Last update: 2007-06-24

#34 - Geek Riot w/ iJustine and Shawn

2007-06-24 :: Length: 59s

#33 - Geek Riot - Guest

2007-05-06 :: Length: 2s
Justin from joins us for some talk about webcams on your head 24/7. Also we have the Tech Evangelist for a spirited discussion or two. This is a long show but worth the price of admission.…

#32 - Geek Riot

2007-04-29 :: Length: 1s

#31 - Geek Riot

2007-04-22 :: Length: 1s

#30 - Geek Riot

2007-04-15 :: Length: 1s

#29 Geek Riot

2007-04-01 :: Length: 1s

#28 - Geek Riot - Justin Kownacki and Jeff Pulver

2007-03-25 :: Length: 1s

#27 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2007-03-18 :: Length: 2s

#26 - Geek Riot - Mike live from SXSW

2007-03-11 :: Length: 1s

#25 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2007-03-04 :: Length: 1s

#24 - Geek Riot

2007-02-25 :: Length: 1s

#23 - Geek Riot - Guest Mike from

2007-02-18 :: Length: 1s
What is groovr you ask. Tune in for the answer.…

#22 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2007-02-11 :: Length: 1s

#21 Geek Riot - Guests Parry Gripp and Nathan Mazur

2007-02-04 :: Length: 2s
We talk to Parry about the early days of nerf herder. We also talk about and do you like waffles short animations by Nathan and Parry. This is a long one, but funny as all get out.…


2007-02-04 ::

#20 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2007-01-28 :: Length: 1s
Guest Brian from Alive in Baghdad. First show of our new co-host Justine Ezarik. Join us live.…

#19 - Geek Riot - Guest Justine Ezarik from Macbreak

2007-01-21 :: Length: 1s
Tonights guest is a rising star in the web geek world. She just placed 2nd in the Yahoo Talent Search and is now a Host on MacBreak Weekly. Join us for some geek chat.…

#18 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2007-01-14 :: Length: 1s

#17 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2007-01-07 :: Length: 1s

#16 - Geek Riot - Guest Alex Lindsay from MacBreak/TWIM

2006-12-17 :: Length: 2s
Alex is the Chief Architect at Pixel Corps. He also hosts MacBreak Weekly and This Week in Media. Show will start directly after Net@Nite.…

EPISODE15 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2006-12-10 :: Length: 1s

EPISODE14 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2006-12-03 :: Length: 1s

EPISODE12 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2006-11-19 :: Length: 1s
More details coming soon.…

EPISODE11 - Geek Riot - Live After Net@Nite

2006-11-12 :: Length: 1s
This Week: WII Versus the world. Interviews from PodCamp Pittsburgh. Open Geek Discussion.…

Lost Episode- High Quality Audio!

2006-11-06 :: Length: 47s
Testing a new setup for high quality local recording.…

EPISODE10 - Geek Riot - Topic: Best Cartoon

2006-11-05 :: Length: 1s
New Time Slot, Same geeky discussions. This weeks open topic: Best Childhood Cartoon, My Vote GI Joe. Call or Chat During the Live Show. Check out GeekRiot Live Every Sunday at 10:00pm Eastern.…

EPISODE9 - Geek Riot Guest Cali Lewis from

2006-10-29 :: Length: 2s
This weeks guest is Cali Lewis from If you have any questions for Cali call in to the show. You won't want to miss this one.…

EPISODE8 - Geek Riot - Guest Mike Park

2006-10-22 :: Length: 1s
This weeks guest: Mike Park, solo musician and founder of Asian Man Records. Also Mike was a member of The Chinkees, Bruce Lee Band and Skankin Pickle to name a few.…

EPISODE7 - Geek Riot - Guests: and

2006-10-08 :: Length: 1s
This show is a must listen for anyone interested in podcasting. We had Madeline Merced and Eric Wyeth from and Craig Syverson from The guests first explained the premise of their video podcasts. Justin Kownacki from also called in to talk about Then we had some very interesting discussions about the future of and status of the industry. We were very lucky to have some very knoweledgable and succesful podcasters join the show. …

EPISODE6 - Geek Riot - Web and Tech Talk

2006-10-01 :: Length: 1s
Open Geek Forum. We will talk about fresh news and technology.…

EPISODE5 - Geek Riot - Web and Tech Talk

2006-09-24 :: Length: 53s
What's news on the web. Geek Entertainment including Movies, Tv, Comics, web.…

EPISODE4 - Geek Riot - ThunderCats Ho!!!

2006-09-17 :: Length: 1s
Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats...Ho!!! We talk news, rumors of a Thundercats WB series and Microsoft's new Adobe Killer Applications.…

EPISODE3 - Geek Riot - Who loves the Mac?

2006-09-10 :: Length: 1s
Live chat about all things geek. Listener's steer the ship this weekend. I will have some topics, but look forward to a fun exchange if info and ideas.…

EPISODE2 - Geek Riot - Interview with Justin from STBD

2006-09-03 :: Length: 1s
Jock 2.0, is the geek the next jock... have we taken technology snobbery too far? Also is web content more original than tv? On the next Geek Riot. Join the Geekery, call in live.…

EPISODE1 - Geek Riot - What is Web 2.0?

2006-08-27 :: Length: 1s
Open discussion of new web design and development techniques. We will discuss Web2.0, Ajax via Atlas, and What sites are Hot or Not.…

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