Last update: 2009-05-20

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 200!

Download the MP3 Aaron and Tom are back after more then a year-long hiatus! They recap what they’ve been up to for the past year, what they are up to now, and what the plans are for the future of EGR! Come catch up!…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 199

Download the MP3 This week we go over some heavy-hitters. Team Fortress 2 had the new content release, as well as the medic unlocks, but made a booboo; somehow they allowed the achievements to be unlocked via typing codes in the console. GTA 4 is out, but we haven’t played it because we’re not [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 198

Download the MP3 Lots of little delicious tidbits in tasty gravy of news this week. Yatzee hates SSBM, and lets the world know he loves EGR. The Meet the Scout video is out, we’re bad friends because we missed it. Okami has a box art fiasco, using IGN’s watermarked images to make their [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 197

Download the MP3 TF2 teaches us some awesome things about unlocks and achievements. The medic has a lot of new toys to play with and a lot of hoops to jump through. We also break down four categories that the current achievement frenzy can fall into. Gamepro magazine suffers from praising sequalitis this [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 196

Download the MP3 Sign a petition if you don’t want Uwe Boll to make any more games. An awesome essay stating we need to settle down with the Church of Gamers. Zug raves about Grandma’s Boy, and Bartle speaks of his dark visions of the future. We talk quickly about A Neopets fan [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 195

Download the MP3 April fools! This show we had some pretty funny and creative chats, as well as talking about what the internet did for April Fools. We also talk up the new WoW tournament competition which allows you to make max level characters and deck them out with super pwn gear, all for [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 194

Download the MP3 Smedley says he will personally destroy WoW? No. That’s not what he said at all. Mad Max MMO? Persona 4! Interplay website is back, and we see all their lovely IP again. Guitar Hero On Tour for the DS, Crisis Core. GAME DESIGN CHALLENGE: Occationally we challenge ourselves to [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 193

Download the MP3 This week we brawled, and all of the cool concepts the game has introduced, especially a prefabricated tournament system. No more Heroes cool wiimote/phone concepts, Wii stuff, fighting game stuff, and we touch upon a few other current events.…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 192

Download the MP3 This week on EndgameRadio Prime, we take a walk down the catwalk because we are supermodels. Eve is revolutionizing their game by adding space stations and a very robust clothing wearing and crafting system. A somewhat simple change completely alters their game. Oizys and Zug have played a little of [...]…

EndgameRadio Prime: Episode 191

Download the MP3 This week we have a huge GDC rundown/wrapup, and talk about Persona 3: FES, Portal 2, and EALand. We cover our rundown of personalities, pursuits, and parties. Also Penis and Spore and You. Relevant.…

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