Last update: 2015-03-30

Episode 105 - Mark Millar Licks Goats

2015-03-30 Length: 25s

The 'Spotters continue to discuss their hiatus including James' new hobby of being lost in the world of tabletop gaming.

Episode 104 - Mighty Morphin Middle Management

2015-03-23 Length: 34s

Geekspotting is back with less changes. James has returned from paternity leave and Rachel is once again in the Windy City....for good. So obviously with everything new in life the 'Spotters critique the Power Rangers fashion choices.

Episode 103 - Too Many Negatives

2014-12-25 Length: 33s

Merry Christmas from Geekspotting. The 'Spotters discuss the phenomenon of unconventional Christmas Movies and watching other films for specific events

Episode 102 - Resolution Doesn't Work Like That

2014-12-16 Length: 39s

The 'Spotters discuss the acts that you can get away with in the movie universe that doesn't really work in real life.

Episode 101 - What's a Rotary Dial?

2014-12-08 Length: 43s

The 'Spotters discuss uncanceling shows, rallying support, and the internet's involvement.

Episode 100 - Spider-man with a 401k

2014-11-17 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters discuss rage quitting, the evolution of pop cultrure, and the inevitability of becoming an old curmudgeon.

Episode 99 - I Call Shenanigans

2014-11-10 Length: 47s

The 'Spotters discuss what completely takes them out of a movie. Some shenanigans will be called throughout.

Episode 98 - Death of a TV Show

2014-10-28 Length: 48s

The 'Spotters discuss their preferred ways of dying and the death of TV shows a.k.a. series finales. The good, the bad, and the cut before it's prime.

Episode 97 - The Gospel According to Geekspotting

2014-10-20 Length: 53s

Once again Live at Alleycat Comics the 'Spotters discuss the new Ghostbusters news, All-Ecompassing Universes and a whole lot of reboot talk.

Ghostbusted Review

2014-10-17 Length: 13s

Our friends over at E.D.G.E. Theater are at it again. The 'Spotters saw the show "Ghostbusted - A Satirical Tribute" and here is what they thought. With only this weekend and next week left make sure to see it before it disappears. Who you gonna call?

Episode 96 - Superhero Tech Support

2014-10-14 Length: 42s

Live from Alleycat Comics, the 'Spotters discuss the new superhero shows so far this Fall. From Gotham to Flash and really nothing more in between.

Episode 95 - Archers: The Hipsters of Superheroes

2014-09-29 Length: 32s

This week the 'Spotters discuss superheroes who they just can't get behind. The most ridiculous mainstream titles that they can't understand have a following. Obviously archers are at the top of the least. Take that Green Arrow.

Episode 94 - The Booster Gold of Podcasts

2014-09-22 Length: 36s

The 'Spotters discuss a new Silent Hill game with a crew of nerdy all-stars, the origins of the Hulk, and how Stan Lee knows nothing about science. Now....with MAGNETS!!!!!

Episode 93 - Tiny Deadpool Raccoon

2014-09-15 Length: 38s

The 'Spotters discuss a stolen Batmobile, "Guardians of the Galaxy" box offic results, and a bit of a Hannibal rant.

Episode 92 - A Cantankerous, Old Doctor

2014-09-11 Length: 33s

The 'Spotters discuss the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, the start of the new Doctor Who, and the sultry Spider-Woman variant cover.

Summer Spoiler Series - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

2014-09-02 Length: 20s

Ruben and Rachel watched the last comic book movie of the summer. After a 9 year wait, we get the long awaited sequel to Sin City. But has too much time passed?

Episode 91 - Tim Mxyzptlk

2014-08-27 Length: 43s

The 'Spotters discuss mispronouncing comic creaters, characters and titles. And take a moment to dig into George's hatred of the major Marvel event Civil War. Spoiler Alert on a comic series from 2006.

Summer Spoilers Series - Guardians of the Galaxy

2014-08-05 Length: 59s

The 'Spotters review Guardians of the Galaxy, explain some of the backstory from the comics, easter eggs within the movie, and the connections with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Episode 90 - Black Cap and Lady Thor

2014-08-03 Length: 50s


The 'Spotters discuss the movies that are most influential to them, Marvel getting Star Wars Comics back, Captain America becoming black and Thor becoming a Lady.

Meanwhile… - July 2014

2014-08-03 Length: 32s

In this month's Meanwhile... Henry tells us updates on Archie's Death, Superman Doomed, Future's End, Robin Rises, Uncanny X-men and Original Sin with tie ins.

Episode 89 - Godzilla 2: Electric Boogaloo

2014-07-28 Length: 52s

The 'Spotters discuss the big news coming out of San Diego Comic Con this year. Stories include DC/Marvel line ups, Legendary being the new Toho Studios, Comixology shake ups and an Evil Dead TV Series.

Episode 88 - What to Expect When You're Nerdily Expecting

2014-07-19 Length: 58s

The 'Spotters discuss proper ingest order of source material vs. adaptation and what James should expect being a future nerdy father.

Episode 87 - Mullet-kith the Accursed

2014-07-15 Length: 45s

The 'Spotters discuss the MPAA ratings system, Sherlock rumors, Doctor Who news, American Gods updates and another Predator sequel.

Meanwhile… - June 2014

2014-07-12 Length: 23s

Alleycat Comics' Henry Barrett catches us up on the events of interest from June's comics. This includes "Original Sin" (and "Original Sin" sidestories), the aftermath of "Forever Evil", and "Robin Rises."

Episode 86 - The Net is Dark and Full of Spoilers

2014-07-07 Length: 42s

The 'Spotters discuss NES booting rituals, Better Call Saul, TV shows ripping off Comic Books, and very likely Batman v Superman villians.

Episode 85 - Mr. Purple Prune-chin

2014-07-02 Length: 46s

The 'Spotters discuss saying characters' names multiple times, Cap 2's One-shot, the future of Home Video, Thanos casting, and another round of hilarious movie translations.

Episode 84 - Yay Sports!!

2014-06-19 Length: 1s

Rachel is back on home turf to discuss the representation of Chicago in Pop Culture, Nerdologues with Chicago Loot Drop, Han Solo injured, Ant-man Director update and new Daredevil casting.

Meanwhile… - May 2014

2014-06-07 Length: 20s

Geekspotting brings you a brand new series of mini-episodes in the form of "Meanwhile..." Featuring Henry of Alleycat Comics to keep you up to date with what has happened of note in comics in the last month. Think of it as the "Soap Opera Digest" for comic books. SPOILER ALERT!! This moth we talk about the end of "Forever Evil" and the beginning of "Original Sin" amongst others.

Episode 83 - My Power is a Popped Collar

2014-06-04 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters discuss Batfleck's look, a Django Unchained Mini-Series, studying Bit Torrent trends, a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers reboot movie, and they try to calm the internet.

Summer Spoiler Series - X-men: Days of Future Past

2014-06-01 Length: 36s

The 'Spotters watched X-men: Days of Future Past in the present!!! We cover all tenses in this Spoiler-full episode.

Episode 82 - If It Ain't Wright It Ain't Right

2014-05-28 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters discuss the Fall 2014 TV scheduling, Edgar Wright leaving Ant-man and true, but misleading movie plots.

Summer Spoiler Series - Godzilla (2014)

2014-05-27 Length: 42s

SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! The 'Spotters watched Godzilla - The King of All Monsters, the savior of humanity, and the squasher of buildings. Watch out!!!! Godzillla!

Summer Spoiler Series - Amazing Spider-man 2

2014-05-07 Length: 23s

Rhinos, Goblins, and Electro. Oh my! James and Meghan went and saw The Amazing Spider-man 2 and here's what they thought. WARNING!!!! CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!

Episode 81 - Ol' Fishbowl Head

2014-05-05 Length: 1s

It's a big topic week at Geekspotting. The 'Spotters discuss big news in Star Wars, DC movies, Spider-man and Comixology.

Episode 80 - 'Spotting at C2E2

2014-04-30 Length: 52s

Ruben, James, and past guests go to C2E2 and report back with Opening Shots, panel reviews, thoughts on this year's con and an interview with Ben Templesmith about his upcoming book "Squidder."

Episode 79 - Sweet Zombie Jesus

2014-04-20 Length: 1s

Special guests Jared and Clint from Alcoholywood join the 'Spotters to discuss their podcast, the new Game of Thrones beer, Mrs. Doubtfire 2, Chinese translated movie titles and the new game that is sweeping the nation, Foreign or Indie.

Episode 78 - Hey! I'm Speculatin' Here!

2014-04-13 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters discuss the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother," Colbert taking over the Tonight Show, TV shows based on movies, and hilarious Japanese translations of American films.

Geekspotting Summer Spoiler Series - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2014-04-08 Length: 46s

Spoiler Alert! Geekspotting's impressions, thoughts, theories on one of the best Marvel movies thus far, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Into the E.D.G.E. of the Woods

2014-04-07 Length: 21s

Geekspotting watched E.D.G.E. theater's production of "Into the Woods" and you should two. Meghan and James review this production and discuss the upcoming movie at the end of the year.

Episode 77 - Superman, Momma's Boy

2014-04-06 Length: 50s

Discussion topic this week include how long superheroes take to change into their costumes, "The Grudge" reboot, the new TMNT trailer, Power Rangers, and Adam West's changing pole.

Episode 76 - Snitches Give Stitches

2014-03-31 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters are joined by Kitten McCreery and Pete Navis from the show "Bat-Hamlet." Discussion topics include "Bat-Hamlet" (of course), a spoiler-free review of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," Facebook purchasing Oculus, Joss Whedon apologizing to South Korea, an update on the "Powers" TV show, the frozen head of Walt Disney, Phantasm 5, and six seasons and a movie. #notgeorge

Episode 75 - Why Hulk Smash?

2014-03-23 Length: 56s

Chicago Loot Drop's Mike Chuck Bretzlaff stops by Geekspotting to discuss 1 hour talk shows based on 1 hour fictional shows, the possibilities of a Lady Dr. Doom, the Secret Origins of Transformers, and the ramifications of Reboot. Guest hosts - Shelby Peterson (Retcon Punch) and Mike Richko.

Mighty Marvel Movie Theories

2014-03-22 Length: 45s

In preparation for Captain America: The Winter Soldies & the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. both approaching Geekspotting presents Mighty Marvel Movie Theories. Joined by Marvel Movie Geek, Mike Richko, the 'Spotters dicuss outlandish theories and possibilities for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spoilers ahead. Excelsior!

Episode 74 - Olive Oyl: Drama Queen

2014-03-16 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters are joined by Alleycat Comics and Editor of Retcon Punch Shelby Peterson. They discuss Superhero Band names, the future of piracy streaming, Marvel and DC movies going head to head, a possible new Star Wars title, Arkham Knight, and how to die from laughter.

Episode 73 - The Swiss Army Knife of Pets

2014-03-09 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters and Alleycat Comics discuss the ramifications of the Marvel One Shot "All Hail the King" (major spoilers), the return of the TV show "Heroes," Marty McFly in a refrigerator, and the science behind musicals.

Episode 72 - Smaug the Desolator

2014-03-02 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters are joined by Alleycat Comics to discuss the future of Ghostbusters III, a new Matrix trilogy, the Grand Budapest Hotel animated, Bitcoins, and Stan Lee.

Episode 71 - Bit By a Radioactive Rock

2014-02-23 Length: 1s

Geekspotting NOW! .1 with Foil Variant. Alleycat Comics has now partnered up with Geekspotting to become more powerful than before! Nick Idell and George Munoz join the 'Spotters to discuss Fan Communites, the real creation of power laces, Twitch Plays Pokemon, and Fantastic Four casting.

Episode 70 - Goofy is the Toxic Avenger

2014-02-17 Length: 52s

This week the 'Spotters discuss the new look of the TMNT, updates on the Preacher and American Gods TV shows, the composer of Resident evil and paying way too much on a video game.

Episode 69 - Superman Just Got Handsomer

2014-02-09 Length: 1s

Ruben, Rachel, and James discuss Women in Pop Culture, how everyone reacts to DC and Marvel movie casting, and a new trend in video games.

Episode 68 - Smoking That Whedon

2014-01-26 Length: 1s

This episode is twice the guest in the same nerdy package. James interviews Maren Rosenberg about "Trapped in a Room with a Zombie." Mike Richko then joins the 'Spotters in the studio to discuss big news about Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight," Stan Lee cameos, and a whole bunch of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Episode 67 - Mikey Dougy and the Young Pyms

2014-01-20 Length: 52s

The 'Spotters talk about The Simpsons streaming, more Ant-Man news, Doc Strange rumors, Back to the Future origins and blue meth in real life.

Episode 66 - Thor 2: The Snuggle World

2014-01-12 Length: 1s

Our Fair City's Clayton Faits, David Rheinstrom, and Ryan Bond stop by to discuss their post-apocalyptic sci-fi radio epic, Netflix adding commentary, Superman's original powers, and Blade Runner predicting the future.

Geekspotting Ep. 65 - Pufferfish, Pufferfish, Pass

2014-01-05 Length: 56s

Special Guest Ryan Bond joins the ‘Spotters to discuss many local nerdy events, Pokemon Bank crashing to the ground, our first look at Guardians of the Galaxy, The Rock in Man of Steel 2, the world’s largest video game collection and dolphins getting high.

Geekspotting Ep. 64 - 2013 A Year In Review

2014-01-01 Length: 1s
Happy New Year. Geekspotting looks back at 2013 to discuss Box Office Bombs, Geekspotting's Favorite Things, pop culture trends of the year, and a look forward to what 2014 holds for us.

Geekspotting Ep. 63 - We're All Going A Bit Mad

2013-12-23 Length: 51s

Merry Christmas from Geekspotting. The 'Spotters discuss cheating on your significant other....with Netflix, a whole lot of reboot talk, and a few new segments

Geekspotting Ep. 62 - The Sinister Sticks

2013-12-16 Length: 52s

Special guest Kelby Tippin talks with the 'Spotters about the Godzilla teaser, cookie iPhones, nobody being able to correctly enunciate a title, the introduction of a couple of new segments and two words, Robo Sperm!

Geekspotting Ep. 61 - Cocaine Fairy

2013-12-08 Length: 48s

This week the 'Spotters discuss a talk show on the PS4, Wonder Woman casting news, dusting a bit of cocaine, chopping air, blue dongs, Canadian Avengers, traces of herpes, New York City being overrun with superheroes, and the perks of being dosed with toxic waste.

Geekspotting - MacSith Minisode

2013-12-05 Length: 24s

Bonus episode! James and Ruben saw MacSith and they wanted you to know what they thought. To double the fun of this episode James also sat down with the director of MacSith, Orion Couling.

Geekspotting Ep. 60 - Nerdsgiving

2013-12-01 Length: 52s

MacSith's own Jack Sharkey and Lisa Tosti join the 'Spotters to discuss a real life Multipass, possible Superman vs. Batman titles, our Sinister Six theories, Superman's identity and a interesting way to get rid of leftovers.

Geekspotting Ep. 59 - Geekspotting: After Dark Hours

2013-11-24 Length: 1s

Terrance Bouldin-Johnson joins the 'Spotters in the studio for a very sexy episode. We discuss a "Ghost" TV show, chastity belts, Thor 3 rumors, Crank Run, Domestic Violence Hulk, non-mammal creatures having breasts, and how Ruben doesn't want to be Robocop.

Geekspotting Ep. 58 - Jurassic Parks and Rec

2013-11-17 Length: 56s

Guest Jason Coffman stops by to discuss Batkid in San Francisco, Tim Burton anger, new Marvel shows coming to Netflix, the Canadian Sorceror Supreme, and how Sentinels are the Kia of robots.

Geekspotting - Ep. 57 - A Toupee for Your Lip

2013-11-11 Length: 46s

Meghan Thompson sits down with the 'Spotters to discuss dirty Nintendo apps, renting cats, South Park missing deadlines, a real Game of Bones, Indiana Jones 5, and mustache implants.

Geekspotting - Ep. 56 - Cooking With Smurfs

2013-11-04 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters discuss Anchorman's ice cream, Sherlock Season 3, Spider-man rumors, a Murder She Wrote reboot, and most importantly how to cook a Smurf.

Geekspotting Ep. 55 - Heckraiser: Raising Heck

2013-10-27 Length: 59s

Special Guest Mike Chuck Bretzlaff from Chicago Loot Drop join the 'Spotters to discuss the upcoming fundraiser "Tokens and Tankards," everything Halloween, a big shake up in Star Wars news, a Hellraiser remake, and real life Killer Clowns. 

Geekspotting Ep. 54 - Warning! Incoming Game!

2013-10-20 Length: 57s

The 'Spotters are joined once again by Phantasm's Jay Yachetta to discuss a game-themed episode about PS4 preorder schemes, Steam Box info, a reboot of "Reboot", and what could a person stick their genitalia into.

Geekspotting Ep. 53 - Batman Wins!

2013-10-14 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters are joined by Michael Sullivan to discuss NYCC, lost "Doctor Who" episode found, a "Breaking Bad" opera, a new "Star Trek" TV rumor, and zombie porn.

Geekspotting Ep. 52 - Ultron Can't Climb Stairs

2013-10-07 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters discuss Week 3 of Pilot Season, Pacific Rim's box office impact, a "Fargo" mini-series, why we haven't seen hide nor hair of the "Runaways" movie, will we see Wookies in the Star Wars, and a Unified Dream Theory.

Geekspotting Ep. 51 - National Lightsaber Association

2013-09-29 Length: 57s

James, Ruben, and Rachel discuss this week's new TV pilots, upcoming shows "Gotham" and "Hellblazer," pushing back "The Wolf of Wall Street," our beef with DLC, the legitimacy of Xenomorphs vs. Replicants, and a Pacific Rim Geek Guess.

Geekspotting Ep. 50 - A Young Sexy Kermit

2013-09-24 Length: 45s

James and Meghan discuss Week 1 of this season's new pilots, a possible Walking Dead spinoff, a whole mess of casting news, mechanical bug legs, and a sexy, young Yoda.

Geekspotting Ep. 49 - Dweeb Darlings

2013-09-15 Length: 1s

Dweeb Darlings, Megan Green and Heidi Cox, join the discussions of the new nerdy fall TV shows, being attracted to robots, the hardest working man in show business, more Benedict Cumberbatch rumors, the science of anti-gravity, and most importantly their new web series "Stalking LeVar."

Geekspotting Ep. 48 - Second Breakfast in My Beard

2013-09-08 Length: 1s

David Zoltan of the upcoming Geek Bar Chicago stops by the studio to fill us on his dream of being the central point for geeks in Chicago. Discussion topics include saying farewell to Futurama, the voice of Ultron, the future site of Metropolis, Katee Sackhoff superhero rumors, something for the die hard Moreau-heads, and internet addiction. Alleycat Comics' Nick Idell guest-hosts.

Geekspotting Ep. 47 - Obi-Wan Ghost-Nobi

2013-09-01 Length: 53s

Special guest Marco Oviedo joins the 'Spotters to discuss Netflix-style Lego renting, great actors worst last films, Google Glass' rumored price, Lex Luthor dream casting, and a Back To The Future Geek Guess.

Geekspotting Ep. 46 - Enter The Goon Guy

2013-08-25 Length: 56s

Featuring very special guest and creator of the award winning comic book series "The Goon," Eric Powell. The 'Spotters discuss a Twilighted Lobo design, The Shining cereal, Batfleck, Rocket Racoon casting, a hangoverless beer, a real life Biff Tannen, and theories about elastic Simpsons geography.

Geekspotting Ep. 45 - Tried to Smoke my Burrito

2013-08-18 Length: 1s

Featuring Guest Geek Brian Wiebe. The 'Spotters discuss the new Doctor Who, a Geek Bar in Chicago, Simon Pegg as Ant-Man, and a whole bunch of food talk.

Geekspotting Ep. 44 - A Touch More Saget

2013-08-11 Length: 1s

Stand Up Stand Up's James Webb and Keith Paesel join the 'Spotters to discuss Time Warner dropping CBS, Rob Lowe leaving Parks and Rec, Neil Gaiman's video game, and a penis powered video game.

Geekspotting Ep. 43 - Jacked-Up Palms & Doughnut Heads

2013-08-04 Length: 1s

Special guest Terrance Bouldin-Johnson joins the 'Spotters to discuss misspent Kickstarter funds, Xbox Ones being left on for a decade, celebrities disguised in public, the Superman/Batman movie, Sharknado and cosmetic hand surgery.

Geekspotting Ep. 42 - Megatron has a Napoleon Complex

2013-07-28 Length: 1s

AlleyCat Comic's own George Munoz joins the 'Spotters once for more with conversation about a dragon skull showing up on a beach, Jesse & the Rippers' reunion, a Calvin and Hobbes documentary, finding out the real names of well known characters, and finding out how the conservation of mass affects the Transformers.

Geekspotting Ep. 41 - Eagles and Seagulls

2013-07-22 Length: 1s

This week we recorded live with Alleycat Comics' own George Munoz from the store itself. The 'Spotters discuss the Emmy nominations, Superman's blood lust, Family Guy traveling to Springfield, an X-Force movie, possible Sharknado titles, a urinal that analyzes your pee, and serious quesitons about living in holodecks. 

Geekspotting Summer Spoiler Series - Pacific Rim

2013-07-15 Length: 21s

James, Ruben, and Meghan saw "Pacific Rim," the best movie of the summer (according to us and not the rest of America.....yet). If you also decided to treat yourself to a majestic mecha mashing monster movie then go ahead and listen. WARNING SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't shame on you and go watch it immediately.

Geekspotting Ep. 40 - Pixelated Boners

2013-07-14 Length: 1s

Special Guest Timmy Tamisiea join James, Rachel, and Meghan to discuss porno in Little Big Planet, digital detoxing, movies doubling up, Hellboy 3, Deadpool game review and what Stan Lee smells like. 

Geekspotting Ep. 39 - A Lot of Butthole Scraping

2013-07-07 Length: 47s

Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman, editors of the all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds, join James, Rachel, and Meghan to discuss comics based on 80's TV show, a spin off show of Saul Goodman, and the logistics of using three seashells in Demolition Man. Yeah, you read that correctly. It may get a bit weird.

Geekspotting Ep. 38 - Name Your Kid Blanket... or Bookshelf

2013-06-29 Length: 1s

James, Ruben, and Rachel are joined by return guest Meghan Thompson to discuss the Homer car in real life, naming kids strange names, a Sci-Fi Currency Converter, Vin Diesel's Marvel Movie role, American Gods, Into the Woods casting, and Sharknados.

Geekspotting Ep. 37 - Spinning Fireworks Turtle

2013-06-23 Length: 1s

With special guest actor/playwright Christopher M. Walsh the 'Spotters discuss the new changes in the Xbox One, Man of Steel's destruction, some Mary Jane hate, Star Wars 7 casting call, a creepy Science Corner, and an in-depth discussion about the reproduction habits of Pixar's Cars.

Geekspotting Summer Spoiler Series - Man of Steel

2013-06-18 Length: 22s

Spoiler Alert! Here is the second episode in Geekspotting's Summer Spoiler Series! James, Ruben, and Rachel saw "Man of Steel" and recorded this immediately after to get the freshest opinion possible. Feel free to listen if you've seen the movie or you are a fan of having movies ruined for you. Enjoy!

Geekspotting Ep. 36 - PokeTron

2013-06-14 Length: 1s

Casey Chapman returns to Geekspotting for a full episode with Rachel and James. Discussion topics include Wizard of Oz in 3d, shortening movie trailers, Google Glass porn, live action Archie, Jason Vorhees in the snow, bird genitalia, and a new segment called "Trivia Time."

Geekspotting Ep. 35 - Mogwais with Wicked Indigestion

2013-06-09 Length: 1s

The 'Spotters are joined by's Neil Clingerman as they discuss the new season of "Arrested Development," Springfield coming to life, a sexy Science Corner, and a mogwai (not the band) Geek Guess.

Geekspotting Ep. 34 - The Rock Starring as Nicholas Cage

2013-06-02 Length: 57s

Lady Lemondrop returns to the studio to discuss the finale of Doctor Who, Zombieland being hated out of existance, post apocalyptic dinosaur movies, Superhero racism, nudity, violence, corruption and Rachel pitches a Killer Klowns TV pilot.

Geekspotting Ep. 33 - Them's Fighting Word's, Rachel

2013-05-26 Length: 1s

James, Ruben, and Rachel are joined this week by special guest Eli Weatherby. The 'Spotters discuss the Xbox One being announced, Arrested Development Day, a live action "Angry Birds" movie, Quicksilver news, a Timecop remake, and Rachel making enemies left and right using only her opinions.

Geekspotting Summer Spoiler Series - Star Trek Into Darkness

2013-05-20 Length: 18s

SPOILER ALERT!!!! James and Ruben discuss their opinions on the film "Star Trek Into Darkness." This series of mini episodes will give the hosts a chance to discuss in detail and without worry of spoiling a movie before you the listener get a chance to see it. But if you're just as vigilant a nerd as our entrepid hosts then listen away. Did I mention this episode contains spoilers?

Geekspotting Ep. 32 - Game of Bones

2013-05-19 Length: 1s

"Tomefoolery" co-host Cody Melcher returns to sit down with Rachel and James to discuss Edgar Wright's contribution to "Star Trek", early word on Google Glass, Big Hero 6 gets animated and the introduction of a new segment called "No Duh News."

Geekspotting Ep. 31 - The Great Catsby

2013-05-12 Length: 1s

James and James are joined by co-host of "Tomefoolery" Cody Melcher. The trio discuss the release of "The Great Gatsby," loving, but irate views on "Iron Man 3," the marketing campaign for "This is the End," a "Doc Savage" movie, TMNT movie news, and opinions on the current state of "Doctor Who."

Geekspotting Ep. 30 - Geekspotting:The Musical

2013-05-05 Length: 1s

Warning: portions of the episode may contain singing as James, Ruben, and Rachel discuss the possible cancellation of Futurama, Xbox's new technology called Illumiroom, Daredevil movie rights, more calamity on "Jane's Got a Gun," "Annie" remake news, a Rocky musical, and some Fantastic 4 reboot rumors. 

Geekspotting Ep. 29 - C2E2 Spectacular

2013-04-29 Length: 37s

This weekend James, Meghan, and Ruben interview booth owners, cosplayers, and special guests at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) at Chicago's McCormick Place. Along with interviews and meeting friends old and new, they try to answer a few of the Geek Guesses that have been on past episodes. Big thanks to John Layman, Rob Guillory, Scott Allie, Michael Bianco of Inkfusion, Stand Up Stand Up, and of course friend of the show Nick Idell of Alleycat Comics and 44Flood.

Geekspotting Ep. 28 - Muppet Street Fights

2013-04-22 Length: 55s

James and Rachel are joined this week by "Sad Hulk" co-creator John Park. The group discusses soup expiration dates, the bottled essence of Robert Downey Jr., illegal cosplay, Jamie Foxx set pictures, Tag Brothers news, Heroes returns, Crow remake, and the 'Spotters try to answer the question "How does the Doctor read data from his sonic screwdriver?"

Geekspotting Ep. 27 - F&@% You Giant Chicken

2013-04-14 Length: 55s

In this week's episode the Ruben, Rachel and James discuss a "Star Wars" comic based on the original screenplay, the Wonder Woman porn parody costume, a new "Jurassic Park" movie dinosaur, an "Inhumans" movie, Clint Eastwood taking over "Jersey Boys" and a "Pete's Dragon" remake.

Geekspotting Ep. 26 - Captain 'Murica & Torch Boy

2013-04-08 Length: 57s

The 'Spotters are joined this week by "Organ Trail" developer Ryan Wiemeyer from "The Men Who Wear Many Hats." Topics this episode include Lucas Arts closing down, April Fools' Day Jokes, Ninja Turtles and Captain America 2 casting, Fantastic Four rumors and National Talk Like Batman Day. 

Geekspotting Ep. 25 - Dynamite with a Laser Beam

2013-03-31 Length: 1s

James travels to Philadelphia to join special guest and Geekspotting band "Phantasm" made up of Steven Rosplock, Aaron White, and Jay Yachetta. They discuss an "Arrested Development" documentary, a spat between Ennio Morricone and Quentin Tarantino, a "Goosebumps" movie, Freddie Mercury biopic, and an Annie Remake. Also, we discover that Stanley Tucci is James' celebrity doppleganger apparently.

Geekspotting Ep. 24 - A Bunch of White Men Being Killed

2013-03-23 Length: 1s

In this week's episode special guest Timmy Tamisiea joins the 'Spotters as they discuss a new deal between Netflix and Warner Bros., the future of hand drawn animation, Django Unchained in China, 'Murica porn, Evil Dead remake news, and some of Roger Ebert's harshest quotes.

Geekspotting Ep. 23 - Ruben Dresses Up As Scully

2013-03-18 Length: 56s

Nick Idell returns with Ruben, Rachel, and James to discuss 44 Flood's new book "Tome," Comixology's servers crashing, Marvel Unlimited on iOS, the possible birth of Kickstarter movies, a new Ronald D. Moore TV show, a Jurassic Park IV rumor, British Batman, and we all want an "Apple Dumpling Gang" remake.

Geekspotting Ep. 22 - Mr. Fantastic, Tailor to the Marvel Universe

2013-03-10 Length: 50s

Ruben, James, and Meghan are joined this week by Adam Hoak. Topics include a new Batman Arkham game, the Shailene Woodley controversary for Amazing Spider-man 2, a Mummy remake, Gary Oldman casting news, Anchorman 2 updates, Universal's movie releases, and a Star Wars without John Williams?

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