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12 - 4.1 Heroics, Constructedweaver, and a Big Picture Look at the State of Solfoirge

2015-01-01 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

In this holiday grab bag episode Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss the new 4.1 Heroics, the new tournament structure, elite tournaments, the drafter’s guide to constructed, sharing, a look back at the design impact of Secrets of Solis and Imprisoned Heralds and their hopes for Solforge in 2015.

Download the episode here.

11 - The Imprisoned Heralds Draft Meta

2014-12-02 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords, SwarleySparkles and special guest Scurvy discuss the new Imprisoned Heralds draft metagame and its refreshing breadth of viable decktypes, from hyper-agressive to Rank-6 inevitability. What’s the worst faction pairing? What’s the best faction-pairing / strategy for new players? Which bad cards are actually sneaky good? Find out on this episode of Draftweaver!

Download the episode here.

Imprisoned Heralds Set Review Part 1 - Patch, Mechanics and Heroics

2014-11-18 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss the new Imprisoned Herald set in this two-part set review. The first part covers the changes to previous cards, the removal of alpha, the new mechanics Upgrade and Assault, and reviews and discussions of the 12 new heroics.

We will be rating cards using the 5-point scale below, but the points are primarily there as a tool for discussion. Context matters (both deck and game situation) and really our comments on the cards are going to be a lot more valuable than the numbers themselves. Nevertheless:

5 - Game-breaking bomb that is difficult to counter

4 - Very solid card you’d want in any deck regardless of archetype

3 - Role players/filler (underdrops, tricky spells) 

2 - Situational/Mediocre - Only useful in certain decks or board states

1 - Bad

Download the episode here.

Imprisoned Heralds Set Review Part 2 - All Commons and Rares

2014-11-18 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss and rate all of the new rares and commons including the exciting new cycles of ‘Forever Level 1’ spells,  ’Play 1 Get 1 Free’ spells and ‘Mediocre Creatures with No Abilities’. There is also a break down of how each faction did in the new set and their relative power rankings, as well as some thoughts on the new set/format as a whole.

Download the episode here.

8 - The Definitive Guide to Drafting N/U

2014-10-29 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles talk all about Nekrium/Uterra, the dominant draft archetype at the moment, including deck archetypes and a card-by-card breakdown and analysis of all the cards in the faction pairing. Full breakdown below:


Premium Heroics

Bramblewood tracker

Dysian Broodqueen

Tuskin Sporelord


Top Tier

Ebonbound Warlord

Dysian Siphon

Seal of Deepwood

Shardbound Invoker



Xithian Direhound

Tarsus Deathweaver

Ebonskull Knight

Lysian Shard

Venomous Netherscale


Strong cards

Uterradon Mauler


Tomb Pillager

Stygian Lotus

Spring Dryad


Xithian Rotfiend

Byzerak Frostmaiden

Brighttusk Sower



High Upside in Right Deck or solid bodies

Xrath, Dradknight of Varna

Contagion Lord

Lifeblood Dryad

Runebark Guardian

Group Meal

Shimmerfang Serpent

Corpulent Shambler

Fangwood Bear

Ravenous Hydra


Chistlehearth Hunter


Vyric’s Embrace


Still Happy to Play These

Blightskull Phantasm

Grave Geist

Nyrali Symbiote

Graveborn Glutton

Spitesower Acolyte

Xithian Crusher

Nyrali Ooze

Organ Harvester

Chistlehearth Archer

Savage Oath

Umbruk Lasher


Branchweaver Druid


Stouthide Stegadon


I’m starting to have misgivings but can do work

Nyrali Ambusher

Darkfrost Reaper

Toorgmai Guardian

Rite of the Grimgaunt

Lysian Hydra

Uterradon Rex

Spirit Leash

Dryad’s Boon


Xrath’s Will

Spore Torrent



Death Seeker

Deepmoss Raptor

Spiritbloom Dryad

Death Current

Crypt Conjurer

Overgrown Spineleaf

Weirwood Ranger

Zombie Titan

Duskspire Zombie

Seal of Tarsus

Dr. Frankenbaum


Pretty bad

Glowhive Siren

Blight Witch

Sorrow Harvester

Scatter the Seeds

Brambleaxe Warrior

Stranglevine Hydra

Catacomb Spider

Ether Hounds

Umbraglim Mantis

Legion Titan

Spirit Reaver

Ossuary Spirit

Esperian Wartusk

Byzerak Drake


Really Bad


Esperian Steelplate

Gloomspire Wurm

Xithian Host

Tarsian Pact

Sigmund Fraud

Aether Root

Onyxium Phantasm

Gemheart Sprout


Ruthless Wanderers

Restless Wanderers

Verdant Grace

Ghastly Renewal

Mending Spring

Spirit Torrent


Also special thanks to avelak for his draft rankings which served as a reference and inspiration for us as we made our own. Definitely check it out to see what he thinks, and for similar guides for other faction pairings.

Download the episode here.

7 - The First Play of the Game

2014-10-07 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss the first play of the game and what cards get the most advantage out of it. They also discuss some decks in the new meta besides the dominant NU and AT-Defender archetypes, and bring in the first installment of the new segment “Bad Cards That Might Be Sneaky-Good”.

Download the episode here.

6 - The Post-3.1 Draft Meta (w/ special guest Scurvy)

2014-09-29 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords, SwarleySparkles and special guest Scurvy talk about the draft meta following the recent 3.1 patch, as well as reviewing the 4 new heroics. Then Scurvy reveals the draft secrets that led to his 83% run at the launch of Secret of Solis and Todd makes the case for Oreian Peacekeeper (sort of).

Download the episode here.

5 - How to Get Better at Draft (plus 3.1 Patch Commentary)

2014-09-19 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles approach getting better at draft, including tips for deckbuilding and in-game play, common mistakes of new players, and great resources to check out (for example Konan’s Draft Guide and Avelak’s Tier List).

They also discuss the forthcoming 3.1 patch including the much hoped for nerfs to Dysian Broodqueen and Seal of Deepwood.

Download the episode here.

4-Faction Draft, Inevitability and the Current Draft Meta

2014-09-10 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss the recent 4-faction draft weekend warrior and what it can teach us about raw card power in draft. They then go on to talk about the current draft meta and the dominance of Nekrium-Uterra and Seal of Deepwood, a card that is so important because it gives ‘inevitability’ to a faction-pairing that has historically struggled for it. 

Download the episode here.

Secret of Solis Set Review Part 2

2014-09-02 :: (Toddwords and SwarleySparkles)

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss and score the new rares and commons in Secrets of Solis, including the cycle of consistent creatures (Batterhide, Forgeplate Minotaur..), the new hotness that is Borean Stormweaver, and the ultimately disappointing Zombie Titan.

Download the episode here.

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