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Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000023

2013-03-12 :: Geekopolis Length: 54s
The Beef Diva rears his ugly head and the Five Star Panel weighs in... at about 5000 lbs.…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 2012 Review

2013-02-06 :: Geekopolis Length: 1s
We review the year that happen for nerds and geeks and just fucking bitch like normal... its all we got.…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000022

2013-02-06 :: Geekopolis Length: 50s
The epic review of the Hobbit... 2 months too late. We needed to see the movie at least 17 times before reviewing the movie. Also Django.…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000021

2012-12-06 :: Geekopolis Length: 47s
We finally have enough willpower to discuss the Star Wars developments...…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # Airdors Castle Special

2012-10-17 :: Geekopolis Length: 1s
Jip Jop, Airdor and Jim Jams riff on video games for a bit while Tron is off powdering his nose... enjoy!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000020

2012-10-04 :: Geekopolis Length: 52s
Joe Kubert is dead. Sorry. We talk about stuff.…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000019

2012-08-14 :: Geekopolis Length: 48s
We review Batman and Spider-man, better late than never right?... right?…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000017

2012-06-12 :: Geekopolis Length: 36s
We are back to normal doing our damn thing making magic sauce. Enjoy the glitz!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 0000BATHSALTS

2012-06-12 :: Geekopolis Length: 10s
Zom....bies.... we discuss .... brains…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 0000AVENGERS-VIEWS

2012-06-12 :: Geekopolis Length: 23s
We did some interviews before Avengers... listen to the debacle now!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 0000AVENGERS

2012-05-11 :: Geekopolis Length: 39s
Finally we get to watch the movie Avengers, listen and find out just how much we either loved or hated it...…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000015

2012-05-07 :: Geekopolis Length: 40s
A prequel to Avengers, recorded several weeks ago, Avengers review coming real real real soon. In this episode we review Wrath of the Titans, discuss Middle-aged Ninja Alien similar to Amphibians...…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000014

2012-04-12 :: Geekopolis Length: 40s
We continue our return to greatness. Better late than never, like a period or diarrhea.…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000013

2012-04-04 :: Geekopolis
We are back in the game. After 20,000 years in time and space we return to ridicule and demean. …

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 0000X – Creation Museum

2011-11-01 :: Geekopolis Length: 45s
Tron + Jip Jop + God = Balla Threesome…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000011

2011-10-16 :: Geekopolis Length: 48s
We waste your time, again. You are welcome...…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000010

2011-08-22 :: Geekopolis Length: 44s
Snarf butthole party!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000009

2011-07-11 :: Geekopolis Length: 50s
Transformers 3 gets a lengthy review from JP and I complain the whole time... SURPRISE!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000008

2011-06-21 :: Geekopolis Length: 50s
All killer, no filler. We review Green Lantern, Super 8 and X-men First Class... then we discuss the elephant in the room, the new DC shakeup! Also dicks.…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000007

2011-05-24 :: Geekopolis Length: 54s
What do Atari, Randy Macho Man Savage and butt mice have in common? Find out now in the latest episode of Geekopolis!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000006

2011-05-12 :: Geekopolis Length: 58s
Thor Reviews!!! How does god choose who gets the biggest dick? Find out now! …

Geekopolis :: Drunk Comic History :: Episode # 000001

2011-04-17 :: Geekopolis Length: 11s
We got JP drunk as fuck and recorded his ramblings about the history of a comic franchise. This episode features Green Lantern. We straight ripped off Funny or Die’s idea for this one…sue us! Listen to Drunk Comic History episode 1 now! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ITUNES FEED! Like us on Facebook!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000005

2011-04-11 :: Geekopolis Length: 1s
We examine the hard hitting issues in this episode. The energy crisis, healthcare, how much feces Minnie Driver can have inside of her at any given moment. You know, the important stuff! Listen to the fifth episode now! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ITUNES FEED!…

Geekopolis Podcast Episode # 000004

2011-03-28 :: Geekopolis Length: 49s
This episode is fucking amazing. Pure unbridled legitness. Listen in, especially for the new segment Airdor's Castle! This is our fourth episode, our New Hope... NO PRESSURE!…

geekopolis :: episode #-00000003

2011-03-14 Length: 47m 8s
Episode 3 of the biggest waste of time in history. We are talking bridge to nowhere level of shit here.…

geekopolis :: episode #-00000002

2011-02-27 Length: 42m 4s
Who in the JLA has the biggest dick? Find out now!…

geekopolis :: episode #-00000001.1 Quick Overview

A brief description of what to expect from this "Podcast" ... err...little diddy? - PEEP IT YO!…

geekopolis :: episode #-00000001

2011-02-15 Length: 43m 5s
Geekopolis is a podcast for nerds, geeks and pop culture enthusiasts.…

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