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DL042: Micky’s Lead

2015-03-19 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 56s
Philip Marlowe and The Feminine Touch, Part 4  || It Couldn’t Be Pepper! In this episode, Marlowe gets Micky talking. He tries to find out how she feels about her ex-boyfriend, Pepper Riggs, and what her take (her point of view) is on the tragic event of Lou’s death. Does she see the tragedy as an […]…

DL041: Tough Break

2015-03-05 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 51s
Philip Marlowe: The Feminine Touch — Part 3  || Trust No One! So far in our story, Marlowe has heard several points of view. He got Pepper Riggs talking by pretending to be a journalist writing up Pepper’s act on the Wall of Death for Spot magazine. It seems that Pepper would like to bring Adrienne […]…

DL040: Interview with a stuntman

2015-02-19 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 48s
Philip Marlowe: The Feminine Touch — Part 2  || Not much to go on Marlowe is on a mission. He has agreed to protect Adrienne Granville from whatever it is that is threatening her. In order to carry out his assignment, he first of all has to find her and see what she is involved in. […]…

DL039: Marlowe, don’t let me down

2015-02-05 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 47s
  The Adventures of Philip Marlowe: The Feminine Touch, Part 1     || Who is Philip Marlowe? I really enjoy the Philip Marlowe character. Marlowe was created by Raymond Chandler, a hard-boiled detective story writer who followed in the footsteps of Dashiell Hammett. Hammett is the father of the hardboiled sub-genre of detective fiction. He’s the […]…

DL038: Second Chance

2014-12-19 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 25s
~  You died last night  — Part 6  ||    A Heroic Move: We are going to wrap up this story, You Died Last Night, in this episode. We’ll find out what Joe did exactly to save the day, or more literally, to save planet Earth — and all of us. Perhaps you can make a […]…

DL037: This Calls for Drastic Measures

2014-12-05 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 29s
~ You Died Last Night — Part 5   ||  Whatever Happened to the Human Race? Joe continues his story of his encounter with the alien, Tony. In this part of the story, the two of them continue on with the tour of inspection — over New York, and then across the ocean to Europe and Russia. They see […]…

DL036: Space Travel, Time Travel

2014-11-20 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 37s
You Died Last Night ~ Part 4    ||   Under Inspection In today’s episode, Tony begins his tour of inspection. He takes Joe along, so Joe is able to explain what is happening. Joe is hoping against hope that Tony likes what he sees. Knowledge is Power The episode starts off with Joe trying […]…

DL035: Population Control

2014-11-06 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 39s
You Died Last Night, Part 3: Population Control What kind of measures are needed? Tony tries to calm Joe’s fears. He tells Joe that it may not be so bad. He may not need to take drastic action. He needs to survey Earth and mankind first, and from this data, decide on whether mild, severe, […]…

DL034: We Know You Have the Bomb

2014-10-24 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 35s
You Died Last Night, Part 2   | First Impressions: Inside the flying saucer, Tony doesn’t need his red teddy bear spacesuit. Now he looks like a rather short old man in flowing green robes. Joe’s impression of him is that he seems friendly. Bomb Threat: Tony pressed Joe to confirm some information he had. The Thonians knew […]…

DL033: You Died Last Night ~ Part 1

2014-10-10 :: Wendy Lambert Length: 32s
Crazy Narrator “You Died Last Night” is another one of those sci-fi stories that takes place here on planet Earth. In today’s episode, we meet Joe. He’s our narrator, the guy telling the story. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether Joe is a believable, trustworthy narrator or a crazy narrator you can ignore. Joe knows […]…

DL032: The Gambler ~ Racial discrimination: ‘Just’ an Indian

2014-08-14 Length: 49s
Gunsmoke, The Gambler, Part 3   Racial Discrimination: At the climax of the story, we come to the confrontation between Ascombe and Cass. We find out about a situation in the past that Cass had dismissed from his mind. He considered it unimportant and of no consequence. It had to do with how he had […]…

DL031: The Gambler ~ Missing Motive

2014-07-31 Length: 41s
 Gunsmoke, The Gambler, Part 2:   Pro-Active Marshall Goes in Search of Missing Motive Matt Dillon is very perceptive. He can see that Ascombe hates Cass and probably wants to kill him. In Part 2, Matt tries to prevent a murder. Ascombe won’t tell Matt why he wants to kill Cass, so Matt goes in […]…

DL030: The Gambler ~ Guilty Remorse

2014-07-17 Length: 53s
Gunsmoke – The Gambler (Aired on CBS Radio, Oct 7, 1956):   Gunsmoke, best loved Western of all time: In this episode of Dramatic Listening, we’re starting a new story — and a new genre once again. It’s an episode from the best-loved Western of all time, ‘Gunsmoke’. Gunsmoke was aired on the radio for 10 years from […]…

DL029: The Rocket ~ Living the Dream

2014-07-03 Length: 45s
Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Rocket’, Scenes 9 and 10: Being ‘In The Moment': Fiorello Bodoni is taking his kids on a weeklong trip to Mars. They are going to be living the dream. When they get back, life will return to normal, but they will be changed. They will have experienced space travel and will have the […]…

DL028: The Rocket ~ A Dream Revisited

2014-06-19 Length: 42s
Clever Innovation and Elbow Grease In today’s episode, Fiorello Bodoni dares to dream again. And not only to dream, but to see his dream become a reality. Inspired by his original dream, he sees how he can make something of what he has. With some clever innovation (發明才能) and ‘elbow grease’ (hard work), he can give his wife […]…

DL027: The Rocket ~ Reality Doesn’t Measure Up

2014-06-05 Length: 48s
  Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi, The Rocket, scenes 5 and 6: In today’s episode, Fiorello Bodoni tries to get back to just living. He’s trying to forget about rockets and Mars so that he won’t have to face disappointment again. His reality is the small world of his junkyard, his broken down machinery, and a family […]…

DL026: The Rocket ~ The Best-Laid Plans

2014-05-22 Length: 32s
  A Friend Opposes His Best-Laid Plans Fiorello Bodoni has to decide who gets to go on the rocket trip to Mars. His friend, Bramante, warns him that no one could truly be happy for the one who gets to go. If Fiorello goes, his children would always think of the rocket and become sick […]…

DL025: The Rocket ~ Sick With Desire

2014-05-08 Length: 46s
Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Rocket’, Scenes 1 and 2 [00:00 ~ 05:22] Whether you are a sci-fi fan or not, I think you will like this story. It’s a story that we can all relate to about yearning for our heart’s desire . It’s called, “The Rocket”. It’s a short story of Ray Bradbury’s that was […]…

DL024: Stanley Springs ~ Extreme Measures

2014-04-24 Length: 39s
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, The Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 11 & 12 ~ The Persuasive Power of a Gun:  It Takes Extreme Measures to Get Johnny Out of Stanley Springs: Anne is nowhere to be found. She must be in trouble. Taking some extreme measures, Johnny comes to Anne’s rescue and figures out a way […]…

DL023: Stanley Springs ~ Confronted with the truth

2014-04-10 Length: 48s
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar — Scenes 9 & 10 When Confronted with the Truth, Bluff Steger shows interest in Johnny’s assessment of the Stanley Springs company. He wants to know what he thinks of Philips committing suicide. Johnny’s answer will let Steger know if Johnny is a threat to his secret operations or not. Johnny […]…

DL022: Stanley Springs ~ Where’s the whistleblower?

2014-03-27 Length: 38s
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 6-8 Johnny is having a hard time finding his supposed whistleblower, Phillips. When Anne gets off work at 4 in the morning, he talks to her. He takes the risk of blowing his cover to earn her trust. He lets her know who he really is and […]…

DL021: Stanley Springs — Johnny Gets the Run Around

2014-03-13 Length: 30s
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 4 & 5 Johnny carries out his undercover investigation by spending a good part of the day counting bales of cotton. As a journalist writing an article for the textile magazine, this was necessary. Little did he know that while he was carrying out the sleepy […]…

DL020: Stanley Springs ~ First Impressions

2014-02-27 Length: 40s
Johnny Dollar and the Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 2 & 3 Setting and Main Characters: Johnny Dollar hops off the bus in Stanley Springs. Most likely, very few passengers got off with him. Stanley Springs isn’t exactly a tourist destination. It’s a company town. It has one industry only and the businesses in the town […]…

DL019: Stanley Springs ~ A Bald Accusation

2014-02-13 Length: 39s
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Stanley Springs Matter, Scene 1 Johnny Dollar, Freelance Investigator Johnny is a freelance investigator. He was known for padding his expense account — writing down costs a little higher than they really were, or just spending more than was really necessary and enjoying the good life. When we listen to […]…

DL018: Hostage of Love ~ Love proven through crisis

2014-02-06 Length: 31s
A Critical Moment Well, the tension comes to a head in today’s episode. You’ll remember, in our last episode, Francis was pretty upset at Casey. The flowers he sent to another woman didn’t go to a little old lady, but to a young woman recently divorced. It really seems like Casey has been playing with […]…

DL017: Hostage of Love — The scoundrel, he has another woman!

2014-01-30 Length: 29s
Things really heat up in today’s episode. Relationships go through some rocky times, and Francis and Casey’s is no different. In our last episode, Francis became suspicious that Casey was dating other women when Casey had her send roses to a woman named ‘Viva Cramer’. When Casey explained that Viva had practically raised him, Francis […]…

DL016: Hostage of Love — Mixing Business with Pleasure

  Casey, playboy or  man of purpose? As this episode begins, we see Francis at work in her flower shop when Casey comes in. Francis and Casey start dating, but they also have a business relationship. When your girlfriend runs a flower shop, this might not be the wisest thing to do. But people often mix […]…

DL015: Hostage of Love — A cat for a matchmaker

2014-01-14 Length: 46s
What is a Hostage of Love? “Hostage of Love” is a romance, a love story. Can love take you hostage? A hostage, after all, is someone who is taken captive and used by their captors to negotiate deals to get whatever it is that they want. The hostage’s freedom has been taken away from him. […]…

DL014: Barrie Craig reconstructs the crime

Blood Money, Part 7 [23 min 00 sec ~ 27 min 32 sec] This episode wraps up the Blood Money case. Barrie cracks the case. He explains his new theory to Max and reconstructs the crime. Scene 13: Questioning another suspect In Scene 13, Barrie goes to the university campus to question Stewart Blake. Stewart […]…

DL013: Would Wynn Blake have been justified in murdering Barbar?

  Blood Money — Part 6 Scene 12 [19 min 31 sec ~ 23 min 00 sec] Barrie Craig visits Wynn Blake, his prime suspect. Blake has become his suspect because he had motive – he was named in Anatol Barbar’s letter as the man being blackmailed. Barrie knows that blackmail victims sometimes turn on their […]…

DL012: What if our suspect is an outstanding citizen?

Should we drop the investigation? Blood Money, Part 5, Scene 11 Barrie, Craig — Confidential Investigator [17 min 31 sec – 19 min 31 sec]   Barrie shares what he has learned from Neala Ghallard with Max Marcie. They discuss their prime suspect, his likely motive, and the implications of going on with their investigation. In […]…

DL011: A Lead at a Funeral

In part 4 of Blood Money, Barrie Craig is somewhat at a loss for what to do. He has no clue to follow that could lead him on to the next phase of his investigation, so he retraces his steps to Amar Serrebi, the rug dealer and corresponding secretary for the Oriental carpet dealers’ trade […]…

DL010: Attempts on Max Marcy’s Life – Blood Money, Part 3

2013-11-13 Length: 28s
  Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator – Blood Money, Scene 6 & 7  Today, we’ll be listening to Scenes 6 and 7 of Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator – Blood Money. The Hard-Boiled Detective’s Code of Ethics: Before we get on with the story, I want to say a little more about the hard-boiled detective’s code of ethics. […]…

DL009: Verifying Barbar’s Whereabouts – Blood Money, Part 2

2013-10-27 Length: 51s
In “Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator — Blood Money, Scenes 3, 4, & 5 Loyalties of the Hard-Boiled Detective We’ve met Barrie Craig now and we can begin to identify some of his characteristics that make him a fairly typical hard-boiled detective. We heard him chat with Max Marcy and take on a job for him. […]…

DL008: Barrie Craig in “Blood Money”, Part 1

2013-10-15 Length: 35s
  Barrie Craig Helps a Fellow Private Eye Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator is a hard-boiled detective radio play that aired from 1951-1955. This play is called “Blood Money” which is money gained at the expense of someone else. One man gets the money easily, but it costs another man, perhaps in terms of his human […]…

DL007: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes’ Reconstruction of the Crime

2013-10-04 Length: 29s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 7 Holmes’ reconstruction of the crime gets up all up to speed Scene 7 wraps up the story of the Norwood Builder. Once Holmes had proven Jonas Oldacre’s guilt and, therefore, John McFarlane’s innocence, he was willing to explain how the crime must have been […]…

DL006: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes needs to test his theory

2013-10-04 Length: 29s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 6 Holmes will Test His Theory with a Measuring Tape and Some Smoke In scene 6, Holmes returns to the crime scene, Oldacre’s burnt down house, to test his theory. Part of the house is still standing, so with the help of Watson, Holmes goes […]…

DL005: Norwood Builder ~ Investigation reveals an old grudge

2013-10-04 Length: 27s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 5 Investigation Leads Holmes to John’s Mother In scene 5, Holmes and Watson go to Blackheath to call on John’s mother. Holmes has been in a very good mood ever since hearing about Lestrade’s new evidence, the bloody fingerprint. The evidence led Lestrade and Holmes […]…

DL004: Norwood Builder ~ New Evidence Points to McFarlane

2013-10-03 Length: 26s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 4 A Look at the Crime Scene: Holmes and Watson go to Norwood to see the crime scene. He sees the signs of a struggle, the blood stains, and the marks in the dirt showing that something heavy was dragged across the timber yard. Some […]…

DL003: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes takes the case

2013-09-19 Length: 24s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder (Scene 3) John McFarlane Continues His Story Police Detective Lestrade’s comments and opinion irritate Holmes, so Holmes gets quite sarcastic and cutting with Lestrade. For example, Lestrade says, “I came on here myself to do my duty.” He strongly feels it is his responsibility to arrest […]…

DL002: Norwood Builder ~ McFarlane’s Story

2013-09-14 Length: 31s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 2 McFarlane Seeks Holmes’ Help Lestrade arrives ready to arrest McFarlane, but Sherlock Holmes talks him into hearing McFarlane out first — to listen to his side of the story. The story has already hit the morning news, so Watson tells Holmes the newspaper version […]…

DL001: Norwood Builder ~ A New Client

2013-09-14 Length: 23s
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene1 Upon hearing the sound of loud footsteps racing up the stairs to their 221B Baker Street apartment in London, Sherlock Holmes and Watson begin practicing their deductive skills to determine who their visitor is. Starting with the facts they know — the sound of the footsteps […]…

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