Last update: 2008-04-12

Gay Rights vs Religious Freedom

2008-04-12 Length: 4m 52s

In Which I defend my right to be damaged by Reparative Therapy …

Something Different

2007-03-17 Length: 2m 10s
A Contemporary classical piece I composed on Finale Notepad 2007. It is a great program. Love to know what you think. …

I'm Back!

2006-12-13 Length: 7m 52s
Absent since April, I am back. New, softer me. Processing my stuff in public. What will the gays say? Even worse, what will the ex gays say? I fit in less than I did before. Hang in there. I am...! …

ExGays get off your Soapbox-- it may be unbiblical!

2006-04-03 Length: 4m 4s

The new Ex Gay Store at PFOX has made me think a bit. Each to His/Her own, but I feel uncomfortable with it. Here's why... …

ExGays, Butch up a bit!

2006-03-29 Length: 4m 40s
Why are we so surprised that God allows us to struggle with unwanted ssa? It is just another version of the "master plan"! Other Christians know it, so should we...! See what Spurgeon says about this in a "Morning Meditation". …

Psalm 138: An ExGay Psalm-- A Meditation!

2006-03-06 Length: 10m 39s
This beautiful Psalm of David contains a last verse that always moves me. It is a cry from the heart of the soul who knows he/she is in process and that God is the author of that process. An Exgay Psalm …

Solutions. vs. Salvation

2006-02-23 Length: 45m 25s

We want God to provide solutions to our problems. Yet he is not on the same page. What is that all about? Sermon preached at Valley Vineyard in Johannesbutg SA on the 10th of April 2005 …

Interview with Wynn Cameron-Thompson

2006-02-22 Length: 16m 40s

Here I do an interview with Wynn Cameron-Thompson from Restoring Wholeness Ministries in Cape Town, South Africa. ( "Do I change for God or does God change for me"? …

Is Gay Romantic Love a Sin?"

2006-02-13 Length: 7m 30s
How can love be a sin? Surely it's sex that makes it a sin? Oh my goodness, now you're asking me! …

Climbing the Charts and Off the Christmas Card List all at the same time...

2006-01-30 Length: 4m 43s

Whereas this podcast has so far stayed resolutely away from confronting (and it's gained me some support) I ask some other kinds of questions and, well, I may be out of favour. …

Announcing my New ExGay Blog: "Gay? No! I'm Only Smiling!"

2006-01-28 Length: 1m 38s
Announcing my new ExGay Blog: "Gay? NO! I'm Only Smiling"...listen up And PLEASE leave your comments by clicking on the "Leave Audio Comments Here" I would love to include them in the podcast! dunxnud …

2 Kinds of Gays?

2006-01-26 Length: 5m 51s

I was never gay enough to have really changed, and I am too gay to ever really be able to change. Can't win, can I? …

Yes I am in Denial

2006-01-23 Length: 7m 54s
Are ExGays living in denial? Yes, we are! …

Hi There I'm not dead! Do me this favour!!!

2006-01-07 Length: 56s
Hi There, I'm not dead just been busy with some stuff. hear about it in the podcast! …

Basics Part 2: "Put away from you any willful and contrary talk..."

2005-11-14 Length: 5m 51s

This week I talk about something more particular to the homosexual experience and you may be offended, I am not sure. Well, you asked what I thought, so here it is... …

Basics Part 1: Guarding your heart!

2005-11-14 Length: 7m 50s

I am often asked questions relating to "how do I change?" and so on. It is all about choice and knowing what we are dealing with. It has less to do directly with homosexuality than you may think! …

Setting the ExGay scene

2005-11-14 Length: 2m 26s

"Once Gay Always Gay..." what hogwash. Besides negating the transforming power of the creator of the universe, it denies an individual's power of choice. So listen up if you want to hear more. …

BONUS: The Full Foundation Fun Song that starts and ends the show... enjoy!

2005-11-14 Length: 4m 7s

Just a bit of fun with a serious undertone. "Your foundation's dug in Zion, your house is built in Sodom and you wonder why your walls keep falling down!" :-) …

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More and more I am coming to realize that Jesus goes for people not for ideologies. He is passionate about gay people, not because they are gay but because they are people. He loves ExGays, not because they are ex, but because they are humans. We only express our position in the spectrum. Best we don't camp there because we are on the move!

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