Last update: 2007-03-01

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 7

2007-03-01 :: Media Support Group
Today is a sea day as we head back to Tampa. Even though it is the last day, it is packed full of activities. As a special treat, we are going to be given a tour of the ship's bridge by the captain, Albert Schoonderbeek.…

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 6

2007-02-15 :: Media Support Group
Day 6 finds us in the tropical paradise of Costa Maya, Mexico located between Cancun and Belize. Join us as we go ashore and look around. Later we will talk to GeekCruise presenters Rob Griffiths and Randal Schwartz and join the On Deck For The Cure, 5K walk.…

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 5

2007-01-25 :: Media Support Group
Join us as we explore Mayan ruins in Guatemala and gain insights from MacMania presenters, Andy Ihnatko and Sal Soghoian. We will also talk to the MS Veendam’s Enviromental Officer about Holland America’s commitment to protecting our oceans.…

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 4

2006-12-10 :: Media Support Group
Join us as we discover “Cave Tubing” and explore a rainforest in Belize.We will also talk to Ted Landau about solving “permission issues” in OS X as well as get a couple of Mac “gems” from Leo Laporte.…

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 3

2006-11-23 :: Media Support Group
Join us for a day of fresh salt air as we sail toward Belize.Today we will talk to Janet Hill about iPhoto and later grab a few “Mac Gems”, favorite applications of the presenters.We will also talk to the executive chef of the Veendam about the challenges of feeding a small city and searching for piranha in the amazon.…

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 2

2006-11-13 :: Media Support Group
What do Jimmy Buffet, Earnest Hemingway and six-toed cats have in common? They all have lived in Key West.Join us as we tour the southernmost part of the United States and later as we interview geek guru Leo Laporte as he talks about the advantages and future of podcasting.…

MacMania V GeekCruise - Day 1

2006-11-07 :: Media Support Group
After much anticipation we set sail from Tampa under clear skies and a gentle salt breeze for a week of adventure, relaxation, and education.Join us on our first day as we meet new friends and find out what makes a Geekcruise so unique.…

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MacMania V GeekCruise... Join Media Support Group for a daily video podcast of a week long Geekcruise to the western Caribbean aboard Holland America Line. GeekCruises is a unique concept that combines an educational conference with the adventure, entertainment, and relaxation of a cruise.Our daily video podcast of MacMania V will feature exciting shore excursions to Key West, Belize, Santa Thomas, and Costa Maya. In addition, we will talk to the ship’s captain and other officers as well as getting information from some of the best Mac experts in the field.