Last update: 2015-01-08

102 – Geek Life – Under The Flesh Issue 2

2015-01-08 ::
Geek Life is back baby! After our holiday hiatus we’re back with a vengeance as we return to the violent and entertaining world of Under The Flesh by G. Deltres, illustrated and lettered by J. L. Giles. UTF issue 1 … Continue reading

101 – Geek Life – Long John

2014-11-12 ::
This week we spotlight the latest from D. Bethel of Eben07 fame. Lately he’s been working on this amazing comic called Long John. Bethel knocks it outta the park with issue one of Long John. This issue should be used … Continue reading

100 – Geek Life – The Fuse

2014-10-29 :: Length: 1s
This week we talk about the Fuse written by Antony Johnston with art by Justin Greenwood from Image Comics. Our friends from join us in another combo-meal episode! This interesting future cop procedural had our hosts and guests in … Continue reading

099 – Geek Life – Hybrid Earth Issue 2

2014-10-15 ::
We return to the ever entertaining Hybrid Earth by Rustin Petrae and Frederick Allison Jr for a look at issue 2. Picking right back up where we left off , our protagonist Xander Hastings continues his investigation into the hybrid disappearances … Continue reading

098 – Geek Life – Guns of Shadow Valley

2014-10-01 ::
This week the hosts from 4J’s And a Comic join us for another Combo Meal episode where we dig into an exciting indie comic that was recently picked up by Dark Horse and is available at your local comic shop … Continue reading

097 – Geek Life – Stalker DtM

2014-09-24 :: Length: 1s
This week we chat about the indie comic Stalker: Donning The Mask written and lettered by Bradley Potts, illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden & Danny Fahs, with colors by Blake Wilkie & George Freman. This story follows a young woman’s … Continue reading

096 – Geek Life – Outcast

2014-09-10 ::
This week we dig into Robert Kirkman’s new comic Outcast! We also welcome back the guys from the 4J’s And A Comic Podcast to weigh in on this exciting new comic! Geek Life is sponsored by Audible, you can grab … Continue reading

095 – Geek Life – Above The Clouds Issue 2

2014-09-03 ::
This week we return to one of our very favorite comics from one of our very favorite people, Above The Clouds by Melissa Pagluica! This ambitions and beautiful comic successfully moved into issue 3 online where you should sit down … Continue reading

094 – Geek Life – Afterlife With Archie

2014-08-27 ::
This week we talk about one of our most favorite recent comics, an off beat little title called… Afterlife With Archie! That’s right, it’s the zombie apocalypse in Riverdale and Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Gang are all struggling to … Continue reading

093 – Geek Life – Oh Hell

2014-08-13 ::
This week we talk about Oh Hell, a self published indie comic from George Wassil, illustrated by Dave Hamann, colors by Michael Birkhofer. Oh Hell follows juvenile delinquent Zoel as she’s shipped off to boarding school after her parents have … Continue reading

092 – Geek Life – Deadly Class

2014-08-06 ::
This week we begin something new and exciting! We’ll be alternating between covering “pro” creator owned comics from companies like Image, IDW, DarkHourse and the like, and our normal jam of self published indie comics. This means that we’ll have … Continue reading

091 – Geek Life – Memory

2014-07-23 ::
This time we enjoy another offering by the talented Kim Holm! You may remember we recently covered Kim’s adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model. The gang completely LOVED Pickman’s Model and was super excited to see what Kim had for … Continue reading

090 – Geek Life – Father Robot

2014-07-16 ::
This week we talk about the exciting new sci fi comic Father Robot. In his fascinating vision of the future Kristopher White shows us a world with no more casualties in war, where remotely operated robots fight our battles for … Continue reading

089 – Geek Life – Under The Flesh

2014-07-02 ::
This week we talk about the gorgeous new indie comic book Under The Flesh created and written by G. Deltres, illustrated and lettered by J. L. Giles. In a world ravaged by an unknown virus which only infects males, mankind’s … Continue reading

088 – Geek Life – Hybrid Earth

2014-06-25 ::
This week we talk about the exciting new indie comic Hybrid Earth by Rustin Petrae and Frederick Allison Jr. In December of 2015 the nano-bomb was created, fusing nuclear and nano technology together. The first, and last bomb, was detonated … Continue reading

087 – Geek Life – Defeating Creative Block

2014-06-18 :: Length: 1s
This week we share techniques and talk about some experiences of defeating the enemy of every creative out there… dun dun duuuun! Creative Block! THE Admin joins us in this special Creatives Conversation to share her experience with creative block … Continue reading

086 – Geek Life – Big Wow Recap

2014-06-12 :: Length: 1s
We combined our powers with the 4J’s and a Comic podcast from to talk about our experience at the recent Big Wow Comic Fest. We get into heated debate about fan art, cosplay and signatures! Geek Life is sponsored … Continue reading

085 – Geek Life – Live at FCBD

2014-06-04 ::
Geek Life is back! This episode was recorded outside at the crazy, windy & fun Free Comic Book Day at Waterfront Comics in Suisun Ca! We setup a table, mics and asked the attendees what their first comic was and … Continue reading

Special Guest Podcast – 4J’s & A Comic – FCBD 2014

2014-05-02 ::
Today we complete the 2 part series on Free Comic Book Day. Today we’ll be recommending some “Gold” (More mainstream) comics available on FCBD! Be sure to listen close & get the gang’s opinion on what you should grab tomorrow. … Continue reading

084 – Geek Life – Free Comic Book Day 2014

2014-04-30 :: Length: 1s
This week the Geek Life gang talks about the “Silver” titles available on FCBD and recommends our favorite picks. Be sure to listen to tomorrow’s follow up podcast from the 4J’s & a Comic podcast, where we talk about our … Continue reading

083 – Geek Life – Pickman’s Model

2014-04-16 ::
This week we spotlight Kim Holm’s incredible adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s short story Pickman’s Model. Being big Lovecraft fans around here we jumped at the opportunity to cover Kim’s work. This graphic novel adaptation of one of Lovecraft’s best is … Continue reading

082 – Geek Life – B-Squad

2014-04-10 ::
This week the gang spotlights B-Squad from Eben Burgoon (of Eben07 fame). B-Squad follows an A-Team like group of colorful & diverse folks who engage in missions of extreme danger that others would simply turn down. The really interesting part … Continue reading

081 – Geek Life – Anna Pocalypse

2014-04-03 ::
This week we spotlight the insanely violent and crazy Anna Pocalypse by Adam Talley. Follow Anna in her struggle to survive just months after the world went to hell. No government, no police, no rules. This grindhouse style story is … Continue reading

080 – Geek Life – Loop

2014-03-19 ::
This week we spotlight the hilarious web-comic Loop by Sean McLean. Loop follows Dave, a time tourist from the year 3065. Dave get’s stuck in prehistoric time and must survive with the help of his new caveman friend, Krong. Dave’s … Continue reading

079 – Geek Life – Rabbit Walrus

2014-03-05 ::
This week we spotlight the insane and hilarious comic “The Slightly Insane Spontaneously Combusting Frothing Mutant Ninja Blackbelt Samurai Rabbit-Walrus From Hell” by Matt Marchetti. Often shortened to just “Rabbit-Walrus”, this crazy comic finds our rabbit/walrus-like friend fighting (what he … Continue reading

078 – Geek Life – Turtles Time Warp

2014-02-26 ::
This week we look back at the iconic first issue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird… 80′s style! That’s right, we go back in time and imagine what it’d be like to review TMNT … Continue reading

077 – Geek Life – SadoCat

2014-02-19 ::
This week we spotlight the true indie gem SadoCat by Cory Patten. The hero…? SadoCat, is here to defend our parks against evil squirrel invasions, our forests against obnoxious hippies and in general murder lots of stuff! Cory’s hilarious comic … Continue reading

076 – Geek Life – Trixie Dynamite

2014-02-12 ::
This week we spotlight Trixie Dynamite by Ben Schwartz. Ben employed an incredible team of artists to bring his vision of future Sacramento California, or Sacramentropolis, to life in full beautiful color. Trixie is the rocket-booting acrobatic superhero of Sacramento’s … Continue reading

075 – Geek Life – Hunter Black

2014-02-05 ::
This week we spotlight the unique and wildly entertaining Hunter Black by Justin Peniston & William Orr. Hunter Black follows the assassin aptly named “Hunter Black” after his escape from prison. He was set up, and he’s gonna find out … Continue reading

074 – Geek Life – The Samurai Boy

2014-01-30 ::
This week we review web-comic The Samurai Boy by Dan Arrows. Samurai Boy is all about Hiko, a young martial artist growing up in the distant land of Brazil! There he meets new friends, old enemies & learns about his … Continue reading

073 – Geek Life – Elements Of Light

2014-01-15 ::
This week we spotlight Elements Of Light by Tyrone Selby. This professional level indie comic had us impressed right from the first page. With an engaging story, impressive art and such a rich world, this is an excellent canvas to … Continue reading

072 – Geek Life – Ces’t La Mort

2014-01-08 ::
This week we spotlight the bold new comic by Jala Prendes, Ces’t La Mort. This book has a striking visual style with biting commentary on our everyday lives and how we live them. We’re glad this is a weekly comic … Continue reading

071 – Geek Life – The Gag-Cast NSFW!

2014-01-02 :: Length: 1s
This week we give one last look back at 2013 by way of playing our (almost) complete gag reels for y’all! That’s right folks, this NSFW episode is uncensored behind the scenes Geek Life insanity! Join us for a peek … Continue reading

Happy new year everybody!

We’re into the new year and excited to continue sharing great comics, podcasts and fun with all our friends, listeners and readers! Just a head’s up, it’s been a crazy holiday season and I’m postponing the podcast release till tomorrow. … Continue reading

070 – Geek Life – Psycho Derby 2030

2013-12-18 ::
This week we spotlight Psycho Derby 2030 by Chip Buchanan. Chip’s exciting vision for a future where the derby takes place at break-neck speeds on hovering mag-lev skates is ambitions and entertaining. Jump into the lives of the future derby … Continue reading

069 – Geek Life – DASS

2013-12-11 ::
This week we spotlight the excellent comic DASS by John Jamtli. DASS follows the indomitable Petter Dass, real life Lutheran clergyman and foremost Norwegian poet of his generation. However, in this comic he is also a wizard battling against witches, … Continue reading

068 – Geek Life – Zotz: Serpent and Shield

2013-12-05 ::
This week we return to an old favorite. Daniel Parada has released his second issue of Zotz: Serpent and Shield! And by issue we mean 130+ pages of awesome. Zotz follows the amazing and brutal story of 2 brothers from … Continue reading

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’re gearing up for a great holiday around here, sadly this has made us super busy, what with the food, family and… food. That said, there’s no podcast release today, sorry :(… We’ll resume our regularly scheduled … Continue reading

067 – Geek Life – Behind The Table

2013-11-20 ::
We talk about how to supercharge your exhibitor table strategy for your next convention or event! Having a successful table is a complicated thing, requiring skill in layout, good products, people skills, marketing and more! We share good practices for … Continue reading

066 – Geek Life – Above The Clouds

2013-11-13 ::
We spotlight Above The Clouds by our friend Melissa Pagluica! This comic is drop dead gorgeous and filled with memorable characters and an ambitious storytelling style. Seriously, don’t miss this one. Issue one is complete and she’s charging into issue … Continue reading

065 – Geek Life – Get Your Comic on Shelves

2013-11-06 ::
We sit down with John Harter of and pick his brain for advice on getting your self-published comic onto the shelves of your local comic shop. What does a shop look for? How can your improve your chances? What … Continue reading

064 – Geek Life – Narwhal Knight

2013-10-30 ::
This week we spotlight one of PM’s own, “The Narwhal Knight” by Brad Langer. Follow Jason Jones and his friends as they defend themselves from an army of evil, ankle-high vampires. Brad creates an endearing and immediately relatable cast of … Continue reading

063 – Geek Life – Boston Metaphysical Society

2013-10-23 ::
This week we spotlight the only name in Victorian Steam-Punk Ghostbusters… The Boston Metaphysical Society by Madeleine Holly-Rosing. Follow Samuel Hunter, Caitlin O’Sullivan and Granville Woods as they try and save Boston from an extra dimensional evil! A richly crafted … Continue reading

062 – Geek Life – Zombie Killers

2013-10-16 ::
This week we spotlight the awesome comic Zombie Killers by Jennifer Gosk. We caught up with Jenny at this year’s Big Wow ComicFest, got an interview, and the first issue of Killers. We liked it so much, we devoured all … Continue reading

061 – Geek Life – How To Comic For Noobs

2013-10-09 ::
We sit down and with John Harter from and share advice for new comic fans. It can be overwhelming when you first walk into a comic shop and see walls of comics everywhere! How do you choose your first … Continue reading

060 – Geek Life – Broodhollow

2013-10-02 ::
This week on Geek Life – The Indie Comics Podcast, we spotlight web-comic Broodhollow by Kris Straub. The story follows struggling encyclopedia salesman Wadsworth Zane as he travels to the town of Broodhollow to claim an inheritance from a distant … Continue reading

059 – Geek Life – GTA5 Impressions

2013-09-25 ::
Hey all, it’s been a week and we’ve played some GTAV! Now… how do we feel? After 20+ hours of the highly anticipated game from arguably one of the most well loved game franchises ever, what do we think? JP … Continue reading

058 – Geek Life – GTA5 Live Midnight Release!

2013-09-18 ::
This week’s podcast was a special live recording from the GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto V) midnight release at our local Gamestop! We sat down and talked features for GTA5, and shared our favorite memories from the GTA franchise’s long and … Continue reading

057 – Geek Life – Games

2013-09-05 ::
This past weekend we spent all day Sunday playing with THE Admin’s Oculus Rift dev-kit. HOLY CRAP it’s awesome! This is the future friends. Check out our conversation on all things Oculus and find out what it’s really like in … Continue reading

056 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-08-21 :: Length: 1s
This week we spotlight the incredible and meaningful comics by Kostas Kiriakakis of These comics had a profound impact on several of us at Geek Life and we simply can’t say enough good things about them, Kostas is a … Continue reading

055 – Geek Life – Movies

2013-08-14 :: Length: 1s
We spotlight the epic and hilarious web-comic/RPG “Sidekick Quests” by James Stowe. Sidekick is about a group of aspiring adventurers and the crazy trouble they get themselves into while their betters are away. Not only is Sidekick an excellent web-comic … Continue reading

054 – Geek Life – Games

2013-07-31 :: Length: 1s
This week we spotlight Point of Singularity by Athena Dykman. PoS is a great comic which follows an ex-super villain scientist dude on his mission to redeem himself and make right his past misdeeds. Turns out he’s got a long … Continue reading

053 – Geek Life – Comics & Creatives

2013-07-24 :: Length: 1s
We continue our conversation on the rich subject of time management and productivity for creative people. Many of our friends from the indie comics community have sent us letters with their observations, wisdom and advice. This is the second part … Continue reading

052 – Geek Life – Comics & Creatives

2013-07-17 :: Length: 1s
We spotlight web-comic “Company Man” by Frank Jordan. Company Man truly belongs in the Sunday funnies right next to Garfield and Doonesbury. Franks comic is consistently funny, relevant and just plain quality. With solid art and recognizable characters, the office … Continue reading

051 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-07-10 :: Length: 1s
This week we spotlight Scaredemy by Jack Slade. Follow Simon Fairwee as he goes to the Scaredemy academy for wizards and monsters. Simon comes from a family of wizards and monsters, and hopes to one day become a powerful mage, … Continue reading

050 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-07-03 :: Length: 1s
This week’s indie spotlight focuses on the web-comic “Adventuresome” by Keith Mclean (who has the best last name ever). Keith’s hilarious comic is a seemingly unfiltered window into his thoughts, ideas and opinions… and it’s awesome. We were just rolling … Continue reading


Hey all, unfortunately both JP and THE Brian are sick! We’ve been trying to bang out our normal releases this week and have fallen short, what with the sick in bed and all. We’ll resume our normal releases next week. … Continue reading

049 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-06-19 :: Length: 1s
This week we spotlight web-comic “Rapture Burgers” by Chris Hill. This comic is about aspiring evil overlord Camille and his epic quest to take over the world, all while struggling with his rapidly slipping grip on reality. After Rose breaks … Continue reading

048 – Geek Life – Games

2013-06-12 ::
This week we spotlight web-comic “Horde of Neurons” by Jeff Couturier. This random, hilarious and at times insane comic is completely great. We found ourselves feeling right at home with the witty observational humor and slice of life hilarity. You … Continue reading

047 – Geek Life – Movies

2013-06-06 ::
This week we finish our MetalCast! Justin Woods from the podcast blesses us with some serious heavy metal knowledge and breaks down an epic list of awesome metal movies. Below is the list Justin brought with him along with … Continue reading

046 – Geek Life – Movies

2013-05-29 ::
This weeks’ podcast is part 1 of a 2-part episode. We had such good conversation with our guest Justin Woods that we decided to let the tape run and just finish when we finish. We split the podcast right down … Continue reading

045 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-05-22 ::
This week’s indie spotlight focuses in on web-comic “Nameless PCs” by Wesley Hall. Nameless PCs is a very entertaining comic with a surprising variance of content to offer. From table top gaming humor to slice of life hilarity, this comic … Continue reading

044 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2013-05-16 :: Length: 1s
This week on Geek Life we spotlight the hilarious web-comic Ninja & Pirate! This comic is a swashbuckling, shuriken throwing, hoot of a good time. With hilarious lines like “Slap me with a sea cucumber!” how can you go wrong! … Continue reading

043 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-05-08 ::
It’s the Free Comic Book Day-Cast! Recorded live at Waterfront Comics in Suisun California. John Harter, owner of Waterfront, graciously gave us space to set-up a table and record a live episode. This time we talk about casting in comic … Continue reading

042 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-05-01 ::
This week we spotlight web-comic “Christopher” by Chris Williams. This gem is very diverse, from touching & cute all the way to hilarious, “Christopher” will resonate with you. We enjoyed the slice of life style and felt like we got … Continue reading

041 – Geek Life – Games

2013-04-24 ::
This week we spotlight excellent comic artist Steve Lewis. Steve makes 2, count em, 2 web-comics! Steve’s “Murder Cake” strip is a hilarious comic about pretty much anything he damn well pleases! His other comic “Creepy Crowley” is about a … Continue reading

040 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-04-17 ::
This week we spotlight the hilarious web-comic “LunarBaboon” by @LunarBaboon! This comic is all about a half man/half lunar-baboon living in Toronto with his wife and child. LunarBaboon had us in stitches, laughing right out loud! The honest observational humor … Continue reading

039 – Geek Life – Movies

2013-04-10 :: Length: 1s
This week we give a well deserved nod to classic 80′s fantasy movies and spotlight an exceptional web-comic. The Indie Spotlight of the week focuses on “Untold Tales of Bigfoot” by Vince Dorse. Vince’s expertly illustrated comic is about everybody’s … Continue reading

038 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-04-03 ::
This time we talk comics. The Indie Spotlight this week focuses on the web-comic “6 Color Stories“. 6 Color is a great comic by talented artist, housewife and stay at home mom Lynn. Each page is hand drawn with traditional … Continue reading

037 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2013-03-27 ::
It’s Zombie Survival time geeks. And what better web-comic to spotlight than “Zombie Boy” by Mark Stokes! “Zombie Boy” is about an eleven year old named Morgan who had a little “accident” on a family trip to Voodoo Island… Morgan … Continue reading

036 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-03-20 ::
This week we’re talking about comics! First off is our Indie Spotlight, this week we check out the web-comic “Sandra and Woo” by Poweree and Oliver Knörzer. Woo revolves around a middle school girl named Sandra North and her pet … Continue reading

035– Geek Life – Comics

2013-03-13 ::
This week we talk Comics! Whoo! First up is the Indie Spotlight, this time we focus in on the web-comic “Yeti 4 Hire” by Jeff Crowther. This lighthearted “all ages action comic” is both written and illustrated by Jeff. The … Continue reading

034– Geek Life – Games

2013-03-06 ::
On this week’s Geek Life we spotlight the excellent web-comic “Happle Tea” by Scott Maynard. Happle is about a kid named Lil K and his adventures with God, Sasquatch and an array of mythological creatures, gods and cryptids! Check out … Continue reading

033– Geek Life – Games

2013-02-27 :: Length: 1s
OOh baby, big changes coming to the Geek Life Podcast! This episode marks the beginning of our weekly episodes. We’ve finally switched over and will now have a fresh Geek Life episode for you every week! We’re also now sponsored … Continue reading

032– Geek Life – Movies

2013-02-13 :: Length: 1s
This week in the news, we talk about Melissa Pagluica‘s exciting new project “Above The Clouds” available on! Our indie spotlight shines on the hilarious and adorable web-comic “The Tale of Tamarind” by Perry Alter. Perry’s great comic focuses … Continue reading

031– Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2013-01-30 :: Length: 1s
Come get your Zombie Survival goodness… Grade Z 100% pure! Geek Life gets back to it’s roots with this weeks Zombie episode! We forgo our usual comic review in favor of a robust and complete zombie episode! A little while … Continue reading

030 – Geek Life – Comics

2013-01-16 :: Length: 1s
It’s all about comics this time. In our indie-review we look at issue 4 of Eben07′s “Operation 3 Ring Bound”. We have enjoyed our Eben-athon! Sadly we’re at the last printed issue, but fear not, we can all continue to … Continue reading

029 – Geek Life – A Year of Geek Life

2013-01-02 :: Length: 1s
THE Brian and JP put together a years worth of gag-reels and look back over the first year of’s Geek Life Podcast! That’s right!! We made it through our first year. There were ups, downs, good, bad and lots … Continue reading

028 – Geek Life – Games

2012-12-19 :: Length: 1s
It’s the games podcast and this time we have a great one for you! First we review issue 3 of‘s “Operation: 3 Ring Bound” (Also be sure to support the Kickstarter campaign “B-Squad” from E. Burgoon of Eben07 fame). … Continue reading

027 – Geek Life – Movies

2012-12-05 :: Length: 1s
We’re back baby! Epic craziness recently but, PM endures! First, forgive the uneven audio this time around, I totally had some of the twizzly nobs on our gear set to the wrong recording pattern so…. darn. Anyway, it’s all about … Continue reading

026 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2012-11-22 :: Length: 1s
This week we talk zombie news and review comic “Dead Ahead” by Mel Smith. At the recent Days of Terror convention we met Mel Smith who generously hooked us up with a copy of this excellent comic. “Dead Ahead” is … Continue reading

025 – Geek Life – Comics

2012-11-10 :: Length: 2s
After the most ridiculous delays in the history of Geek Life, episode 25 is here! This week we review the book “The Neighbors Have Two Flamingos“,  Brad Diller’s debut Funday Morning book. More than 80 cartoons spanning 10 years cover … Continue reading

Podcast 25 Schedule change

This weeks podcast is coming out tomorrow (Thursday the 8th) due to my continued backlog of work and the EPIC size of this one (the raw recording is almost 2.5 hours…!). Be sure to enjoy it’s hilarity tomorrow, thanks again … Continue reading

024 – Geek Life – Comics ParaCast

2012-10-25 :: Length: 1s
Welcome to the Comics ParaCast! This time we review “Planet Of The Vampire Women: The Chronicles of Jak Vanda” by Darin Wood and Paul Allen. This hilariously entertaining and dynamic comic totally tickled our funny bones. Vampire Women is based on … Continue reading

023 – Geek Life – Games

2012-10-10 :: Length: 1s
Welcome to October!! We are huge fans of Halloween and the whole October month around here… And so we begin our paranormal podcasts with the GamesCast – Rants and Raves! The Geek Life crew each chose a game to rant … Continue reading

022 – Geek Life – Movies

2012-09-26 :: Length: 1s
This week we talk movies! The Spanish movie Rec and its American remake Quarantine have inspired us to talk on the subject of “American Remakes of Foreign Films” or as Winchester calls it… “Movies for people who are too damn … Continue reading

021 – Geek Life – Con Survival & DrunkCast

2012-09-12 :: Length: 1s
Geek Life turns 21! We’re back with another DrunkCast! It felt appropriate to drink on Geek Life’s 21st episode so we did just that. Originally scheduled as zombie survival, we switched it up and did a convention survival podcast. Welcome … Continue reading

020 – Geek Life – Comics

2012-08-29 :: Length: 1s
This week the Geek Life crew finishes off our review roundup from Stockton-Con. It’s always a treat to read self-published comics and our final 2 are real gems. First up we review “Eben07 – Operation 3 Ring Bound” (Issue 1) … Continue reading

019 – Geek Life – Comics

2012-08-15 :: Length: 1s
A few weeks back Joe and JP went to Stockton-Con to recorded some interviews, meet some people and pick up a few awesome self-published comics. This week we start the first of a two part comics podcast where we review … Continue reading

018 – Geek Life – Games

2012-08-01 :: Length: 2s
Games is the subject this time when we discuss the upcoming Ouya console, Review The Walking Dead The Game Ep2 and share impressions of the exciting new indie PC title Slender! This week we welcome back Neuro to the podcast … Continue reading

017 – Geek Life – Movies

2012-07-18 ::
Welcome to the Bleach-Cast! The movies podcast where we watch terrible movies so you don’t have to! We’ve suffered 7 terrible movies and posted our thoughts and warnings about each. Since all movies on the Bleach-Cast are of a “Bleach” … Continue reading

016 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2012-07-04 ::
Celebrate’s launch with the Geek Life crew! This week’s Z-News – Bath Salts and the horror of Miami. We bring back the popular segment “Weapon of the Week”, and talk about how to prepare a loved one for Z-day. … Continue reading

015 – Geek Life – Comics

2012-06-20 :: Length: 1s
Its comic review mayhem this time on Geek Life. We review the comics “Gonzo” by Will Bingley & Anthony Hope-Smith, “The Resistance” by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti & Juan Santacruz, “I…Vampire” by Joshua Hale Fialkov  & Andrea Sorrentino and  finally … Continue reading

014 – Geek Life – Games

2012-06-06 :: Length: 1s
This week we review the little indie gem “Lone Survivor” by SuperFlat Games, a game 4 years in the making developed by 1 man… the incredible Jasper Byrne. Catch up with the PM team and see what we’ve been playing … Continue reading

013 – Geek Life – Movies

2012-05-23 :: Length: 1s
We review Avengers and talk alien invasion movies. Also whats your favorite kind of super hero movie…dark cerebral or popcorn action? We each give our worst to first for the 5 pre-Avengers tie-in movies! Finally you get hooked up with … Continue reading

012 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2012-05-09 :: Length: 1s
The crew from is back to bless us with some more knowledge. This week we premier a new section of the zombie podcast… “The Z-News”! This time on the Z-News we have 3 items for our zombie-savvy listeners. Number … Continue reading

Uggh… Summoning Sickness!

So…. The podcast recording was scheduled for last Sunday, but the entire Panda Manga crew has a new sufficiently geeky obsession… Magic The Gathering! Ha Ha! We were at the pre-release for the new “Avacyn Restored” set at Outer Planes … Continue reading

011 – Geek Life – Comics

2012-04-18 :: Length: 1s
This week we have indie reviews and some crazy games! We review Plume by K. Lynn Smith, a great little indie title that deserves your attention. Our second review is of Love and Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez, … Continue reading

010 – Geek Life – Games

2012-04-04 :: Length: 1s
We resume our drunken mayhem with the second half of the St Paddy’s day podcast! I know I, I know.. its not March anymore, so why March mayhem? Well our last podcast recording was epically long so we broke it … Continue reading

009 – Geek Life – Games

2012-03-21 :: Length: 1s
Come party with the Geek Life crew! We settled down and recorded our games podcast right in the middle of the Panda Manga St. Patrick’s Day party! Come drink, listen and be merry! We review “Journey” by “That Game Company” … Continue reading

008 – Geek Life – Movies

2012-03-07 :: Length: 1s
Back around to movies this week. We welcome Trigster to the Geek Life podcast for the very first time.  Trigster is a recently graduated film student, and Panda Manga’s official movie podcast pro guest. We review Chronicle and deconstruct the … Continue reading

007 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2012-02-22 :: Length: 1s
The PM Podcast welcomes The8thHenry back for the our second Zombie Survival Podcast!  This time we cover “The Best and Worst Outbreak Hideouts”.  Where should you go when the zombies come? Where shouldn’t you go? Listen to find out! We … Continue reading

006 – Geek Life – Comics

2012-02-08 :: Length: 1s
After a brief hiatus the PM podcast is back! This week we come back around to the subject of comics. That’s right everyone, we have officially touched on all 4 proposed subjects since the launch of the PM podcast! This … Continue reading

005 – Geek Life – Games

2012-01-06 :: Length: 2s
This week’s podcast came a little late, sorry guys…But it is here now! Hear the Admin’s review of “Zelda – Skyward Sword”, listen to the gang’s observations about the problems with gaming today and hear which games are doing it … Continue reading

004 – Geek Life – Movies

2011-12-21 :: Length: 1s
Merry Christmas everyone! This year’s Christmas episode is all about movies…mostly! We review “Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows”. PM podcast guests this week are Chaz the our resident Wikipedia expert and Mike our resident pervert. Learn the truth about … Continue reading

003 Geek Life – Zombie Survival

2011-12-14 :: Length: 1s
This week we have The 8th Henry and the Administrator on the show to talk Zombie Survival. Learn how to make a “Bug Out Bag”, hear the final word on Zom-Rom-Com and see Henry’s pick for “Weapon of the Week”. … Continue reading

The Second Coming of the PM Podcast!

2011-12-07 :: Panda Manga Length: 1s
First we have an indie review of “Buffalo Speedway” by Yehudi Mercado.  Then Bruce Wane and Norman Osborn “Face Off” in not so super contests of skill! Enjoy! Music is provided by Airplus Recordings. This week’s song is “Do you … Continue reading

The First Podcast!!

2011-12-04 :: Panda Manga
First podcast here at PM. This episode focuses on games. We rant about one and rave about another. This is real bargain bin stuff here guys, so be ready to dig in at your local gamestop! Music has been provided … Continue reading

The First Podcast Commeth!

We will have up the first podcast shortly! I have been beating my head against the computer trying to get wordpress to do what I want and I think i almost have it. Please be patient, soon…yes soon BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!…

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