Last update: 2011-05-06

May- 2012 special edition

2011-05-06 :: Mell Paul
This month two part interview with Geoff Stray about 2012 theories. Information about mystical MAy from John Edgar courtesy of Mystical World Wide Web. Music from low and fields of Ypres…

March 2011

2011-03-05 :: Mell Paul
Interviews with Crop Circle researcher Gary King, Sonny from the band Celtech, information about and also extra music from Jack Flash. As well as usual items from John Edgar…

Glastonbury Podcasting Feb 2011

2011-01-31 :: Mell Paul
Direct from the Isle of Avalon shared around teh world. Exclusive two part interview with Whitley Strieber, music from Jordan and Inch Chua. Mystical info about February from Mystical World Wide Web read by John Edgar. Also info about Pushnote? Another twist on social networking…

January 2011 Happy New Year

2011-01-09 :: Mell Paul
Interview with Andrew Collins intrepid writer and explorer, renowned for his books on ancient civilisations and lost knowledge Music from Derek Clegg And Go periscope…

December 2010 -Special Features

2010-12-17 :: Mell Paul
December edition including John Edgar, Glastonbury Thorn news, features from Ed Sayer, Kate Horner, Lucy Sanger and Joel Nichols. Music from Jorden Lindsay and British Sea Power…

November 2010 Faery edition

2010-11-01 :: Mell Paul
Faery - fairy edition from the Avalon Faery Fayre…

gp october128

2010-11-01 :: MelTurford

gp September128

2010-09-01 Length: 33m 32s

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