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F'Sho presents Joe D's HEAD BUSSIN' Courtesy of the CARDINAL DAVE

2013-06-27 Length: 20m 59s

Hey, Remember this Guy? We Don't. We Can't After 10 Consecutive Lackluster Drafts... This Man's Bad Boy Status has been tarnished... How in the H..L do you pass up Trey Burke?? A Warrior w/ the Heart of Isiah Lord Thomas III (Bless Him!) I can't say any more, Let's leave it to the Cardinal. NOW we @CBN don't condone the Cardinal's language or antics (or Odor) but we are outraged @ this pick.... W/Out Further ado, here he is.. …

CARDINAL vs. Paula Deen Pt 2 - The Real Beef.

2013-06-23 Length: 9m 43s

Warning Explicit Language. The CornerBoy Networks CBN completely disavow themselves from the statements and beliefs of the "Cardinal Dave." …

F'Sho reluctantly gives in CARDINAL vs. Paula Dean.

2013-06-23 Length: 7m 46s

I know fair listener, I know...he's completely ignorant... Completely, but he was right about Cryami so he's got another week. I know, Keep the fan mail coming, he's warming up for another suspension. CBNetworks come on! Get rid of this clown. The CORNERBOY NETWORK IN NO WAY SUPPORT PAULA DEAN, The N-WORD, or any other TRASH this IDIOT PROMOTES!! WE UNEQUIVOCALLY DENOUNCE THOSE ACTIONS. …

CARDINAL DAVE - Takeover Pt. 2

2013-06-16 Length: 2m 39s
More insolence from this fool... …


2013-06-16 Length: 10m 29s

I'm out of commission for awhile, so I'll let yall Fiends hear my lesser 1/2, the Cardinal Dave spout uselessness. Our boy JRJ has been given 90 Days to get us on the radio (terrestrial or satellite so we'll see what's up... This is a quick 2 parter so I'll post the other part afterwards, HERE HE BE. …

A werd frum the Cardinal Dave -

2013-05-13 Length: 10m 7s

you know he's been M.I.A & he disappeared during a historical time in the Sports World... Don't worry "ME" will be back with the sure-shot.. Guests, One on Ones, Video, all that, but in the meantime here's the foul-mouthed Oaf Cardinal Dave Also featuring.... GAG! Sgt. Gunny & the Obammy …

FSho NFL Draft/Slave Auction... Dwight Howard go Home.. and other random rants

2013-04-25 Length: 41m 24s

Update on Cardinal's Gvt Status Wrath of the "Obammy" The Lions can't EFF THIS UP, but we know they will "ME"s Open Plea to Dwight Howard Scattered moments of lucidity …

F'Sho - 7th Annual NBA PLAYOFF PREVIEW - Featuring Oran "Juice" Jones and Janice Jenkins..

2013-04-20 Length: 25m 59s

F'Sho brings you the only Preview, the only Show you'll Ever Need, to Pick The Winners, The Players, The Times, Without Further Ado, Here it is.... …

F'Sho - "I'm Tired as Eff!" Nathan Fielder/Ben Hoffman - Burke Goes Pro

2013-04-14 Length: 36m 57s

What's Up People: Evil Dead Remake Burke Goes Pro Destroying the Cardinal @ his own Game/Bracket "ME's" - All European Team - Txt yours in to 678.459.5085 Cardinal's Topics - Red Wings may miss Playoffs Hell's Kitchen is Back w/ Det reppin I'm tired as F**K I Needs a Young B*??H! Green Pollen - Government Spray …


2013-04-07 Length: 31m 42s

A Show that started with Noble Intentions.... A Show that started to Spread the Joy of Michigan's Dismantling of the NCAA... quickly degenerated with the addition of the Cardinal Dave... 30 Minutes of Mad-D-D Ness …

F'Sho - "So You Go to Internet Cafe's to Gratify Yourself?"

2013-03-28 Length: 30m 3s

What's Up People, Back w/ the Cardinal the Western District Way - Topics Include Pistons/ "Sad Boys" Irritating Commercials w/ Kids, Cardinals Fixed Bracket, All White Squads, Please send yours Text 678-459-5085 The Cardinal's New Job/ Tiger's Why did u do it to Quinton? Brazil, Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Canada, Toronto, Wolverines, izzo, Haiti, Jamaica, Antigua, Aruba, Mos Def …

F'Sho - Brackets R Busted!!!

2013-03-24 Length: 17m 29s

Overview of Destroyed Brackets... Gucci Mane "Busts" Soldier w/ Champagne Bottle....Apologies Here, the Audio is Flawed, I'm not sure what the problem is, but it will be connected on the next episode. Here is the link if interested. What we're about to get into...... …

Spring Iz Here - Annual NCAA Tourney Picks

2013-03-20 Length: 31m 0s

Well, It's that annual time of year (dating back to 06' where I regularly beat ya Boy down w/ the picks. I think my record is 6-1 or something like that. He eked out his first victory last year and now he's full of himself (and that was by the narrowest of margins) We also will (well I also will be talking about) Young Arni Chambers. Another misguided sole. (Yes, I meant to spell it SOLE) Not even going to harangue on Season 7, I'll let the record speak. Welp Listen up and check out the winners. Shout out to Limp Legg for finishing the Album. Hopefully I'll hear it this year!! (Hint to Doc Strange & B-Down) Wouldn't you know it? He actually joined us: Sigh... …

F'Sho - "Who Have You Made Famous???"

2012-11-17 Length: 38m 0s

Cardinal & "ME" return for a fun-filled session. Topics Include 3 Women, Stogie/Superstar Gar Report, Romney's Comments, A New America, Did I Mention 3 WOMEN (The Last One) Cardinal's Topics include Jurassic Park 4/Transformers 4 are coming B! Happy Thanksgiving B, (Now shove a Turkey up your ____!) (Yes, he's a Sad Man) 3 Picks to bet on today. Holdsclaw revisited. …

F'Sho - Breaking News: Chamique Holdsclaw has lost her Mind!!

2012-11-16 Length: 4m 0s

Cardinal Dave in w/ a Breaking Podcast Special. The Love of My Life Chamique Holdsclaw has Lost Her Mind! …

Barackalypse Now!!! F'Sho Is Back & The Cardinal REMAINS - - - Ded Rong

2012-11-09 Length: 40m 26s

Good People! Todays Topics Include: Barackalypse Now Stogie Report - Today's Superstar "GAR" Mike Brown's Firing. Detroit Pistons "suck Absolute Schlong!" The Cardinal Still "Wishes He Was White!" Listen Up Hoke! Start Devin Gardner Now!! Cardinal Only - "Malia Obama is Getting.. DOPE?" - Dude is Out of his Mind. ME's Lament - The Loss of Real Journalism. Back To Stay! Ghana, Nigeria, Argentia, Oregon, Missippi, David Banner …

FSho - Election Day Special: Cardinal Dave's Endorsement

2012-11-06 Length: 29m 39s

Interesting Show Today Highlights Include - Stogie Report Derrien Update Election Endorsements 3 Women A Fiery Obammy' Full Metal Jacket Tribute and also Why Devin Gardner should be University of Michigan Wolverines Starting QB NOW! …

15 Minutes of Fury - The REAL Season 6 Opener!!

2012-10-21 Length: 20m 12s

"ME" apologizes for the lackluster opener, but CD Loves It. Here's the Season Opener how it was meant to be... Word Association 3 Wimmens Obama/Romney Why CD Hates Southerners …

Sandusky = Cardinal Dave / The Man has No Dignity:

2011-11-12 Length: 6m 40s

Yessssss, It is the Much Missed F'Sho.. weighing in on the state of Affairs @ Penn State or Cardinal U. …

F'Sho -Back In The Saddle!!

2011-07-11 Length: 35m 28s

W'Sup Yawl!! - Glad to Be Back in the Land of The Living!! Topics include The Anthony Verdict Cardinal For "ME" Against. Roy Williams "ridiculousness" The Paul Williams v. Lara "Fiasco" Boxing is now DEAD! Live @ 5ive Coming Soon.... …

F'Sho - June 30 - Back Again

2011-06-30 Length: 21m 46s

BACK FOR THE 11' Shot - F'Sho Tribute to The Dirty Dozen, NBA Show, Etc, Etc, Etc. …

F'Sho - Why do I Take Him Out in Public??? The Cardinal @ a High School Homecoming...

2010-09-30 Length: 33m 57s

W'sup Yall' It's "ME" I made the mistake of taking your Cardinal out of his cage. A HS Football Homecoming featuring one perennial GA powerhouse Stephenson HS. Join us as we take in the sights, sounds, and all-around mayhem of a HS Homecoming GA Style. …

F'Sho -Obama & Yoda

2010-08-03 Length: 11m 30s

and who better to welcome the Cardinal Dave back to the Airwaves, then our Fearless Derrien Leader of the Free World, Our President!! …


2009-06-12 Length: 36m 38s

&Finally, the day cometh THE CARDINAL RULES. If Mr. Bomar follows these rules to the letter, he will be fine. If he deviates from them in any, way, shape, or form, he will be violently removed from the CornerBoy Facilities and removed from the airwaves for good. here are the rules that he must obey: 1. The Cardinal must refrain from Hate Speech from this point forward. Certain Racial ephitets are no longer allowed on the CornerBoy Network. 2. The Cardinal must observe all time limits and treat each and every on-air guest with the respect they deserve, regardless of their behavior. 3.The Cardinal must from here on out practice better hygeine, There will be no more on-air Belching, Gas Passing, Scratching, or other filthy habits as determined by “ME”. 4. The Cardinal will develop New, Fresh, Material that does not involve Anal References. The Cardinal allowed 2 Anal references per show now. 5. The Cardinal will see out Professional Mental Health Care to deal with his myriad of issues. 6. The Cardinal will immediately take steps to cure his chronic halitosis. 7. The Cardinal will never again mention the British Consulate, Adult Actress Jada Fire, Coach Charlie Weiss, Rosa Parks, or Lisa Simpson, by name again. If done so, this will lead to immediate dismissal. …

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