged in an adult consensual affair with another man.”

Zach Sang | BlogTalkRadio | Hannah Montana | Barack Obama | Jim McGreevey

Doogie Howser's mom and The Volunteers - Jan 14,2009

2009-01-13 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Belinda Montgomery (Doogie Howser's mom)*Dave Smith of the band The Volunteers

Belinda Montgomery | The Volunteers | Doogie Howser | Dave Smith | Isobella Jade

edibleRed and Pop Culture Madness - Jan 07,2009

2009-01-06 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*edibleRed lead singer Collette McLafferty *Bernadette Giacomazzo of Pop Culture Madness *Zach Bennett, Nicholas Braun and director Sean Michael Beyer from "Poor Paul" on Dr. Blogstein's acting debut.

edibleRed | Pop Culture Madness | Bernadette Giacomazzo | Collette McLafferty | Poor Paul

Best of Blogstein 2008 -- Part Two - Dec 31,2008

2008-12-30 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Best of Blogstein 2008 -- Part Two Here is the show rundown: 3:56/Virgie needs surgery and the nose knows why/Originally aired on 11-11-08 16:59/Dennis Hof endorses Hillary Clinton/Originally aired on 3-18-08 20:17/"Notorious HomoThug" telling Michael Jackson jokes/Originally aired on 8-26-08 22:19/Evander Holyfield interview/Originally aired on 2-26-08 33:24/Francia Raisa interview/Originally aired on 7-22-08 52:54/Exclusive insight into Governor Spitzer scandal/Originally aired on 3-11-08 58:26/The interview and then suicide of Thomas M. Disch/Originally aired on 7-1-08 and 7-8-08

Best of Blogstein | Dangerous Lee | Vinny Bond | Francia Raisa | Thomas M Disch

Ernest Borgnine - Dec 24,2008

2008-12-23 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Interview with Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award winning Hollywood legend, headlines Part One of The Best Of Blogstein 2008! Here is the show rundown: 1:28/Ernest Borgnine interview/Never before heard 23:16/Andy Taylor of Duran Duran/Originally aired on 9-16-08 33:33/Barack Faux-bama vs John McFake/Originally aired on 11-4-08 44:02/The Birth of "Radio Jesus"/Originally aired on 1-8-08 50:13/Call from an anti-Scientology fanatic/Originally aired on 2-19-08 60:39/Bill Romanowski interview/Originally aired on 11-25-08

Ernest Borgnine | Best of Blogstein | Dr Blogstein | Dangerous Lee | Vinny Bond

Merry Blogstein! - Dec 17,2008

2008-12-16 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Brian Jones sells leg lamps and owns A Christmas Story House & Museum in Cleveland *Singer Jd Webb *The History of the Snowman author Bob Eckstein *Gina Beltrami and her hit song “I Farted on Santa’s Lap (Now Christmas is Gonna Stink for Me)”

A Christmas Story | Jd Webb | Bob Eckstein | I Farted on Santas L | History of the Snowm

Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen - Dec 10,2008

2008-12-09 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actor Tim Reid and comedian Tom Dreesen *Band STRIVE *Rapper Hassahn Phenomenon

Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen | STRIVE | Derick Thompson | Hassahn Phenomenon | Tim and Tom

How to Profit From the Coming Rapture - Dec 03,2008

2008-12-02 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Melissa Cross--"Scream Teacher" *The authors of HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE COMING RAPTURE: Getting Ahead When You’re Left Behind

Melissa Cross | How to Profit From the Coming Rapture | heavy metal | Ellis Weiner | Barbara Davilman

Bill Romanowski and Fotie Photenhauer - Nov 26,2008

2008-11-25 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*NFL great Bill Romanowski (16:13) *Comedienne and ex-nun Kelli Dunham *Fotie Photenhauer, author of Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes (54:34)

Fotie Photenhauer | Bill Romanowski | Kelli Dunham | semen cookbook | football

Dr. Vino and Poor Paul - Nov 19,2008

2008-11-18 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Wine expert Dr. Vino *Kevin Schmidt and Zack Bennett of web series "Poor Paul"

Poor Paul | Dr Vino | Dr Blogstein | Kevin Schmidt | Zack Bennett

The Big Honkin Radio Happy Hour - Nov 12,2008

2008-11-11 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Hunter, Austin and Meredith of The Big Honkin', producers of "Defenders of Stan", the longest running series on Channel 101 NY *Marcus Hunt from HGTVs “Hammer Heads” *Caller has rare condition called Hyperosmia and asks for surgery

The Big Honkin | Defenders of Stan | Marcus Hunt | HGTV | Hyperosmia

Election Day w/ Nadia Bjorlin and Ziggy - Nov 05,2008

2008-11-04 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Nadia Bjorlin (4:38) *Election Day coverage featuring John McFake and Barack Faux-bama (19:00) *Ziggy cartoon artist Tom Wilson (45:10)

Nadia Bjorlin | Ziggy | Election Day | Tom Wilson | Days of Our Lives

David Zucker, Kato Kaelin, Judge Cristina Perez - Oct 29,2008

2008-10-28 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*David Zucker, writer producer of Airplane!, Naked Gun and The American Carol *Judge Cristina Perez of the Emmy Winning Show, “Cristina’s Court" *Kato Kaelin of Fox Reality Channel's “Gimme My Reality Show”

Cristina Perez | David Zucker | Kato Kaelin | An American Carol | Brad Thor

Vince Flynn and Olivia Wilde - Oct 22,2008

2008-10-21 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Olivia Wilde from HOUSE (1:00) *Vince Flynn, author of Extreme Measures (38:55) *Save the Ta-tas® CEO Julia Fikse (14:40) A portion of every sale goes to breast cancer research. **An all new Vince Flynn interview when he returns to the Radio Happy Hour on Tuesday night October 6, 2009 at 9PM Eastern. Just click --> Vince Flynn.**

Vince Flynn | Olivia Wilde | Extreme Measures | Julia Fikse | House

Bryan Duncan, Fran Capo - Oct 15,2008

2008-10-14 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Bryan Duncan, Contemporary Christian musician and host of *Fran Capo, comedienne and world's fastest talking woman

Bryan Duncan | Fran Capo | RadioRehabcom | Comedy | music

Radi-Oy Happy Hour - Oct 08,2008

2008-10-07 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
* TV columnist Korbi Ghosh *Band 'Miles to Empty' *Yiddish lessons with author Michael Wex

Miles to Empty | Zap2Itcom | Korbi Ghosh | Yiddish | Michael Wex

Saaphyri, Jordan Belfi, Charlie Wheeler - Oct 01,2008

2008-09-30 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jordan Belfi of Entourage *Saaphyri of "Flavor of Love" and winner Monique's Charm School *Charlie Wheeler of the Charlie Wheeler Band

Jordan Belfi | Saaphyri | Flavor of Love | Charlie Wheeler Band | Entourage

Shawn Amos, Max Gross, Tapped Inc - Sep 24,2008

2008-09-23 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Shawn Amos, son of cookie king Famous Amos and creator of *Max Gross, author of "From Schlub to Stud" *Craig Zucker,founder of Tapped Inc.

Shawn Amos | Max Gross | From Schlub to Stud | Famous Amos | GetBackcom

Andy Taylor of Duran Duran - Sep 17,2008

2008-09-16 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Andy Taylor from Duran Duran *Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of "Brave Men Run" *George The Giant, the one man freak show

Andy Taylor from Du | Matthew Wayne Selzni | George The Giant | Brave Men Run | Dr Blogstein

Tariq Alexander, Bryce Wilson, Joséphine - Sep 10,2008

2008-09-09 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Tariq Alexander, President of Ruff Ryders Film Division *Bryce Wilson, 2 time Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter *Pop singer Joséphine *Jorge-Luis Pallo of Secret Life of the American Teenager

Jorge-Luis Pallo | Tariq Alexander | Joséphine | Bryce Wilson | Ruff Ryders |

Carrie Preston, Jenn Sterger - Sep 03,2008

2008-09-02 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Carrie Preston of HBO's "True Blood" premiering on Sunday 9/7 at 9pm. * NFL preview with Jenn Sterger, NY Jets "Gameday Host"

Carrie Preston | Jenn Sterger | True Blood | Jets | NFL

Justin Hartley, Sunda Croonquist - Aug 27,2008

2008-08-26 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Justin Hartley of "Smallville" and original web series "Gemini Division" (10:20) *Comedian Sunda Croonquist (30:05) *"Notorious HomoThug" AKA TruDog the gay rapper (53:00)

Justin Hartley | Sunda Croonquist | Smallville | Notorious HomoThug | Gemini Division

Guitar Hero: Blake Peebles - Aug 20,2008

2008-08-19 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Blake Peebles, the teenager who dropped out of school to become professional “Guitar Hero” (12:30) *Brian ZooZoo, author of HOW TO WOO A BI'AAATCH *Singer Marina V

Blake Peebles | Guitar Hero | Marina V | Brian ZooZoo | HOW TO WOO A BIAAATC

Judy Reyes of Scrubs - Aug 13,2008

2008-08-12 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*"Scrubs" star Judy Reyes (Carla) *Singer Danny Ross who maintains a blog named "Danny Blogstein"

Judy Reyes | Scrubs | Danny Ross | Delimar Vera | Carla Espinosa

Blogstein does Bravo - Aug 06,2008

2008-08-05 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jenni Pulos of Bravo's "Flipping Out" *Madison Hildebrand of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" *Andrew Dumont of

Jenni Pulos | Madison Hildebrand | Tatangocom | Flipping Out | Bravo

Justin Stein, Bill Folman, Daniel Lowery - Jul 30,2008

2008-07-29 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Singer Justin Stein *Bill Folman, author of THE SCANDAL PLAN or: How to Win the Presidency by Cheating On Your Wife *Singer Daniel Lowery

Justin Stein | Daniel Lowery | Bill Folman | Dr Blogstein | Dangerous Lee

Secret Life of the American Blogstein - Jul 23,2008

2008-07-22 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Francia Raisa of The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Francia Raisa | Secret Life of the A | Dr Blogstein | Dangerous Lee | Radio Happy Hour

Dangerous Lee Birthday Show - Jul 16,2008

2008-07-15 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*DJ Johnny Danger *Rapper and Dangerous Lee Live co-host Hassahn Phenomenon *Major League Baseball All Star Game updates from Tim Ryan of

Hassahn Phenomenon | DJ Johnny Danger

The Mole - Jul 09,2008

2008-07-08 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jon Kelley, host of The Mole on ABC *Band Phoenix Block *Dr. Robi Ludwig on author Thomas M. Disch's suicide just days after appearing on last Tuesday’s show.

The Mole | Phoenix Block | Dr Robi Ludwig | Jon Kelley | Thomas M Disch

Radio Jesus, God and Talia Coles - Jul 02,2008

2008-07-01 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Thomas M. Disch, author and God *Pop Star Talia Coles *Dmitri and Olga: The New Romeo and Juliet

Thomas M Disch | Talia Coles | Dmitri and Olga | voicemail | God

Last Patriot, Last Interview? - Jun 25,2008

2008-06-24 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
**An all new Brad Thor interview when he returned to the Radio Happy Hour on June 30, 2009. Just click -->Brad Thor.** *Brad Thor, author of The Last Patriot (21:10) *Actor Daren Kagasoff of ABC Family's "Secret Life of the American Teenager" (1:15)

Brad Thor | Daren Kagasoff | ABC Family | The Secret Life of the American Teenager | Last Patriot

Blogstein Karaoke Idol - Jun 18,2008

2008-06-17 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Dangerous Lee takes on Jane in Blogstein Idol *Deal or No Deal model Tameka Jacobs

Deal or No Deal | Blogstein Karaoke | Tameka Jacobs | model | foster care

Blogstein 90210 - Jun 11,2008

2008-06-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*James (Beverly Hills 90210) Eckhouse, director and Malcolm Danare, writer/producer of play "In Heat." *"American Women are Crazy" author, Michael H. Brown *Rock Band "Paging Grace"

James Eckhouse | Paging Grace | American Women are C | 90210 | Michael H Brown

RHH: Mark McGraw - Jun 04,2008

2008-06-03 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actor Mark McGraw live from the Hoboken International Film Festival *Deborah Aaronson of The Society for Fortuitous Events

Mark McGraw | The Society for Fortuitous Events | Deborah Aaronson | Tim McGraw | Tug McGraw

RHH: Judge Alex - May 28,2008

2008-05-27 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Alex E. Ferrer host of TV's “Judge Alex,” *"Band Fags" author Frank Anthony Polito *Singer Celeste Lear

Judge Alex Ferrer | Band Fags | Frank Anthony Polito | Celeste Lear | Judge Alex

Blogstein RHH! - May 21,2008

2008-05-20 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey of Comedy Central's Reno: 911 *Band "Bag of Toys" *Fat author Jen Lancaster

Wendi McLendon-Covey | Bag of Toys | Reno 911 | Jen Lancaster | Comedy Central

Hiding in Hip Hop - May 14,2008

2008-05-13 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Terrance Dean, author of "Hiding in Hip Hop" *"Slowpoke" cartoonist Jen Sorenson

Terrance Dean | Hiding in Hip Hop | Jen Sorenson | Slowpoke | gay

Father Felony, Mams Taylor - May 07,2008

2008-05-06 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*British rapper Mams Taylor on why he slugged actor Jesse Metcalfe *Randall Radic, AKA “Father Felony”, the California pastor who was convicted of fraudulently selling the deed to his church out from under his congregation *Singer Demi Davis

Randall Radic | Mams Taylor | Father Felony | Demi Davis | LA Girls

Judy Tenuta Interview - Apr 30,2008

2008-04-29 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Comedienne Judy Tenuta *Artist Daniel Maltzman *Celebrity design guru Evette Ríos on EIGHT O’CLOCK® COFFEE and the free wedding they're throwing one lucky couple on 08.08.08

Judy Tenuta | Daniel Maltzman | Evette Ríos | EIGHT OCLOCK COFFEE | artist

Radio Happy Hour: Montana Tucker - Apr 23,2008

2008-04-22 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Teen star Montana Tucker *Author Sam Moffie

Montana Tucker | Sam Moffie | Dr Blogstein | Dangerous Lee | Vinny Bond

Radio Happy Hour: Cristina's Court - Apr 16,2008

2008-04-15 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Judge Cristina Perez from TV's “Cristina’s Court” *Singer Chelsea E. *Exclusive interview with the "Pope"

Cristina Perez | Chelsea E | Cristinas Court | Chris Hansen | Pope

Supermodel Niki Taylor - Apr 09,2008

2008-04-08 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Supermodel Niki Taylor* NASCAR driver and Hollywood stunt man Stanton Barrett *Rock band Stealing Jane

Niki Taylor | NASCAR | Stanton Barrett | Stealing Jane | Hollywood

Francia Raisa - Apr 02,2008

2008-04-01 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
**An all new Francia Raisa interview when returned to the Radio Happy Hour on July 22. Just click --> Francia Raisa.** *Actress Francia Raisa (15:20) *Singer Kaitlyn Anderson

Francia Raisa | Cutting Edge | Kaitlyn Anderson | music | Dr Blogstein

Stuttering John Melendez - Mar 26,2008

2008-03-25 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*"Stuttering John" Melendez, formally of the Howard Stern Radio Show and currently the announcer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno *Singer/songwriter Sherri Eldin

Stuttering John | Sherri Eldin | Howard Stern | Jay Leno | John Melendez

Blogstein Bunny Ranch - Mar 19,2008

2008-03-18 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Dennis Hof, the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel and star of HBO’s Cathouse *Martin Rooney, trainer of the 2007 IFL World Team Champions *Actor Scott Cohen of the Fox sitcom "The Return of Jezebel James"

Dennis Hof | Moonlite Bunny Ranch | Martin Rooney | Scott Cohen | Cathouse

Josh Gates, Alison Bailes, Exclusive Spitzer News - Mar 12,2008

2008-03-11 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Josh Gates host of SCI FI's Destination Truth *Alison Bailes of "Reel Talk" *Exclusive insight into Eliot Spitzer scandal and a scandal involving Chris Rock

Josh Gates | Alison Bailes | Destination Truth | Dr Blogstein | Eliot Spitzer

Real Houswives and Worst Emails - Mar 05,2008

2008-03-04 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jill Zarin of Bravo's "Real Housewives of New York City" *Michael Malice, editor of

Jill Zarin | Real Housewives of N | Michael Malice | WorstEmailEvercom | autism

Evander Holyfield on Blogstein - Feb 27,2008

2008-02-26 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Boxer Evander Holyfield *Actor Randy Tobin of "The American Poop Movie" *Scott Michael Foster of the new NBC drama "Quarterlife"

Evander Holyfield | Scott Michael Foster | Randy Tobin | Becoming Holyfield | The American Poop Movie

RHH: Bryan Duncan - Feb 20,2008

2008-02-19 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Jesus Christ's favorite singer, Bryan Duncan *many listeners concerned with Scientology.

Bryan Duncan | Christian | comedy | entertainment | funny | interview | Jesus | music | singer | Scientology | L Ron Hubbard

One Year Blogsteinversary! - Feb 13,2008

2008-02-12 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Celebrate the Radio Happy Hour with the Radio Happy Hour. Who needs guests?!? Plus, Wild Phil returns. Where was he? Did he die?

Annivesary Show | Blogsteinaversary | comedy | Dangerous Lee | Dr Blogstein | entertainment | funny | interview | Vinnie Bond | Wild Phil

Radio Happy Hour: Zane - Feb 06,2008

2008-02-05 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Zane, the queen of erotica *Sarah Mucho, lead singer of System Noise *Comedian Cheril Vendetti covers Super Tuesday

Zane | Cheril Vendetti | Super Tuesday | erotica | System Noise

Skippy from Family Ties - Jan 30,2008

2008-01-29 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Marc Price, AKA "Skippy" from 80's sitcom Family Ties. He now runs *Dr. Mark and Prof Val from BTR's “Naked Soma” want to help Dr. B calm down and deal with stress in a more healthy manner.

Marc Price | Family Ties | Skippy | iJoketv | Naked Soma

Radio Happy Hour 1.22.08 - Jan 23,2008

2008-01-22 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Designer and owner of the most famous butt in fashion Paige Adams-Geller *Actors Ross Tyler and Samantha Falk who are set to film Memoirs of a Medicated Child, a movie that Britney Spears may be attached to.

Paige Adams-Geller | Memoirs of a Medicated Child | Ross Tyler | Samantha Falk | Britney Spears

Hot Chicks and Marcellus Wiley - Jan 16,2008

2008-01-15 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*ESPN NFL Analyst and Former All-Pro Defensive End for the Jacksonville Jaguars Marcellus Wiley to talk NFL Playoffs. *Return of the "Hot Chicks" Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, authors of How to Eat Like a Hot Chick.

Marcellus Wiley | How to Eat Like a Hot Chick | Cerina Vincent | Jodi Lipper | watermelon

Summer Glau and edibleRed - Jan 09,2008

2008-01-08 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Actress Summer Glau from FOX's upcoming series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (22:30) *Collette Mclafferty, lead singer of edibleRed

Summer Glau | edibleRed | Collette Mclafferty | FOX | Terminator The Sarah

Best of Blogstein 2007 Part II - Jan 02,2008

2008-01-01 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Part II of a recap of the Best of 2007 featuring: #1 Bestselling author Vince Flynn, Contemporary Christian musician Bryan Duncan, American Idol back up singer Sy Smith, former terrorist Walid Shoebat plus much, much more...

American Idol | Bryan Duncan | comedy | funny | interview

Best of Blogstein 2007 Part I - Dec 26,2007

2007-12-25 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
A recap of the Best of 2007 featuring: The Sopranos' Joey G, Shirley Maclaine, Warren G, Countess Vaughn and much, much more...

comedy | Countess Vaughn | entertainment | Joey G | Shirley Maclaine

Flavor of Blogstein - Dec 19,2007

2007-12-18 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Bonnie "Eyez" Mercado from VH-1's Flavor of Love 2 *Brian Nuestro will be competing in the World Series of Beer Pong.

Bonnie Eyez Mercado | Flavor of Love | VH1 | Dr Blogstein | World Series of Beer

Radio Happy Hour: 12.11.07 - Dec 12,2007

2007-12-11 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Rapper Hassahn Phenomenon *Miyoko Fujimori of who hosted a show deemed "Too Hot for Blog Talk Radio" and has since been banned. *An update from "Art of Cheating" Jessica Dorfman Jones.

comedy | entertainment | funny | IndulgePartycom | interview | Miyoko Fujimori | music | radio | rap | sex

Radio Happy Hour: 12.4.07 - Dec 05,2007

2007-12-04 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Singer Troy "Breeze" Larkin *Dr. Alfred Adams of will prepare us for the end of the world. *Rob Cohen on his annual Alt Book Bazaar

Alfred Adams | comedy | end of the world | end times | entertainment | funny | interview | music | NearingMidnightcom | Rob Cohen | Troy Breeze Larkin | women

RHH: Rick Barry - Nov 28,2007

2007-11-27 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry *Comedian Cheril Vendetti

entertainment | funny | interviews | Italian | music | NBA | Rick Barry | Troy Breeze Larkin | women | basketball | Cheril Vendetti | comedy

RHH: Amazing Race - Nov 21,2007

2007-11-20 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Former Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan is attempting to travel around the world for free. He and a camera man left NYC on September 18th to document the unprecedented journey for the unique travel/reality web series “Around The World For Free.” Alex is relying on the web community at to set his itinerary and guide him around the world for free.

television | travel | wwwaroundtheworldfor | comedy | entertainment | reality television | Thanksgiving | funny | Alex Boylan | sex | news

RHH: Shirley MacLaine - Nov 14,2007

2007-11-13 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Academy Award winning Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine begins at minute 25:20.

Shirley MacLaine | comedy | entertainment | funny | gossip |

Radio Happy Hour - Nov 07,2007

2007-11-06 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Political cartoonist Lloyd Dangle. *Producer John Loar

politics | movies | sports | Bush | comedy | funny | Lloyd Dangle | John Loar

Emmy Winner Christopher Lowell - Oct 31,2007

2007-10-30 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Designer and Emmy Award winning TV host Christopher Lowell

Christopher Lowell | comedy | design | funny | home

RHH: Vince Flynn Interview - Oct 24,2007

2007-10-23 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
**An all new Vince Flynn interview when he returns to the Radio Happy Hour on Tuesday night October 6, 2009 at 9PM Eastern. Just click --> Vince Flynn.** Bestselling thriller writer Vince Flynn on terror, Iran, possible Mitch Rapp movies and his new book "Protect and Defend"(41:10) Also, Jessica Dorfman Jones on "The Art of Cheating"(13:00)

Vince Flynn | Protect and Defend | Bush | comedy | funny

Dangerous Encounters: Radio Happy Hour - Oct 17,2007

2007-10-16 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
"TYPE POTATO IN THE CHAT ROOM!!!" National Geographic Channel's Dr. Brady Barr will discuss how he got bit in the ass by a python. Then, it will truly be Happy Hour when we're joined by Betsy Landis, SVP for V2 Vodka. And we'll be giving away some vodka bottles with recipes for great fall/holiday drinks! Plus, the makers of I Love Blow-Energy Drink.

alcohol | animals | blow | comedy | funny | National Geographic | snakes | vodka

Radio Crappy Hour - Oct 10,2007

2007-10-09 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*The Duke of Swirl, Dave Praeger, is the number 1 expert on number 2 and the creator of *Josh Piven author of BAD VS WORSE: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lose-Lose Decisions

book | comedy | poop

J. Anthony Brown and Ovie Mughelli - Oct 03,2007

2007-10-02 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli *Comedian J. Anthony Brown *Rappers Ghetto Mafia

Atlanta | comedy | football | music | rap

Radio Happy Hour - Sep 26,2007

2007-09-25 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Singer Jesse O explains why he was signed to a gay music label. *Justin the Weatherman and Dr. Blogstein re-enact a scene from 24. *Dr. Blogstein launches a live video feed in the chat room. *Actor Fred Griffith discusses his plans to make a movie about NASCAR pioneer Junior Johnson

Jesse O | music | Fred Griffith

Totally Blogstein - Sep 19,2007

2007-09-18 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Matthew Robinson and Jensen Karp, the authors of Just Can't Get Enough: Toys, Games, and Other Stuff from the 80s that Rocked, will be break dancing their way into the Radio Happy Hour to celebrate the gnarliest decade of the century!*Comedian Bryan Cox *"Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat" singer and songwriter Ryan Parker

comedy | football | news | sports

Sarah Burgess and Java Jitter Man - Sep 12,2007

2007-09-11 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Singer Sarah Burgess *We'll meet a man who has been thrown out of over 200 Stabucks.

American Idol | britney spears

Radio Happy Hour: Warren G and a furry green thing - Sep 05,2007

2007-09-04 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
*Warren G and Countess Vaughn of MTV's "Celebrity Rap SuperStar" *Dave Raymond, the original Phillie Phanatic and current head of the Mascot Hall of Fame. *Pop Star favorite Samantha Falk

Warren G | Phillie Phanatic | Countess Vaughn | Celebrity Rap SuperStar | Samantha Falk

Barbie Barbell and Charlie Sykes - Aug 29,2007

2007-08-28 :: Dr Blogstein
*Controversial Milwaukee Radio Talk Show Host Charlie Sykes *Amanda Harris, AKA Barbie Barbell, 11X World Powerlifting Champion at age 16!

Barbie Barbell | Charlie Sykes | sports

The Virtual Radio Happy Hour - Aug 22,2007

2007-08-21 :: Dr Blogstein
Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs is a Virtual World Millionaire. Embattled blogger Bobby Griffin updates us after relaunching his site following accusations of fraud.

Bobby Griffin | Entropia Universe | gamer | Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs | virtual reality

Radio Happy Hour: Ziplock Virgin - Aug 14,2007

2007-08-14 :: Dr Blogstein
Former terrorist Walid Shoebat. New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor guest co-hosts.

Brad Thor | Walid Shoebat | Iraq | Muslim | terror

Taking Woodstock - Aug 07,2007

2007-08-07 :: Dr Blogstein
*Elliot Tiber, author of "Taking Woodstock" regales many of his stories on his way to saving Woodstock from being canceled in 1969 (31:00) *Hot Chick Jodi Lipper called in with some breaking news regarding her career. *Dr. B disclosed that he fired guns for his first time which then led to a debate on gun control.

Taking Woodstock | Elliot Tiber | Woodstock | Jodi Lipper | guns

Radio Happy Hour: Crotch Watch - Aug 01,2007

2007-07-31 :: Dr Blogstein
Model Isobella Jade . Rob Tencer creates celebrities. He'll provide the easy steps so that you too can become a famous socialite. The latest from Justin the Weatherman.

Isobella Jade | Rob Tencer | famous | model | Paris Hilton

Radio Happy Hour: Mobbed Up, Thugged Up, Juiced Up - Jul 25,2007

2007-07-24 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Yahoo! Sports Senior NBA Writer Adrian Wojnarowski on the NBA's referee scandal, A sports roundtable to discuss the mobbed up NBA ref, Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, Rapper and Talk Show Host SK-1, Justin the weatherman gives his forecast

Barry Bonds | baseball | crime | FBI | Michael Vick | NBA | NFL | Rap | SK1 | sports

Radio Happy Hour: Jesus Loves Us - Jul 18,2007

2007-07-17 :: Dr Blogstein
Contemporary Christian musician Bryan Duncan discusses music and naked people floating up to heaven.We listen to highlights of Jane's live stage debut and we debut our brand new theme song!

Bryan Duncan | Christian | music

Thor and the Fab Four - Jul 11,2007

2007-07-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
**An all new Brad Thor interview when he returned to the Radio Happy Hour on June 30, 2009. Just click -->Brad Thor.** New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Thor weighs in on Iran, Al Qaeda and the best way to sleep with 72 virgins. Live music from Beatles tribute band MOSTLY MOPTOP

Beatles | Brad Thor | Mostly Moptop | First Commandment | Iran

Radio Happy Hour: Star Spangled Blogstein - Jul 04,2007

2007-07-03 :: Dr Blogstein
Special guest co-host Dangerous Lee. Today we celebrate our Independence Day with the creator of and Sports and Entertainment Journalist Chris Yandek

celebrities | divorce | Independence Day | sports

Radio Happy Hour: Flying Blind - Jun 27,2007

2007-06-26 :: Dr Blogstein
-"The Curse of the Featured Show" rears its ugly head as Dr. B and Jane are cursed with technical difficulties and guest no-shows. -The musical-comedy act Seth and Willie Fred -Justin the Weatherman

apple | comedy | Hillbilly | iPhone | music | redneck | Seth and Willie Fred

Radio Happy Hour: Love Me Tender - Jun 20,2007

2007-06-19 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Perhaps our wildest show to date! Jane and Dr. B bicker over her dating life, Television Icon Dick Van Patten of Eight is Enough gives two lucky callers a classic TV trivia quiz, advice columnist Dangerous Lee and Justin the Weatherman make their Radio Happy Hour debuts, and Don Taylor claims to have had gay sex with Elvis, James Dean and Charles Manson.

advice | funny | gossip | pop culture | trivia

Radio Happy Hour: I Like Bootie - Jun 13,2007

2007-06-12 :: Dr Blogstein
Jane returns from a mind clearing vacation, Poet Alaina R. Alexander squirms under intense questioning, Uber-Conservative truck driver John Bootie wants to be your next president, Vinny and Dr. B break down the Sopranos finale and Sarah from "Blogger Idol" runs a contest, cooks dinner, does a radio interview and takes care of six children all at the same time.

Alaina R Alexander | Bush | conservative | election | John Bootie | Law school | liberal | poet | President | writer

Radio Happy Hour: Sex & Saddam - Jun 06,2007

2007-06-05 :: Dr Blogstein
Iraqi POW has affair w/ US guard, sex tips from, Vinny Bond reveals something very personal and Dr. Blogstein reveals his first name.

AskMencom | author James Bassil | book | Iraq | POW | Saddam | sex | sex | sex | war | women

Radio Happy Hour: Dr. Douchbag - May 29,2007

2007-05-29 :: Dr Blogstein
*Jeff "Punctuation Man" Rubin will discuss his colon. *"douchebag1", creator of popular website **Groovy singer/songwriter Denise Marsa discusses new record label.

colon | douchebag | hot chicks | Jeff Rubin | Punctuation Man

RAD1O HAPPY HOUR - May 22,2007

2007-05-22 :: Dr Blogstein
Jared the Intern explains the game "Port-O-Potty Running", Professional video gamer FATAL1TY gets Jane real warm, Discussion of Senator John Edwards' bathroom habits

Afghanistan | Army | Bagram | Fatal1ty | gamer | intern | Iraq | military | Preakness | soldier | terror | video games | war

A Very Brady Happy Hour - May 15,2007

2007-05-15 :: Dr Blogstein
*Actor Robbie Rist, who played Oliver on The Brady Bunch *Jimmy Cahill from *American Idol backup singer Sy Smith

Brady Bunch | Cousin Oliver | Jimmy Cahill | Robbie Rist | television | Tube Nation | American Idol

RADIO HAPPY HOUR - May 09,2007

2007-05-08 :: Dr Blogstein
Jane breaks up with boyfriend, CEO Alan Levy calls in, Pop Star Samantha Falk

Brady Bunch | child actor | music | oliver | Samantha Falk

Hot Chicks and Illegal Soap - May 02,2007

2007-05-01 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Don Bolles of the legendary punk band The Germs stops by to tell us just how he got arrested for possession of SOAP! Plus, Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent are two hot chicks who wrote a book telling other hot chicks how to eat.

food | Jodi Lipper | soap | book | Cerina Vincent | diet | Don Bolles | drugs

RADIO HAPPY HOUR: Joey G (Vito) - Apr 25,2007

2007-04-24 :: Dr Blogstein
The Sopranos Joseph R. Gannascoli AKA "Vito Spatafore" nearly dies live on the air, Neil the Lawyer and Jane square off in karaoke grudge match

HBO | Joey G | karaoke | music | Sopranos | Vito Spatafore

GIRLS and CORPSES - Apr 18,2007

2007-04-17 :: Dr Blogstein
The Grin Creeper" R.S. Rhine, Publisher and Deaditor-In-Chief of GIRLS and CORPSES MAGAZINE, Hip-Hop Artist Spider Loc from G Unit, and Dr. B interviews the wrong black guy.

50 Cent | black | Girls | GUnit | hip hop | Imus | music | RS Rhine | race | rap | Sex

Talkin' Blogstein (Sanjaya, Mickey & "The Doc") - Apr 11,2007

2007-04-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Bestselling author Peter Golenbock joins Dr. B and Jane to discuss his latest book, 7: The Mickey Mantle Novel. His book has come under a firestorm of controversy for suggesting, among other things, that Mantle was sexually abused as a child and that he had a one night stand with Marilyn Monroe. Also, Santosh of the popular Indian blog will stop by to give us his take on the Sanjaya phenomenon and what it means to his community.

American Idol | baseball | Mickey Mantle | Peter Golenbock | Sanjaya

Radio Happy Hour: The Meltdown - Apr 05,2007

2007-04-04 :: Dr Blogstein
Dr. Blogstein has a meltdown and yells at everyone. Bobby Griffin from "The Bestest Blog" is interviewed about his infamous website. Also, clips from Psychic Boy's antisemitic rant.

American Idol | Bestest Blog | Bobby Griffin | HBO | Joey G | Johnny Cakes | Joseph R Gannascoli | The Sopranos | Vito Spatafore

RADIO HAPPY HOUR: A doctor, an i - Mar 28,2007

2007-03-27 :: Dr Blogstein
Pastorious and Fu2rman from The Infidel Radio Show play "Guess the Arab Curse Word", Psychic Boy and Witchy Woman talk mysticism and make shocking comments about Adolf Hitler.

Blog Talk Radio | fatwah | funny | humor | infidel | interview | live | Pastorious | psychic

RADIO HAPPY HOUR: The Good, the Spam, and the End of the World - Mar 21,2007

2007-03-20 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Steve Graham is the author of "The Good, the Spam, and the Ugly". He'll stop by to tell Dr. Blogstein and Jane how he's making a career out of irritating the living hell out of Internet Spam Scammers. Also, Ronald Weinland, pastor of the Church of God, will stop in and warn us that the end of the world is sooner than we may think. He'll tell us when and how the world will end.

author | book | Book of Revelation | catholic | Christian | Church of God | email | endtime prophesies | fun | funny | god | Nigerian | pastor | religion | Ronald Weinland | Scam | Spam | Steve Graham

RADIO HAPPY HOUR: Bracket Busters and Barbie Bandits - Mar 14,2007

2007-03-13 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
The Sports Hernia Blog's Tim Ryan will stop by and help Dr. Blogstein and Jane fill out their March Madness brackets. Also, movie producer/director Chris Hanaford with insight into Georgia's well publicized "Barbie Bandit" bank robberies.

bank robbery | Barbie Bandits | Chris Hanaford | college basketball | hot girls | March Madness | NCAA basketball | sports | The Caper

The Girl Also Does Radio - Mar 07,2007

2007-03-06 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Jamie from “The Girl Also Blogs” will be Dr. B’s guest co-host this week. They’ll welcome in Stuart Fox to discuss his humanitarian project called– a reader-generated collection of "coitus rejectus" – tales of seduction gone wrong. Plus, Martin The Psychic will stop by and tell us what Elvis is up to.

funny | How not to get laid | Jamie | psychic | Psychic Boy | seduction | sex | Stuart Fox | The Girl Also Blog

RADIO HAPPY HOUR! - Feb 28,2007

2007-02-27 :: Dr Blogstein
Joining Dr. Blogstein and Jane this week is a man whose ex-wife tried to hire a hit man to kill him. Plus an exclusive interview with Anna Nicole's baby daughter, Dannielynn!

Anna Nicole Smith | crime | hitman | Law | lawyer | murder | New Mexico | Stephen A Avery

RADIO HAPPY HOUR! - Feb 21,2007

2007-02-20 :: Dr Blogstein
Renowned psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig will discuss some of the loony people in the news and maybe even help some of our callers. Plus, Comedian Jay DErcola will stop by and try to be funny.

Anna Nicole Smith | Britney Spears | comedian | comedy | Dr Robi Ludwig | funny | gay rugby | Jay DErcola | psychotherapy | September 11 | Tim Hardaway

The Debut - Feb 14,2007

2007-02-13 :: Dr Blogstein
On this week's show: A real life Muslim stops in to shoot the Shiite. We’ll discuss Islam, 24, and tips on spotting terrorists in your neighborhood. Also, Dr. Blogstein and Jane reveal which story endings posted on their blogs are the real deal!

comedy | funny | Islam | terrorism | Randall Radic | Father Felony | Valentines Day | Ripon

Dr. Blogstein: The Test Show - Feb 10,2007

2007-02-10 :: Dr Blogstein Length: 1s
Pay no attention to us here...we're just kicking the tires and trying out the bells and whistles so that on Tuesday we sound like we know what we're doing. …

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