Last update: 2011-08-03

Episode 101: The E-Phase Begins…

2011-08-03 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
SHONOTES!!! Oh…My…Goodness….as we all enter the dog days of summer in the northern hemisphere, the Trans-Atlantic duo finally got their act together and completed the long awaited Episode 101. So begins the E-phase! Run time for this Episode is 48:33. So what’s in store for this Episode? The NPC Hosts, Steve and Rob, give us [...]…

Captain America!

Yup, I went and saw it this weekend. Captain America: The First Avenger. I’ve been a fan of Cap since I was a kid where I probably first saw him in Marvel Comic books. But what really stands out from my younger days was the CBS Movie “Captain America” staring Reb Brown. The motorcycle that [...]…

Victopia and Resurrection

Yesterday, Steve and I along with our wives got to play Victopia. You probably heard us talk about it a bit on the show and the link of course is on the main page. This was our fourth session in an on-going campaign set in London during the Victorian era. The cast of Characters are [...]…

Gary’s Birthday

Hey Peeps, I’ve been out of town and focused on work the last couple of weeks. Anyway, I wanted to take a few moments and mention that E. Gary Gygax’s birthday was a couple of days ago. He would have been 73. If you’re interested, check out the Gygax Memorial Fund Once funding is completed, [...]…

Heaven & Hell and Where You’re At…

So in my reading of the gaming blogs and forums today, I stumbled across this fine entry over at the Troll Lord Games forums. A regular poster (clavis123) has posted a bunch of stuff over time on angels, devils and the like for Castles & Crusades. You may even recall that Steve and I talked [...]…

Happy 4th Of July

Happy Independence Day to all you out there celebrating this most American of holidays. Hope you get some great gaming in! If you’ve never read it, take a few moments have a look here to read the Declaration of Independence.…

Digital, Virtual and Hardcopy….

So I finished unpacking most of my household goods here in lovely Washington, D.C. Those boxes that remain are all of my games – the board games, card games, miniatures, and RPG books. This made my wife rather happy as I did the right thing taking care of the family stuff first. We’ve been so [...]…

The Orders and Societies of DLI

If you made a successful wisdom or perception check, you’ll realize that there are few new images and links on the left side-bar. Thanks to the new Word Press format, which really is much more user friendly, I went ahead put up some things up, that I’ve been meaning to do for months now. First [...]…

Summer and Dungeon Crawl Classics

Hey Peeps! Summer, Summer, Summer Well it has been a long, long, long, long time so long that we reached the vernal equinox and now the days are getting shorter! Anyway, it’s still is summer and here’s what’s been happening. After what I have termed the great computer crash of 2011 and Chuck & Lonnie [...]…

A Happy 2011!

Hey Gang! Happy New Year from all of us (on both sides of the Atlantic) to all of you! Both Steve and I are doing well as we continue to work on Episode 101 and the E-Phase. We’ve posted a bit in the forums on the progress of the episode, but figured we’d make mention [...]…

Episode 99.99

2010-11-14 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
SHNOTES!!!!! Fall has come and it�s getting cold on both sides of the big pond, at least in Columbia, South Carolina and Liverpool, England.� We hope your Fall�Harvest�Halloween�Election�Football�Veteran�s Day, etc. Festival was fun and while your recovering, the Transatlantic Duo has once again delivered you all another episode of the Dragon�s Landing Inn.�� Instead of [...]…

Episode 99.98

2010-09-15 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
SHNOTES!!!!! Wow, the summer is gone it�s September already!� It truly has been a busy summer for the Transatlantic Duo.� This Episode Steve and Rob focus on dealing with the unfinished parts of your dungeon and how to manage those areas with inquisitive PCs.� This was inspired from a Greyhawk Grognard Blog post about the [...]…

99.98 Has just been recored peeps

� Hi peeps,��Just letting you know�Rob and I have just pulled ourselves away from playing WOW to recorded our next show! Rob is editing it as we speak, so hold onto you hats. The show will be out soon. G. �…

Episode 99.97

SHNOTES!!!!! May is here! Well actually the end of May so you�ve enjoyed most of it already.� As the final days of May 2010 finish up, come by the Inn and sit down to the happenings in the world of games with Steve and Rob!� ��This episode Rob and Steve share lots o� gaming news [...]…

Server Transition….

Hey Gang, Episode 99.97 is done and ready to go.� It was supposed to be posted today but our host server is upgrading its software so we can’t upload anything right now.� In the meantime, while your waiting check out this frugal tip!�The Dark Dungeons RPG – and no it is not the Jack Chick [...]…

Episode 99.96

2010-04-30 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
SHNOTES!!!!! It�s the end of April here and with it a new episode of the Dragons Landing Inn!� There are a ton of Frugals as you can see in the Shownotes, so sit back and take a listen while you�re out and about enjoying the spring weather and planning your next adventure.� Run time for [...]…

Episode 99.95

2010-04-08 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
SHNOTES!!!!! Hello and Chag Samech and Happy Easter Spring has sprung!� So while you’re recovering from the various Holiday Feasts, The Dragons Landing Inn is back with another episode.� This show, Steve and Rob talk News, Frugals, and another fine offering from the Random Steam Punk Story Generator and a Feature Presentation Segments: Feature Presentation [...]…

Episode 99.94

2010-03-06 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
DLI Episode 99.94 Shnotes! SHNOTES!!!!! Hello and Welcome to the Inn of Inns � The Dragons Landing Inn.� The friendly Inn Keepers � Steve and Rob along with Special Guest Scott (aka Lord Z) – bring you another fantastic episode of Gaming Goodness for your hungry ears.� What�s that?� What happened to February?� Well we [...]…

New Interview with the original owners

Holy Crap, kobold-killer! More from Chuck and Lonnie? It’s always possible… Rob from over at the Bear Swarm Podcast kidnapped us while at VisionCon earlier this month. There’s an update on the show, what’s going on with in Chuck and Lonnie’s lives, and about the band. Also tons of free bootlegged music for your enjoyment. [...]…

Episode 99.93

2010-01-31 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Hey Peeps!� Liverpool is lovely this time of year and I hope your neck of the woods is just as wonderful!� While spring may not come soon enough, sit back and enjoy all the Gaming Goodness packed into this Episode! Run time for this Episode is 1:55:09� Segments: Feature Presentation 1——– From Computer Screen to [...]…

Episode 99.92

2010-01-06 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!� Yes it is officially Christmas�what�s that?� We�ve got the New Year right but you�re saying we�re about 12 days too late?� Ah ha!� Well that�s where we�ll point out that the Feast of the Epiphany is celebrated on the 6th of January seen in the Orthodox Church, along with [...]…

Episode 99.91

2009-12-14 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Winter has definitely arrived as has the next episode of the Dragons Landing Inn NPC Edition! Segments: Feature Presentation 1——– Gaming Magazines��. With a snow blast hitting much of the states and winter arriving in the Northern Hemisphere, Steve and Rob talk about some of the plethora of Game Magazines that are out there in [...]…

Show comming out soon peeps!

Hi dudes, We have just finished a show. It a intresting one, so hold on to your hats, it will be out soon. G.…

Episode 99.9

2009-11-01 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
As the days grow shorter and you turn your clocks back (at least in the States!)� Here is your belated Autumn Festival/Halloween� Show from the NPC Gang � Rob & Steve to keep you occupied whilst enjoying the crisp fall air!� Segments: Feature Presentation 1——– Angels, Demons and Origins of Evil Spirits ��. With the [...]…

Episode 99.8

2009-10-17 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
The autumn month of October has arrived and with it more Gaming Goodness!� Come on in to the Dragon�s Landing Inn, take your coat off and sit by the fire whilst you listen to this latest Episode from NPC Hosts Steve and Rob!��� Segments: Feature Presentation 1——– NPCs From Time With�History Z��.Lord Z a regular [...]…

Episode 99.7

2009-09-23 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Tending bar once again in this Episode of the Dragons Landing Inn is your NPC Hosts Rob & Steve.�� They�ve got a lot in store for you as always!� Check out the awesome Gaming Goodness:��� Segments: Feature Presentation 1——– Interview Time! With John Adams of Brave Halfling Publishing. John Adams, head of Brave Halfling Publishing [...]…

Episode 99.6

2009-09-04 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Your NPC Hosts Rob & Steve serve up another dish of Epic Gaming Audio Goodness for the Dragon�s Landing Inn, weighing in at almost three hours. This show includes a triple feature presentation including a dose of News, Frugal gaming and Freeplay. Take a look at what, in the words of Glinbog, they�re, ��Carrying on [...]…

Episode 99.5

2009-08-11 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Hey gang! Glinbog and I just finished recording another epic audio production of the NPC edition – Episode 99.5.�Big G our�Audio Production Master has finished up so Enjoy!��We’ve got news, frugal gaming and four – count them – feature presentations and they are: Pimp my campaign: A steampunk game needs a little steam to get [...]…

99.5 Food Glorious food and a Pimp my Campaign Steam-Punk special

Just letting you guys and gals out there Rob and I have just recorded another session this week. Give me a couple of days for me to edit it all together. I am not telling you any more about it as hopefully the tag line will give you a clue.…

Pirate Special Brew

2009-07-18 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell

More stuff on the way

Hey Peeps, Just letting you know TheMetal1 (Rob) and I (Steve) have Recored half on 99.5, and we might release our three hour Special Brew Pirate special G.…

Episode 99.4

2009-07-02 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
This Episode of the Dragon�s Landing Inn is once again being hosted by TheMetal1 (Rob) and Glinbog (Steve).� They�ve spanned the Oceans of the World, along with Time and Space to make sure the Inn stays open.� So please find an empty table sit yourself down and order up your favorite.� They�ll start things off [...]…

Hey Peeps

TheMetal1 (Rob) and Glinbog (Steve) have Recored 99.4, its in the bag, but we also have a 3 hour Pirate Special Brew. So what would you like to listen to? Pirates or 99.4?…

Episode 99.3

2009-06-18 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Hey folks Sorry about that I have just uploaded a higher quality� version, with Bob likes. Sit back and enjoy.…

99.3 Chupacabra Quality Control Warning

Sorry about the Audio Quality for 99.3 I am currently fixing it as I type this. Chupacabra Bob was not happy with the Quality control. It will be up in a hour or so.…

DLI NPC Podcast – Episode 99.3

2009-06-17 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Hi Guys, TheMetal1 and Glinbog have still got Chuck, Lonnie and History Dave, tied up in the cellar of the Dragons Landing Inn. Here is the gaming goodness Agenda : We talk about Lonnie Joins The Band! (Captain Blacks and the Sea Dogges) Feature Presentation Play by Comments and Lord Z’s� ‘The Masks’ campaign that [...]…

Episode 99.2

2009-05-18 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
TheMetal1 and Glinbog are at it again with some more gaming goodness to fill the void. Here’s the topics they cover while they have us bound and gagged in the back room: Status of Chuck/Lonnie/History Dave Pros and cons of different gaming styles Role-playing VS Game-playing What is your GM / gaming alignment Types of [...]…

Episode 99.1

2009-05-07 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
The NPC Podcast This is TheMetal1 and Glinbog from the forums writing to inform you that the hosts of this podcast have been tied up and thrown overboard. At least, we’ve turned them into NPC’s until they are able to return and do another game session. No Chupacabras have been harmed in the making of [...]…

Learn How To Write A Novel With Lonnie

Hey gang, As you all know I’m unemployed currently, and trying to make the best of it. Sorry no new DLI yet, but my latest project has hit the “stands”. I’m very excited about this. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, now. Here’s a “blurb” on it: Have you ever finished reading [...]…

Episode D 99

2009-01-15 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
D is for Double Digits Join us as we say goodbye to the double digits and enter a new frontier – the roaring 100′s. Eric joins us once again as we hand out another helping of gaming goodness in the form of hooks for your campaigns. On a personal note, I do have to apologize [...]…

Dynamic Terrains 02: Conflict Drivers

As promised last time, we’re going to look at the 2 things that can drive a conflict. While this may, at first, sound unrelated to the dynamic terrains, stick with me. I first heard about these ideas from the Dramatica story theory, and they fit roleplaying so well, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to [...]…

Episode D 98

2008-12-11 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
D is for Dead Ends On the podcast this week, we step back into the player’s shoes, and look at ways to try and remedy common game problems from the player’s point of view. We’ve talked about this before from the Game Master’s point of view, but there are definitely things that can be done [...]…

Dynamic Terrains 01: Types of Dynamics

Since this is the first “real” chapter on Dynamic Terrains, I thought that we should build our foundation, so that we have somewhere to grow from here. When I say “Types of Dynamics” I don’t mean all of the different forms of terrains. Instead, I believe there are 3 primary aspects of each terrain that [...]…

Dynamic Terrains – An Introduction

Dynamic Terrains. To me this phrase brings up a picture of the ground moving and shaking beneath the character’s feet. And this wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Dynamic Terrains are a phrase that Chuck and I coined over at the Dragon’s Landing Podcast. At least, if it’s been used elsewhere, we don’t know [...]…

Episode D 97

2008-11-29 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
D is for Drake Or Eric. Yeah, confusing, we know. This week’s guest is Eric Williams, a band-mate of Chuck’s in Captain Black’s Sea Dogges, and a long-timer gamer of 25+ years. The character he plays in the RenFest circuit is Capt. Drake. Hence the D. He was kind enough to fill in on very [...]…

Turn up the Peace

Eric, this month’s special guest, and Captain Drake of the Sea Dogges, is involved with an exciting organization. He will tell you more on the podcast, but, since it doesn’t look like I’m going to quite finish up editing the next episode tonight, I wanted to make sure to get word out about this. Head [...]…

Episode D 96

2008-11-17 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
D is for Dedication Not that we should be dedicated to the asylum (though some may argue that point), or that we’re small children being dedicated to a life of religion in the monastary or anything like that. But we actually managed to get out 3 episodes within (roughly) 3 weeks. We do hope that [...]…

Daughter of the Sun available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Friday was an awesome day for me. Monday was even better. You see, I had been waiting for the AppStore version of my fantasy thriller novel, Daughter of the Sun, to show up in the App Store. Friday it did. That was almost as good of a feeling as the first time I held the [...]…

Episode D 95

2008-11-05 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
D is for David Moore That’s right – David Moore is our guest host this week (and next as well!) He used to run the After Serenity podcast, and currently is hard at work on the Game Master Show, as well as working behind the scenes on Buffy Between the Lines. Gaming Style Every campaign [...]…

Episode D 94

2008-10-28 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
D is for Different It’s the start of a brand new format here at the Dragon’s Landing Inn! That’s right, you’ll now get a brand-spanking new episode damn near every week from us, once again. Granted, they won’t be as long as they have been in the past, but we’ve had listeners clamoring for shorter [...]…

Episode D 93

2008-09-18 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
And we’re back with another cheeky episode about Dungeons and Dragons 4e. We also took our listener’s advice, and pulled together a feature about playing Paladins. So download the file, put your headphones on, and get another dose of Gaming Goodness! (TM)…

Episode D 92

2008-08-21 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 2s
After fighting off swarms of pirates, batting through forests of code, and NOT doing mounds of laundry for those Fear-the-Boot guys, the DLI crew have made it back to civilization with a new treasure! That’s right – a new episode for the faithful that have waited with baited breath (or not…). This episode marks the [...]…

The Sky is Falling!

The world is coming to an end. Armageddon is here. And other various phrases… which all come to the same meaning. DLI is alive! That’s right. Human Chuck, Genetically Altered Lon, and� History Dave actually got together and recorded tonight! (you’ll have to listen in to see where the heck the monikers came from!) Nearly [...]…

Status of the podcast update…

Hey guys, Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I thought I’d clear up what’s going on. In a nutshell, “Real Life” has taken over and made it impossible for me and Lonnie to get together and podcast for the last month or two. Lonnie’s web design business has taken off and he has [...]…

Episode Chupa 91

2008-03-28 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
First off, let’s bid our awesome sponsor, a sad farewell, and thanks for the support! The episode is late. If you were on the forums you know that Lonnie got a new iMac and Garageband crashed when we first tried recording. That’s all good, though, since History Dave wasn’t able to make it that [...]…

Episode Chupa 90

2008-02-21 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 2s
Where’s Dave-o? That’s right, back to the basics this week as we were not able to get together with History Dave. Darn Kobolds! You’ve got a great reason to jump over to our sponsor’s site, this week, Flying Buffalo has become a part of the site, and they’re releasing the Tunnels and Trolls RPG [...]…

Episode Chupa 89

2008-01-23 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful listeners! Be sure to check out all of the great deals at, especially if you’re looking for some of that Reverse Dungeon goodness (thanks Nor’Morgwae)! In the feature this week, we took our listeners advice and actually start creating a new world which will ultimately be the [...]…

Episode Chupa 88

2008-01-04 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Wow! How the time gets away from you at the holidays. We’ve actually had this recorded for a couple of weeks, and edited for about a week. I’m such a slacker. So think of it as a great way to start the new year! Once again, we have to give a huge thanks to our [...]…

Episode Chupa 87

2007-11-22 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
First off – a happy Thanksgiving to all of those in the US! We’re thrilled to be sponsored for the next few weeks by One of the best places for all of your electronic gaming needs! This week, History Dave is back with another informative mini-essay, and we continue in the feature series of [...]…

Episode Chupa 86

2007-11-11 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Thanks for sticking with us through these recent few weeks! We know it’s been a long time coming, but it’s here. Enjoy! Crit or Miss still going strong. We added a fun little game that we hope you’ll join us in: Legend of the Green Dragon A new version of CORE is out. We need [...]…

Episode Chupa 85

2007-10-11 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
History Dave is with us once again! it’s a long one this week, and we didn’t even make it to the feedback section, but the discussions were so good working with a Pimp My Campaign, the Question Corner and continuing the Campaign Creation feature, that we ran out of time before ideas. The links are [...]…

Episode Chupa 84

2007-09-24 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Wow. We didn’t mean for it to take that long! Between extremely busy schedules, we did manage to get Chuck, Lonnie and History Dave all around the table again, though! This week’s feature continues the Campaign Creation series (that’s #2 for you counting along at home.) We pick 4 characters from our listeners post over [...]…

Episode Chupa 83

2007-09-01 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Your wait is over! That’s right. We’re back from summer vacation and ready to bring you more of our trademark Gaming Goodness. We’re back in the old studio (you know, that room in the basement) after having moved the room around way too many times this summer. The opening this week is from Anim5, and [...]…

CORE Playtest under way

Hey everyone! We got together last night (that’s Friday) for a couple of hours to pull together new characters for the CORE playtest. Chuck is running it, and he decided on a very low-power modern fantasy based loosely on shows like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and X-Files. We’re using the excellent Quick and Dirty [...]…

I think we’re taking a little break….

Don’t be alarmed.�� We are not performing a scheduled podfade.� We are not going on an “indefinite hiatus.”� Lonnie and I were talking, and here is what we have on our plates at the moment: CHUCK- Lots of deadlines at work A database application that I am trying to finish 2 websites to put up [...]…

Episode Bravo 82

2007-06-10 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
We got interrupted quite a few times during the recording of this one so it may be a bit choppy. We apologize if it is, but it’s still the DLI you’ve grown used to! Since it’s taken me all week just to get this posted, I’ll skip the opening spiel and leave this spot blank. [...]…

Episode Bravo 81

2007-05-24 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
This weeks podcast brought to you by the excellent guys at Geek Label, Pen and Paper Games, and the Nut Gallery Review. Be sure to check them all out. While we may be light on links for you this week, we certainly aren’t light on staff. Or slightly weird sounds. Don’t worry, it’s just production [...]…

Episode Bravo 80

2007-05-07 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
This weeks podcast brought to you by the excellent guys at Geek Label, Pen and Paper Games, and the Nut Gallery Review. Be sure to check them all out. They are each wonderful in their own departments. This week we tackle Death Jester’s campaign in the Pimp My Campaign segment, we look at ways to [...]…

Episode Bravo 79

2007-04-25 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
This weeks podcast brought to you by the excellent guys at Geek Label, Pen and Paper Games, and the Nut Gallery Review. Be sure to check them all out. They are each wonderful in their own departments. This week, the Pimping takes a breather, and we have real, live Frugal Gamer. Thanks to Hamster Press [...]…

Episode Bravo 78

2007-04-04 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
History Dave joined us again this week as we take on a myriad of subjects, including another Pimp My Campaign, a feature that spans a handful of topics taken from the boards that we’d never gotten around to covering, and several calls. A Special Note A popular podcaster and friend to many in the podosphere, [...]…

Episode Bravo 77

2007-03-16 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
First, the good news. We made it! Thank you for your patience as our schedules kept us too busy to actually edit the crazy thing! Now, the not-so-great news. You’ll hear this on the show, but I wanted to post it here, also. For the immediate future, the show will be going to an every [...]…

Episode 77 Delayed

Well, I hate to say it, but you’re going to have to wait a few more days for your fix of gaming goodness. We do have it recorded, we just haven’t been able to edit it yet. Chuck was out of town for the last 3 days training for work, and between a red hot [...]…

Episode Bravo 76

2007-03-06 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Steal this podcast! Oh. It’s free? Well, never mind, then… This week’s podcast has rogues as the theme. In the Frugal Gamer, we go over some various links we found across the internet that could help your knowledge and increase your roleplaying possibilities when playing the rogue, or thief. Warning: This information is linked to [...]…

Episode Bravo 75

2007-02-28 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
One of our best in a while, we think! First is the premiere of “Pimp My Campaign” and then we dive into a feature about using misdirection in your campaign. New DDO podcast Thanks to Mr White for confirming that Chuck was correct that the Savage Words system was derived from Deadlands Spaceman wrote: “I [...]…

Episode Bravo 74

2007-02-20 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
We trudged through a myriad of spyware and other technical difficulties, brought in the services of the magical Audacity fixer, and here we are! It’s another FreePlay week, with some fantastic calls. Thank you all so much! Midnight Syndicate Films is teaming up with FX legend Robert Kurtzman (Dusk till Dawn producer) and his production [...]…

Sorry for the delay

Hey guys.� Just thought I’d pop on here for a second and tell you why there wasn’t a show last week and this week’s show will be late.� Last week, Lonnie was out of town for the weekend at a speaking engagement related to his book.� This week, the computer is trying to eat the [...]…

Episode Bravo 73

2007-02-06 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
It’s the show the printer ate! And the return of History Dave! It’s a crazy, wacky, irreverent show this week, but one that you’re sure to enjoy. This week’s feature is answering an email that Stingray wrote in about dealing with Arena Combat/Touring Gladiators. GryphCon 2007 – March 23-25 Guelph, Ontario, Canada The Gamer Traveler [...]…

Show will be up later today….

Hey guys, Chuck here.� There will be a show this week, and it’s my fault it isn’t up yet.� Lonnie is still without internet at home, and he has been having car troubles that make it difficult to get to work, so he asked me to edit and upload the show this week.� And I [...]…

Episode Bravo 72

2007-01-31 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Here it is, episode 72 as promised. [NEWS] Gen Con SoCal to call it quits! February/March edition of the Geek Gazette is out. John sent us a very funny image based on the short intro Anim5 did for episode 46. George R. R. Martin to do Song of Ice and Fire on HBO as mini [...]…

Episode Bravo 71

2007-01-24 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
That’s right – we’re back. Ice storms can not stop us from getting something to you for very long! Not much in the way of show notes this week, so . . . enjoy!…

We aren’t dead!!!

Hey, all, Chuck here.� Just a quick update on the state of the podcast.� Some of you may know that Springfield, MO was hit with a really bad ice storm on the weekend of January 12-14.� This storm knocked out power to the vast majority of Springfield.� Lonnie was without power for a couple of [...]…

Episode 71 is delayed

Due to power outages at both Chuck and my houses, the podcast will be delayed. Possibly until next week.…

Episode Bravo 70

2007-01-07 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
Yes! We’re back! Bravo! Actually, that’s just the new phase we’ve slipped into. So what’s Bravo all about? We have no idea yet and we’re looking for your help. Listen to the ‘cast and then send us your ideas. During the holidays, we received so much listener feedback, that we simply had to do a [...]…

No podcast this week… or next.

Hey guys. You have probably noticed this by now, but there’s no podcast this week.� This being the holiday season, both Lonnie’s and my weekends are filled with Christmas parties for work, Christmas shopping, out of town trips, etc.� We might (I emphasize MIGHT) put together a show on New Year’s Weekend, but we will [...]…

Episode Alpha 69

2006-12-11 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
One of my favorite episodes in a long time. Lots of frugal links for you and we dive into the importance and use of flaws as a player. So let’s get right into it! [NEWS] Stephen would like to suggest Blind Guardian as good music for gaming. New book trying to be published “Being Were” [...]…

Episode Alpha 68

2006-12-04 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell Length: 1s
This week we have changed things up a bit, but hopefully it will make the show better and bring back a little more of the things you have always loved about the show. Since it’s really late (or early, depending on how you look at it) I’m just going to dive right into the shnotes. [...]…

Episode Alpha 67

2006-11-19 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
A week of craziness! But I guess that’s pretty much every week around this tavern, isn’t it? News, Notes, Frugal Gamer, Questions, and a quick Special Brew! (And all in a much shorter package than last week’s!)News and Notes: From now until December 10th, Lonnie’s novel, Daughter of the Sun, is 20% off. Just in [...]…

Episode Alpha 66

We ran long this week, but there was just too much good information, and too many voice mails that had been missed with the unique situations the last few weeks. Chocked full of great gaming goodness for you, though! In this week’s adventure style we dig into playing in a war-torn adventure, whether actually in [...]…

Episode Alpha 65

2006-11-06 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
As promised – this week is a different breed! We did the show live over SkypeCast and that proved to provide quite a few challenges. Please forgive some of the noise that crept into the episode towards the end. This is mostly a Q&A session that answers the questions raised over at UnCon in a [...]…

Dragon’s Landing Live – Saturday at 4 PM Central

We are hosting a live Skypecast Saturday, November 4, at 4 PM Central (5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific).� To get on the show, all you need is a computer with a microphone and Skype.� You can download Skype for free at .� Once you have it, go here�to join in.� It’s that easy [...]…

No show this week…

OK, here’s the situation, my parents went away on a week’s vaca…. No, Wait, that’s not right… Alright, the real situation is that Lonnie spent the entire weekend moving into a new house, and I spent the weekend helping him move as well as hosting a weekend long sleepover/birthday party for our middle child.� Everything [...]…

Episode Alpha 64

2006-10-23 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Another fun and crazy episode packed to the gills with answers to a couple really good questions and for this week’s feature, we slash through the topic of Hack and Slash gaming styles (War! Good god! What is it good for!?) Podiobooks has served 1 million downloads Jim in Buffalo has started up the Unofficial [...]…

Episode Alpha 63

2006-10-18 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
We’re alive! We managed to survive the computer issues we were both having and to celebrate . . . well, you’ll just have to make sure to listen to the last minute of the cast. (Is that enough of a teaser?) Show notes will follow shortly since, in the midst of technical difficulties, the show [...]…

Techinical Difficulties

I hate to say it, but this week’s show is going to be a little bit late. Chuck has switched from cable modem to DSL and has been having problems with it working with his wireless network around the house. And my computer finally decided it needed to be reformatted. The really sucky part is [...]…

Episode Alpha 62

2006-10-09 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
It’s a mystery cast! Okay, the feature itself is about running a mystery campaign. Also LOTS of questions answered. So, on to the shnotes: Gmonkey would like everyone to check out if you are tired of DRM From Christine – YoumaCon is coming up November 3-6 in Troy, Michigan. Palladuim is going to be [...]…

More of the Old

Well, in the little accordian widget at the top left of our new page, you’ll find past shows updated all the way up to Episode 29. That only leaves a gap between Episodes 30 and 46. Hopefully I’ll get those up later tonight or tomorrow. Granted, while updating those, I noticed a small problem with [...]…

Episode Alpha 61

2006-10-02 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
You say you want a new-ew intro-oo. Well, well… (Okay. Bad Beatles reference is over now.) But we do want to say a huge thanks to our friendly anonymous listener. Great fun, though! But on to the shnotes! Link wiki Link has been fixed, kinda. We’ve actually linked to the wonderful Emergency Link Wiki. See [...]…

Episode Alpha 60

2006-09-28 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
While Chuck and Lonnie got stuck in the Bear’s Grove last week, a firefly class space ship touched down behind the Dragon’s Landing Inn. Finding the bar untended, Dave and Erin from After Serenity decided to host the Inn for a night. They gave some great answers to your questions and took a look at [...]…

Episode Alpha 59

This week holds new worlds for your enjoyment, and tons of fantastic discussion around our listener feedback. Mark donated again, so the intro is staying the same for now…. New podcast devoted to World Creation – World of Lisacraft New podcast from Thayan – GroovyGamers Groovecast Jonathon Coulton wrote a song about Pluto Maelstrom Storytelling [...]…

Episode Alpha 58

2006-09-11 :: Chuck Tinsley & Lonnie Ezell
Light on links for you this week, but the episode itself is not even close to being light on content. Here’s a few items from the weekly DLI news: Gametap (a service that lets you play hundreds of games for a small monthly fee) has an interview with Gary Gygax about the origins of D&D [...]…

Episode Alpha 57

2006-09-05 Length: 1m 7s
Download Episode Alpha 57Despite the holidays, Episode Alpha 57 is here for your listening enjoyment (and gaming enrichment, too, of course!) Quite a few links came ...…

Episode Alpha 56

2006-08-29 Length: 1m 3s
Download Episode Alpha 56Well, this marks the first Episode in the new Alpha Phase and it clocks in at right around an hour. So go ...…

Episode 54

2006-08-08 Length: 1h 40m 4s
Download Episode 54In this, the pre-GenCon podcast, we have lots of guests: History Dave, his 4 month old son and even a celebrity hunter to ...…

Episode 52

2006-07-25 Length: 1h 44m 49s
Download Episode 52We got our Press Credentials for GenCon! Still not sure what we can do with that, but hey -- we're excited! This week is ...…

Episode 51

2006-07-18 Length: 1h 31m 59s
Download Episode 51It's our one year anniversary! The show's a little different this week, but we try to throw a little gaming goodness along ...…

Episode 50

2006-07-12 Length: 1h 34m 22s
Download Episode 50Episode 50 is up and ready for download! And I know you are still waiting for last week's show notes, but I ...…

Episode 55

1970-01-01 Length: 1m 5s
Download Episode 55Episode 55 is a little bit different, and heralds in the new year. But it's shorter :) And we'd like to thank Wizards of ...…

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