Last update: 2015-05-22

004 Spirituality Without God

2015-05-22 :: Jay N. Forrest Length: 5s
Can there be a spirituality without God? The Pew Research Center recent survey shows that those who claim none as their religion is fastest growing religious category. More and more people are calling themselves, “spiritual but not religious.” The word spirit simply means “breath.” Breath is something that is unseen but real. So the spiritual […]…

003 God is Meaningless

2015-05-15 :: Jay N. Forrest Length: 5s
The word “God” is a word without meaning, it is a mere placeholder. After all, a word that means anything, really means nothing. We begin theology with a fairly concrete idea about God, but end up with an abstract ground of being kind of force. That’s because concrete definitions of God are contradictory. Transcendence is incompatible with […]…

002 An Evidence Based Life

2015-05-08 :: Jay N. Forrest Length: 5s
What is an evidence based life and why should we pursue it? What is most important to you? Truth is the most important thing to me. No religion is higher than truth. What is truth? Truth is the correspondence between thought and reality. What is evidence? Evidence is a set of facts that support a […]…

001 What is an Atheist?

2015-05-01 :: Jay N. Forrest Length: 5s
What is an atheist? Atheist is probably the most misunderstood word in the English language. Atheism is literally “without Theism,” and an atheist is simply one without belief in Theism. American Atheists state, “Atheism is not a disbelief in gods or a denial of gods; it is a lack of belief in gods.”…

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