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Ep.23 Gregory Dell'Era From Weezic: Augmented Sheet Music

2013-06-20 :: Stephen Cox, Gregory Dell'Era Length: 18s
This week we have an interview with Gregory Dell'Era from the company Weezic which is based in Paris, France. Gregory is a Bassonist and recorder player with both music and engineering degrees. He is one of the founders of Weezic. Weezic is a platform for augmented sheet music. This platform plays accompaniments with the performer and gives instant assessment. Weezic has both a web based application and an iPad app. Learn More at …

Ep.22 Animal Music w/ David Rothenberg

2013-06-13 :: Stephen Cox, David Rothenberg Length: 56s
This week we are joined by professor, musician, and author David Rothenberg. Rothenberg studies animal and nature music and has written many books, created multiple CD's, and traveled the world both studying and performing with animals. In this episode we talk about why animal music is important, how to make music with animals, and why/if this can really be called music. David Rothenberg currently works at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Learn more about Rothenberg at or at …

Ep.21 Interview: Joe Berkovitz - Noteflight

2013-06-06 :: Stephen Cox, Joe Berkovitz Length: 32s
We had the pleasure of visiting with Joe Berkovitz from Noteflight, the web based music notation program. Noteflight is a powerful, cross platform solution for music notation. Users including people distributing parts to musicians digitally, teaching music theory, and composers looking for a powerful affordable tool set. Noteflight has free entry level accounts, so go try it now! Mr. Berkovitz is a composer, pianist, and software engineer with 30 years of development experience. …

Ep.20 When Should You Take Up a Second Instrument

2013-05-30 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 24s
This week Stephen and Gannon talk about when it's the right time to take up a second instrument, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. …

Ep.19 Brass Mouthpieces

2013-05-16 :: Gannon Phillips Length: 20s
This week Gannon tells us all about brass mouthpieces including the parts of the mouthpiece and recommendations for beginners and more seasoned players. …

Ep.18 Reeds Mini-Cast, Single Reed Introduction

2013-05-09 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 12s
This week's podcast is a short introduction to single reeds, specifically saxophone and clarinet. Gannon and Stephen talk about what a reed is, what the numbers mean, and how different brands compare. …

Ep.17 What's it Like Being a Music Major?

2013-05-01 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 36s
This week Gannon and Stephen explore their experience from when they were music majors in college. They discuss degree requirements, what "hours" of course work mean, the advantages of small/large schools, and share general advice on how to be successful. …

Ep.16 Should I major in music and how do I get ready?

2013-04-18 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 20s
This week Stephen and Gannon discuss the kind of person it takes to be a music major, what possible outcomes there are for the degree, and how to get ready for it! Look for more music major tips in the next episode. …

Ep.15 Music Websites for Non-Techies

2013-04-11 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 29s
This week Gannon and Stephen talk about making music related websites for those with only basic computer skills. they talk about embedding sound files and sheet music using MuseScore and Soundcloud and developing websites with Weebly. We have included videos on how to embed files as mentioned in this website on as a part of this post. …

Ep.14 Musescore and the Sheet Music Revolution w/Thomas Bonte

2013-04-05 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips, Thomas Bonte Length: 40s
For today's special edition of the Free Music Ed Podcast, we interviewed Thomas Bonte. He is the CEO of Musescore, the open source music notation software as well as the founder of What an amazing interview! We were impressed with Bonte's musical and technological vision. Our conversation's included his background, the history and features of Musescore, the revolution that is happening in the sheet music business, and the Open Golberg Variations. …

Ep.13 Common Mistakes We Musician's Make

2013-03-26 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 33s
Ever make mistakes? Well don't make these. In this podcast we sit down and discuss professionalism, personal assessment and understanding you place in any musical situation. …

Ep.12 Guitar, Music technology, Distance Private Lessons Interview with Lance Beaumont: Northwest Christian University

2013-03-19 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips, Lance Beaumont Length: 41s
In this week's podcast we talk to Lance Beaumont, director of the music department at Northwest Christian University and distance adjunct professor for Howard Payne University. In this interview we talked about their unique program, teaching lessons through video conferencing, the future of the music business as well as general practicing techniques and the benefits of class guitar in a public school setting. …

Ep.11 Marching Band Arranging - Luke McMillan

2013-03-12 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips, Luke McMillan Length: 33s
For this weeks podcast we interviewed marching band arranger Luke McMillan and discussed arranging techniques and concerns for marching bands. You can visit his website …

Ep.10 Dillon Phillips, Private Guitar and Drum Set Teacher

2013-03-05 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips, Dillon Phillips Length: 52s
This week we have an interview with Dillon Phillips. Dillon is a private lesson instructor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for guitar and drum set. Dillon is also co-host Gannon's twin brother. In this interview we discuss being a private lesson instructor and the techniques he uses with his students. …

Ep.9 Yigal Kaminka Joytunes, Jerusalem Symphony

2013-02-26 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips, Yigal Kaminka Length: 1m 3s
We interviewed Yigal Kaminka, Principle Oboist with the Jerusalem Symphony and co-founder of Joytunes. We talk about the music and music education scene in Israel. We also talk about the future of music education technology and the work Joytunes is doing with Gamification for the recorder, piano, and soon many other instruments. Go download their FREE apps: Piano Dust Buster for ios Recorder Master Recorder Express And these websites: …

Ep.8 Interview with Comic Strip Artist Josh Wells

2013-02-26 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips, Josh Wells Length: 1m 6s
Today is an extra special episode of the Free Music Ed Podcast. We have the web comic artist named Josh Wells who is the creator and illustrator of His web comic is all about music and musicians. In this podcast we talk all about his comic, musical influences, and his favorite comic strip artist. We also go super nerdy and discuss Dr. Who and Star Trek. …

TMEA Update 2013

2013-02-16 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 4s
Here is a quick update from the TMEA convention, just a blurb, but we're excited. Look forward to interviews with and…

Ep.7 Listening,, and The Music Major Curse

2013-02-12 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 31s
Today's podcast is a three segment podcast that starts by discussing listening as a musician. We continue by spotlighting, and end with "The Curse of the Music Major" is a music theory website with ear training and music theory lessons. The "Curse of the Music Major" is a discussion on how majoring in music makes some people music snobs.…

Ep.6 Five Technologies that Changed Music and the Musician

2013-02-05 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 33s
In this podcast Stephen and Gannon explore five technologies that have transformed music and the role of the musician including recorded sound, the player piano, radio transmission, Midi and the Internet, This podcast is about 33 minutes long.…

Ep.5 Interview: Stephen Goacher - The Professional Musician

2013-01-29 :: Stephen Cox, Stephaine Cox Length: 48s
Episode five is an interview with Stephen Goacher. Goacher is a woodwindist and profession performer/educator. Currently he is the woodwind and jazz professor at Howard Payne University and conducts the Jazz Ensemble as well as university group Winds of Triumph, recently a featured group at the 2012 Olympic games. Mr. Goacher is also active as a saxophonist with the Temple Jazz Orchestra. A student of Eugene Rousseau, Mitchell Lurie, and Gary Gray, Goacher has a long career as an instrumentalist including performances with The Temptations, Rosemary Clooney, Julie Andrews, and Bob Hope. In this podcast he discusses his history as a musician and the traits that make a profession musician successful.…

Ep.4 Interview: Dr. Robert Tucker - Musical Compositional Advice

2013-01-22 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 1m 6s
Gannon and Stephen Interview Dr. Robert Tucker of Howard Payne University about musical composition…

Ep.3 Instrument Fundamentals, Should I Learn to Read Sheet Music?

2013-01-15 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 31s
In this podcast, Gannon and Stephen discuss the things you learn first when learning a new instrument. They also help answer the question of if it is necessary to learn to read sheet music.…

Ep.2 Ways to learn to play an instrument.

2013-01-08 :: Stephen Cox, Gannon Phillips Length: 40s
In this podcast, Gannon and Stephen discuss the methods you can use to learn to play an instrument (classes, private instruction, and self teaching) and the advantages and disadvantages of each.…

Ep.1 Why play an instrument?

2013-01-01 :: Stephen Cox Length: 34s
In this first podcast, Stephen and Gannon discuss reasons to play an instrument, and some tips for choosing which one.…

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