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Ep51 w/ TEAM ARMIKROG! (part 4?)

2013-06-25 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Here it is folks the last days / hours in the Armikrog Kickstarter campaign! How are the boys holding up? Will they make their goal? Listen to today’s Episode for those answers and MORE! [...]…

Ep50 w/ Bill Ratner

2013-06-24 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
What more is there to say? We had a chat with Freaking BILL RATNER! This bucket list is being scratched off rather quickly…. Bill of course is one of the amazing “Movie guy” voices that you hear in movie trailers, he’s an amazing story teller, voice artist and well known as the voice of Flint in the original G.I. Joe series. [...]…

Ep49 w/ Shawn Baichoo

2013-06-17 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
It’s round 2 with Shawn Baichoo as we finish up our conversation talking about his Punisher Fan Film that he’s in post production on. [...]…

Ep48 w/ Shawn Baichoo

2013-06-12 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
How do you get killed in every Assassin’s Creed game and keep coming back for more?  Well, you just become Shawn Baichoo!  Shawn has been in every iteration of Assasin’s Creed thus far and can be heard in a slew of other games.  We met Shawn at Ottawa Comiccon 2013 and had him up on stage for our first ever live podcast adventure…the previous guest ran over and cut in on our time….so we really wanted to get a little one on one time with Shawn.  So, here it…part 1 of 2 episodes featuring Shawn Baichoo! [...]…

Ep46.5 w/ Doug TenNapel, Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield

2013-06-04 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
BONUS EPISODE!! Yes we are back with another Armikrog update episode!  Thankfully the guys were kind enough to do it twice in one night as for the first time in End Credits history our recorder failed!  So, please enjoy our 2nd round of conversation in our second chat with Doug TenNaple, Ed Schofield and Mike Dietz! [...]…

Ep47 w/ Justin McConnell

2013-06-03 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
It’s a junky Skype call at best…but this week we chat it up with longtime friend of the Podcast Justin McConnell about his latest film Skull World.  Join us as we delve deep into the seedy underbelly that is…BOX WARS!! [...]…

Ep46 w/ Doug TenNapel, Mike Dietz and Ed Scholfield

2013-05-28 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
What!? 2 episodes in 2 days?! That’s right…and in this episode we have an exclusive first interview with Doug TenNaple and the founders of Pencil Test Studios…Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield.  They are here to talk about the Kickstarter capaign for their new stop motion animated adventure game ARMIKROG!  Needless to say Myles and I are excited and thrilled to have had the first look at the game…and it is beautiful! [...]…


2013-05-27 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This is from our LIVE show recorded at Ottawa Comiccon on May 11th 2013.  Our guests were (returning guest) Khris Brown of Lucas Arts, Double Fine and UbiSoft fame…also Shawn Baichoo, a Montreal based Voice actor who has died horrible deaths in all the Assasins Creed games and has also been in games like Deus ex Human Revolution, Shaun White SnowBoarding etc… We had a blast performing our podcast to a crowd of between 400-500…filled the room and it felt amazing!  We are working on more live shows…so stay tuned! [...]…

Ep44 w/ Roque Banos

2013-05-21 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week we chat with composer for the Evil Dead reboot Roque Banos!  What can we say?  The man is insane…he’s scored 60 movies in 10 years….  Just…give this a listen! [...]…

Ep43 w/ Craig D. Wallace

2013-05-13 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Hard to believe it’s been over a year since Todd and The Book Of Pure Evil went off the air in Canada and just as long since we talked with the Co-Creator of the series Craig D Wallace (on our previous podcast).  Craig has not actually been a guest on End Credits up until this point…but he gave us an excellent reason to bring him on!! Craig, Charles Picco and the entire Todd team are running an Indie GoGo campaign to finally show us what happened to the gang in a feature length ANIMATED FILM!! [...]…

Ep42 w/ Daegan Fryklind (Bitten)

2013-05-07 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke

Ep41 w/ Will Pascoe

2013-04-22 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week it’s a chat with Writer/Producer Will Pascoe who write on the amazing new hit series Orphan Black.  We also talk Canadian Super Heroes….and the worst band name of all time…. [...]…

Ep40 w/ Doug TenNaple

2013-04-15 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week we have an in depth  chat with EarthWorm Jim and  NeverHood creator Doug TenNaple as he is just embarking on his next game project ARMIKROG!! The name had not been announced when we did the interview…but Doug gives us a big helping of info on what’s going into his next stop motion point and click adventure game! [...]…

Ep39 w/ Melanie Marquez M4PR

2013-04-08 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
This week we talk to one of our favorite people working behind the scenes…Melanie Marquez!  Melanie is a publicist for a lot of our all time favorite guests…we’ve been dealing with Melanie since 2010 when we first booked Jane Espenson on our original podcast that pre-dates End Credits.  Melanie is an amazing person who brings a lot of geeky passion to her work and has a huge love for her clients! (we wish we were one) [...]…

Ep38 w/ TJ Scott

2013-04-02 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week it’s a chat with Writer/Director TJ Scott who has also been an Actor, Stunt man / Stunt Coordinator, and photographer… He’s a busy busy TV director who travels the world going from production to production…and he’s a freakin’ cool guy to boot! [...]…

Ep37 w/ James Cooper

2013-03-24 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
Very geeky chat with film writer / director / comic writer / author James Cooper! We chat about crowd funding, D&D, Batman and X-men movies that suck, writing a book and comics! [...]…

Ep36 w/ Khris Brown

2013-03-19 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
How does an environmentalist become one of the greatest casting directors in video games, working for companies like Lucas Arts / Film, Doublefine and UbiSoft?  Find out in this week’s End Credits as Cory and Myles chat with Casting Director Khris Brown! She has worked with so many of the great voice talents out there and she herself is a truly wonderful human being!  Welcome to Canada Khris! [...]…

Ep35 w/ Matt Hastings

2013-03-11 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
We chat with Matt Hastings, Executive Producer of shows such as Alphas, Eureka, The Outer Limits and Pain Killer Jane.  From what we can gather from this interview…Matt lurks in the shadow waiting for a good show to be made that needs help and then he swings in to the rescue….essentially he’s the Batman of Executive Producing! [...]…

Ep34 w/ Crispin Freeman

2013-03-04 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
What an honour this week to post a podcast featuring the very talented Voice Over actor, coach and fellow podcaster Crispin Freeman!  Crispin has gained a huge voice over fan following by voicing some of the most prominent characters in Anime today.  He also hosts the incredible Voice Over Mastery Podcast and website that helps to educate potential and current Voice Actors.   I hope you take as much away from this interview as we did and that you will continue to do so through Crispin’s podcast(s), blogs and classes! Visit his podcast(s) and personal blog(s) at the following: [...]…

Ep33 w/ Steve Bailie (Writer)

2013-02-25 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week it’s an awesome chat with UK based writer Steve Bailie. Steve has written for many popular UK series such as…. Primeval! Steve is currently working on several high profile series in several countries including the TV adaptation of The Transporter.  ENJOY! [...]…

Ep32 w/ Nick Peet Production Assistant

2013-02-18 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week we chat with Nick Peet who is in the middle of his own “breaking in” story.  Nick is a Production Assistant for GRIMM and he loves his JOB!!  He is also responsible for the very cool GRIMM web series episodes that can be found on the GRIMM website and on YouTube. [...]…

Ep31 w/ Teddy Wilson

2013-02-11 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week it’s a great chat with Teddy Wilson, former child star of the world famous “You Can’t Do That On Television”!  Teddy’s all grown up now and is one of the co-hosts of Inner Space…a daily show that breaks down the news in geek culture on our very own Space Channel (the Canadian SyFy…) We talk [...]…

Ep30 w/ Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt

2013-02-05 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
We just had to have Tara and Yuri back to talk about being Authors, running a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Shelf Life returning and all the other awesomeness they do!  We’ve never seen such an ambitious husband and wife team that love to work together so much…and so well! End Credits“> Rate us in iTunes! …

Ep29 w/ Simon Barry exec Prod’ Continuum

2013-01-28 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Very happy that we finally managed to have a chat with Creator / Writer / Exec Producer of the Showcase / SyFy series Continuum…..Simon Barry! This show is SciFi at it finest, usually when time travel comes in to a scifi series it mucks things up and just makes you angry…in Continuum it’s at the core [...]…

Ep28 w/ Team BreakFall (Marvin’s Mitten’s)

2013-01-21 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
Cory and Myles do their first “on site” interview with the team from BreakFall about their amazing all ages game entitled Marvin’s Mittens. …

Ep27 w/ Rob Cotterill

2013-01-13 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week it’s another interview from our BWZ archives… It’s our chat from 2010 with Rob Cotterill the Producer of the insanely violent movie “Hobo With A Shotgun”, we talk about making an ultra violent film, financing and the only Canadian Sports car ever made… Please come like our FaceBook page! …

Ep26 w/ Rick Howland

2013-01-09 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Happy New Year folks!! Sorry for the late posting…but we were both on Holidays…and so were not booking guests. Thus we bring you an interview we did back in 2010 with Rick Howland who plays Trick on Showcase’s hit series Lost Girl.  Great interview from our previous podcast…and though it’s an older chat…I think you’ll enjoy [...]…

Ep 25 w/ Mark Savela

2012-12-18 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
We chat it up with Mark Savela who is VFX Supervisor on Primeval:New World.  He has also been involved with every single Stargate series there has been…as a matter of fact one of his first FX jobs was the SG1 pilot episode.  If you have not seen this series…be warned…there are minor spoilers! Remember to RATE [...]…

Ep 24 w/ Martin Wood

2012-12-12 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Myles and Cory are truly honored in this episode to be chatting with Executive Producer of Primeval: New World as well as everything Stargate…. Martin Wood! Please rate us in iTunes! …

Ep 23 w/ Juan Carlos Bagnell

2012-11-25 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
This week Cory and Myles chat it up with voice over director / casting / producer / audio engineer / mic enthusiast….(list goes on)  Juan Carlos Bagnell. Juan has played a huge role with some of our past guests like Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal and Bear McCreary…as a matter of fact he’s working with all of [...]…

Ep 22 w/ Jeff Danna

2012-11-18 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Cory and Myles have a chat with Composer Jeff Danna who has an extensive and impressive body of work behind his belt.  Jeff tells us about his 180 career change after injuring his hand, leaving him unable to play guitar.  Jeff’s goals of being a musician were seemingly crushed until he shifted gears in another [...]…

Ep 21 w/ Tom Snyder (Explosion Bus/Dr.Katz)

2012-11-12 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week it’s a chat with the master of awkward comedy writing Tom Snyder.  Tom was the creator of the Comedy Central’s animated series Dr.Katz in the 90’s.  Tom more recently created the amazing animated web series Explosion Bus.  WARNING!!! NAME DROPPING AHEAD!!! …

Ep 20 w/ Marc Zicree (Space Command)

2012-11-04 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
Some boys dream of meeting their favorite cartoon Super Heroes….  Cory and Myles dream of meeting the people who wrote the stories about those Super Heroes!  That’s what this episode is…Cory and Myles chat it up with a man that truly has inspired them most of their lives….Marc Zicree!  Marc has written everything from Smurfs, [...]…

Ep19 w/ David P. Baker (City of Sin)

2012-10-30 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
David P. Baker is back to talk about his latest venture “City Of Sin”. …

Ep18 w/ Christopher Brow (A Camera Dolly Grip for “Castle”)

2012-10-24 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Finally!! Myles and Cory have their chat with a GRIP!!  This week they are chatting the gripping world with Christopher Brow.  Chris is the “A” Camera Dolly Grip on the hit Nathan Fillion Series “CASTLE”.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share…so please enjoy!! …

Ep17 w/ Bear McCreary Composer (The Walking dead)

2012-10-15 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This is Cory and Myles chat with Bear McCreary from Oct 2011.  Bear is the composer of AMC’s The Walking Dead, BattleStar Galactica, Sara Connor Chronicles, Shelf Life, Eureka…etc…etc…on and on and on!! LIKE us on FaceBook!!! …

Ep16 w/ Gillian Horvath (Executive Producer of Primeval: New World

2012-10-09 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Cory and Myles chat it up with Executive Producer of “Primeval: New World” Gillian Horvath! New World is a direct spinoff from the original hit UK series “Primeval”.  The boys and Gillian chat about the original series, sword and staff fighting and about her career in general.  A very cool lady! RATE US!! In iTunes, on Stitcher [...]…

ep15 w/ Peter Lord (Co-Founder of Aardman Animation)

2012-09-30 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
Cracking Toast!!  Myles and Cory are chatting it up with Animator, Director and Co-Founder of Aardman Animation Peter Lord!!  Cory hogs the mic a bit as he geeks out over getting to chat with one of his inspirations. RATE US PLEASE!! And come LIKE our Facebook page!! …

Ep 14 / Written By A Kid

2012-09-23 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke Length: 1s
In this episode we talk to the guys responsible for the Geek & Sundry hit “Written By A Kid”!!  Josh, Will and Dan put Cory and Myles into unbridled fits of laughter and tears as we chat about their brilliant hit web series! Check out our new site in progress… and click on the EndCredits [...]…

Ep 13 w/ Ben Blacker (Nerdist Writers Panel and Thrilling Adventure Hour)

2012-09-17 :: Cory Tibbits and Myles Rourke
This week we are thrilled to be chatting with Ben Blacker who usually does the interviewing on his podcast The Nerdist Writers Panel.  He also Co-created The Thrilling Adventure Hour (also on the Nerdist network).  Big fans of both his podcasts and anything and everything else on The Nerdist Network….did I mention Nerdist? …

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